Thursday, December 27, 2012

Domme`s Desire (Pleasure`s Pen)

"My heart in your hands, will you love me?" She solidly inquiries while looking into his dark eyes as she searches for his reply to the fact that he has been flirting with her all evening. "You said to sleep with me and see if you have a heart. Yet, I wonder if you are capable of having my heart in your hands."

He instantly chuckles as he plays a fingertip in caress under the chin to bring her eyes sharply more focusing unto his own. ”Oh, sexy Lil speed demon, I am not looking for your love. I only wish to test drive you for the night.”

She knows that he isn’t seeking her heart but she wishes all the cards on the table for this Lil race around the track of lust. She prefers lust to love. It is less complex and more interesting in creamy ways. This she does smile of as she thinks of it. She deeply enjoys cream. She adores devouring her own and possibly will enjoy his. So next steps for them can and may move along faster but still a bit more tease doesn’t hurt to juice up things. So she leans forward whips her tongue across his lips and sassily states “This ride is too wild for an old broken Chevy like you.”

As that comes speedily to his ears it rests there uneasily bringing a grimace but it swiftly is being given chase by a loud chuckle that is full of amusement. “I wouldn’t call you a Ferrari honey, but you are worth allowing a ride and worth riding. “

With that, she lets it settle into her sense but it takes less than a minute to become uncomfortable. Thus, she instantly takes to standing her full five foot three height. She looks down at him with a cold glare to then reply. ‘Then fare thee well. I have additional interests other than a broken old Chevy of a man.”

“Temperamental little tart, you are beautiful.” He shoots back as she walks away. He watches her for she doesn’t stop while she does, however, choose to toss those long blond tresses over those femininely string bare shoulders to show defiance within ignoring. That has him continue with, “You need taming. I can do it or you may find an easy fuck somewhere in the wannabe studs that await you here at the party.”

She crosses the threshold of the archway leading into the living room where the sex party is winding down. She walks in as the hostess states Arabella it's your turn to choose from the chest. Pick a key darling then take your playmate down to the dungeon for your play time. You won the right to the central dungeon.

“Yes, Lucy. I know whom that I want as my playmate in your best dungeon too.” Response Arabella within smiling as she instantly is reaching into the wooden chest to feel her fingers over the keys. Feeling each metallic house key until she feels an engraved ‘A’ prominently guiding her to what she wants. Then she instantly lays her those blue eyes upon the cute brunette who stands against the pillar post of the archway.

Arabella pulls the key out to then pass it to Lucy as Arabella immediately begins making strides to possess her wife. In doing so Lucy reads the little white tag attaching to it. “Emily Regency is to be Arabella’s ‘submissive’ for the weekend in my prime dungeon. "

The group of twenty or so BDSM practitioners watches as Arabella walks over to Emily. Upon coming in close she leans into almost kiss Emily’s lips, yet she whispers. ”None other may have you or me. I won't allow it.” Then she plays a loving kiss to her girl`s lips.

With all members watching Arabella turns to the crowd to declare, “We have a busy weekend. Those of you wishing to watch the play may but there will be no sharing. I possess this woman.“

Monday, December 24, 2012

Candy Girl

My ‘candy girl’ is sweet within all her sexy. Her platinum blond threads of hair are feathering out in beautiful array creating tickling on my tummy as she kisses my lips. My lower lips as these are longing to feel her teasing. Oh, do tease those womanly lips into bliss. Play your soft upper lips in vibration over the skin until my clit quakes into being fully hard. It is stiff, wet and hot within need as your tongue slips straight up the center of those folds creating intense gaspings to slip upper lips I sing out a symphony of moaning cries.

Her hands move artfully over my taut tummy to my strong hips to be pressing and pushing my pussy to her lips as my own forms cum. Sweet cum that needs to be more. More of the sweet treat of cream that she so easily creates to flow from deep within my heated canal of lust. Her lips are moving in slow sensual tease as her tongue whips along to heat my desire to feed her my juices.

Deep and even more within my naughty pussy to tickle the flesh of wet that grows hotter within tightness. Every cell is pulsating of the sensations that tingle into an erotic euphoria. Every pleasure of me is succumbing to knowing that cream is building into wishing release as each contraction comes compounded. One on top of the other, then growing in need the tease simply flows out in of my lover. Flowing into intense throttling by her tongue and fingers within my taut naughty treat. She has a need to press in deeper, and deeper still to make my moaning cries turn to scream of intense pleasure.

Then in soft playful motions, her hands push my pussy lips more into her to momentarily take her own breath as she devours my lower lips. In doing so she encompasses them fully to bury her tongue within them in teasing my canal as her thumb tickles my clit. Just then as my squirming and rocking into the pleasure gets to its true high she stops to then breath on my moist lower lips. In doing so the feathery wisp of cooler air on my clit brings forth the raging squirting shower of my hot cum is releasing upon her nude breasts that lay on display between my thighs.

Oh yes, indeed she is my candy girl. She likes my sweet treat. She likes licking it, enjoys teasing it with the moist tip of her firm tongue and she loves to make sure she tastes the creamy center. The candy girl makes me be her sweet treat, and I am her candy. It is yummy, especially our delicious cum filled kisses that arrive after her teasing my sweet treat.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dream Inc

“Your soul is mine, you are mine and you will kneel before me ‘my pet’, you are my prize. You will pay this price that I ask. Pay the price for having dared break the contract that has been betwixt we two.“ He states cracking the whip to snap the floor beside where her right knee is as she kneels in obedience to all that he wishes.

Deliana simply lowers her head in submission to Robert`s will. She is a strong dominant woman, a spirited fighter of all that is justice, and a powerful woman in all her quarters. True this is Deliana Nightwind. Yet, on this night, there is not daring to look up. There is no fight coming from within her. There is no protest and definitely not an ounce of fearlessness. For fear, she is succumbing to. She does so in the cause for the lovely Rayne. Deliana on this night kneels so that Rayne is to not be feeling this man's filthy touch so that Rayne is not knowing this brute`s ways. No, Rayne is not to be given to him, as Robert is demanding of Deliana. Thus, in turn, Deliana once more succumbs to this man`s ownership like she once did before winning her freedom from him. She relents to him by giving him her very mortal soul so that Rayne is to be his forever.

It is extremely truthful that Deliana trades her everything so that Rayne does not even know of the wager that is to be. Yet, Robert still wants Rayne to be another one of his BDSM stable play pets. Thusly, he roars out in commanding “Give her to me, I own you, and thus by rights I own her. You do own her, do you not Deliana?”

“I do not, my lord Robert. No, it has not been an acquisition.” Comes an inaudible replying of secret lies, while Deliana still holds pride of a position of the power that is no longer existing. She knows she is now nothing and holds not the office of power in the organization that she once held before Robert becoming an owner.

This lack of acquiring is not news to Robert. Neither are the prideful tones and attitude from his new ‘submissive’. It, in fact, it is very much why he has come to the city. Robert has come to make it certain that Deliana understands that her unlawful acts of falling in love cannot exist. Those acts of love may not and neither may her thinking that she is an employee only, for she is much less than a mere employee of a company. Deliana in fact now is less than street scum. She is to do only as Robert commands and she will be a servant in every sense of servitude for the rest of her life.

Robert`s brother hired Deliana seven years but now Robert is the Chairman of the company and thus rules change. Rules change with Richter Masters no longer being Delaina’s boss and he has no means to save her. For it is the truth that Richter lost control of the secretive business of sexual dream supplying. He has done it by losing a bet with younger brother Robert. He lost it and has mislaid Deliana too, even though he freed her nearly seven years ago from being in servitude to this tyrant of a BDSM Dom that is the twin of Richter Masters. Oh yes, twin but it can be sure that it is twin sibling only in physical appearance for Richter is a savior and love-light, unlike Robert.

A beautiful savior of the women is Richter for he saves women that Robert enslaves as sexual servants in Robert`s underground stable of pleasure houses. These are three places of housing that Richter abhors for the woman may as well be true whores of prostitution residences. The women very well could be such but they aren’t kept through drugs or force. Each woman succumbs to Robert willingly and he is keeping each one by always having the woman sign legal contracts to be with him for various time limits. In return, he keeps his portions of the agreement by the housing, feeding, and caring for everything each requires. As his reward, the women do anything that he desires of them during the submission time period. They do it and neither side of the contract is ever legally bound to any portion of anything that does happen once the contract ends. This is because the contract is clear in all details of that it`s involving true ownership and succumbing to Robert`s every whim, including rape and every sexual defiant act that can be dreamed of.

So why do any of them need saving? It so happens that Robert is the best liar and manipulator in any business. He breaks the contract`s rules, doesn’t always treat the women as he claims he will and even has committed a murder seven years ago. So how does he break the rules? He breaks them just enough to make him be a bad Master, yet Robert has his ways of covering it all in lies and deception so that the women remain his within enslavement. Thus, it most definitely is mind games, and tinges of fear. For quite often he threatens them with doing harm to others of the stable that these women care about or even threaten their true family members.

It is this very last fact that is why Deliana even has anything to do with Robert. She seven years ago during Christmas holidays decided to enjoy a Lil dabbling into being entertained by visiting a Robert House known as the Bin of Sin. She is there due to wishing to see first hand this so-called paradise of pleasure in BDSM that is a microsystem of sexual kink designed to be ‘new wave’ experiment. It is an experiment to introduce the general public to the world of kink on a new level. Yes, an experiment that greatly backfired but still it functions to this very day as a BDSM stable for true kink practitioners.

Indeed, Deliana is such a person that enjoys BDSM sexual kink but when she enjoys her short Christmas vacation there as a guest Dominate Deliana finds that one of the women being a submissive there is a friend from her non-kink past. A friend that is deeply special. For the woman is a former lover of hers and Deliana still is holding feelings for her. Feelings of the true love kind and so Deliana takes to wishing to free Aura. She seeks it in every way since the delicate little twenty years old that is Aura Tennyson needs a release from her contract in the most desperate ways. Release due to that Aura is semi-regularly beaten to near death and is slowly being starved into total weakness due to consistent defiant behavior toward Robert. This reality for Aura turns Delaina’s stomach even though Deliana is greatly familiar with almost every rule in concern to the bond between Master-Dom and slave-submissive. Thus, understands what is going and shouldn’t interfere but she does. So Deliana bargains to own Aura but it comes at the cost of nothing other than Deliana taking Aura`s place for the remainder of the three years of the contract. A contract that is in it`s in its last four months of service.

“You remember that I own your ass and you must complete things. Plus I now will own you as long as I own this company. Thus, you will be sucking my cock daily as you once did and will do all services that I deem you to do. There is no more dream giving you.”

“She will do no such thing, Richter Masters!” Comes in stern command from a pint-sized woman of golden years that holds curves of petite size and silver shimmering tresses that gleam of a woman well cared for in life.

With this there instantly is the alpha male dominant dropping the whip from his grip for he is in a state of shock from hearing the one voice that is fear for him. Then stammers out, “Mmmmm yummy.”

“Yes, it is a boy! Stand straight and stop dropping you play things, child of mine.” Is declared in sternness.

“Yes, mummy dearest.” He states while bending too quickly collect the whip.

“Now, help the woman up from begging for her soul and give her a comfortable chair. Do so immediately, for she isn’t yours to control. Then provide me with one as well, child of mine. Do make haste, or the inheritance and my company will no longer be employing you.“ she gazes at Deliana as Richter does as he has been commanded to. She watches her and then states. “A fine specimen indeed. You will look good in my company as its director. I have heard wonderful things in concern to you, Ms. Nightwind.”

“Your company, Mummy?” questions Richter who is now standing to the side of his matriarch of a mother and he is looking extremely fearful of this seeming tyrant of a woman.

“Yes, mine. I heard what you have been doing with my monies and where that money comes from that you buy me gifts. I heard of it before the card game between you and Robert. I didn’t believe the stories and reports on your secretive personal businesses. But I do now after watching and listening. I do and you will leave this woman alone and all the women in your care are now released. Each one is brought out as mine. “

“Bu….but mummy. That is mine.“ Comes in defiance with great fear ringing in his tone. He knows who and what. He has always known and he will and has always obeyed her for he has nothing without her.

“Richter Masters, it is my monies that purchase them and you are fortunate that I supply you anything. You will receive a hundred dollars per slave and will not question it. If you do then the heritance will be denied you. ‘”She then sets down upon the seat to look Deliana in the eyes. ”I have heard that have a lover that is not permitted under the guidelines of your former contract with Robert. Is this truth, my dear?”

“Yes, my Mistress. It is.” humbly states Deliana to her new Domme.

“Robert has stated that you are aware that such isn’t defined as proper in concern to your position as Director of the Dream Inc. “

“Yes, my Mistress. It is not permitted.” Quietly answers Deliana hoping that the punishments forthcoming are not too harsh. But she knows they might be.

“Hmm, thus you are to be punished according to his codes within the company that is in his ownership.”

“Yes, I understand, my Mistress.” arrives in a noting that she knows the rules and punishments of rule-breaking her contract with Robert.

“That is a strict law, young woman. It is one that leaves you destitute and on the streets. ” Sternly states the woman reaching for the whip that is within Richter’s hand. He easily allows it was taken and she takes it in her own hands to a play it there in a caressing as though she prepares to use it.

“Yes, my Mistress. Punishment it is.” Soulfully accepts the idea of her needing discipline as a submissive is when under the control of a Dominant and that this chastisement will be coming soon.

“I was in love with a beautiful woman once. She was delightful, kinky and made me orgasm as though I was a fire hydrant. I loved her. Loved her when and while still married to this hooligan’s father. Thus, I too broke rules for love.” She states looking at Richter in total disgust “Hmm…yes, yes.”

Deliana sets there surprised of such but she has heard stranger things. Yet she says nothing while this daunting woman twists the whip her palms. Then in sudden strangeness, the matriarch places the whip in Delaina`s hands. ‘You know, Robert hasn’t owned the Dreams company for a while. He hasn’t owned you for over three months. No one for has owned you. For in your contract, it is stated that if the company is sold to an internal shareholder then your contract must be rewritten or you are a free human.’

“I am!” Comes in a shocking declaration from Deliana.

“Yes, I am the only other shareholder of this company. Robert was majority holder until I purchased another thirty percent prior to days prior to your meeting Ms. Rayne. You worked for me because you did, and it seems there has been a small oversight about a memo not being sent to you. Please do forgive that, Ms. Nightwind.” Requests the now seemingly less formidable elderly woman.

“Oh, oh, okay,” Deliana responds in shock. She feels so because she hasn’t been totally free for near eight years. And never expected to be.

“Yes, now do take three months off from work. Please do plan a lovely grand wedding for me to attend. Richter will be paying for it. Send all receipts to my desk here at Dream Inc. I will have him collect monies to deal with things. Keep the whip, it will look good on the wall of your office as chairwoman of my companies here in this city.

“What, my Mistress?” comes in even more shock.

“Promotion!’ Then looking at the door as Rayne enters into a standoff in the distance.” I can’t replace Aura and will not send my son to prison. All that you wish is yours, within reason. No more servitude to this family.’

Then there is silence as Rayne walks over to kiss Delaina’s cheek and whisper, “We had to save you.’

With this, the elderly grand dame readies to depart the premises buts he further declares “Ms., Rayne is to be your mate at dinner every first day of each month at my house here in the city. Please, do feel free to bring me a rose each session. I do so enjoy the petals.”

“Yes ma’am, yes boss. Thank you, thank you from my soul.”

“Yes, my dear. Now, don’t behave when I take my leave. I will be taking Richter with me and so you will have privacy in your new office.” With all that is spoken it is to be of existence and Deliana finally has what she has dreamed of during all her career at this seemingly naughty heaven where dreams are created.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Dark Arts: Divine Priestess of Lust

He looks at her inquisitively as though he is being shockingly given electricity through all his senses but isn't given permissions to be fully aware that he is experiencing it. Thus restraining but still there comes his puzzlement of a querying, "Is a goddess such as you not to be kneeling to mere mortals such as ‘we’ man?"
Her reply does come swift but within soothingly serene tones as she rises from kneeling prayers, "Do you not intend Terrans of the humanoid variety? "

Then releasing her robe`s sash to allow the revealing of her entire nudity she continues with, "It is you mortal Terrans who create ‘me’ your goddess of the religious sexual. It is not I who lay claim to immortality or deity-hood. It is ‘I’ who set forth new standards worthy of thought and as the result, many humanoids enjoy these set standard to then create a society basing upon those set sexual standards. Thus, there exists the neo-sexual revolution of Earth. The bonus prize is with me being the founder than for some strange logic you Terrans humanoids give status goddess to me. Thus, it is you who has made ‘me` a goddess."

He glares at her and tries his best to not enjoy the nudity but he does. Yet, his response is shooting with disdain for her, "Trivial hogwash."

"Not really sir, for your cock is now worshipping me in the most interesting way." She states making note of his newly arisen hard on. Then she further states, "It would seem you have come to worship me too."

He rapidly covers his groin in trying to do a cover-up that his jeans choose to reveal as a throbbing bulge. His face shines a brilliant cheeky red and his mouth goes strangely dry with no words but a sputtering. He once more looks at her with more hate, and a wish that he wasn’t seeing her. “Get some clothes on a woman.” He demands in a rushed horrified demeanor.

"Your request is denied, honorable leader of the Conservative traditionalists. We are now rendering onto the daily sacred hour of prayer and cleansing. Nudity must always exist when in prayer. According to the new laws set out by our democratically elected government prayer is to not be fettered by material things or idols.“
With that spoken General Chase lets out a long exasperated disgruntlement of, “Holy, holy, holy fuck fuck fuck fuck!”

“We can do that too if you wish General Chase but prayers must exist first.” She states with a cheekiness that is taking his cruel scream into a giggle while adding in the truth that a ‘sacred fucking’ can easily exist.
“I wouldn’t touch your slimy whore body with surgical gloves. Thus, don’t think that I would even dream of fucking you, you slut from hell.” He clearly rifles at her with the precision of a ‘wordsman’ ready for battle. Yet, he has forgotten that his cock betrays him even though his anger builds.

“Clearly sir, you seem to enjoy an occasional whore and possibly a few sluts. For you state this topic so freely and easily, thus, you must be familiar with them. If they come from Hell that is your preference.” She states giving a naughty wink of being subversive of his anger by remaining calm and defiant with twisting his words in slight sweet ways.

“Listen here, bitch...”Comes the start of a renewal of the onslaught against her.

“I am listening, Sir. I even listen to the fact that you have a kinky streak by enjoying surgical gloves as part of the sexual routine of pleasure.” She conveys with interrupting as she snaps her finger to call for empirical temple guards. “I will have some brought to you but in the between time you are to be stripping, and then given a spring water bath. Just so you will thoroughly enjoy being chained to my bedposts for a month while I fuck your comrades that do follow the new order."

“I will not!” comes in angry disobedience of such notions.

“Oh, you prefer to watch me make love to your daughter? It is the alternative punishment to your defiance of the laws. It is a done deal for she really wants in my bed. Thus, you will be chained, gagged for silence and hooded at the foot of my bed.”

Silence comes from him for suddenly he realizes she does have more power than him. She does indeed have it within humanity`s masses, its governments, and its youth wings. She hasn’t wealth, nor been democratically elected to be anything but her words make the religious laws of the human race. Humanity is back from the brink of world war and destruction by succumbing to wiping out the political power of all traditional and new religions. Then the United Nations is replacing it with a moral code that involves sexual pleasure as mandatory. General Charles Chase who is one of ten rebel leader opponents to this knows that this woman and a whole council of philosopher-politicians guide the governance of all of humanity`s new moral standards. Yet, even better knowledge is that his very own adult children worship this woman with total unquestionable obedience. Thus, she has true power even within his inner circle of family.

With that thought, he knows that his only daughter does wish the opportunity to enjoy lovemaking first hand from ‘her goddess’. He also knows that his two sons have no issue turning him in for breaking the law that is the moral sexual code. It is after all why he lost the trail and is standing here in the Temple of Sacred Love.
‘Take him away!” She commands to the four guardsmen who arrive from the nether region of the outer foyer of that is adjoining this semi-private bathing chamber for priestesses of her temple. “Have the virgins bathe him in vanilla waters after stripping him. Then dry him, before binding him to my west wing bedchamber’s bedposts. Have him kneel at the bed`s foot and post guards at every exit.”

As this process is starting she watches him being taken away with his little show of a fight. It is cute for he has no hope of getting free from her grasp. Thus, she calls out, “I would offer my bathing pool but somehow it's needing more of a feminine presence that is more of a stable relationship in my life.”

It takes no time for General Chase to vanish from the sight. With that Juliana Amor strolls over to the round marble hot tub that is sunken in the wooden floor in this the Prime Bathing Chamber of Priestess. She descends the tiny steps allowing her nudity to slowly be encompassed by warm rose scented waters. As she plants her naughty Lil ass on the far seat that faces the entrance to the chamber a beautiful vision blond female enters the same chamber. As she slowly walks across the wooden floor to stand in front of the whirlpool sacred tub she smiles to then release the silken robe to fall from her curves of female divinity. “Business is done my baby girl. It is time to enjoy our oneness."

“Yes, my Rayne, it is for I have missed my wife.“ Arrives in soft tones of blissfulness as Juliana stretches forth her left hand to be in Rayne’s possession.

With entwining fingers within the mutual grip Rayne retorts,“Are we still making our engagement announcement on Sunday eve?“

“Yes. My beloved. Why do you ask?” is the quick questioning for she suddenly wonders if Rayne trusts her fidelity. “Because moments ago you made statements that you are bedding Miranda Chase as punishment for her father. If you have sex with her after our announcement then it makes our relationship appear weak and me looking like another follower. I am not another follower of a religion that doesn’t exist. But, I am your only lover. The only one and I am also your high priestess.” With this Rayne is sitting sweetly in comfy pose next to Juliana in the watery world of the hot tub.

There is a full laugh as Juliana states, “Worry not. It is a stratagem to make Chase feel the dread of what I suggested as punishment for his crimes. He will hear much lovemaking coming from that bed, and won't be seeing it for it won`t involve me or his daughter.”

“Oh?" Response Rayne as she leans over to kiss her girlfriend`s upper lips?

“I cannot enforce such true torture upon a man who still mourns the loss of his wife. That is no matter how long ago she died."

“How do you now these facts?” quizzes Rayne leaning backward and taking to enjoy the soothing waters.
Juliana looks over toward Rayne to brush a finger across Rayne`s chin and then down through the valley of those plump beautiful perky mounds of womanly flesh. “Chase would not defend himself by giving testimony. Everyone thought it is due to his children placing charges but it isn’t. I knew it then too. For he continuously played with his defunct wedding ring and refused to discuss his former marriage with anyone. Or so that is what I thought until his lawyer slept with a friend of mine. The lawyer said Chase still feels married to his dead wife and will until the day he too dies. This is why he breaks the law by not joining in the new standards. He still feels married under old government laws. Yet, he won`t say it for he knows it means nothing under new laws when a spouse is deceased.”

Juliana stares at her beautiful lover that is Rayne Masterson, as Rayne has her mesmeric blue eyes closing while she thrills in the relaxing sensations that sweep her senses. “Nice romantic sentiments for a rebel leader and a man who wants you dead.”

"Thus, there must be no punishment but still it is a reprimand that keeps with the laws. For during the events of the month Chase is under the impression he is being punished and it’s a torture for him."

“You are sly, goddess.” Retorts Rayne shifting to help Juliana`s hand to wander farther down over Rayne`s body to run over the firmness of Rayne’s tummy to then find touchdown on moist perky pussy lips. This gives a new breathing pattern for Rayne who deeply wishes for pleasure sharing and no more temple business.

“Maybe, but in the end, when he is told the truth then maybe he feels that he owes me a favor.” Logic all sums up Juliana as she begins to dance her fingertips upon those wet perky pussy lips to tease them into wanting deeper pleasures that will soon come from Juliana`s fingers.

"That is naughty …of you …to break the laws …of…what you aided …installation of.” Is spoken in stammers as Juliana gets powerful busy in teasing those lower lips into greater arousal.

“No, the ‘law of the heart ‘out ways lust every time. Now be a good girl and let me finger fuck you into a climax before I then take you to our bed for lovemaking.”

That, therefore, is the end of chat and the beginnings to serious full throttle pleasure. It is relentless desire by Juliana to drive out that sweetness, and to force those vaginal muscles of Rayne to be tighter and hotter. She wants her lady screaming out that sweet serenade that is sharing every time they make love. It matters not if it’s a quickie in the hot tub or fulls out hours of sexual congress in their bed. There is an unfettered need to please Rayne.

“Julie, Julie...more...there...harder…deeper...fuck me…make me cum. Make me feel you. Love it...tease me…please...please…”As the powerful thunder of those three fingers pull out the treat that is more sacred to Juliana than all the laws of the universe.

Suddenly there is instant peace as Rayne pours out her creamy treat in squirting to then simultaneously be relenting to sharing a scream of sexiness. The water is splashing wildly as Juliana seizes upper lips in kissing the cream off.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Playboy`s Playgirl

She likes it dirty, likes it forced upon her and when it comes unexpectedly she instantly has the honey dripping upon her inner thigh. The sweet treat of womanly cream likes descending as she is pounded hard to the wall, within relentless wanting. This all comes as her clothing is ripping to shreds to expose all nudity the. Thus, this lovemaking is raw, rough and wild with lust and he knows it. He gives what she dreams and he does it every morning as she walks into her bedroom after working the night shift.

When he is done creating the demands of three orgasms he then allows her limp body to fall to the floor in a sliding heap of cum and breathlessness. It is high-speed lust; it is what she requests of him after she leaves that hellhole of a workplace. Then as she sits there staring at him she whispers his name until he crawls to kiss her beautiful lips to then beg her to marry him. Yet, every time she denies him the treasure. Denies him his heart's treasure that is her love. Instead, she conveys the timing of their next lovemaking session and pushes him away in disgust.

He kneels there after the pushing to be staring into her eyes while waiting for her heart to change its ways. He so desperately wants more than lust with her. He wants more than these small minutes that she allows. However, she doesn't allow him to be any closer then filling her with the creamy seeds of lust. He likes that too but really she is all that he has been dreaming of. She is the woman who completes him but he messed up, he did. He messed around with her sister and no one gets her heart if they play with her heart. Or played with her arch enemy. So his punishment is to be pleasing her but never having the love he desperately longs for.

Yet, he is hers, he is her possession that is on a short leash but there is no love from her. Still he works his ass off for her in every way that she deems pleasing and in return she claims these mornings of lust indulgence. So she claims him but doesn’t give and even more so no one may touch until she is ready to forgive. True, it is no that she isn’t ready to forgive and yet she is willing to take all she desires until her soul can handle his traitors crap of playing ‘cock boy’ to the most hated of people, her sister. It is what she needs to him. She needs him to pay the price for somehow she still wants.

It is crazy to even to her but it is a must for she wants even though she takes others. For when she isn’t with him, she is with others. Oh yes, there are others that he must listen to while she pleasures with them. He does this at the foot of her bed, or by simply standing outside the door to hear her enjoying the high orgasmic wonder that is so freely given to any guy and girl. Tonight it will when he comes home from work it will be two men and that has his heart raging in anger but he will endure for he knows that he is meant for her and she is meant to be his.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Vikings Invade Britannia

Dark velvet night holds within its cloak an array of twinkling stars that dance in playful roaming over the universe of time-space to have an Autumn Earth day come to a close. It comes to an end to bring the night to ascend upon the lovely sanctuary of two lovers. Two lovers that lay within nudity upon a large canvas hammock that stretches betwixt four massive oak trees as the night surrounds them within the mystical warmth of otherworldly fires. It is beautiful with a Harvest full moon gleaning its beams of nightlight splendor over their beautiful nude human female curves. Two lovers that are eternal mates creating pleasure within a love bound to only them by the stars at the beginnings of existence. These are two souls dancing within a powerful love that are binding in crystalline energy cords of unbreakable love-light. These two are destined as life mates in a need to be eternally bonding together as two souls becoming one whole. This is due to that creation makes them live by the only law that truly has them both feeling whole.

Wholeness within love unbound as two adult females are finding giggles within the touching pleasures of Erin`s Celt`s fingers soothing fragrant herbal oils into the soft silken skin of Arica Nordic. These are the two women forever bound within every lifetime they exist within. There is the brunette beauty of Irish heritage in love with the exquisite platinum blond temptress of gorgeous curves from the lands of the great Vikings. Two women knowing pure love, two souls understanding lust and women knowing of their union to be more than all that can ever be. It is joy; wild beautiful bliss in kisses from both sets of lips and is the ways of their eternal journey. The journey of finding each other, mating, and connecting in any way that can be bringing to them the love that has to exist for them to breathe.

”Breathe, breathe my Arica, breathe only me. Breathe in my kisses that are soon coming to your lips as my fingers intend to find the sweet wetness that has a creamy scent already. Breathe me, breathe in me, breathe in us and be a good girl for me.”

Slowly there is rubbing of the sparkling oil over each and every cell of smooth silken skin that belongs to those beautiful athletic curves. It is soothing in of the erotically scented oil upon skin that has a heart melt at the sight of the nudity on display. Arica is on a private exhibition upon this unique bed with her body so easily bringing lust sweeping the senses while touch arrives to play in an appealing massaging. A massaging of a firm tummy that is part of a goddess woman who is in the midst of giggles as she bites her own luscious lips in anticipation of getting kisses with the tickling that are coming from her soul mate.

“You are all that I know, my baby girl. You are my Erin, my Irish bad girl who teases me with poetry and playful words. You are all mine, so please, please come breathe with me. I need you. Please kiss me…. please let me breathe your kisses, please come and bring your…your.”

Erin gazes into those mesmeric eyes of beautiful angelic blue that dance of lust filled love. She looks there as she the Irish beauty of emerald green eyes leans into almost kiss those upper lips but she chooses to barely blow a kiss. Blowing a naughty teasing breathy kiss as she giggles, “Who me? Me bad? Nah, I am your elf who likes teasing you by licking that chalice between your thighs. Thus, no kisses but we will soon have heavy mutual breathing.”

“You tease!” comes in soft gigging retort. “You tease, you naughty flirt. You are…”

“I am only lil ole me and you do love me. I am in love with all of you, love you with all of me and will do so in any way that I wish. Thusly, I choose to firstly enjoy touching on this night. So you are bad for …for...hmm.” She pauses in thought as she winks into those eyes that send love into hers, as they both know the play of this pleasure is partially in the tease.

“Bad, you are bad. Not I! I want kisses that you don’t give. I am only being a good girl and want what is mine and if you loosen these leather straps then I will show you what kissing can be.”

Arica is looking at the black leather strap that ties her arms spread eagle as her legs are feeling being bound in the same. These hold her back flat to the canvas hammock as Erin kneels above Arica`s head to allow the draping her brunette tresses over Arica`s face. It is draping of these silken threads in a loose array to tickle the skin and to make Arica giggle even more. “You are now teasing me with that sexy scent of the whatever that you place in your hair. Come here and let my fingers fisted it, for I wish to pull you in for a kiss.”

This has Erin break out in full laughter. “You are not going anywhere, young lady. You will need a knife to undo these straps. Plus, I am about fuck you. That is if you behave for a little bit. You are such a bad angel when you want kisses.”

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Naughty Daydream

All Deliana could do is dream as she watched the beautiful blond undress in front of her. Deliana knows she may not touch this one.No, no but she wants to. Thus, in her mind come to the dream and the words sounding out in thought' 'Licking the sweet treat of you would heavenly, to taste you and have my tongue flick the sweetness.'A soft low moaning slips her lips as she sees the panties come off and yet more thoughts, it's all she has 'Oh yes, all as you wish for more with my hand gripping your breasts to pinch your nipples.'

Then with a deep breath, Deliana watches the bra unfastening and removal comes that nearly drives her mad as her thoughts quicken. 'I would enjoy playing soft nibbling kisses on the firmness of you yummy ass, as my tongue is buried deep within to be tasting and then me demanding that you enjoy .' Then Deliana can't breathe for the blond comes to stand in from of her as the one-sided chat continues and Deliana`s thoughts run rampant. '... my hands tugging nibbles, playing with them watching them pop and then my open palm brushing the hardened peaks.'

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Touch Me

Touch me, tease me, and let us deeply please me.
Please me, play in sensual ways of pleasure.
Tease in touching as fingers are finding the wetness of me.
Come play fingers here in the heated treasure.

Oh yes, tease in tiny soft circles to please.
Oh yes, more, more, more into the wet.
Play fingertips play in slow soft ease.
Feel, feel my lips swell and the wetter they get.

Feel me, teach me how to sway to the touch.
Tease, roll the finger slowly in pleasure pace.
Make it so hot within being pleased so very much.
That is it make 'it' pulsate to have the heart race.

Touch me, tease me, that is it please me.
Please me, tease me, and deeper in touch.
Touch, with an in and out, as I beg please me!
Touch , tease and please me ever so much!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Liberty`s Lady (Part 1)

Justin Liberty is a man of corporate worlds of business but yet his history is of the street struggle within the ways of the warrior. He looks the part of the well-defined gentleman that has it all including the house cars, clothes, and adoring woman. Yet he misses that tying the thread of ‘soul love’ that comes in the ways of mind, soul, body and the lust of exquisite bodies in play. He can assuredly have all the female bodies for a play that he desires, yet there is a lady he wants with all that can be desired. She is the beautiful Deliana Nightwind.

He makes love with her every Thursday night. It begins with a romantic evening of whatever pleasures that he has in mind. It is always a lovely evening of enchanted conversations, naughty innuendo and just about everything possible to be tickling all pleasure senses. It is truly the sharing of intellect, spirits, and the dreaded heart. This is all before they end up in some sweet little place to enjoy erotic rounds of sweet covered playfulness in raw passion.

He likes the romantic, so does Deliana but to be honest she simply likes how he makes her chant his name all night long. The flowers, dinners, enchanting chat and places of interest always please her but seriously she likes his body pleasing hers.

It is currently near dawn on Friday morning and it is easy to see the last of the needs of pleasure being a thrill for them both. Deliana is a vision of ecstasy as she rides out the storm of her need mounts upon his treasure of pleasure. He holds her hip as she settles within the lust that they share. He has seen the light of lustful desire reach its pinnacle within her. It is now that she demands to thrust upon the need to enjoy the wonder of a natural high that is between them in this arena of pleasures. It an arena of bedding of silk and joy with liquids that drip in creamy waves of love.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Midnight Hour

In the midnight hour, all she could think of is how his 'rod of lust' has thrust so well within her tight womanly walls of wetness during that four-hour romp between these silken bed sheets. It is maddening how the memory exists and his scent linger all around having her wanting the endless more of pleasure in his manly arms.

Then she whispers out " Come to me, you a sexy slice of sin. I want you. You must be mine again, my lover. I want and will not stand in line to have you. I am coming for you.Hell yes, especially now after those orgasms that you gave me all afternoon."

By two in the morning, Deliena is still in the midst of tossing and turning to try to achieve sleeping. Yet all that she can sense is his lingering touching on her skin as he releases his lust liquids within her inner sanctum. That sensation in her memory has her body aches for him to do it over and over again. That does have her eyes close but all she sees his strong beautiful body against her's as he pounds pleasure into her willing sweat covered curves

However, Quentin Markus isn't thinking of beautiful Deliana, sexy amazing Deliana Nightwind who is the dream of a woman for most men. He has used her as his pleasure to only then move onto his next wish of pleasure. Thus, Deliana has no hope of getting those sensations ever again. It is thus also the truth that Deliana may dream, dream forever of more, and she may scream for more but there will never be such with Quentin Markus again. Why? Well, Delaina did the naughty thing when she met that high of pleasure`s bliss. Oh yes, she did. The naughty sexy brunette did sing out the dreaded "I love you."

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Delaina `s Pleasure

Each step forward toward the bed is fluid within elegant motions, and Delaina’s body is feeling alive in a desire to send away the heat that should be coldness. Yet, the only parts of her that are cold are delicate hands. Human society would say it’s logical for such since it’s to be ‘cold hands warm heart’. But in Delaina’s world, she likes her heart stone cold, her lust blazing blue fire hot and her women dominate submissive. Nonetheless, this is business, and not to be a true personal pleasure. This is the dream, the pleasure dreams of others and Lady Deliana NightWind is the keeper of sexual dreams. Thus, it is a cold heart. Yes, cold heart is what she tends to tell herself so that she may not take to entertaining her own personal pleasures.

Tapping the well-tasseled black riding crop onto her own thigh makes the room filling with a soft muffling beating sound that resonates like wind baffling through draperies. She taps while holding the medium sized crop in her left hand and beat it against her left thigh. This action continues on in its symphony while Deliana walks over to stand immediately behind her prey. She stands there with arms maintaining by her sides and her stance coming as that of towering icon of stern command. It leaves no room for a smile and Deliana takes a deep breathe before then sharing her thoughts.

“Your darkest dream, my dear. Your dirtiest sex wish is to be drawn from you. I need it to fill my soul. I wish to feast on your flesh, to drink of your liquids and spread you out like a golden idol.”

Then reaching out with the crop in her left hand she rests it on the pinnacle of the flesh that sets between the ass cheeks just as the dirty back door of bliss begins its display. Yes, the crack of the ass. It is the dirty sexy naughty hole of tight treats. It is the human sex organ of a truth that tells of how dirty it can be. Not kinky but dirty tight fucking ways of simply allowing an orgasm to build through minor league darker pleasures. It is Delaina’s personal favorite way to be fucked. Fucked while having her clit teased to create the of orgasm. Thus, she begins to nicely slide the shaft of the riding crop through the space that leads to the deeper pleasure of enjoying an ass. She plays the crack of the ass like it’s a violin. Like she is the keeper of a Stradivari violin that has this makeshift bow to be slipping through this chamber of lust to tickle and play out pleasure`s symphony.
“I want this, want it pleased. It is to be done.” With this Deliana reaches forth with her right hand to be entwining those long red tresses in a harsh gripping as she then pulls on them bring that strong feminine back to arch backward. “You need to feel me!” Comes in coldness.

The beauty of viewing the erotic sexual is something that Deliana adores as part of her job. This playing out of sexual pleasures in slow darker intent makes Deliana shiver in the glee of how of much she simply can sense every vibration of the building of lust. She likes lust, she needs lust and her cells within her very skin can feel the deadly sin raising to a point that is exotic energy. It is pure true otherworldly energy that would make even the Master purr in want of it. Thus, the first smile of the evening rests upon those enticing beautiful kissable lips.
It gleams there in an array of a sensual smile as the shaft of the riding crop tickling and plays the crack of Ginger`s thrusts it until Deliana takes it in sudden removing from giving pleasure. She then brings it to own lips to slowly render forth her wet tongue to tease the shift playfully. This is so she may enjoy the pleasure of the scent and thrill within the subtle taste of her prey. Thus, as her tongue traces a lick over the shaft of the riding wand as she feels a delighted quiver of extreme excitement float in heated vibrations in her body. It sounds out in a shivering sigh of sensual sexy moan ”Ahhhhh mmmm!”

“Ohh, yeah..yeah, I like.” comes in a feathery whispering of desiring this taste. Needing the flavor of that which she can barely taste. Wanting it with all of what is still her soul as the scent that fills her nostrils become like a drug to her. She hasn’t been expecting this pleasure and so she must take a deeper breath within an attempt to shake these new feelings of old things. There is something in the scent, something so familiar. She likes it but its old scent of times when she had love in her life. It is from ancient times, and its erotic to her. It is what she sold to have her life and now it seems to tease her as her hand keeps a steady grip of those long threads of hair and her hand takes the crop to once more feel her lips.

In the next moments, Deliana simply is on automatic she heart races of the flashing in her mind. The automatic involves thoroughly licking the riding crop and sucking it to great it moist. To create the handoff it to me lubricated with saliva. It needs to do so for the shaft of this of the handles end will be enjoying entry into that tight naughty anus. Thus, it is easily coming to bare as truth for Deliana aligns the handle's tip with that ass crack as she then states, ”It is only a little treat, but you won't mind. I have plans… ”

Just then she presses the handle of the riding crop in between those ass cheeks to touch down on that puckered dirty little hole. Then within not wishing to torment too much she swivels the handle to and fro creating slow teasing motions as entry into the ass is obtained. Slow sweet twirling teasing motions to build lust as she takes in the scent of Ginger`s dripping honey. “Oh my, aren’t we a naughty girl. You are a naughty ‘pet’, and so wet too. “

“I do smell the treat. It seems as though you leak my pet. You leak without permission. “States Deliana as she allows the riding crop to settles in stillness in the ass. It settles there in seeming to be a protruding monument to what should be a thrusting within the ass. Yet its stationary as Delaina’s hand comes to slip between Ginger`s thighs so that soon her fingertips are touching the pussy mound and her palm pressing into the wet of the dripping honey that covers pussy lips.

All of the feelings of this simply make Deliana breathe deeper to have her calm almost shaken for she is becoming much more aroused than usual. She is because this ‘pet’ has captured Delaina’s mind. Yes, the pet has for the scent of her skin, the scent of Ginger`s skin is a memory of love and Deliana so wants love again.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wanting You

She looks at her lover with intense lust. She gazes in the ways an alpha lioness looks at her prey just prior to the sudden lunge into the final attack. She licks her luscious peach color lips with a swipe of her wet tongue to then supply the most sensual naughty wink. She does so as she begins unbuttoning those pearly buttons on the front of the summer dress as she then in soft sensual seductive voice tones whispers out,“ I want to give you teasing touches. Deeply teasing touches with fingertips as my lips come ever so close to your treasure. Yes, I wish to be more than close and to be kissing lips within an almost pressing. I need to be playing soft warm breaths on your skin as fingers are teasingly playing. Oh, the play but still it is almost only kissing while gazing into your eyes. Gazing there, seeing and waiting to see.”

In that second the linen color dress falls to the floor to reveal her sumptuous athletic curves of great beauty. Revealing the nude beauty of a woman in arousal within needing hours of wild sensual erotic bliss. That need has her wanting to pounce and force the pleasure but she simply walks over to be almost pressing a whispering lustful kiss to the lips of her lover, as she state. “I want you!”

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Seduction 101

His hands wrap her delicate wrists as though they have full intention of never allowing her to even ponder that he will let her go. No, she may not. She may not stare into his eyes as he pulls her into him. He pulls her into him in what seems to be a sudden soft slowness that has her delicate frame crash into his muscular body. She looks up into those dark eyes with her breath taken. Then he speaks in firm tones. "Mine! There is no walking away. I claim you for you are my dreams."

Delaina can feel Mark`s heart pounding within his chest as he remains so deeply pressed to her. It is pressing against her because he is wrapping those strong relentless arms around her body to keep her there. She can`t breathe because he wants her so much. She wants too but she thinks that she has been controlling her seducing of him. Yet she hasn't. That fact now definitely shows. He then says once more "Mine!"

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Devouring Emily (Arabella & Emily)

Dusk is slowly turning into dawn with the evening after the chat overflowing of Ari seducing Emily and Emily seducing Arabella. It is naughty with glances so seductive, winking teases and toes trailing up thighs to touch in tender plays to see how much desire can be controlled before kisses are sharing. It is intense with lust to then be wrapping in the balance of tender true love. It is easy to find the two enjoying mutual soft touches while they enjoy a delectable meal at the dining table. It soon becomes moments of dancing with each other’s arms before sharing dessert. That turns into a tease, a lovely sexy naughty tease where Arabella has Emily losing her breath over the comment of “pussy cream is more delicious, do you some?” That makes Emily dizzy and she has flashes of how much cum Arabella so easily squirts.

Thus it hot, hotter and the evening fill with a passionate fire that gradually is exploding between them. Thus, it’s creating those lower lips moist with having dripping sweetness glistening. Its heart thundering within holding it all under control to make the evening last within slow in sensual lovely lust.

It is a beautiful lust filled love that comes easily visible within dancing to soft sensual jazz sounds. It is creating closeness and sending the sexual heat even higher. Then just as the dancing gets sensual in its motions the kisses grow deeper making lingering caresses play in a cool heat on the skin having Ari release Emily's robe from her curves. It falls to the floor and Ari easily maneuver Emily backward to have that naughty ass leaning on the table`s edge.

Yet, it is Emi that can’t stop touching Ari. Emily`s fingers are touching, playing in caress with teasing love over Ari creating it a deeper lustful seduction. It is touching to skin so smooth, that is in union with a scent deeply intoxicating and those eyes do smile so beautiful in happiness. These are all that Emily needs at this moment. Add in those platinum color tresses threading so sweet through fingers, and Emi is in heaven. She swears she can feel Ari`s soul energy seep soothingly into her fingertips as Emi fingers tease the soft skin of Arabella neckline after leaving those tresses to make way down through the valley of Ari`s breasts. Emi passionately wants this electric energy of their auras mixing flowing fluidly on this night. She does for she has much more touching to be doing.

Emily feels so connected to Arabella today. She isn’t sure why but she does. Is she scared of all this? Hell yes, but she wants to explore this no matter what she negatives feels. She does for there is something pulling her into this that she seems to be deeper than ‘heart love’. It feels spiritual and her life's destiny. So she will shuttle off the feelings of negativity and find the bliss. That swiftly comes with sharing a kiss as she leans against the table feeling Arabella lean tenderly against her. It turns to nibbles as Ari presses more to Emily's lips, and then it is released while they share a taunting gaze.

Then in sudden slow motion, she pushes Emily up to have that cute nude ass rest on the end of the table. Emily easily slides back on it to then have her hands grip the edge of the table. Ari then lifts Emily’s left leg up to rest on the table’s top. In doing so she holds gaze into those eyes of emerald green to easily reach over to pull up a nearby chair. It sits in waiting behind her for there is no sitting just yet. Instead, she stands there long moments looking lovingly at Emily as her hands smooth up over hips to come in teasing caress to breasts. Ari`s hands brush open palms over nipples making them instantly harder and Emily gasping a breath of the sweet sensations that are flowing.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Lust of Aeries-Augusta

the end of wrestling, Phoenix is lying on the bed between those thighs that she has conveniently spread open for making access to. She is pushing her upper lips over that moist treasure of the Air Goddess. Her tongue whips out in teasing swipe as she sees the need of her lover so pretty in dripping moisture. Phoenix wants her face buried there. It is to be buried there with her tongue pleasing those fleshly lower lips until more spasms of orgasm sweep that beautiful body of a true goddess. She looks at with longing need for more tasting. Beautiful indeed, is that torridly hot valley of female pleasure center as she nuzzles into it to make Aeries quake within a gasping awe. It is intense, for Phoenix is a powerful passion within lust eternal. This is to be sensual ‘fuck me’ treat with it once more understood to be undeniable need as Phoenix plays her hands up over those curves but she suddenly turns the soft touching to fingernails raking over Aeries` back side.

“Phoenix!” Aeries, screams out as the skin is being scratched creating shards of pleasure-pain that make Aeries` back arch. Her body feels the sheer pain mixing with pleasure as her vampire is making deeper and deeper tongue drills in that womanhood. Phoenix likes this greatly and she plays harder on that skin of her lover`s back. She does this but then she slowly turns back to enjoying soothing touch. This is to massage out the ‘too much’ pain of getting a little rough. It is definitely understood that the rough needs tempered with tenderness. This is easily accompanied by a teasing tongue upon a clit. This is exquisite in giving love but it soon makes way for continued thrusting deep within that womanly canal. This new rhythm is pleasing as her hands play that backside before they are landing upon both ass cheeks. “Mmm” slips from both of them.

It is sensual touch; magical caress, rough play and it has Aeries beginning to rock to and fro as that tongue plays sweetly deep in her wetness. It comes even more intense when fingertips tease the valley of the ass to then tickling that lovely anus. Such a tight dark treat that is renowned for enjoying being probed. In this tease, Aeries rocks back harder as that finger lays ready to enter her dark hole. In a swift motion, the finger is partially penetrating to then suddenly be leaving the tight treat. Then it once more is thrusting within it as Phoenix then makes her two hands enjoy both lower holes. It is a simultaneous entry, with two fingers on each hand doing the probing. It is filling feeling, it's hard penetration and it's wow but Aeries enjoys it as she screams out “More, fuck me!”

Monday, May 28, 2012

Unholy Spear

His strong manly hands come to clutch her small hips so to hold her steady as he begins to heavily and savagely pound into her tight little pussy. His hips slap her ass in a thunderous display of lust as he licks along her facial cheek before then kissing her beautiful quivering upper lips. He gives out a low deep growl of lust that is mixing with love while his dick is throbbing from the almost medieval spearing with his hardness into her moist hot pleasure center. "'s so tight and good. I love you and our future together. I will fuck you constantly, and for days. I will be relentless in wanting you.” He moans out with the complete pleasure of having to get to enjoy this wild shrew of a woman.

Looking down over her as she is on all fours, while he is behind throttling into her gives him primal pleasure and it’s beautiful after the battle. He can feel the sweat drip from his brawny body and it thrills him to give more to her for she deserves it for being so fierce in battle. He has enjoyed almost an hour of sex with her and he wants more hours. He has bound her in cloth ropes to make her succumb to him even though he has won the battle and his prize is this sex with her as he chooses.

He reaches to grip her long ebony tresses as she roars out. “You are not enough for me.”

He laughs as her body trembles of an orgasm erupting. ”So say you but your body says otherwise.”


Then the wind caught her by the hand.
The winds lead her into worlds of dreams.
It is a place where all of eternity seems to understand.
To a time where there is no noticeable seams.

Deep into the ebbing flow of the mighty winds.
She goes deep into the world of immortals to dream.
She goes there to enjoy wild wonders and passionate sins.
She has been ever so mortal but she has her dreams.

She dreams ever so well within the realm of bliss.
Finds a life of love and lust with all she does wish.
This makes her many things and none does she resist
These make her special, and as WindWhisperer, she does exist.

She is chased by wild Western in its bellowing blusters.
He is wild whipping in his ways of charm, lust and love.
His passion is of cycles within all bad boy ways he musters.
In his arms, she found games of pleasure but not lasting love.

Soon his dashing sensual brother does come to play with her.
He is sensual sexy southern with physical erotic love divine.
She is simmering in the warm caress of this romantic lover.
He holds her heart but soon leaves her for all time.

Abandoned, but she does not linger there in sorrow.
Soon there is an unfolding of Easterly’s wisping arms.
These give her hope of love and many bright tomorrows.
Yet he makes her curious as to his meanings and terms.

So she has had three of the four brothers known winds
They have loved, blessed and hurt her in ways so true.
She learns of many things with some being great sins.
Yet she has learned of life and love, lust and power, this is true.

Now lastly there is but one of them to enjoy in this immortal world.
There are no misunderstandings of North`s chilly charms and his intent.
He is icy intellect, passionate rough pleasure with lust unfurled.
Yet it is limited love in strong cold ways, and so it is a love not meant.

Soon she is taking this life lessons and creating a woman ever so strong.
She battled them in her ways, in play and in the world of this immortal place.
She learned the ways of them, of battle and peace so she belongs.
She took each of them on, fought them in battle and won their place.

She now stands powerful, beautiful and magnificent within the realm.
She is the lady of all the winds and goddess of seduction`s whispers.
She strayed from being mortal and took on wind`s powerful helm.
She became the goddess eternal known as WindWhisperer.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Miranda (unfinshed)

Her cocky demeanor comes so deeply sexy for those who have the pleasure of connecting with her in any way. It is tinted with the harsh coldness of edges that is her forte in life and accompanied by a sense of hypnotically sensual. She is the woman of high delectable aura that brings men to their knees with lust yet she currently is teasing a pretty young redheaded female into fits of desire. She sis doing so with each movement of her curves within rhythmic erotic dirty dance within this neo hi-tech Pop club in central LA. She moves in ways of understanding that her curves are desired and soon she will have created enough spell to make Diana want to fuck Miranda for days. Miranda knows she can own just about anyone in this dance club. She does for she is worldly power, old money, pure lust and sexual bliss. She is a woman of modern means and a dream within all the fantasy you ever wish to be real.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Moments of Lust-

The evening wisps along into the sweet dreams of you coming to embrace me and rip my silken robe from these sensual curves. Waiting in lingering posse upon this bed of satin sheets that should be stained with the naughty sexy fluids of our lust. I long for you to come to me so that we may enjoy ….enjoy the satisfying ways we touch in a seductive caress as our bodies entwine with lust wishes of carrying out sinful sweet needs. Each move we make is that of an artistic vision that only gives way to a symphony of true pleasure. Each moment is beyond the senses and we entwine to create bliss. Oh, how he owns my mind as now there is simmering warm wetness betwixt my slender thighs. Oh, oh..lust..come and bring us the orgasms of our desire.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Vibrant and sensual she is. She is a woman who has the nectar of subtle lust trailing delicately in her curves but still perfectly powerful in all that she is. Powerfully seductive she is with the sparkle of pure love in her heart. Then there is a touch of submissive dominance declaring out loud as her truths of breathtaking soulful spiritualism are quietly revealing. But then there is the lethal weapon of heady absolute intellect slipping out of its sheath to render her as goddess woman. She is narcotic sweetness, bewitching and grabs all of your senses. Joining within her aura is the scent of Arabian jasmine underlined by gardenia. It accompanies each step she makes seeming to have her soar into something more carnal than sin, yet she is ever so subtle as romantic love. She is that obsessive need pulsing that cannot be pacified by one taste. She is addictive and terribly tempting sweetness and the woman of dreams. Her powerful presence spreads to become all enveloping, to be floating around like otherworldly beauty. It soon becomes a must to be following each movement she makes so to have you offering her more dreams. She is most beautiful in all her facets and is like a play of love`s light dancing with the song of lust. She is not famous but her charms are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. She is timeless and full of character, but she lives within time while being devoted to inner truths. Many say many things of her but what immediately springs to mind is eternal, expressive, breathtaking beauty, desire, and passion. Nonetheless less she is 'only' an everyday woman.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Thief Of Hearts

Lacy walks within our world in ways of knowing that she is a true woman by having the power to have others wish for her within an irresistible wanting to please her and to be pleased by her. She exists knowing this but it all plays out in humble ways of love and light for her. Everything that Lacy is radiated within her sexy angelic smile and soft curves of angelic perfection but she isn't an angel. Lacy Easton is the dream of both genders and that is never angelic but she dreams of only being loved within ways that are love pure. Does Lacy know love? Yes, but she wants more and she is no angel.

It is that luscious sensual walk of seduction declaring a sexy sin that today has Rex lingering against the wall near the water cooler. Leans there staring at Lacy as she passes by to enter the VP`s office. He stares at her as though he could eat her alive. Yes, he does but what he dreams of is to have her kneel to him; for her to drop the zipper of his pants to suck him off into climax. A sexy raw oral session is his dreams that will have him scream out in bliss. Yes, he wants that for Lacy is known for turning down guys. She does it politely but she doesn’t take offers at all. She even does turn the higher ranking studs of the firm but Rex knows if given the chance that she would enjoy tasting him. Most girls do. Most women want time with Domenic.

He watches her disappear into the office before he then pushes from the wall to make his way into that same office that Lacy is within. Once within those four walls he closes the door behind himself as Lacy turns to gaze at him. As she sees him there she then gives a greeting in professional ways "VP Gregg, I have those notes you requested. The data is complete but if we could wait a few more hours than one more lead will be in so that we may have things clinched for the owning of the property."


Sunday, April 1, 2012

You So Fucking Need A Life.

" Wanting you!" She almost screams as she looks at him feeling like she has been mortally wounded."What the Hell have I been doing? Really what are the lunch dates, the coffee meetings, and the daily notes?" She queries needing answers but doesn't wait for them."So you think that I chase down every man that I know so that I can just be a friend." She glares at him in total disgust of such ideas.Then she is appalled as the moment settles into her spirit. She suddenly understands that he just isn't getting it. "A woman like me doesn't need to chase anything. Especially not you. So just bloody fucking forget I have been even interested."

With that she walks directly up to him, looks him dead center in his blue eyes to then solidly press her hand hard to his groin. Then she slowly clenched his already hard cock within her closing fist. Looking at him she coldly states. "See you have had a hard on from the second one and I have only been this with not doing a thing. Why the Hell would I need to chase you? You so fucking need a life."

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ecstasy `s Thunder

The thunder in her house during this night could have been more than just what it is. Yet it is the constant slamming of a door that swung in the night winds during a violent summer storm as Jennifer is making her departure of the premises she has called home for seven years. No longer will she stay in a relationship that can’t please her. David doesn't please her in any fashion. Not her beautiful intellectual mind, her loving passionate heart and her sexy body sure as hell need more than what he considers sex. She wants more and wants it now. She knows that her body will be pleased by the forty-something stud muffin that lives two blocks away will give what she wants. He has teased her every day for 2 years. That sexy fuckable man teases her and back 4 months ago she began the return flirting with him. Yet tonight as the thunder in the dark skies declares its roaring passions as there is an all out passionate rage of needing to be fucked like a woman who has desires to enjoy raw animal passion. Yes, Robert will deliver the goods as she so wishes them to be enjoyed. Yes and it takes a walk of only two blocks to have what she wants.

With each step, the stilettos hit the sidewalk’s concrete in a pounding that declares it the declaration of a lady who seeks something. Seeking while knowing where it is to be found. Then it echoes out the understand that when she finally gets to have what her lust`s desire is then she plans to take prisoners. She fully intends to declare war on Robert`s muscular 40 something maleness. Jennifer will do it ways that only a mature sexual woman has experienced in doing. That will include kinky sweet ‘fuck me’ moments that simply are sin divine. It is easily understood by her that she will have him within seconds of his opening his house door. So his reply to her needs best be yes.

In that vein of thought, she has thought of who could be with him but then instantly Jennifer voices “Anyone present will be either watching or leaving.” Her desire to enjoy him is beyond her control. Thus, it can be sex nonstop at Romeo Robert`s little naughty nest. It is to be for at least a good twenty-four hours and possibly more if Robert is capable of keeping his cock hard for her.

Arriving at that blue door which is the portal to the filling of her lust she finds it wide open. Open to her as though he has been waiting. This is soon proven to be the ever truth as he calls from within to beckon her to come to him” Come Jennifer. We have waited for this day, my love. You will have your wishes and dreams. “

As she steps through the gates to sexual bliss she sees him standing there in only a pair of those silk shorts that he jogs within. Yes, those shorts that teases her as he runs past while giving that winning sexy smile with a cordial wave. Every inch of him is poetry in muscular motion that simply ripples into her night dreams creating cum soaked sheet as she sleeps.So yes, Robert teases her in every way but then he does more than tease when he stopped to chat with her. For when he does stop for chat she can easily see that he has a yummy hard on and they both know it for it isn’t hidden facts. That large bulge pulsates like its calling to her and she enjoys that idea. Thus, it doesn't tease but a shared understanding that he would fuck her right there on her front lawn if she simply whispers that she wishes it. Today she is whispering it wanting it and demanding that he give her these passionate sex dreams they both do enjoy.

“I dream of you on your knees tongue fucking me until we both are exhausted “comes her declaration. He has without hesitation now stands in front of her pulls her into him to be gazing deeply into her eyes as he states “ Demanding little wench. “ She looks at him “Yes. I wish to enjoy you.”

“You will! “as he softly states before placing his fingers under the two straps of red lacy lingerie so that he may allow them to drop from her shoulder causing the silky garment to drop to the floor to reveal her body in full blazing arousal.

Then from the doorway is a familiar voice. “Your best friend, you want him and not me!” Without a word from either lover Robert brushes back the hair from her face to clasp her lips within a hungry lover`s kiss.

As though it’s a scripted response the kiss that is pressing back to him in heated lust to fill the night with the passion that has turned from simmering into a raging thunder. Then as the kissing becomes deeper it is turning sloppy sexy wet with tongues divining the needs of enjoying every pleasure. There arrives the moment that Robert simply slams his lady against the wall as her former lover watches. Robert wraps her long lovely legs around his waist. She assists and within moments Jennifer is pressing to the wall waiting to accept the incoming gift that she has been dreaming of enjoying. Then with little effort that massive beast of a cock is out of its cage to slip so swiftly into her dripping honey pot. It comes in so smooth and sweet that her body shutters of ecstasy creating an orgasm as he widens her tight her womanly canal to fit his cock into the hot wet depths of bliss. With this there is not an end to the thunder but that front door is slamming shut declaring their audience has had enough.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kiss of Destiny

Destiny may not be denied, pleasure divine is to play within passions that arise so easily and you oh you. May your lips meet mine in the bliss of an endless dreamy kiss as my arms embrace. You , oh you.. breathless you do make me...yum!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Enter My Dreams

She enters my dreams to play within all that I dream of within entwining. She loves me as though I am her only desire. She is the one who holds my heart and all my lust. I long to feel her on my skin and to create bliss with her. Every ounce of me is alive when she is near. Her near me and entering my dreams is simply beyond sweet and creates the sweet cum in life. She is my dream, she is my needs and all that could please me. She is my dreams, so come enter my dreams.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

His Love, Her Dreams

The intensity of his stare into hers causes her to tremble in the lust filled web that he spins with his very presence. He is the sleek sexy refined man that does drip of lust when he moves. He is that which seduces with a glance for his eyes are dark pools of mystery and his that smile is sexy erotica sin. HE is what most women dream of when they wish sensual raw lust in their lives. He the male that has a woman feel like she is the world when near him and when in his arms she knows he has perfected love making to the degree that it is divine pleasure in sexual love.

She looks back gauging that which could come from him. He knows that he can and will have her but will she make it easy within the chase. He does hope not for any woman worth his efforts is to be shown she is lusted for, ten conquered within a chase before she releases herself onto him. That is how he sees it but she envisions him in many other ways. Currently, she wonders how long it would take to make him knee in begging wish to just have a kiss but she won't make him beg, for her interest is waning speedily. So she figures fifteen minutes tops. Thus, with a soft smile, she giggles, "You are not gonna win that way. You better have more than a smile."

Friday, March 9, 2012

Every Step

Every inch is on fire to be touched by that finger that now entwine within her right hand to pull her in close. Her body crushes into what she feels is dreamy but all they share is the dance. The dance, the passion of music and her night dream. Thus with breathing rapid creating a hard pulse in her veins she merely desires to keep the dance going so that she may feel her body so close to the dreams that she longs to have so real.

Every step in dance movement leaves her breathless with the understanding that soon she will apart from these arms to once more be left without all that she knows that she needs in her life. Yet, if her partner only could see that they must understand how her heart beats for them only. Yet it is not so as she is feeling release from embrace to feel sudden sadness sweeping her senses.

Daily Sexy Thought

The room become heated in feelings of the raw lust which so easily exists between them. They gaze into eyes seeing that that animistic need to simply enjoy pleasure. The smiles wane into deep breaths as they somehow come to stand closer than close. She looks there into eyes as a hand reaches to possess hers. Holding hers, her looking into eyes, and a heart pounding loud.

Dark Thoughts (March 6th)

"Do you know how much I wish to knee you in the ball before then taking a jagged rusty dagger to rip your ball sac off your body ? I do. Yes, I have. Every thought of you has become tinged with growing hatred. Every time a lover fucks me over I do think of you. I think of that day you simply did the biggest mind fuck on me." States Joanne to Rune, as she wields the dagger in her left hand.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Social Sins:

Jennifer and Lene have grown to have the deepest wild spiritual romance that does inspire the best of erotic sexual bliss but on this night, they do not entwine in lover`s trappings. Lene lies on a twin bed staring at the ceiling of fluorescent stars upon blackness. Laying there staring as she allows her hands to softly caress down over silken skin in teasing until fingertips across her pussy mound. Then out slips more than deep breathing sounds. There is that sweet intense guttural gasp of needing pleasure. It is beautiful with intensity for the need to have an orgasm has hit fever high.


Remembering you on my skin within the ways of you touching to create sexual bliss. Oh yes, I am remembering you. Remembering you within that way you please every inch of skin. Each soft caress you give is creating deep burning sensation on my skin. It has a fire building within. A lovely wild heat that allows the of a wet creamy treat to exist upon womanly lips. Oh, you, I remember you, remember us. I remember your love for it touches more than my flesh but I do like how you thrill my skin.

Collecting 3

She lost her once, she lost every measure and pleasure of her. The ways she would look at Augusta simply would have her melt into a puddle of lusty love. Every smile and glance meant that the world stopped.It would stop, hearts raced and she simply had to make way to kiss those lovely lips. whet they share is seduction and need. It is the ways of the love between them. Yet, it got tossed two years ago in an argument of unrelenting anger.

In this moments as Augusta stares at her former lovers she swallows hard for she can`t shake that needing, that wanting and being insanely jealous of the bitch which is kissing the woman she still loves. Yes, loves and the memory flashes of the last entwining in sexual bliss run her thoughts. Yes, they enjoyed like the wild free sensual artist of sexual pleasure.

She paces to the ocean`s edge as the flashes of dreams from sleeping rest foremost in her mind as the moon drifts upward in an arc to play high in the velvet midnight sky. The dark cold waters hustle over the shore of red sands to send shivers that ascend upward through her toes. Then just as suddenly those same waters retreat with the tide departs back into the darkness of night to have her then stroll farther into the waters for these do awaken every cell with that body of exquisite curves. She wishes to be awake on the night of full bright moon. She wants to feel the cold crisp water sending chilly shivers all the way through her body. She needs this so she strolls slowly farther out into the rushing waves of the oncoming sea of waves so that she may have her senses completely awakening to the ways that water makes her feel alive. The white crests of the rushing waves coming in toward to press her body at breast high to force her body to bob up and down causing her feet to be lifting off the sandy bottom below. She knows it has been an eon since she has enjoyed such a natural relaxation from the busy ways of her metropolitan lifestyle. On this weekend of holy days, she has chosen to getaway to this Atlantic paradise that possesses ocean waters of deep marine blue that join in to play alongside iron red sands that tickle the toes when strolling upon them.

Erotica vs Porn

Noun1.erotica - creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc.) of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire
erotica [ɪˈrɒtɪkə]pl n (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) explicitly sexual literature or art[from Greek erōtika, neuter plural of erōtikos erotic]

por·nog·ra·phy (pôr-ngr-f)
1. Sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.
2. The presentation or production of this material.
3. Lurid or sensational material:

pornography [pɔːˈnɒgrəfɪ]
1. writings, pictures, films, etc., designed to stimulate sexual excitement
2. the production of such material Sometimes (informal) shortened to porn, porno
[from Greek pornographos writing of harlots, from pornē a harlot + graphein to write]
pornographer n
pornographic [ˌpɔːnəˈgræfɪk] adj
pornographically adv

‎" The most natural activity a human or living creatures may ever do is sexual activity. Whether its is for species procreation, pleasure or other reasoning. A whole world of life, creative materials and industries have formed around it. It is time humanity decided that being human is okay." (EGO)

Collection Pg 2 of Former Writings

She walks on whispers of the wind as the dawn of morning sweeps the countryside. Her dark ebony tresses are tied with ribbons of silken blue that do lay in floating surrender within the morning air as every inch of her display graceful beauty and sensuality. Her curves of enticing pleasures give notices that she is a woman of pleasure but she is definitely a woman of warrior`s prowess. She is a goddess of true immortal heritage and a woman of wild intoxicating ways that give you to understand that she is a seductress, warrior, and scholar. Truly a lethal, combination of female that is a woman to have the heart skip a beat when looking for her and a lady which captures the attention upon her arrival. That exists with or without her power of controlling air elements.
This Goddess looks to the east with eyes of dark angelic blue to see the sea of the waters which rage in needing tamed. The winds of stirred them into a mix of hell and chaos and she now must repair that. Yet the great wind goddess is known as Augusta Cian simply seem at home within her winds that wrap her in gentle swaying even the world around her rage within chaotic gale force winds.


To touch, tease, and ever so slowly play within the sweet pleasures of me.


Your breath so hot on my skin, your lips playing upon my lips and our tongues entwining within the kiss. Such lovely teasingly sweet kisses that play over and over as we hold each other. You and me enjoying lovely kisses that have me smile as we kiss.

I need her in every measure and within every pleasure. My mind swims in thoughts of her touching me and blessing em with her kisses. Oh to taste and be tasted by her.


Temptation and tease. there is nothing more beautiful than 2 ladies in love and sharing a kiss.

~ Enter My Dreams~

“Enter my dreams where lust abounds within every sinful ounce of sexy naughty bliss that can possibly be imagined. Come play your fingertips upon the soft moist skin of my pussy for it is hot within its inferno. Tease me tenderly to create the arousal of titanic sweaty lust that brings forth that ocean of cum. waves of a sweet juicy treat to flow upon your finger tips and your awaiting tongue. Tease me, please me and just begin to suddenly fuck me hard. Bring me bliss and I will fill your heart`s desire" she wrote to her lover in the wish of receiving that dream which lay so sweetly beneath the surface of her entire womanly person.

Her soul screams to be entwining with the woman which has been meant to be hers. Her heart knows there is more than what is and thus she wishes it so that she may feel complete. Her mind commands to know the woman which is to be in union with her. It is a must before she goes crazy with her soul mate. This must assuredly come to exist just as the embracing of her own body with the woman she so desires must arrive. There must be this union of truth for Augusta desperately wishes he lover..her woman to be united in always with her.

The heat that is within ablaze in it lustful needs to be enjoyed. That sexy naughty heat that rages in ways of truth that demand to be felt .Just as she needs to be touched and pleased by a goddess of night..that lovely vampiress which has come to possess Augusta’s very mind, soul, heart and soon…one day soon her body will come to be shared with her.

Oh, the body of that blue eyes lady of the night. It is beauty in every measure and so sexy that Augusta can hardly without the wanting of it from her mind. Thus, it is dreams and screams. Screaming out as Augusta touches and plays her own finger upon those wet hot lower lips that need to have released within the pleasure or orgasmic high. Oh to have the blue eyes vampiress here to touch, tease and enjoy every measure of the lust and love which is. How she longs to feel that body upon her and to take in the scents of the love which they so easily share. Then to taste the lovely cum, sweat, saliva and blood which is to be shared between them. Oh to be one with the love of her soul and of her life. She so wishes to have the vampires by her side. Having her ‘lady lover’ that creates this heat is such true profound need. To have her heart wrapping within the’ real ‘of how her heart beats are something she no longer wishes to only dream but she must.

With this daydreaming there comes that one last touch of deep hard penetration within her tight sweet vagina. Then in an explosion of lust out rivers that sweet ocean of truths that create that intense deep screaming cry of the release of all the lust. That juicy ’love’ that is to be tasted and drank, thus she takes to devouring it, savoring it and thrilling in the feelings which her lady love give her. Oh, what passion that comes when in the thought of her lover. How Augusta longs to feel this with her lady. Augusta must have her lady of the night children. Yes have it with her lovely sexy blue eyed vampiress who simply is a dreamy.

Her Man

‘Hurt me’ is her wish as the hands mold to her flesh. ‘Hurt me' are her thoughts as his breath comes to rest in the heated embrace of her lips. ‘Hurt me and make it feel like heaven’. Yet he does not dare hurt such a lovely angel for she has stolen his very soul. He does not kneel to anyone but he kneels to her while he is to take a virgin into his possession and give her the wings of mature dominate woman. She is now his soul, his only desire and new submissive. From the moment, he sees her she holds his heart and soul simply by the fact that she breathes. She is his angel that consumes his every thought. She is the virgin seductress who is taking possession of his body, mind, heart, soul and his human will. He now wants to be 'one' with only her. He demands to be only hers, her to be only his and to give to her every dream that she desires. He will be her man and her Dreamweaver.

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