Saturday, October 13, 2012

Touch Me

Touch me, tease me, and let us deeply please me.
Please me, play in sensual ways of pleasure.
Tease in touching as fingers are finding the wetness of me.
Come play fingers here in the heated treasure.

Oh yes, tease in tiny soft circles to please.
Oh yes, more, more, more into the wet.
Play fingertips play in slow soft ease.
Feel, feel my lips swell and the wetter they get.

Feel me, teach me how to sway to the touch.
Tease, roll the finger slowly in pleasure pace.
Make it so hot within being pleased so very much.
That is it make 'it' pulsate to have the heart race.

Touch me, tease me, that is it please me.
Please me, tease me, and deeper in touch.
Touch, with an in and out, as I beg please me!
Touch , tease and please me ever so much!

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