Friday, October 5, 2012

Midnight Hour

In the midnight hour, all she could think of is how his 'rod of lust' has thrust so well within her tight womanly walls of wetness during that four-hour romp between these silken bed sheets. It is maddening how the memory exists and his scent linger all around having her wanting the endless more of pleasure in his manly arms.

Then she whispers out " Come to me, you a sexy slice of sin. I want you. You must be mine again, my lover. I want and will not stand in line to have you. I am coming for you.Hell yes, especially now after those orgasms that you gave me all afternoon."

By two in the morning, Deliena is still in the midst of tossing and turning to try to achieve sleeping. Yet all that she can sense is his lingering touching on her skin as he releases his lust liquids within her inner sanctum. That sensation in her memory has her body aches for him to do it over and over again. That does have her eyes close but all she sees his strong beautiful body against her's as he pounds pleasure into her willing sweat covered curves

However, Quentin Markus isn't thinking of beautiful Deliana, sexy amazing Deliana Nightwind who is the dream of a woman for most men. He has used her as his pleasure to only then move onto his next wish of pleasure. Thus, Deliana has no hope of getting those sensations ever again. It is thus also the truth that Deliana may dream, dream forever of more, and she may scream for more but there will never be such with Quentin Markus again. Why? Well, Delaina did the naughty thing when she met that high of pleasure`s bliss. Oh yes, she did. The naughty sexy brunette did sing out the dreaded "I love you."

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