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Playtime Pursuits - Chapter 7, Calculated Seduction

Angeleesa walks the distance between them. As she does Deeni`s cell phone rings with an unknown ringtone.” I need several moments for whatever this is. So, go cool down the horse before giving him to Zeke.”

At that, the two parted ways with Deeni peering at the phone’s screen with the name listed as Victor Daneiro. With that, her mind instantly builds walls to prep for what might be coming. Then a swipe of the phone`s answer icon releases a weary sigh within answering. “Victor,”

“I will stay away for the term of the contract if you never harm her. But, I will come for her at the end. I do want major holidays with my child and do want to take her to the team trials in Italy. ” Comes in smooth calculated response.

Deeni immediately states what she has pondered for the past three months “You both seem to want me believing this is only about a riding deal and a placement. I know differently. In fact, four months ago a good friend of mine from Italy said that you have found a new way to take Common Quarters from me. Thus, since she loves me then it is, to tell the entire truth.”

Instantly Victor gives an amused chuckle before sharing. “So suspicious but I have always liked that in you, O`Shea.”

“Uhm, I don`t care about what you like Victor,” Deeni frostily states with an edginess but she remains calm while watching the cooling down process of Conquistador.

"You should care. Denis always cared about what his enemies were doing. But you do not push your suspicions into action thus you will fail this time."

Deeni winced about such but she couldn't say anything. At least not until a certain someone is completely distracted. Then in being satisfied that Angel is preoccupied Deeni continues the chat. “Uhm, action, good then you have not noticed." Arrives coldly to then continue, "I do demand to know what dirty deed is in the works. Four months ago I heard that it has to do with blood and Torino. Who is dying? And yes, you would commit murder if you had to.”

“No death, but yes, I have the best plan on Earth to take back what your father stole with a rigged up bet. It is so great that you must continue seducing and let her believe that you love her. My Angel instantly become mesmerized by you at the Preakness and it only makes everything perfect. I saw the moments between the two of you. It felt so right as I watched with you both supplying exactly what I have always wanted. Or at least it gets me the end goal of my ultimate wish.”

“Huh!” Flies in shock from Deeni as Victor slows the dealing out of puzzling information to have Deeni irritated with conveying. "What? Huh?"

That brings evil laughter through the phone. Then as Victor barely believes how lucky that he finally has become the Italian businessman proclaims, “To top it off Angel falls so hard for you that she does anything. Anything with even being the bad ass bitch that manipulates me. She is so like me and you are just like Denis. You both suit each other too.”

Deeni`s mind spins with the puzzle unfolding. The disorientation carries her into confusion as she stands alone in the training corral. Thus, with feeling like she is a bit freer Deeni austerely declares, “You are a bastard! An unholy bastard!”

Then Deeni sort of understands as the bigger plan comes fully opened as she thinks of it all. She sees how he can own Common Quarters due to a relationship between her and Angel. She now understands how Victor Daneiro gets his most prized wish as payment for doing nothing. “You are using you her, you fucker."

Once more a pleased chuckling comes as Victor goes on about the deliciousness of how he gets what he has always wanted from an O`Shea. “She does my work for me. Strange how that is. Quite a twist that my only child loves Denis` lesbian delinquent. Both Denis and I both hated that you each are lesbians. But, I now see the benefit, yes I do.” And that provides more maniacal laughter.

Within all of it, Deeni grows white hot with anger. But, she knows that the screaming of her rage or being too much may bring more pleasure to Victor. So, she is silent with being aware that Angel may return at any second. And, if all of what abides between herself and Victor is true then Angel exists caught in the middle. Caught and it will cause pain that should not happen no matter what. After all, Deeni knows that Angel loves her and that should never be harmed. She understood that at the Preakness. She looked into Angel`s eyes and those eyes supplied love, at first sight. That is fine because Deeni felt that too.

Yet, in the silence, Victor finalized what he phoned about. “It would be good if you have Torino supply the sperm for the boy child or children. Torino has Daneiro blood even though its seven generations back in history. So, do man up to let her fuck him. Let him think that he can be hers. And, if she is anything like the women in my family then she gets pregnant easily. But when he asks for marriage then she will send him away so she can be with you. I know that she will. She wants that in order to a pease me but she wants you too. So, in the end, you two have Torino`s money through child support. And, I am making sure he pays. He will do that even though I know that 'we' both prefer the child to be a Daneiro - O`Shea rather than Torino.” Then the phone becomes dead silent with Victor disconnecting.

Rage bound. Anger in all its degrees. Deeni exists unprepared for the dirtiness of using Angeleesa. She knew the entirety of contract and the Daneiro`s being at Common Quarters exist as a ploy. All of the information about the Italia conveys that. Plus, she is privy to a few secrets but this is wild. It is for she truly possesses no expectation of Victor being evil enough to use his daughter in business dealings. But he has. Not only that Deeni knows that she has affection for Angel, a love that came from merely looking into eyes during a horse race. Thus yes, angry and needing to defend a woman that she barely knows but Deeni must protect Angel from a man who commits any crime to acquire what he wants.

In that very moment, Deeni gazes at the barn`s entry doors that swing wider into fully open. It takes a few more moments but soon Angel struts inside the doorway. She stands in the massive door`s opening wearing a long white shirt dress with sandals on her feet. Deeni smiles without any effort for there stands an angel in the barn, an angel for her. The watching bring Angel to walk across to Deeni who in turn walk toward this woman who seems to be a handful and not an angel. But maybe she is, and then again maybe she is not. Yet, Deeni currently believes that Angeleesa is an angel in a dirty plan that can hurt many people.

With such thoughts, they both come to be closer with Angel happily announcing. " I want to shower in your bathroom and lay with you all night. I want to be yours, only yours forever. Please Deeni, may I? We will do everything because I belong with you. I don't care about anything else. Not right now, not for two years and neither will you care until it all. So please, please take me and let be yours"

The two of them meet mid arena with it allowing Deeni to reach over and tenderly hold Angel`s hand. Both women smile as Deeni brings the backside of the hand upward to press her lips with whispering in a kiss. “Don`t make me love you.”

“Too late, I already did and we both knew that at the Preakness.” Arrives through a Cheshire cat grin as Angel discovers excited shivers with becoming more aroused because of the kiss.

“You are so sassy. Goddamn, what are we gonna do.” Seriously exclaims Deeni in feeling overwhelmed by all that has come at her in the three months.

“Well, unless you want exhibitionism then lead me into your bathroom and bed.” Angel conveys with a blushing giggle.

Yet, with saying such, Angle understood it all too. So she looks in Deeni`s eyes to see seriousness resting in them. Hence, Angel sighs while sharing. "I assume the call was Daddy. He possibly provided threats and more." Then looking earnestly into those green eyes Angeleesa further conveys, "Deeni, I promise that no one with Daneiro blood will ever own Common Quarters. He righteously lost the bet and so it's done. We do not own the feud. But, we will be together. So come on, let us shower and make love."

Deeni peers in those eyes of blue. She wants to believe all that Angel claims but still, she knows better. She recognizes it even though Angeleesa pulls Deeni toward the door in saying, "Please. Please. I have waited three months, plus a year. Please." Arrives in honest pleading.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that they both soon enter the back door of the house to go through the kitchen to make their destination. As they do Molly looks up with her eyes widening to then soften as the other two women walk through the kitchen.

In noticing the housekeeper it has Deeni blushing with conveying, "Do not disturb us and it is a late breakfast with personal time until noon tomorrow." Arrives directed toward Molly as Deeni pulls Angel along in going through the dining room and then living room to go up the stairwell of the two-story house.

Molly gives a reply but neither woman hears it for they are racing up the stairwell. Then at the peak of it, Deeni in one fluid motion whips Angel from the top step to be instantly pinned against the hallway wall. Everything becomes a blur of bodies solidly pressing and lips surrendering to demanding kisses. A furious display of lustful passion. Their fiery desire from all the months of flirtation and sexual energy become unchained. Hence, its non stops. It exists as lips on lips, moving wildly, pressing in hunger with dizziness owning them. There comes biting, eating breaths and hearts pounding loudly as two women no longer need to have control. Lips gifting moaning to mix with purring to flow into heavy breaths and then suddenly two hands. Deeni grabs the collar of the shirt and ripping begins straight down the front. "Mine, mine and you will understand that. Yes, you belong to me. You are no longer his."

Angel gasps of it to then grin in saying, "Please, fuck me. I am everything you need. And, I need you." Then she grabs the remainder of the shirt to toss it off her body and over the railing of the stairwell to the float to the lower floor.

In that Deeni grins until her smile cracks. She also grasps Angel`s left hand to pull her along to the master bedroom `s open doorway. And in the approach, she pushes Angeleesa against the frame to say, "Hush. I have a few things to say. There could be regrets if we don`t always share the truth. So, listen and then we will make love. But listen before you cross this threshold. Because once you do you are mine forever."

However, Angel finds no fun in waiting so she tries to nudge them through the door. Yet, Deeni pins her to a pillar post to demand to say what must be said. "No, no, just fuck me. I don`t care. Talking can wait." Exclaims Angel who is beyond being horny.

"Grr, you are so damn sexy and sassy. I am going to go crazy trying to handle you but I will handle you." Comes in seriousness with a grin of happiness. "Settle down, god damn, just listen. We will make love in ten minutes, I promise."

Then Deeni holds Angel pinned while enduring constant playful attempts of kissing and touching those naughty places. But, then Deeni finally gets those hands imprisons while being almost breathless. At that moment she affirms, "Tell me what you know about the deal of you being here."

As it is spoken Angel comes to a full stop. The next seconds present smiling through strange giggling as Angel moves into sinister laughter. "Oh Deeni, my old man thinks that he is using me to get to you and to allow him to acquire this ranch. It's fucking hilarious. God damn, men and they think they rule the world."

The look in those blue eyes dances of dastardly deeds that exist lethal in carrying out whatever agenda. "The truth is dark, evil and filthy. Daddy says colonials are filthy but Americans have nothing on my father. And, I am his prodigy. So, listen for a while. No talking, because that way you will understand why I promise no one is taking Common Quarters."

With that Deeni rests nicely in once more being puzzled. So she chooses to listen. Listening while pinning the woman there with surveying eyes for the truth.

"Jesper Torino is an Italian automotive millionaire's only son. Met him at dance clubs. He is a perfect dance partner for a lesbian woman. We are secret friends. He has to produce one male child. Strangely enough, I need the same thing. But Jesper secretly wants men and can barely stomach looking at women." Comes wrapped in the irregular laughter while spilling truths.

Angeleesa doesn`t stop there as she next tries to settle the giggling while stating, "Word in female equestrian circles claims that you are a pervert known as Dominant. A kinky bitch that literally has fucked seventy percent of the current lesbians on the riding circuit. I am a submissive. And, when I saw you at the Preakness my entire body screamed love, need and belonging."

By this time Deeni abides in a bit more than shock. She releases Angeleesa with retreating to the wall opposite of the woman that she intends to have sex with. And in it, all she remains confused but listens. That is good because Angel is not done talking but Deeni also is more suspicious of the so-called bigger game that surrounds her.

Nonetheless, the beautiful Italian confidently stands just inside the bedroom door wearing a red bra and lacy panties. She blows Deeni a loving kiss with continuing onward to explain. "The truth is that I am letting my father use me. It serves purposes, love`s purposes. It gives you to me and a life here with me being a mother. I demand that in my life."

Then with a deep breath and coming close to Deeni, she says, "It allows two gay men to be in love and to be together. It produces a grandchild for the Daneiros and the Torinos. It allows we two lesbians have a family and to be in love. It permits two old men to die enjoying their traditional sensibilities and anti-gay beliefs." And with that Angel places a soft quick kiss to Deeni`s lips as she purrs and stares into the eyes saying, "I love you."

Deeni heart thumps into stopping. Breathing stops as she hears the words. And then she trembles of the sensations of every ounce of horniess flooding her body once more. And that is good because she is not the only one.

Anges stands close with becoming hornier while watching Deeni be too serious. So to help happiness to return Angel blows another kiss before reaching behind her back to unfasten the bra to toss it into the room. "Deeni, I will stop daddy from hurting you. He holds no control."

With mentioning such Deeni breaks silence to say, "Do you swear on your mother`s grave that you tell the entire truth to me?"

“Yes," Then with a cold smile and pulling Deeni toward the bedroom, Angel conveys, "Yes, I swear on my Momma`s grave. I do for all I want is you and to belong to you. But, I won`t deny who I am. I am my father`s prodigy and because of that I can handle daddy and be a ruthless bitch. Can you spend your life loving a manipulative hell-raising nymphomaniac that is the daughter of your worst enemy? Can you allow me to love you? I know that you do love me."

The action comes swift. Deeni pushes Angeleesa through the bedroom archway. It is instant forceful manoeuvring. Angel is made walk backward and Deeni kicks the door closed with a loud slamming. As the bed comes to be right there, and to be a playground of primal lust Deeni strips her pants and boots off. Next, she ferociously grasps Angel`s long raven colour tresses before thrusting her left-hand past the panties` rim. At that moment breaths are heavy, eyes locked onto each other`s and Angle spread her legs to give access with Deeni`s two fingers buried in a wet hot pussy.

"Fuck me, fuck me, my Domme, fuck me. I need please, please." Comes whining as Deeni forcefully plunders that tight hot hole with powerfully relentless thrusting.

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