Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dream Inc

“Your soul is mine, you are mine and you will kneel before me ‘my pet’, you are my prize. You will pay this price that I ask. Pay the price for having dared break the contract that has been betwixt we two.“ He states cracking the whip to snap the floor beside where her right knee is as she kneels in obedience to all that he wishes.

Deliana simply lowers her head in submission to Robert`s will. She is a strong dominant woman, a spirited fighter of all that is justice, and a powerful woman in all her quarters. True this is Deliana Nightwind. Yet, on this night, there is not daring to look up. There is no fight coming from within her. There is no protest and definitely not an ounce of fearlessness. For fear, she is succumbing to. She does so in the cause for the lovely Rayne. Deliana on this night kneels so that Rayne is to not be feeling this man's filthy touch so that Rayne is not knowing this brute`s ways. No, Rayne is not to be given to him, as Robert is demanding of Deliana. Thus, in turn, Deliana once more succumbs to this man`s ownership like she once did before winning her freedom from him. She relents to him by giving him her very mortal soul so that Rayne is to be his forever.

It is extremely truthful that Deliana trades her everything so that Rayne does not even know of the wager that is to be. Yet, Robert still wants Rayne to be another one of his BDSM stable play pets. Thusly, he roars out in commanding “Give her to me, I own you, and thus by rights I own her. You do own her, do you not Deliana?”

“I do not, my lord Robert. No, it has not been an acquisition.” Comes an inaudible replying of secret lies, while Deliana still holds pride of a position of the power that is no longer existing. She knows she is now nothing and holds not the office of power in the organization that she once held before Robert becoming an owner.

This lack of acquiring is not news to Robert. Neither are the prideful tones and attitude from his new ‘submissive’. It, in fact, it is very much why he has come to the city. Robert has come to make it certain that Deliana understands that her unlawful acts of falling in love cannot exist. Those acts of love may not and neither may her thinking that she is an employee only, for she is much less than a mere employee of a company. Deliana in fact now is less than street scum. She is to do only as Robert commands and she will be a servant in every sense of servitude for the rest of her life.

Robert`s brother hired Deliana seven years but now Robert is the Chairman of the company and thus rules change. Rules change with Richter Masters no longer being Delaina’s boss and he has no means to save her. For it is the truth that Richter lost control of the secretive business of sexual dream supplying. He has done it by losing a bet with younger brother Robert. He lost it and has mislaid Deliana too, even though he freed her nearly seven years ago from being in servitude to this tyrant of a BDSM Dom that is the twin of Richter Masters. Oh yes, twin but it can be sure that it is twin sibling only in physical appearance for Richter is a savior and love-light, unlike Robert.

A beautiful savior of the women is Richter for he saves women that Robert enslaves as sexual servants in Robert`s underground stable of pleasure houses. These are three places of housing that Richter abhors for the woman may as well be true whores of prostitution residences. The women very well could be such but they aren’t kept through drugs or force. Each woman succumbs to Robert willingly and he is keeping each one by always having the woman sign legal contracts to be with him for various time limits. In return, he keeps his portions of the agreement by the housing, feeding, and caring for everything each requires. As his reward, the women do anything that he desires of them during the submission time period. They do it and neither side of the contract is ever legally bound to any portion of anything that does happen once the contract ends. This is because the contract is clear in all details of that it`s involving true ownership and succumbing to Robert`s every whim, including rape and every sexual defiant act that can be dreamed of.

So why do any of them need saving? It so happens that Robert is the best liar and manipulator in any business. He breaks the contract`s rules, doesn’t always treat the women as he claims he will and even has committed a murder seven years ago. So how does he break the rules? He breaks them just enough to make him be a bad Master, yet Robert has his ways of covering it all in lies and deception so that the women remain his within enslavement. Thus, it most definitely is mind games, and tinges of fear. For quite often he threatens them with doing harm to others of the stable that these women care about or even threaten their true family members.

It is this very last fact that is why Deliana even has anything to do with Robert. She seven years ago during Christmas holidays decided to enjoy a Lil dabbling into being entertained by visiting a Robert House known as the Bin of Sin. She is there due to wishing to see first hand this so-called paradise of pleasure in BDSM that is a microsystem of sexual kink designed to be ‘new wave’ experiment. It is an experiment to introduce the general public to the world of kink on a new level. Yes, an experiment that greatly backfired but still it functions to this very day as a BDSM stable for true kink practitioners.

Indeed, Deliana is such a person that enjoys BDSM sexual kink but when she enjoys her short Christmas vacation there as a guest Dominate Deliana finds that one of the women being a submissive there is a friend from her non-kink past. A friend that is deeply special. For the woman is a former lover of hers and Deliana still is holding feelings for her. Feelings of the true love kind and so Deliana takes to wishing to free Aura. She seeks it in every way since the delicate little twenty years old that is Aura Tennyson needs a release from her contract in the most desperate ways. Release due to that Aura is semi-regularly beaten to near death and is slowly being starved into total weakness due to consistent defiant behavior toward Robert. This reality for Aura turns Delaina’s stomach even though Deliana is greatly familiar with almost every rule in concern to the bond between Master-Dom and slave-submissive. Thus, understands what is going and shouldn’t interfere but she does. So Deliana bargains to own Aura but it comes at the cost of nothing other than Deliana taking Aura`s place for the remainder of the three years of the contract. A contract that is in it`s in its last four months of service.

“You remember that I own your ass and you must complete things. Plus I now will own you as long as I own this company. Thus, you will be sucking my cock daily as you once did and will do all services that I deem you to do. There is no more dream giving you.”

“She will do no such thing, Richter Masters!” Comes in stern command from a pint-sized woman of golden years that holds curves of petite size and silver shimmering tresses that gleam of a woman well cared for in life.

With this there instantly is the alpha male dominant dropping the whip from his grip for he is in a state of shock from hearing the one voice that is fear for him. Then stammers out, “Mmmmm yummy.”

“Yes, it is a boy! Stand straight and stop dropping you play things, child of mine.” Is declared in sternness.

“Yes, mummy dearest.” He states while bending too quickly collect the whip.

“Now, help the woman up from begging for her soul and give her a comfortable chair. Do so immediately, for she isn’t yours to control. Then provide me with one as well, child of mine. Do make haste, or the inheritance and my company will no longer be employing you.“ she gazes at Deliana as Richter does as he has been commanded to. She watches her and then states. “A fine specimen indeed. You will look good in my company as its director. I have heard wonderful things in concern to you, Ms. Nightwind.”

“Your company, Mummy?” questions Richter who is now standing to the side of his matriarch of a mother and he is looking extremely fearful of this seeming tyrant of a woman.

“Yes, mine. I heard what you have been doing with my monies and where that money comes from that you buy me gifts. I heard of it before the card game between you and Robert. I didn’t believe the stories and reports on your secretive personal businesses. But I do now after watching and listening. I do and you will leave this woman alone and all the women in your care are now released. Each one is brought out as mine. “

“Bu….but mummy. That is mine.“ Comes in defiance with great fear ringing in his tone. He knows who and what. He has always known and he will and has always obeyed her for he has nothing without her.

“Richter Masters, it is my monies that purchase them and you are fortunate that I supply you anything. You will receive a hundred dollars per slave and will not question it. If you do then the heritance will be denied you. ‘”She then sets down upon the seat to look Deliana in the eyes. ”I have heard that have a lover that is not permitted under the guidelines of your former contract with Robert. Is this truth, my dear?”

“Yes, my Mistress. It is.” humbly states Deliana to her new Domme.

“Robert has stated that you are aware that such isn’t defined as proper in concern to your position as Director of the Dream Inc. “

“Yes, my Mistress. It is not permitted.” Quietly answers Deliana hoping that the punishments forthcoming are not too harsh. But she knows they might be.

“Hmm, thus you are to be punished according to his codes within the company that is in his ownership.”

“Yes, I understand, my Mistress.” arrives in a noting that she knows the rules and punishments of rule-breaking her contract with Robert.

“That is a strict law, young woman. It is one that leaves you destitute and on the streets. ” Sternly states the woman reaching for the whip that is within Richter’s hand. He easily allows it was taken and she takes it in her own hands to a play it there in a caressing as though she prepares to use it.

“Yes, my Mistress. Punishment it is.” Soulfully accepts the idea of her needing discipline as a submissive is when under the control of a Dominant and that this chastisement will be coming soon.

“I was in love with a beautiful woman once. She was delightful, kinky and made me orgasm as though I was a fire hydrant. I loved her. Loved her when and while still married to this hooligan’s father. Thus, I too broke rules for love.” She states looking at Richter in total disgust “Hmm…yes, yes.”

Deliana sets there surprised of such but she has heard stranger things. Yet she says nothing while this daunting woman twists the whip her palms. Then in sudden strangeness, the matriarch places the whip in Delaina`s hands. ‘You know, Robert hasn’t owned the Dreams company for a while. He hasn’t owned you for over three months. No one for has owned you. For in your contract, it is stated that if the company is sold to an internal shareholder then your contract must be rewritten or you are a free human.’

“I am!” Comes in a shocking declaration from Deliana.

“Yes, I am the only other shareholder of this company. Robert was majority holder until I purchased another thirty percent prior to days prior to your meeting Ms. Rayne. You worked for me because you did, and it seems there has been a small oversight about a memo not being sent to you. Please do forgive that, Ms. Nightwind.” Requests the now seemingly less formidable elderly woman.

“Oh, oh, okay,” Deliana responds in shock. She feels so because she hasn’t been totally free for near eight years. And never expected to be.

“Yes, now do take three months off from work. Please do plan a lovely grand wedding for me to attend. Richter will be paying for it. Send all receipts to my desk here at Dream Inc. I will have him collect monies to deal with things. Keep the whip, it will look good on the wall of your office as chairwoman of my companies here in this city.

“What, my Mistress?” comes in even more shock.

“Promotion!’ Then looking at the door as Rayne enters into a standoff in the distance.” I can’t replace Aura and will not send my son to prison. All that you wish is yours, within reason. No more servitude to this family.’

Then there is silence as Rayne walks over to kiss Delaina’s cheek and whisper, “We had to save you.’

With this, the elderly grand dame readies to depart the premises buts he further declares “Ms., Rayne is to be your mate at dinner every first day of each month at my house here in the city. Please, do feel free to bring me a rose each session. I do so enjoy the petals.”

“Yes ma’am, yes boss. Thank you, thank you from my soul.”

“Yes, my dear. Now, don’t behave when I take my leave. I will be taking Richter with me and so you will have privacy in your new office.” With all that is spoken it is to be of existence and Deliana finally has what she has dreamed of during all her career at this seemingly naughty heaven where dreams are created.

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