Thursday, December 27, 2012

Domme`s Desire (Pleasure`s Pen)

"My heart in your hands, will you love me?" She solidly inquiries while looking into his dark eyes as she searches for his reply to the fact that he has been flirting with her all evening. "You said to sleep with me and see if you have a heart. Yet, I wonder if you are capable of having my heart in your hands."

He instantly chuckles as he plays a fingertip in caress under the chin to bring her eyes sharply more focusing unto his own. ”Oh, sexy Lil speed demon, I am not looking for your love. I only wish to test drive you for the night.”

She knows that he isn’t seeking her heart but she wishes all the cards on the table for this Lil race around the track of lust. She prefers lust to love. It is less complex and more interesting in creamy ways. This she does smile of as she thinks of it. She deeply enjoys cream. She adores devouring her own and possibly will enjoy his. So next steps for them can and may move along faster but still a bit more tease doesn’t hurt to juice up things. So she leans forward whips her tongue across his lips and sassily states “This ride is too wild for an old broken Chevy like you.”

As that comes speedily to his ears it rests there uneasily bringing a grimace but it swiftly is being given chase by a loud chuckle that is full of amusement. “I wouldn’t call you a Ferrari honey, but you are worth allowing a ride and worth riding. “

With that, she lets it settle into her sense but it takes less than a minute to become uncomfortable. Thus, she instantly takes to standing her full five foot three height. She looks down at him with a cold glare to then reply. ‘Then fare thee well. I have additional interests other than a broken old Chevy of a man.”

“Temperamental little tart, you are beautiful.” He shoots back as she walks away. He watches her for she doesn’t stop while she does, however, choose to toss those long blond tresses over those femininely string bare shoulders to show defiance within ignoring. That has him continue with, “You need taming. I can do it or you may find an easy fuck somewhere in the wannabe studs that await you here at the party.”

She crosses the threshold of the archway leading into the living room where the sex party is winding down. She walks in as the hostess states Arabella it's your turn to choose from the chest. Pick a key darling then take your playmate down to the dungeon for your play time. You won the right to the central dungeon.

“Yes, Lucy. I know whom that I want as my playmate in your best dungeon too.” Response Arabella within smiling as she instantly is reaching into the wooden chest to feel her fingers over the keys. Feeling each metallic house key until she feels an engraved ‘A’ prominently guiding her to what she wants. Then she instantly lays her those blue eyes upon the cute brunette who stands against the pillar post of the archway.

Arabella pulls the key out to then pass it to Lucy as Arabella immediately begins making strides to possess her wife. In doing so Lucy reads the little white tag attaching to it. “Emily Regency is to be Arabella’s ‘submissive’ for the weekend in my prime dungeon. "

The group of twenty or so BDSM practitioners watches as Arabella walks over to Emily. Upon coming in close she leans into almost kiss Emily’s lips, yet she whispers. ”None other may have you or me. I won't allow it.” Then she plays a loving kiss to her girl`s lips.

With all members watching Arabella turns to the crowd to declare, “We have a busy weekend. Those of you wishing to watch the play may but there will be no sharing. I possess this woman.“

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