~ Erotica Whispers ~

~ Erotica Whispers ~
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Naughty Daydream

All Deliana could do is dream as she watched the beautiful blond undress in front of her. Deliana knows she may not touch this one.No, no but she wants to. Thus, in her mind come to the dream and the words sounding out in thought' 'Licking the sweet treat of you would heavenly, to taste you and have my tongue flick the sweetness.'A soft low moaning slips her lips as she sees the panties come off and yet more thoughts, it's all she has 'Oh yes, all as you wish for more with my hand gripping your breasts to pinch your nipples.'

Then with a deep breath, Deliana watches the bra unfastening and removal comes that nearly drives her mad as her thoughts quicken. 'I would enjoy playing soft nibbling kisses on the firmness of you yummy ass, as my tongue is buried deep within to be tasting and then me demanding that you enjoy .' Then Deliana can't breathe for the blond comes to stand in from of her as the one-sided chat continues and Deliana`s thoughts run rampant. '... my hands tugging nibbles, playing with them watching them pop and then my open palm brushing the hardened peaks.'