Friday, October 26, 2012

Vikings Invade Britannia

Dark velvet night holds within its cloak an array of twinkling stars that dance in playful roaming over the universe of time-space to have an Autumn Earth day come to a close. It comes to an end to bring the night to ascend upon the lovely sanctuary of two lovers. Two lovers that lay within nudity upon a large canvas hammock that stretches betwixt four massive oak trees as the night surrounds them within the mystical warmth of otherworldly fires. It is beautiful with a Harvest full moon gleaning its beams of nightlight splendor over their beautiful nude human female curves. Two lovers that are eternal mates creating pleasure within a love bound to only them by the stars at the beginnings of existence. These are two souls dancing within a powerful love that are binding in crystalline energy cords of unbreakable love-light. These two are destined as life mates in a need to be eternally bonding together as two souls becoming one whole. This is due to that creation makes them live by the only law that truly has them both feeling whole.

Wholeness within love unbound as two adult females are finding giggles within the touching pleasures of Erin`s Celt`s fingers soothing fragrant herbal oils into the soft silken skin of Arica Nordic. These are the two women forever bound within every lifetime they exist within. There is the brunette beauty of Irish heritage in love with the exquisite platinum blond temptress of gorgeous curves from the lands of the great Vikings. Two women knowing pure love, two souls understanding lust and women knowing of their union to be more than all that can ever be. It is joy; wild beautiful bliss in kisses from both sets of lips and is the ways of their eternal journey. The journey of finding each other, mating, and connecting in any way that can be bringing to them the love that has to exist for them to breathe.

”Breathe, breathe my Arica, breathe only me. Breathe in my kisses that are soon coming to your lips as my fingers intend to find the sweet wetness that has a creamy scent already. Breathe me, breathe in me, breathe in us and be a good girl for me.”

Slowly there is rubbing of the sparkling oil over each and every cell of smooth silken skin that belongs to those beautiful athletic curves. It is soothing in of the erotically scented oil upon skin that has a heart melt at the sight of the nudity on display. Arica is on a private exhibition upon this unique bed with her body so easily bringing lust sweeping the senses while touch arrives to play in an appealing massaging. A massaging of a firm tummy that is part of a goddess woman who is in the midst of giggles as she bites her own luscious lips in anticipation of getting kisses with the tickling that are coming from her soul mate.

“You are all that I know, my baby girl. You are my Erin, my Irish bad girl who teases me with poetry and playful words. You are all mine, so please, please come breathe with me. I need you. Please kiss me…. please let me breathe your kisses, please come and bring your…your.”

Erin gazes into those mesmeric eyes of beautiful angelic blue that dance of lust filled love. She looks there as she the Irish beauty of emerald green eyes leans into almost kiss those upper lips but she chooses to barely blow a kiss. Blowing a naughty teasing breathy kiss as she giggles, “Who me? Me bad? Nah, I am your elf who likes teasing you by licking that chalice between your thighs. Thus, no kisses but we will soon have heavy mutual breathing.”

“You tease!” comes in soft gigging retort. “You tease, you naughty flirt. You are…”

“I am only lil ole me and you do love me. I am in love with all of you, love you with all of me and will do so in any way that I wish. Thusly, I choose to firstly enjoy touching on this night. So you are bad for …for...hmm.” She pauses in thought as she winks into those eyes that send love into hers, as they both know the play of this pleasure is partially in the tease.

“Bad, you are bad. Not I! I want kisses that you don’t give. I am only being a good girl and want what is mine and if you loosen these leather straps then I will show you what kissing can be.”

Arica is looking at the black leather strap that ties her arms spread eagle as her legs are feeling being bound in the same. These hold her back flat to the canvas hammock as Erin kneels above Arica`s head to allow the draping her brunette tresses over Arica`s face. It is draping of these silken threads in a loose array to tickle the skin and to make Arica giggle even more. “You are now teasing me with that sexy scent of the whatever that you place in your hair. Come here and let my fingers fisted it, for I wish to pull you in for a kiss.”

This has Erin break out in full laughter. “You are not going anywhere, young lady. You will need a knife to undo these straps. Plus, I am about fuck you. That is if you behave for a little bit. You are such a bad angel when you want kisses.”

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