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~ Erotica Whispers ~
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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Patience`s Pleasure (Chapter 1, Charity`s Gift)

She is everything that could be wanted by Emily. The woman of platinum blond has the most intoxicating ways to seduce the brunette author. The two women have been together but then Emily ran from it for her heart fought with her mind until it screamed of how much harm that is being done with Emily attached to Arabella.

The two have done no connecting since that fateful time of Emily leaving in the middle of the night. Nothing at all shared between them with the women curious about why the other has not. Yet, neither woman brings herself to connect as they endure disconnection filled with pain in various ways. Pain while life slowly moves onward to encompass what it must and that included trying to understand why it is as it is.

Yes, there are reasons why it is left is disarray. But, in all honesty, it boils down to Arabella assuming that if the relationship is meant to be then it would be. While on the other side of the duo Emily sincerely believes that harm will continue to curse Arabella if Emily remains part of Arabella's life.

Hence, during a long cool evening in the last week of January, it is a quite a surprise to have the two suddenly confronting each other at a charity event in Los Angeles. Indeed, it is for neither expected the other to be there.

Yet, Arabella attends due to having connections that wanted her to help with one of the largest charity events for Cancer research in the southern United States. Arabella is well known for collecting large quantities of support for any charity that she attaches too. Thus, a very valuable asset to any group needing assistance with garnering funds for a charity, especially a Cancer-related event. Therefore, that makes it logical that Arabella attends the evening of speeches and social.

Emily, on the other hand, is talked into going. Her publisher needs a sidekick and Emily is in Los Angeles to deal with the fantasy fiction series of books being made into films. Hence, she is targeted and why not. After all, she exists as very eligible means of attracting attention while looking good when dangled on an arm as an accompanying bit of charm. So, she reluctantly puts on that little black evening dress. It subtly displays the excellent cleavage while then she adds on two inched heels and sheer lace stockings with garters that are accompanied by silver treasures.

The evening is going smoothly with the chairman of the event standing with Alex Whittington and Emily. The three of them chat about how wonderful that it is that Emily attends and it leads to the usual of book talk and movies. Emily`s publisher, Alex even blazes a grin of the accomplishment in bringing Emily. He knows that Emily collects attention wherever she goes. In fact, he enjoys that he can use Emily`s celebrity status as a popular author to supply attention in any way that he needs. Emily knows this too and tries to not be available but this sort of thing during this is night is also good for her career with it creating indirect advertising.

But in all of it, Alex tends to discover that he ends up playing second fiddle to Emily. This comes because most people are fans of Emily`s writings and books. Thus, the attention comes in full force allowing Emily`s natural charm to whisk out to entertain. In turn, Peter Garner chats of the charity and the evening that they participate in as he listens to one of his celebrity guests.

Such easily leads to a mentioning that Emily must meet the woman who is behind the scenes making the event possible. He does it without speaking names for Arabella wants no gratification from the help that she gave. Thus, as Emily agrees to be introduced there exists no real understanding of who is to be met. Yet, she agrees and plans to gift the event a large sum of funds making an even more of a reason for the two women to meet.

In doing so, Peter Gardner walks Emily over to the opposite side of the large crowded convention hall to do exactly that. As they approach a very tightly collected group of partygoers, who are being entertained by the woman that is sought, the two seekers approach from behind. Then with drawing close Peter reaches out to tap on the shoulder of a tall blond woman dressed in a knee-length red evening dress and matching three-inch heels.

"Arabella Regency, I would like you to meet someone."

With it spoken Arabella slowly turns around to face her friend that is the event`s chairman. In the between moment Emily instantly becomes swarmed by the chilling cold truths of being confronted with her soul mate as Arabella's eyes of mesmeric blue widen in shock of seeing the woman who ran from her love.

If Heaven and Hell can exist in the same place at the same time then it does. Eyes stared, eyes speaking words that instantly flowed no matter how much both could have resisted. There come worlds of unspoken words as two minds tumble into everything that existed and that is happening.

To say that it brings coldness creates an understatement. To claim that this moment holds heat, sexual aura mating, and emotions that collide in logic to dance in the matters of the heart comes as an understated truth too. Oh yes, understatement and felt by everyone in the immediate area. The entirety of it blazes, sizzles and becomes frozen right there as if a volcanic ice explosion erupted in the conference hall.

Glaring, staring, arms instantly folded across breasts, serious stern stances and daring glances as eyes penetrated eyes. It is long moments of it and the crowd watches because Emily Willow Windstorm tends to create a bit of attention gathering. On top of that, some partygoers know of what existed between the two women. Hence, a show is sort of expected.

The tabloid news media made it all seem wild when Emily`s life continued without Arabella in it. The paparazzi became worse with toting ideas that Emily used another woman. It raged as news for months proclaiming dark stories of sexual perversion and hatred for men while Emily became titled a whore that does everything with anyone. Therefore the year has been streaming with endless interesting things to deal with.

"Bad girl!” Sharply stated Arabella after what seems like an eternity of silence as she swiftly spins on her heels to walk away from Emily.

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