Monday, December 24, 2012

Candy Girl

My ‘candy girl’ is sweet within all her sexy. Her platinum blond threads of hair are feathering out in beautiful array creating tickling on my tummy as she kisses my lips. My lower lips as these are longing to feel her teasing. Oh, do tease those womanly lips into bliss. Play your soft upper lips in vibration over the skin until my clit quakes into being fully hard. It is stiff, wet and hot within need as your tongue slips straight up the center of those folds creating intense gaspings to slip upper lips I sing out a symphony of moaning cries.

Her hands move artfully over my taut tummy to my strong hips to be pressing and pushing my pussy to her lips as my own forms cum. Sweet cum that needs to be more. More of the sweet treat of cream that she so easily creates to flow from deep within my heated canal of lust. Her lips are moving in slow sensual tease as her tongue whips along to heat my desire to feed her my juices.

Deep and even more within my naughty pussy to tickle the flesh of wet that grows hotter within tightness. Every cell is pulsating of the sensations that tingle into an erotic euphoria. Every pleasure of me is succumbing to knowing that cream is building into wishing release as each contraction comes compounded. One on top of the other, then growing in need the tease simply flows out in of my lover. Flowing into intense throttling by her tongue and fingers within my taut naughty treat. She has a need to press in deeper, and deeper still to make my moaning cries turn to scream of intense pleasure.

Then in soft playful motions, her hands push my pussy lips more into her to momentarily take her own breath as she devours my lower lips. In doing so she encompasses them fully to bury her tongue within them in teasing my canal as her thumb tickles my clit. Just then as my squirming and rocking into the pleasure gets to its true high she stops to then breath on my moist lower lips. In doing so the feathery wisp of cooler air on my clit brings forth the raging squirting shower of my hot cum is releasing upon her nude breasts that lay on display between my thighs.

Oh yes, indeed she is my candy girl. She likes my sweet treat. She likes licking it, enjoys teasing it with the moist tip of her firm tongue and she loves to make sure she tastes the creamy center. The candy girl makes me be her sweet treat, and I am her candy. It is yummy, especially our delicious cum filled kisses that arrive after her teasing my sweet treat.

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