Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Playboy`s Playgirl

She likes it dirty, likes it forced upon her and when it comes unexpectedly she instantly has the honey dripping upon her inner thigh. The sweet treat of womanly cream likes descending as she is pounded hard to the wall, within relentless wanting. This all comes as her clothing is ripping to shreds to expose all nudity the. Thus, this lovemaking is raw, rough and wild with lust and he knows it. He gives what she dreams and he does it every morning as she walks into her bedroom after working the night shift.

When he is done creating the demands of three orgasms he then allows her limp body to fall to the floor in a sliding heap of cum and breathlessness. It is high-speed lust; it is what she requests of him after she leaves that hellhole of a workplace. Then as she sits there staring at him she whispers his name until he crawls to kiss her beautiful lips to then beg her to marry him. Yet, every time she denies him the treasure. Denies him his heart's treasure that is her love. Instead, she conveys the timing of their next lovemaking session and pushes him away in disgust.

He kneels there after the pushing to be staring into her eyes while waiting for her heart to change its ways. He so desperately wants more than lust with her. He wants more than these small minutes that she allows. However, she doesn't allow him to be any closer then filling her with the creamy seeds of lust. He likes that too but really she is all that he has been dreaming of. She is the woman who completes him but he messed up, he did. He messed around with her sister and no one gets her heart if they play with her heart. Or played with her arch enemy. So his punishment is to be pleasing her but never having the love he desperately longs for.

Yet, he is hers, he is her possession that is on a short leash but there is no love from her. Still he works his ass off for her in every way that she deems pleasing and in return she claims these mornings of lust indulgence. So she claims him but doesn’t give and even more so no one may touch until she is ready to forgive. True, it is no that she isn’t ready to forgive and yet she is willing to take all she desires until her soul can handle his traitors crap of playing ‘cock boy’ to the most hated of people, her sister. It is what she needs to him. She needs him to pay the price for somehow she still wants.

It is crazy to even to her but it is a must for she wants even though she takes others. For when she isn’t with him, she is with others. Oh yes, there are others that he must listen to while she pleasures with them. He does this at the foot of her bed, or by simply standing outside the door to hear her enjoying the high orgasmic wonder that is so freely given to any guy and girl. Tonight it will when he comes home from work it will be two men and that has his heart raging in anger but he will endure for he knows that he is meant for her and she is meant to be his.

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