Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Liberty`s Lady (Part 1)

Justin Liberty is a man of corporate worlds of business but yet his history is of the street struggle within the ways of the warrior. He looks the part of the well-defined gentleman that has it all including the house cars, clothes, and adoring woman. Yet he misses that tying the thread of ‘soul love’ that comes in the ways of mind, soul, body and the lust of exquisite bodies in play. He can assuredly have all the female bodies for a play that he desires, yet there is a lady he wants with all that can be desired. She is the beautiful Deliana Nightwind.

He makes love with her every Thursday night. It begins with a romantic evening of whatever pleasures that he has in mind. It is always a lovely evening of enchanted conversations, naughty innuendo and just about everything possible to be tickling all pleasure senses. It is truly the sharing of intellect, spirits, and the dreaded heart. This is all before they end up in some sweet little place to enjoy erotic rounds of sweet covered playfulness in raw passion.

He likes the romantic, so does Deliana but to be honest she simply likes how he makes her chant his name all night long. The flowers, dinners, enchanting chat and places of interest always please her but seriously she likes his body pleasing hers.

It is currently near dawn on Friday morning and it is easy to see the last of the needs of pleasure being a thrill for them both. Deliana is a vision of ecstasy as she rides out the storm of her need mounts upon his treasure of pleasure. He holds her hip as she settles within the lust that they share. He has seen the light of lustful desire reach its pinnacle within her. It is now that she demands to thrust upon the need to enjoy the wonder of a natural high that is between them in this arena of pleasures. It an arena of bedding of silk and joy with liquids that drip in creamy waves of love.

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