~ Erotica Whispers ~

~ Erotica Whispers ~
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Delaina `s Pleasure

Each step forward toward the bed is fluid within elegant motions, and Delaina’s body is feeling alive in a desire to send away the heat that should be coldness. Yet, the only parts of her that are cold are delicate hands. Human society would say it’s logical for such since it’s to be ‘cold hands warm heart’. But in Delaina’s world, she likes her heart stone cold, her lust blazing blue fire hot and her women dominate submissive. Nonetheless, this is business, and not to be a true personal pleasure. This is the dream, the pleasure dreams of others and Lady Deliana NightWind is the keeper of sexual dreams. Thus, it is a cold heart. Yes, cold heart is what she tends to tell herself so that she may not take to entertaining her own personal pleasures.

Tapping the well-tasseled black riding crop onto her own thigh makes the room filling with a soft muffling beating sound that resonates like wind baffling through draperies. She taps while holding the medium sized crop in her left hand and beat it against her left thigh. This action continues on in its symphony while Deliana walks over to stand immediately behind her prey. She stands there with arms maintaining by her sides and her stance coming as that of towering icon of stern command. It leaves no room for a smile and Deliana takes a deep breathe before then sharing her thoughts.

“Your darkest dream, my dear. Your dirtiest sex wish is to be drawn from you. I need it to fill my soul. I wish to feast on your flesh, to drink of your liquids and spread you out like a golden idol.”

Then reaching out with the crop in her left hand she rests it on the pinnacle of the flesh that sets between the ass cheeks just as the dirty back door of bliss begins its display. Yes, the crack of the ass. It is the dirty sexy naughty hole of tight treats. It is the human sex organ of a truth that tells of how dirty it can be. Not kinky but dirty tight fucking ways of simply allowing an orgasm to build through minor league darker pleasures. It is Delaina’s personal favorite way to be fucked. Fucked while having her clit teased to create the of orgasm. Thus, she begins to nicely slide the shaft of the riding crop through the space that leads to the deeper pleasure of enjoying an ass. She plays the crack of the ass like it’s a violin. Like she is the keeper of a Stradivari violin that has this makeshift bow to be slipping through this chamber of lust to tickle and play out pleasure`s symphony.
“I want this, want it pleased. It is to be done.” With this Deliana reaches forth with her right hand to be entwining those long red tresses in a harsh gripping as she then pulls on them bring that strong feminine back to arch backward. “You need to feel me!” Comes in coldness.

The beauty of viewing the erotic sexual is something that Deliana adores as part of her job. This playing out of sexual pleasures in slow darker intent makes Deliana shiver in the glee of how of much she simply can sense every vibration of the building of lust. She likes lust, she needs lust and her cells within her very skin can feel the deadly sin raising to a point that is exotic energy. It is pure true otherworldly energy that would make even the Master purr in want of it. Thus, the first smile of the evening rests upon those enticing beautiful kissable lips.
It gleams there in an array of a sensual smile as the shaft of the riding crop tickling and plays the crack of Ginger`s ass.it thrusts it until Deliana takes it in sudden removing from giving pleasure. She then brings it to own lips to slowly render forth her wet tongue to tease the shift playfully. This is so she may enjoy the pleasure of the scent and thrill within the subtle taste of her prey. Thus, as her tongue traces a lick over the shaft of the riding wand as she feels a delighted quiver of extreme excitement float in heated vibrations in her body. It sounds out in a shivering sigh of sensual sexy moan ”Ahhhhh mmmm!”

“Ohh, yeah..yeah, I like.” comes in a feathery whispering of desiring this taste. Needing the flavor of that which she can barely taste. Wanting it with all of what is still her soul as the scent that fills her nostrils become like a drug to her. She hasn’t been expecting this pleasure and so she must take a deeper breath within an attempt to shake these new feelings of old things. There is something in the scent, something so familiar. She likes it but its old scent of times when she had love in her life. It is from ancient times, and its erotic to her. It is what she sold to have her life and now it seems to tease her as her hand keeps a steady grip of those long threads of hair and her hand takes the crop to once more feel her lips.

In the next moments, Deliana simply is on automatic she heart races of the flashing in her mind. The automatic involves thoroughly licking the riding crop and sucking it to great it moist. To create the handoff it to me lubricated with saliva. It needs to do so for the shaft of this of the handles end will be enjoying entry into that tight naughty anus. Thus, it is easily coming to bare as truth for Deliana aligns the handle's tip with that ass crack as she then states, ”It is only a little treat, but you won't mind. I have plans… ”

Just then she presses the handle of the riding crop in between those ass cheeks to touch down on that puckered dirty little hole. Then within not wishing to torment too much she swivels the handle to and fro creating slow teasing motions as entry into the ass is obtained. Slow sweet twirling teasing motions to build lust as she takes in the scent of Ginger`s dripping honey. “Oh my, aren’t we a naughty girl. You are a naughty ‘pet’, and so wet too. “

“I do smell the treat. It seems as though you leak my pet. You leak without permission. “States Deliana as she allows the riding crop to settles in stillness in the ass. It settles there in seeming to be a protruding monument to what should be a thrusting within the ass. Yet its stationary as Delaina’s hand comes to slip between Ginger`s thighs so that soon her fingertips are touching the pussy mound and her palm pressing into the wet of the dripping honey that covers pussy lips.

All of the feelings of this simply make Deliana breathe deeper to have her calm almost shaken for she is becoming much more aroused than usual. She is because this ‘pet’ has captured Delaina’s mind. Yes, the pet has for the scent of her skin, the scent of Ginger`s skin is a memory of love and Deliana so wants love again.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wanting You

She looks at her lover with intense lust. She gazes in the ways an alpha lioness looks at her prey just prior to the sudden lunge into the final attack. She licks her luscious peach color lips with a swipe of her wet tongue to then supply the most sensual naughty wink. She does so as she begins unbuttoning those pearly buttons on the front of the summer dress as she then in soft sensual seductive voice tones whispers out,“ I want to give you teasing touches. Deeply teasing touches with fingertips as my lips come ever so close to your treasure. Yes, I wish to be more than close and to be kissing lips within an almost pressing. I need to be playing soft warm breaths on your skin as fingers are teasingly playing. Oh, the play but still it is almost only kissing while gazing into your eyes. Gazing there, seeing and waiting to see.”

In that second the linen color dress falls to the floor to reveal her sumptuous athletic curves of great beauty. Revealing the nude beauty of a woman in arousal within needing hours of wild sensual erotic bliss. That need has her wanting to pounce and force the pleasure but she simply walks over to be almost pressing a whispering lustful kiss to the lips of her lover, as she state. “I want you!”

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