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~ Erotica Whispers ~
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Arousing Ry (Chapter 12, Daring Of Caring)

The day quickly moves along with Ry and Shelia soon attending to office duties. There comes no napping for Ry`s mind is busy with various thoughts about the lunch chat. Thus, she needs to work while thinking of it all. Then the meeting with the new client speeds into existence with it proceeding exceptionally well. It arrives as that because Jerome sets up an excessive presentation of providing a bit of extravagance and an abundant apology. Hence, the client who is a bit of an eccentric musician leaves the building and meeting with signing contract. All quite nicely topped off once Ry shifts her charisma with professionalism into play. Then after walking the well-known musician out of the building Ry returns to her office but stops at Jerome’s desk to chat.

“Ya know the faux gems in the champagne flute are a bit over the top. Plus, did we need the sudden appearance of the antique baroque loveseat and chair from storage. It maybe black velvet but it is velvet and not leather. And my office must look its natural by tomorrow. No fluffy pillows, no white fur rug, and my love seat need to be placed back. I prefer leather to velvet.”

Jerome listens in his sitting and smirking with than sticking his tongue out in saying. “Oh now, I am working on those whippings. So, maybe the love seat and its entourage should remain. It must for, honey, you need softer edges and a bit more sexiness than what rawhide brings.”

This produces a raised eyebrow from Ry as she crosses her arms to begin walking toward her office door as Jerome conveys, “So, honey, I accept your thank you and you can even tap my firm bottom to place a bounce in my step. That would make my day.” And with that Jerome rise up from his chair to walk past the desk to stroll on down the hall with supplying a sassy wink in conveying, “Think on keeping the furniture. I am serious. But for now, I am off to deliver the end of day notes to Shelia.”

Ryanne stops the forward motions to respond but before she does Jerome declares, “You should head home to prep for your date with Ori. You go take care of her and I will make sure someone nice gets the old furnishing from your office. Everything at home is all ready for you, pants even pressed.”

Such holds truth. Ry does need to get home for a shower with some grooming. The clock almost owns five thirty and with having to pick up Ori by eight the processes of the evening spare no minutes. Plus, she needs buckets of coffee and to call Orianna to relay about pick up. Yet, she manages no phone call but carries out the other duties with drinking the third cup of coffee as her phone rings. She clicks it on to announce, “Hey, what is up?”

“My Domme. We are pulling up. Two minutes and this is a lovely rose. You are such a romantic and I love you for it. ”

“Pet!” replies Ry with surprise. “I guess that I am not picking you up but you are coming for me.”

“Oh yes, I come and I hope that you don’t mind holding my hand tonight.” Shares Orianna in a worrisome but a smiling tone too as she continues, “It is a sudden knowing that she is there. My former Domme will be attending. I, I, I..well,”

That said enough. Ry now understands why Jerome said that the date must seem like they are married. Hence, Ry summons full focus with demanding to be at her best. Then she realizes that Orianna requires a firm holding of that hand. “You need to calm down, my Pet.” Commands Ry drinking the last of the coffee.

“Ry not easy. She had a strange power over me and wanted to marry me. But I didn’t want to be with someone so cold. I need love and not mere commands.” Swiftly utters Orianna in nervousness that is so unlike the extremely self-confident composed lawyer.
Such instantly provokes that greatness of pure Dominant that exists as basic Ry. “You are mine. That bitch knows it. I have no respect for her. Not after she stopped you from attending your father`s funeral due to looking at me during a Tag-Leash Event. She hates me with a passion and I don`t know why. But when I found out about your father and the denial then I walked into her birthday party at the club. Uninvited and I slugged her before taking you by the hand to make you mine. So yes, I am hand holding. I am responsible for you. You are mine. And the rose.” Ry hesitates a second as Jerome`s comment of being Romeo enters her mind with that creating a thought of ‘ why not’. Thus, Ry tosses out an offhanded remark. “Figured I can be an unconventional Romeo. So, hey, I will be right out. I only need to grab my cell phone and your best leash.”

From that moment on the evening proceeds flawlessly with them seated at the same table as the Orianna’s former Dominant. The evening subsists as not being too boring for a lawyer’s dinner. Ry enjoys it for the most part. In fact, she plays her part perfectly. She holds suave moves, intellectual chatter, and romanticism. These do radiate from the thirty something professional architect that knows the games of upper-class social life in the city. Not a hard thing for Ry for she comes mildly known as a force in the younger generation of the city`s elite. Hence, she tends to be very good at the social while entertaining a lady at her side.

However, then there is that one minor indiscretion that whips out of nowhere near the end of the evening. Ry took a quick trip to the ladies` room to do what a lady does when having drunk a bit too much coffee and a bit of champagne. Upon returning she spies Orianna of in the corner chatting to Elisa.

Oh yes, Elisa Demas, a female Dominant that enjoys minding fucking her submissive and toying with emotions. Ry knows her for years now; Elisa holds status in the BDSM circles of the North American East coast. In fact, Elisa lives as the granddaughter of a very renowned Caucasian South African Dom and business tycoon. Also, a rumor abides in social circles about Elisa being a descendant of modern of slave owners. Thus, many say a submissive for her is much more than BDSM.

If Ry could fly she would. But it still takes no time for her to be right there in midst of things between Elisa and Orianna. That may insinuate no trust but she holds trust in Orianna but Elisa plays dirty. And as Ry steps into the personal space of the chatter she reaches for Orianna’s hand to bring it to her lips so that a soft kiss is enjoyed while Ry announces “We now may have that drink. So, if you are done, then we can arrange another glass of bubbly.”

“She is talking with me. We are not done either. Go play with someone who is in your little league. Leave me to do what needs to be done. ”

Lightening flashes in Ry but she contains it as she looks Elisa dead center in the eyes with lovingly saying, “Orianna, you are done. I am correct that you are. I am sure of it. Are you done, my beloved?”

And with that Orianna squeezes Ry`s hand too boldly reply, “Yes, my Domme. I was done even before she cornered me.”

This inspires instant cold, frigid radiates from Elisa as every muscle stiffened with her left eye twitching with anger as the command comes sharply. “I wouldn`t do that, my Pet. You are not leaving with the low-class whore. Not yet, no. You are mine.”

Coldness, bold frigid air floods this space in the corner. A temperature that may soon be hot with war but Ry gazes at Orianna who clasps Ry`s hand ever so tightly. The hand feels heavenly as it squeezes. Ry likes its power. In fact, in the growing wild sensations, loving emotions, and the knowledge of the history of the moment, Ry feels like lashing back to making statements. She feels inspired to display feelings that come from the hand holding. Oh yes, right here it may happen. Yet, calm still reigns the moment. And it is not even a peace due to her father`s demand of no public displays. Yet, Ry controls all of the ensuring desire, especially the one to make vengeance. She does it because of Orianna`s heartbeat flooding into her palm via the handholding. Thus, she does what needs to be done.

“Good night, Elisa. Please smile and try not to freeze to death.” Comes delivered through a warm smile with pulling Orianna in close to bring them walking away from the chilliness in the corner.

As they make a goodly distance toward the bar for a drinks Orianna whispers in Ry`s ear. “I love that coolness that has love in it. You are yummy.”

Ry stops to look at her, look into eyes that peer into her`s with a deep adoration. It brings smiles between them than a soft kiss to Orianna`s facial cheek as Ry squeezes her submissive's hand. “Only one little drink. I am exhausted and need to get home. We don`t need more of Eliza. And we have been here two hours."

Orianna continues gazing at her Domme as Ry turns attention toward the barkeeper who is busy with another party attendee. The other exists as one of the endless many crowding the bar area. The Cloud Bar rests on top of New York`s skyline and tends to be busy even if it is not a private party. Tonight the drinking establishment comes packed with members of the Justice system who celebrate the mayor`s birthday. So, some patients must exist and that allows Ry to further state,"Eliza won`t give up tonight. She comes here in hunting you with wanting revenge for the vengeance is easy to smell. It worries me so maybe you come home with me and sleep. No sex but sleep. That way you are not getting a visitor after I drop you off. That way I do not murder her by dawn.” Conveys Ry squeezing Orianna’s hand while leaning over bar`s counter to chat to with the barkeeper about two half glasses of German Riesling.

Drinks become achieved. They scoot along nicely tuck away into behind a group of men as they stand to look out at the New York skyline lit ablaze at night with billions of lights. They stand at the windows peering out and occasionally glancing at each other. With last slips done Ry pass the glasses to a Server Then they depart the bar. Hence, soon the night ends as Orianna and Ry rest in a silence in the back seat of the limo in heading toward the Victorian house. In the quiet of the traveling over the streets, Orianna breaks in with, “You mesmerize and make it all better. You bewilder. You made it excellent tonight. You left me in awe with holding my hand so well. In all honesty, I worship you for being so loving, especially being loving tonight.”

Ry continues lounging on the seat but she heard the compliment with it providing a bit of blushing to her. Yet, she says nothing. Nothing as she suddenly realizes something, something that comes as a theme during the past several days and especially during today. It arrives as a something when Orianna is spoken of. In fact, throughout their relationship, the term of hand-holding comes spoken in concern to Orianna. This provokes a deep resounding “Uhm, Uhm.” but nothing more for Ry`s tired mind and such is too interesting to not give it proper attention.

So it is more silence until the limo pulls up to the house. Upon stopping at the Victorian style house Ry and Orianna enter in.Each soon after climbs the stairs to enter the bedroom. In moments they disrobe with managing to get into bed. Immediately tiredness floods them and the need of sleep consume them both. Hence, sleep is found, dreamless sleep that leads to Orianna being well rested by dawn. Thus, she prepares a cold breakfast for Ry, sets out clothes and then tidies up before leaving a note in departing to her own home. Then two hours later Ry appreciates all of it when she wakes to begin a new day.

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