Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Dark Arts: Divine Priestess of Lust

He looks at her inquisitively as though he is being shockingly given electricity through all his senses but isn't given permissions to be fully aware that he is experiencing it. Thus restraining but still there comes his puzzlement of a querying, "Is a goddess such as you not to be kneeling to mere mortals such as ‘we’ man?"
Her reply does come swift but within soothingly serene tones as she rises from kneeling prayers, "Do you not intend Terrans of the humanoid variety? "

Then releasing her robe`s sash to allow the revealing of her entire nudity she continues with, "It is you mortal Terrans who create ‘me’ your goddess of the religious sexual. It is not I who lay claim to immortality or deity-hood. It is ‘I’ who set forth new standards worthy of thought and as the result, many humanoids enjoy these set standard to then create a society basing upon those set sexual standards. Thus, there exists the neo-sexual revolution of Earth. The bonus prize is with me being the founder than for some strange logic you Terrans humanoids give status goddess to me. Thus, it is you who has made ‘me` a goddess."

He glares at her and tries his best to not enjoy the nudity but he does. Yet, his response is shooting with disdain for her, "Trivial hogwash."

"Not really sir, for your cock is now worshipping me in the most interesting way." She states making note of his newly arisen hard on. Then she further states, "It would seem you have come to worship me too."

He rapidly covers his groin in trying to do a cover-up that his jeans choose to reveal as a throbbing bulge. His face shines a brilliant cheeky red and his mouth goes strangely dry with no words but a sputtering. He once more looks at her with more hate, and a wish that he wasn’t seeing her. “Get some clothes on a woman.” He demands in a rushed horrified demeanor.

"Your request is denied, honorable leader of the Conservative traditionalists. We are now rendering onto the daily sacred hour of prayer and cleansing. Nudity must always exist when in prayer. According to the new laws set out by our democratically elected government prayer is to not be fettered by material things or idols.“
With that spoken General Chase lets out a long exasperated disgruntlement of, “Holy, holy, holy fuck fuck fuck fuck!”

“We can do that too if you wish General Chase but prayers must exist first.” She states with a cheekiness that is taking his cruel scream into a giggle while adding in the truth that a ‘sacred fucking’ can easily exist.
“I wouldn’t touch your slimy whore body with surgical gloves. Thus, don’t think that I would even dream of fucking you, you slut from hell.” He clearly rifles at her with the precision of a ‘wordsman’ ready for battle. Yet, he has forgotten that his cock betrays him even though his anger builds.

“Clearly sir, you seem to enjoy an occasional whore and possibly a few sluts. For you state this topic so freely and easily, thus, you must be familiar with them. If they come from Hell that is your preference.” She states giving a naughty wink of being subversive of his anger by remaining calm and defiant with twisting his words in slight sweet ways.

“Listen here, bitch...”Comes the start of a renewal of the onslaught against her.

“I am listening, Sir. I even listen to the fact that you have a kinky streak by enjoying surgical gloves as part of the sexual routine of pleasure.” She conveys with interrupting as she snaps her finger to call for empirical temple guards. “I will have some brought to you but in the between time you are to be stripping, and then given a spring water bath. Just so you will thoroughly enjoy being chained to my bedposts for a month while I fuck your comrades that do follow the new order."

“I will not!” comes in angry disobedience of such notions.

“Oh, you prefer to watch me make love to your daughter? It is the alternative punishment to your defiance of the laws. It is a done deal for she really wants in my bed. Thus, you will be chained, gagged for silence and hooded at the foot of my bed.”

Silence comes from him for suddenly he realizes she does have more power than him. She does indeed have it within humanity`s masses, its governments, and its youth wings. She hasn’t wealth, nor been democratically elected to be anything but her words make the religious laws of the human race. Humanity is back from the brink of world war and destruction by succumbing to wiping out the political power of all traditional and new religions. Then the United Nations is replacing it with a moral code that involves sexual pleasure as mandatory. General Charles Chase who is one of ten rebel leader opponents to this knows that this woman and a whole council of philosopher-politicians guide the governance of all of humanity`s new moral standards. Yet, even better knowledge is that his very own adult children worship this woman with total unquestionable obedience. Thus, she has true power even within his inner circle of family.

With that thought, he knows that his only daughter does wish the opportunity to enjoy lovemaking first hand from ‘her goddess’. He also knows that his two sons have no issue turning him in for breaking the law that is the moral sexual code. It is after all why he lost the trail and is standing here in the Temple of Sacred Love.
‘Take him away!” She commands to the four guardsmen who arrive from the nether region of the outer foyer of that is adjoining this semi-private bathing chamber for priestesses of her temple. “Have the virgins bathe him in vanilla waters after stripping him. Then dry him, before binding him to my west wing bedchamber’s bedposts. Have him kneel at the bed`s foot and post guards at every exit.”

As this process is starting she watches him being taken away with his little show of a fight. It is cute for he has no hope of getting free from her grasp. Thus, she calls out, “I would offer my bathing pool but somehow it's needing more of a feminine presence that is more of a stable relationship in my life.”

It takes no time for General Chase to vanish from the sight. With that Juliana Amor strolls over to the round marble hot tub that is sunken in the wooden floor in this the Prime Bathing Chamber of Priestess. She descends the tiny steps allowing her nudity to slowly be encompassed by warm rose scented waters. As she plants her naughty Lil ass on the far seat that faces the entrance to the chamber a beautiful vision blond female enters the same chamber. As she slowly walks across the wooden floor to stand in front of the whirlpool sacred tub she smiles to then release the silken robe to fall from her curves of female divinity. “Business is done my baby girl. It is time to enjoy our oneness."

“Yes, my Rayne, it is for I have missed my wife.“ Arrives in soft tones of blissfulness as Juliana stretches forth her left hand to be in Rayne’s possession.

With entwining fingers within the mutual grip Rayne retorts,“Are we still making our engagement announcement on Sunday eve?“

“Yes. My beloved. Why do you ask?” is the quick questioning for she suddenly wonders if Rayne trusts her fidelity. “Because moments ago you made statements that you are bedding Miranda Chase as punishment for her father. If you have sex with her after our announcement then it makes our relationship appear weak and me looking like another follower. I am not another follower of a religion that doesn’t exist. But, I am your only lover. The only one and I am also your high priestess.” With this Rayne is sitting sweetly in comfy pose next to Juliana in the watery world of the hot tub.

There is a full laugh as Juliana states, “Worry not. It is a stratagem to make Chase feel the dread of what I suggested as punishment for his crimes. He will hear much lovemaking coming from that bed, and won't be seeing it for it won`t involve me or his daughter.”

“Oh?" Response Rayne as she leans over to kiss her girlfriend`s upper lips?

“I cannot enforce such true torture upon a man who still mourns the loss of his wife. That is no matter how long ago she died."

“How do you now these facts?” quizzes Rayne leaning backward and taking to enjoy the soothing waters.
Juliana looks over toward Rayne to brush a finger across Rayne`s chin and then down through the valley of those plump beautiful perky mounds of womanly flesh. “Chase would not defend himself by giving testimony. Everyone thought it is due to his children placing charges but it isn’t. I knew it then too. For he continuously played with his defunct wedding ring and refused to discuss his former marriage with anyone. Or so that is what I thought until his lawyer slept with a friend of mine. The lawyer said Chase still feels married to his dead wife and will until the day he too dies. This is why he breaks the law by not joining in the new standards. He still feels married under old government laws. Yet, he won`t say it for he knows it means nothing under new laws when a spouse is deceased.”

Juliana stares at her beautiful lover that is Rayne Masterson, as Rayne has her mesmeric blue eyes closing while she thrills in the relaxing sensations that sweep her senses. “Nice romantic sentiments for a rebel leader and a man who wants you dead.”

"Thus, there must be no punishment but still it is a reprimand that keeps with the laws. For during the events of the month Chase is under the impression he is being punished and it’s a torture for him."

“You are sly, goddess.” Retorts Rayne shifting to help Juliana`s hand to wander farther down over Rayne`s body to run over the firmness of Rayne’s tummy to then find touchdown on moist perky pussy lips. This gives a new breathing pattern for Rayne who deeply wishes for pleasure sharing and no more temple business.

“Maybe, but in the end, when he is told the truth then maybe he feels that he owes me a favor.” Logic all sums up Juliana as she begins to dance her fingertips upon those wet perky pussy lips to tease them into wanting deeper pleasures that will soon come from Juliana`s fingers.

"That is naughty …of you …to break the laws …of…what you aided …installation of.” Is spoken in stammers as Juliana gets powerful busy in teasing those lower lips into greater arousal.

“No, the ‘law of the heart ‘out ways lust every time. Now be a good girl and let me finger fuck you into a climax before I then take you to our bed for lovemaking.”

That, therefore, is the end of chat and the beginnings to serious full throttle pleasure. It is relentless desire by Juliana to drive out that sweetness, and to force those vaginal muscles of Rayne to be tighter and hotter. She wants her lady screaming out that sweet serenade that is sharing every time they make love. It matters not if it’s a quickie in the hot tub or fulls out hours of sexual congress in their bed. There is an unfettered need to please Rayne.

“Julie, Julie...more...there...harder…deeper...fuck me…make me cum. Make me feel you. Love it...tease me…please...please…”As the powerful thunder of those three fingers pull out the treat that is more sacred to Juliana than all the laws of the universe.

Suddenly there is instant peace as Rayne pours out her creamy treat in squirting to then simultaneously be relenting to sharing a scream of sexiness. The water is splashing wildly as Juliana seizes upper lips in kissing the cream off.

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