Saturday, December 28, 2013

More, Please, Please More.

Jordan turns the shower off before wrapping an extra large terry cloth towel and all before he grabs another one to start in on drying his short thick black hair that has a slight wavy within its lengths. He walks out into the large open spaced bedroom where his girlfriend is sitting on the bed. She is a beauty of brunette tresses that has emerald green eyes that dance of happiness and curves that simply entice within everyday ways. "So we have the house to ourselves for the whole weekend. No roommates and no one visiting me." He leans over the bed to whisper in Rayne`s ear. "I don't think we've been alone for such a big amount of time in a long time."

He next walks around to the front of the bed to sit down. As he sits down there he adjusts his towel as he pulls Rayne`s feet into his lap in order to begin massaging his tired feet from her long workday. "So what on the agenda for Friday night, beautiful? Order in and watch a movie? Go out to someplace fancy? Chill in the hot tub?" He smiles this as he thinks of getting to spend any amount of alone time with a girlfriend of four months.

Rayne likes that after such a long week that the boyfriend is ready for the weekend and is resting beside her in only a towel to tease her into wanting to be within his arms. She likes how he glances over at her to share that naughty glint in his dark eyes as he settles more into sitting next her. It drives her wild with needing to touch, yet only her feet do. Looking at him she gives a primal growl while looking into those eyes. “No out, it`s home and I want my treat. May have my treat before dinner?” She states purring in that sexy naughty tone of wanting to devour him and lick off the sauce from his cock after sucking him into release.

He grabs her ankles to pull her closer so that her firm ass touches the side of his leg and that sends electric thrills through her body making nipples harder and her lower lips swimming in wetness. "I don't know, sweetie." Arrives a tease within a grin that sexy sin. After which he begins moving his hands up to caress her soft form thighs to then continue onward to rub that long lithe sexy body that is heating up rather fast.

"I can make us some delicious dinner. Maybe we could have some pasta. I've always wanted to eat noodles off a nude body." He winks as he once more moves his open palm in teasing touch up over her thighs to then reach around grabbing her tight ass. "I'll let you have your treat, but you're a little "overdressed" for it and you will need to purr real nice to get dinner." After which he moves the towel aside to reveal his nude lower body with that towering hardened cock as he sits there alongside her while staring down as he is almost mentally begging her to get undressed and to ride his length.

Rayne grins into giggling before swinging my long shapely legs off the top of him and onto the floor before then standing her full height in front of him. Gazing down from her five foot seven being she tosses a sassy glance his way to next wink within blowing toward him a playful kiss. ”Well, maybe you will like these for dinner.” She state to then slowly release each button of her silk dress blouse to have it fall open for his viewing pleasure while she then is taking the time to caress those full firm D sized breasts that lay within the lacy red bra.

Jordan licks his lips in anticipation of getting a taste and it is the last thing that Rayne sees as she is turning around before bending over and swatting her own ass that is clad in a short skirt and panties. The snap is a sexy beautiful sound that excited them both with Jordan giving a whoop as Rayne purrs, “It is waiting for you with my pussy hot with needing his manly treat to fill it.“

Jordan comes to his knees on the floor behind her to worshipfully kiss both ass cheeks to then whip a finger straight up the valley of Rayne’s ass. He then leaned into tunnel his form tongue between those firm mounds of cheeks as his right-hand swings back to prepare. It is prep as he next sits straighter to instantly swing his open palm fully flat in snapping on Rayne`s nude right ass cheek. “Naughty pet, beg daddy for it. Come on beg for it, my Lil slut. You best show me how much you want it.”

Rayne laughs of it as she coolly states, “Daddy dearest, you seem to be the one begging for more.”

Jordan looks over at her before grabbing her by the hips pulling her along with him as he sits his ass back on the edge of the bed where he then lays Rayne over his knee. She gasps of the change of pace to state in protest, “Please, please may I have my treat?”

He on the other hand suddenly swings his open palm in cracking swatting on both of Rayne`s nude ass cheeks creating a yelping scream coming from Rayne. It all joins in with Jordan chuckling of, “Yes, and I know you wanted that treat the most.” Rayne gasps of it trying to calm the stinging heat into a pleasure of sweet tingles as she reaches back to touch her own ass. “More, please, please more.”

Sunday, December 15, 2013

1st Orgasm

It would give the woman of brunette tresses unlimited pleasure to have the woman of golden mane come to sit on her lap on the bed that is of four large ornate wooden pillars To sit there nude within her curves of great feminine beauty, to simply sit there within all their nudity. To have the blonde beauty place her backside against the brunette`s front, a strong beautiful chest holding large round orbs of womanly breasts and to have the pleasure create an arousal into a heated need for touching so much more.

The blonde gorgeous muscular backside playing in a tender caress to heighten the need to touch and yet only a simplistic kiss comes to tenderly upon lips of the blond woman as she turns to gaze into Irish green eyes. A kiss to play upon lips until they are both breathless and still devouring each other`s breaths within wishing for more.

Then as the heat comes more between them it has hands entwining to hold each other. Then the brunette begins to give a long slow whipping lick of her lover`s spine as the blond leans forward to allow the teasing that is truly her most intense pleasure. With a soft purring moan, she then returns to sit straight permitting slow sensual kissing to the nape of her neck by the brunette.In doing so there is a feeling of the blonde`s breasts within cupping them in a firm grip with both hands until it is a temptation to have fingers enjoying hardened nipples. It is feeling, caressing, tugging and building into towers of peeked pleasure mounds to create a moaning sensual symphony as the blond leans hard against the brunette in enjoying the erotic bliss of the sensations that swarm them both.

As ecstasy in feelings comes sweeping in to have them both tremble of the ways their energy is in union there arrives a whispering of “I love you.” That brings a left hand smoothing down over the blonde`s tummy as they push into pressing more together to have them lean backwards in relaxing against the bed`s headboard. The blonde’s thighs naturally open for the incoming treat of receiving more touch. It is then long lovely legs straddling another set of legs to open up as knees become seeming like towering mountains to provide a chamber of divine sexual pleasure sharing. It is firm beautiful thighs wide and a left hand going down, down, down over soft smooth skin of a tummy until finger tips come to tenderly tickle lower lips.

A gasp comes from both women when the brunette is finding those moist hot lower lips. Finding them to be giving a playful soothing touching to create an intensity of breathing, and breathing as one. Union as their bodies squirms, move in sensual ways while they build the need to rush into a deep sweet stroking of two fingers gliding through wet pussy lips. Building, heating it, making them tighter as the fingers thrust through and feels the sloppy wet so inviting. Deeply inviting until it is making into a relaxing with kiss to that doesn’t truly calm anything but the breathing is now one within raw primal kisses exchanging between them as the first orgasm of the afternoon is set free.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Christmas Pet

The note comes to the table wrapping in a red silk lace strand that radiates a richness of male cologne that simply is spicy brilliance in every degree. It is classy lace ribbon that is embracing the white elegant handcrafted envelope that is crisply clean in an ever measure. It is obvious that there is time taken to create it, it easily shows and the wafting aroma simply talks about the sweet mystery that belongs to a man who intends to enchant. It indeed does and he now begins to weave is a spell of seduction until his goals are meeting her smiles.

‘Uhm” she ponders of this as the waiter departs the table. She begins to quarry of who sends it but she hesitates for the waiter is swiftly busy with other tasks. This allows her the choice of either waiting or opening it. Or she could slip the note into her purse. However, she is here tonight alone to as pre-Christmas treat to allow the stress to leave her life. It is the truth that she enjoys spending this day of December twenty-third alone like this. She does it every year with a fine dinner and then a long ride to her country house but tonight the usual routine is feeling lonely for the first time in years.

With that thought, she gazes out the snow covered window that is next to her dining table in this upscale restaurant. In peering out through the darkened glass and first her still-girlish looking eyes of emerald green peer back her with no smile upon her lips as her wavy brunette tresses perfectly frame her youthful looking features in a display of what most consider a true natural artwork. Aurora is beauty indeed at forty-four, a treasure of a woman and yet alone during this holiday season as she awaits dessert of Christmas pudding and her final glass of white wine.

“Oh, my, Aurora! You are looking your age,” she whispers to herself. She criticizes of herself so she chooses to reach for the almost empty glass of wine that rests in front of her. In doing so she hears memories floating in the mind of her father saying ’Marry young; don’t wait till you're forty. Old and worn is not what a man wants.’ This brings her to spritely whisper into the glass that she holds “Daddy, I am more sexy and capable than most women half my age and if you were…oh!” then she stops within a gasping for she does truly miss him, especially this time of year. Before his death, he exists as the type of man who gives his only daughter a dozen red and white roses for a gift on this day. Yet, the past four years there is none and only his absence within her life prevails. Her thoughts quake of that ‘men’ and then thoughts of his need to spoil her. Looking down at the note she continues with ‘Yes men.’

Then turning thought into whispers she states, “There have been many but these past few years I have want of none.”

So she figures the note is simply another invite to something that some man wants to her. She has been receiving Lil treasure notes for a month. She is getting one every evening before she leaves work with each one similar to this one, each one with a piece of poetry upon it. Hand wrote unique poetics that are neither romantic nor usual, yet they tend to leave her wondering why such is coming to her. It has surprised her to not to get this note at the office earlier in the. It does and she simply figures that whoever it is lost interest due to no replies in return. She gives none for any address or clues come from whom it is. So with all that in mind, she now wonders ‘how on Earth does anyone know I am here tonight? No one could unless that person quizzes my personal secretary’. Which she can`t easily see happening. But Aurora figures the notes existing at all are odd and so this one showing up here is not usual. Or is it?

The dessert comes .it slowly eaten. She thoroughly enjoys the treat and last glass of wine knowing that she will head home and sleep before morning departure to the country house. Upon completion of dinner, the waiter drops by to state that the dinner is in the house and that she is to wished holidays blessings. It is all a very nice evening as she stands to place her purse in her hand to prepare to head out of the restaurant and home. Then within that softness of what feels like a quaint beginning to Christmas holy days there comes from behind her the sounding of a deeply baritone voice of a very familiar man. “I knew that you would be here. I sort of planned it but the only part that is planned is this, it is of you, you kissing me.”

Then there is a sudden clicking ratcheting of a metal cuffs binding her wrist she looks at him in shock. Then he states, “Come, you are sharing Christmas with me, with these cuffs and a bed bigger than any of your sexual dreams. You are mine, I am tired of waiting for the woman that I love.”

She looks up in shock while she begins to speak, but his firm massive hand instantly covers her mouth to muffle all sounds. She is breathless, but he is not as his strong male arms pull her body hard against his firm well-built male body. “Mine, You gave me dates, you gave me heartbreak and said one day maybe we could be more. That day is today.”

As he said that his hand slips from her lips allowing her to speak “Shane! Why and how?”

“You left me twenty-five years because your father called me scoundrel who wants money and power. I do want it but I want you too, yet I don’t need anything but you. Not anymore I don’t. I have all the power with being CEO of Keeling Industries. Yes, the very company that your corporation is doing business with this month. I do come to you to woo you. I have your corporation wooing my company into doing business. Then in doing so I fully intend to seduce you into marrying me and getting those kisses that I the note says that I am getting tonight.”

Will if that isn't enough to be a wild night before Christmas holidays then the fact that in a breath he plants a kiss on her lips. Lips that are about to speak but it is to be endless kisses too. Oh yes, lovely kisses of many pleasures and measures with more sets of cuffs, a bit of bondage on a hotel bed and Aurora wearing a submissive collar. Oh yes, she eventually wears a nice little black leather piece of the collar with a smile as the two make way into hours of sexual deviant pleasures. Then in the morning, it is off to enjoy a week of holiday at her country house. However even as they both make steps to depart the restaurant they both know that they both will need a week to simply get reacquainted but Aurora thinks that she may need a month to enjoy him in the ways that she has dreams of him. Years of dreams and no he comes, he comes and it is her Christmas treat. He is the man that all others are gauged against and he is the now hers again. He is Shane the man of kinky love and cuff. And as she stands there with him ‘She says ‘Yes you will marry me on Christmas day, next year. That is right after we work on a year of creating several smiles for my lower lips and a collar to match all that ownership between us.”

With that, she looks into his eyes saying, ”Sir, may I please kiss you?”

With his smile gleaming of love and joy he leans down to almost be kissing her. “Yes, my pet.”

Friday, November 29, 2013

Ice`s Ecstasy

The cold chill of her icy touch finger plays on the warm skin to create blazing trails of shivers that radiate out into the world as these create soft moaning hums. It is a beautiful symphony that empowers the soul into waiting to embrace her as a smile crisp her beautiful lips before she comes to devour you within her cold heartless love. She is, that which is beauty within the icy wonders of cold seduction, but she easily births endless heat when seducing her prey. She is the queen of all that lusty myth, she is the temptress in night`s breath of empty chills and thrills that last only but a night. She is emotionless seduction, kinky sexual treats at its finest and it all comes wrapping with not love in it. She is ice baby, arctic heat and a goddess that simply devours lovers at glance. Within it all, she now hunts you wants you and you will be left in panting begging wanton lust of more of her touch. She is the woman of ‘hot damn fuck me’ ways and has no issue with using you for her sexual pleasure. Using, abusing and then stirring you into purring as she sets her eyes upon another as her next victim.

(( Ode To The Ice Goddess ))

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Teased Of You

Every essence of her is simmering in the wake of his touch streaming lines upon her spine. It is wild in feelings making her skin hotter within each attempt to not squirm. She must not for he is telling her to not move. Not moving one inch or even to be taking a breath deeper than a simple exchange of daily air. She is to enjoy this, but it has limits of enjoyment. Yet, those fingertips trace in designs of pleasure that she can barely hold from withering over and would almost be succumbing to. Yet, she cannot give into him or she is not going to have the pleasure of her girlfriend. She must withhold her need of giving him anything of her pleasure sensations for he is the one man who is to watch the two beautiful women enjoy the lovemaking that is dreamy.

He is the owner of this sacred sanctuary of two secret lovers. She comes here, her lover is to come here too but he is here with her. He is here; he is paying them the price of watching them by allowing them weekends at his cottage. He agrees to this, if only he may watch them for one hour as they enjoy the entwining of their lust. Then, then he always permits them what they deserve and that is their need of being alone together. It is their togetherness within a desire of sharing lovemaking in the secret getaway where they only ever may be together.

Yet, he touches today while saying, “She is two hours late. Maybe you will not get to kiss her this weekend.” And that has the woman of brunette tresses suddenly have every cell in that fine sensual body stiffens. She is paralyzed by the thought of not getting to have her lover in her arms. ‘Oh no!’ screams in her mind but somehow she is unmoving within a pseudo stillness. Yet, she doesn’t wish to be, for she wants to rise to watch out the windows for the woman that she must have during these meetings, but she knows the rules. It is good that she does for at that moment there is a sudden sounding out of. ‘’You tease her too much. You both know that I will come. I must for I need my pipsqueak.”

Thursday, November 21, 2013

~ Sacred Kisses ~

She prefers to give the first kiss to a lady`s open palm this is so to declare that chivalry is alive within its ever present and powerful seduction as it that lays in historic customs. Then when gazing up into those eyes that are windows to a soul she rises up to slowly lean into play a tender kiss to the damsel's forehead. She does that for within her she believes that the intellect of a woman is the sexiest thing that a woman possesses. Then it`s a sweet teasing peck of a kiss on the lady's nose before trailing a nibbling kiss to each of those beautiful facial cheeks. It is exquisitely sensual as she slowly travels to lay kisses upward upon the delicate curve of a long soft neck until it`s a kiss of tenderness within lusty anticipation of more than kisses. The kisses come to that little place below the ear as she whispers of the woman`s beauty. Next, it is kissing of that ear to breathe in the scent until it’s an intoxication to have a kiss leisurely placing upon an ear lobe. Afterwards, it is onward to each eyes saying that the soul is the most lovely of all gifts but there is only slight hesitation before next kissing a chin. Kissing it fully and looking into eyes before totally devouring her new lover`s luscious upper lips. If she thinks that her new lady likes that then she will kneel and kiss her tummy button for her new lover`s womb is sacred. Sacred kisses to open up the coming of the sexual treats of their union within love`s lustful play.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Boredom`s Bliss

Boredom consumes her, it takes her until she is leaning there against her own bed to be playing her fingers over her own skin to tickle it. Tickling sweetly until the sensations of playing turn into a heat. That catches her attention to have her continue onward to be making the heat rise. It is high heat, rising womanly heat that flows and fills to have her hand slip gingerly within her panties. Next, she does tickles it more, more and oh the feeling are wild sexy as she has her fingers cross over a well-shaven mound. Then it is bringing fingertips to tease and touch wetness. A beautiful treat that has a honey dripping that indeed instantly wishes for much more, more tickling and then more than tickling. Tickling and teasing, touching and toying with fingertips to create that oh so sweet symphony of sounds as the dreamy creamy flows making the night not quite too much of a boredom after all.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bad Boy Romeo

He is my educated bad boy Romeo that writes delicious words of seductive lusty love to me. He stands there in the world of mortals with dark eyes that are of dancing laughter making these a beacon to the world with non-verbally saying ‘I am godman’. Him nonverbally saying 'I am specialness' as his silken well groomed ebony locks do feather upon his brow making him seem the shy boy, but hell no, he is Romeo. This is easily seen within his devilish winsome smile that glows to outshine the very sun. He is so boldly beautiful in his stature that he is this and so much more as he stands amongst his brethren telling them of the legacy of his prowess in business and logic. He is an accomplished man in the arena of life making him be what most women find to be the dark dirty bad boy of dreams. Yet, he kneels to only me.

Yes, the ‘god man‘ succumbs to me. He comes begging me to be mine; he arrives with a silken rope in hands and clamoring to be under the control of his woman. He wants me; he needs me and is going to please me with everything that he does. He is chained to me. He is shackled in submissive ways that constantly exist. This is even when dressing in tailored suits in his business world or when hanging out with the hordes of those demanding his attention. Yes, even then he is under my dominance with being chaining to me. My submissive stud he is, and he is this whenever I wish it. He is sweet Romeo.

Do come to me, so that those silken ropes chain you. Chain you so that I may tease you into giving me the best of you. Come, for I am your balance, your woman and your Mistress of Dreams.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mating Time - Dancer Of Desire

Mating Time
He said that he wanted me; he said that I am his. Then suddenly he whisks me into those strong arms to then lie down on right there on the concrete. He said that he is into construction and he has an intent of constructing a love all over every inch of me. He makes me grin of his ego and then her growl that deep guttural primal roar that says ‘it`s now mating time’. Then without a moment`s hesitation he sinks his lips upon mine taking my very breath but in the moment that he does thunder clouds burst forth with torrents of summer rain with everyone beginning the screaming and mass departure from the building site. His only hesitancy is to look at the chaos before then once more establishing the onslaught of creating a passionate pleasure within all that we could ever wish.

Dancer Of Desire
Feeling your body move against mine, our hearts racing, and your smile so close as you twirl and sway within a dance. You are a tease but you are going to succumb to me. Your destiny is in my arms, your loveliness is to come to me and you are to cum for me. It will be hours of pleasure with every symphony of sweet bliss singing from every inch of you and that is even after exhaustion with your last words being, "More, more…”

Oh yes, my sweet naughty pleasure, my dancer. Yes, you are waiting for me to tease and please you. Only you may have this of me within our massive bed. It can be only you against the bedroom wall. It can only be you feeling my need to completely give you the dreams of the high of orgasmic wonder. You know that you are to be my destiny, so please, please I beg of thee dance but come to me, my darling.

She is my dancer, her dancing, and her teasing me with the beauty of her swaying. She does consume and steal all that is human in me. She captures the mind, yanks on the heart and the soul simply is swimming in endless lust as the body takes to roaming within dancing about her. It is a dancing in need to feel her and to seduce her to me. But she has a trick, oh yes she does for she has magic within her touch and so I too am seduced by her. It is magic within in the touching of her fingers. There is a passionate fire that is lust within its purity. It has me within a bleeding need to taste, tease and sweetly have her release unto me. To have her touch me, for me to touch her and for us to be within lusty love`s dance upon our bed. Yet, she dances here, she moves to seduce me more and within it all she having her clothing seem to almost scream ‘Remove these and set her free.


Cuffed to him.
Harnessed within his desires.
Aroused by his touch.
Intimately longing for more.
Needing naughty pleasures.
Erotic euphoria is on the rise.
Dominated by the desire to be only his.

Chained to my lust for him.
Chained to his mind for he is the intellect that knows me.
Chained to his heart for he loves deeply within all that is him.
Chained to his soul for he brings balance making me whole.
Chained to his body for he has lust and pleasure at his very whim.
Chained, bonded and kneeling within being owned by him.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sexual Sway

Every sway of her hips is hypnotic. The blond beauty of twenty-something is seduction within its very essence and that is a pleasure that is to be treasured. She is one of those women who simply have rhythm, a woman who has the beat of music soaks in her skin with all that can be a sin. She then mixes it into seducing the onlooker as she sways that echoing melody from within her the moment she hears it. That sound resonates in slow sweet swinging as that scrumptious body of delectable womanly curves sends out its need to be touched. Touching her, teasing her as she teases into the temptations of giving her the high erotic bliss. Oh yes she is an orgasm on heels, she is sex in swinging motions and she wants it but you will pay for it with your very soul. Oh yes, she wants more than a nasty naughty night but tonight that will do, but will it be you?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Come Taste - Come

Come Taste
Come taste me, a sip of me and drink all that you desire.
Devour the liquids that are my lust arising from your touch.
Please, I beg of thee to taste me and feel my womanly fire.
Come to play your tongue on my skin for I need you so much.
Please, touch me on my skin to build my lusty liquids fire.
Come to drink, come to create cum that comes with your touch.
So taste me, lick each drop and fill our naughty desires.
It is the desire that is growing wilder with every play of your touch.

You haunt me, you taunt me with your flaming desire to kiss me and make bliss with me. You are the fire in my lusty soul, you are all that I truly do know and I demand to kneel and feel you. To feel you with me and to taste all that we create as we mate and play within our love that has a combining with passionate wild lust. You with me, you belong with me and I need you to fill me. I need to by with thee for I am to be only thine. Come take that which is only yours. Come explore and create with me all that we both may ever dream. Come unto me for you haunt me with all that you may ever be.

Naughty Time - Night Daydreams - Stripping Me

Naughty Time

It is time for you to count each orgasm.
It is time to be timing each one until it releases.
It is time to tease me into holding each orgasm.
Holding it to be making time stand still for it pleases.
Pleasing you, the pleasures of me and do it with creating spasms.
Flexing of lustful need and time of thrilling releases.
Time, timing it and time to enjoy many orgasms.

Night Daydreams

It is a night of wishing to be in your arms.
A lingering in daydreams that is so sweet .
Sweetly toying with all that is my charm.
Playing within thoughts that bring the sexual heat.
Lying here waiting for you with needing your arms.
Needing you, teasing my mind as you find your way to me.

Stripping Me

Strip me, tease me and let me deeply be pleased.
Tie me to your needs and spank me when I tease.
Strip me, rip this from me and we will be pleased.
We will be pleased as we both succumb to our needs.
Take these clothes from me, and push me to my knees.
Drive into getting what I need and may we both be pleased.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cum, Give It To Me

It takes no time for Tara to understand that with Tina lying nude on the bed that opportunity is at hand. They have plans of love making later, but a nude girlfriend is always a good thing. Then again Tina is deeply horny this week so she figures that a nice afternoon of sex is better than a boring afternoon in study hall.

Therefore with a lusty scanning of Tara's lips are licking with a whipping of her tongue as she then settles between those thighs of Tara. She spreads the legs wide enough to lay down comfortably to then shoot a look of sinful lust up at Tara who eagerly allows her pelvis to rise to meet Tina`s hungry lips. The suckling comes hard, it`s an engulfing of pussy lips with a hungry need causing the sounds to erupt as a tune that can be heard down the hallway of the dormitory.

The relationship is six months into being sexual and the two young adult females cannot get enough of each other. Thus, they have honed their sexual pleasure sharing skills into a perfection to please each other. Tina knows Tara`s anatomy and preferences within pleasure play and this afternoon she is working every tease, every sensation, and all wetness into a heat that is volcanic.

The effort isn't a waste sending Tara panting into almost breathlessness before she next reaches to grasp her left breast bringing the nipples to her lips to begin an onslaught of sucking it until it`s harder and blazing in redness. She releases it to giggle as she then breathes deeply before once more lowering her head of blond tresses to suckle her protruding flesh She teases it, taunts it with her tongue and then she gives way into suddenly bite it. This is causing her to moan into groaning pleasures that have the heat within her pussy building higher. It is now too high for Tara having her needing release into an orgasm. Yet, Tina is not done with sucking those pussy lips and knows what is going on, so she warns her with guttural growling.

Instantly, Tara is rotating and rubbing her pussy lips on Tina's face making Tina drive that tongue deep within those folds to taste the sweetness of the wet that is dripping so freely. Her oversized clit clasps and bumps on Tina's nose. Then it`s onward to Tina’s chin before then forcing her body to buck wildly against the ensuing sensations that seriously were not waiting to for a command to release. It's coming and Tara is going to like it. Thus, through bated breaths she pumps her hips faster and faster making Tina`s only option be holding still while extending her tongue to help with the orgasm that is soon coming in squirting honey showers. It his almost erupting as Tara is clenching teeth to next be reaching to grab Tina`s hair in fisting it before roughly pressing her face deeper into the pleasure of tasting pussy. Tasting, and pleasing labia by dragging it across a firm tongue climax is achieving. This forces Tara`s athletic body to stiffen against the power of the orgasm to then slowly relax into moaning on the twin sized bed.

Giving a smirk Tina separates Tara`s lower lips again to be exposing her clitoris that stands swollen and erect. Next her finger probes around the base of wet moistness while marveling at the way it feels after the hard climax. After this as she tilts her head one way, and then the other to suddenly lick the folds in a teasing causing Tara to loudly moan of the pleasure of more as Tina purrs, “I love your clit. It's like a world of play all on its own.”

Tina soon slaps Tara`s clit with tongue-lashings several times creating Tara to wither in the erotic bliss of more pleasure coming to please her. Then amid Tara reeling in the continuous teasing Tina slides the tip o her index finger up and down through those glistening juices that are coating swollen pussy folds. She angles her long finger inward but upward to next press slowly, while watching those beautiful pulsating lower lips part with excepting the penetration of what is soon to be two fingers. This makes Tara grin with sin as she presses her face into a nearby her pillow to breathe, “Fuck me hard, please!”

“You are so beautiful. You take it all so deep and good. Does it feel good, my love?” Asks Tina in tones of being in awe of her woman wanting so much before classes.

“Oh hell, yes!” emits through muffling from the pillow.

Tina rapidly begins to thrust hard, deep and harder inside the ever tight and pulsating tunnel of lust that is Tara`s pussy. The response to it a long symphonic string of moans and sexy sounds that have Tina thrilling in the pumping of that hungry pussy. “Come on, give it to me. Give me what I want. I love fucking you, I love loving you. Squirt for me, baby. Show me that you love me.”

Such is the best inspiration for continuing the exchange of deep body rocking thrusts for moans until soon Tina is once more sucking those teasing those folds with her upper lips. She does this to drive the lust and heat higher until Tara once more is showering them both in an orgasm. As it washes over Tara, Tina holds her lover pressing to bed while whispering, “I love you, love you and you are beautiful.”

Friday, October 18, 2013

Submit! - Keeper Of Pleasure - Prayers Of Spankings


‘Is it truly a need for this to be?’ is what she thinks as she looks up into those eyes the peer down upon her in ways that are stern. For the life of her doesn`t understand why a dominant alpha female like herself is kneeling to anyone. She owns whatever she wishes to, she could conquer what she wants and her personal power is off the scale. Her intellect, sexuality, and soul proclaim that she dominates in life. Thus, it is mind-boggling why she is kneeling before she stands to face this other person in a sexual union. Yet, she submits in humble ways and waits as her lover comes to her within requesting, “You must submit everything of you willingly to me to be with me. If you do not do this then must leave."

Keeper Of Pleasure

'Pull me in', is what her body begs for but kneeling is what must come first. Surrendering to her ways of lust and power before you may have whatever that it is that is your truest wish of her. She is the keeper of pleasure`s wishes and she is the woman who likes to control the balance of power.

Prayers Of Spankings

She actually stand there and ask me if I want spankings even though my as is wiling and ready. She asks me that when I am like this. How can she not know that I want spanking? My god, yes I want and need spankings. Yet, she stands there still not realizing it. That has me suddenly not only remain kneeling but instantly humble myself in the prayer of, "My God, please do not do this evil to me. Oh my, God, I need spankings. Here, I humbly beg you to help me get this blessed gift."

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Come Hither

'Come breathe with me, come share your heartbeats and press your lips to mine. Tease me with your breaths until our kisses are wild in passion`s pleasures. Let our hearts mold, melt to make a powerful pleasing lust that simply quakes the fabric of our souls. Come kiss me, tease you into me and take my very breath from me while I relent my everything unto you.'

This is what her eyes say to me as she gazes into my eyes beckoning me toward her. Then as my very breathing deepens into a rhythm that is simply sinfully gasping in wishes of kisses she gives that playful kinky wink while she sends out that come hither wave. Coming, yes coming, going and cumming. “Oh yes.” Arrives as my blissful lusty sigh.

Indeed, it is to be my pleasure to be with and to enjoy her kisses amid the wishes that she does desire. Then it is ‘’Oh my, is that my heart racing?” Enters in whispers to myself.

‘Oh, my! is that wetness of honey within my lower lips? Am I swimming in lust as she sends me more of that stare that is devouring every pleasure of me?’ is my query in my mind as I continue watching and walking toward her. Then, I murmur. “Hell yes!” With me knowing that it is indeed all this, as she now owns me before she even touches me.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Binding Kisses

It is a sensual romantic evening within the realm of kinky naughty bliss. One where the massive ornate four posters gothic bed of wood is seeing a beautiful blond binding a petite brunette to the two posts at the bed`s foot. She binds wrists with red silken scarves that dangle while ankles are holding within metal link chain cuffs. It is spread eagle, its nudity and it's about to get deeply passionate hot for them.

Yet, first, there is a porcelain basin of scent warm waters, waters of fragment soothing oils to wash the skin of this blindfolded brunette who squirms and purrs of the pleasure of the current sensations. Its is beautiful feelings of trusting her lover to bring darkness before touch so that she may find even deeper faith in their union. Lovely emotions of no escape, of belonging, being owned and of enjoying being the focus of lusty love that is limitless. This is boundless love that can cause many erotic feelings to be building into blissful orgasms, but only if she is a good girl for her blond blue-eyes lover. Her lover who now diligently caress the brunette`s silken skin with a moist terrycloth to sooth tired muscles into relaxation while cleansing all that is eventually to be kissed in lovely ways, true love.

Kisses delivering within every teasing pleasure that can be kissing, the kinds that make the skin scream of being loved and lusted after. The type of lips pressings that simply create steam to then plant in passion until the body quakes of needing so much more. Passionate kisses of heated wild emotions under control that run deep from within a soul until it caresses a lover`s skin to be making that skin beg for more. More kisses, more lust, and farther passionate love until that other soul carries that into it being wetness between thighs. Moisture of womanly cream that is a delivery from kisses that can only be a possession through love.

It is the sweet cream that lingers on lower lips to then be meeting with the teasing of tender caress. A touch of two fingers that are leisurely playing onto the lips. Fingers long and firm that do part those moist lower lips making the heart race. That is sweetly creating gasping to be slipping from upper lips. Indeed, it is lips, two sets of lips that are moist within breathing, but the lower ones are ready for more. More, and more and then suddenly two fingers sink deep within in plunging pumping desire to please. Deep, into the depths of tight contracting muscles that devour the flesh of hard fingers. This is teasing them until the cream comes more heated in its treats to then swiftly give an explosion of orgasmic release.

Oh yes, it is binding, then some teasing, onward to cleansing, definitely doing pleasing and yes, both are loved within ways that are being bound to a lover.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sexy 'Shhhhing’

She tries to hush me, she tries to make me silent within nothing but our breathing and she does as she does that naughty seductive hush. You know, it is the one where her eyes of green go all dewy soft within lowering a bit; easy low and lusty in sexual predatory want. But you know she is looking at you in such a way that it steals your every soul. Then in a blinking her pointer finger on her left-hand crispy plants on her soft luscious upper lips that are glistening of hot pink. It sits there in solid waiting to then leisurely brush downward over her moist lips to part them in pulling the lower lips before holding the lower one open just enough so that you can see her tongue`s tips. In doing so you hear that last ‘shhhing’ sound that sends erotic shivers down your spine. Instantly every ounce of you knows that she is about to be more naughty than a succubus taking your soul. Yet, she has done just that, stolen you so that soon you kneel before her wanting to please her in any way that she so chooses.

Tummy Kisses

Kneeling in front of her to reverently lick from her tummy button upward until there come kisses upon the valley of her full firm breasts. It is a sensually deep kissing after the delicious trailing tease before leaning in to kiss her upper lips. Once there arrives full pressing, as there is a slipping of a tongue between those sumptuous upper lips. That encourages a hand to seek and slide within her sexy silk panties. Then with no encouragement, there is playing within feeling around, and soon turning it into teasing with touching, before reaching around grasping ass cheeks, then instantly pushing her back to the wall there is a slipping of two fingers within her wetness causing an intensely passionate moan to erupt from her need to be pleased.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


She is the one who is my keeper.
She reaches in to hold my mind in all lifetimes.
She studies me to be my mind`s keeper.
She is the one who is forever for me.

She is the one who is my keeper.
She comes to hold my heart for eternity.
She is forever my heart`s only keeper.
She is the one who is the forever love for me.

She is the one who is my keeper.
She reaches in to hold the very soul of me.
She reaches in to become my soul`s keeper.
She is the one who is that forever soulmate for me.

She is the one who is my keeper.
She holds the very mortal that is me.

She reaches in to become my keeper.
She is the one who is a forever love for me.

She is the one who is my keeper.
She is the one who is that forever for me.

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Degree In Rebellion

Studying law is easy for Lara. It is kind of in her blood for its family legacy, but tonight she isn't really learning anything in the study hall of the university. Not unless you consider her taking to studying of how to strip to impress her new girlfriend that is standing there watching Lara while in a disbelief that she is dating a rebel wrapping in angels clothing. However, that is all soon swiftly finding by a professor having both women then apologizing and him blushing into needing to turn his back. All in all, Lara is becoming very well educated at a law school. It is simply a degree in how to break laws and how to become a rebel.

Red`s Kisses - The Goodnight Kiss of Arabella And Emily

Red`s Kisses

I desire her kisses for I know that those will set my heart on fire. She sets me ablaze in beautiful emotions from those luscious lips pressing mine. Oh yes, she does and here she comes crawling to me while wanting to feed her lust to me. Beautiful ‘Red’ wants to give to me her kisses, lovely passionate kisses that I must have for those are sweet wild pressing that is a feast of emotions that lay only within her lips. Thus, I am breathless, needing and so extremely hungry to feast and then feel all that we share within our lovemaking.

The Goodnight Kiss of Arabella And Emily

The passion they dare to share comes softly as Arabella presses Emily to the bed demanding submission to their love after the long discussion of distasteful things. It has been a long evening of tears and finally Emily needing sleep and Arabella following her until both lay in bed to simply look at each other as Arabella states “A kiss good night is happening. You will kiss me and we will agree to disagree.”

Then within slow sweet motions of tenderness, there are the sharing of soft touches and relenting glances that turn soft as Emily whispers, “Yes, and I love you.”

Then Arabella easily comes to hover over her soul mate to be gazing down into those eyes of emerald green, “I love you too.” Arrives as lips lock and the night of passion is waiting to e become their pleasure.

Wanting Him - Wanting Kisses

Wanting Him

She wants him; she needs to feel his tongue run the surface of her silken skin. She desires him in every lustful way that in possible and it is the daydream that constantly consumes her. It does and she cannot get enough of it. She does not think beyond the needing of him to be touching her. It`s getting wild within her and he strolls into the room causing her every sense to be out of control it those are totally focused on him.

Wanting Kisses

You want it, you need it so much that you can almost taste the sweetness of it, so come here and taste me. Tease your tongue along these lips. Kneel there before me; look up at me in begging plea to then breathe on the pulsating heat, while then making me quake in lust of you. Come on taste me, as the dripping wet glistens in readiness to be tasted by you.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fucking Hugh

His gaze is peering at her through the haze.
He seems to have a question or two brewing in a stew.
His lips are whispering of ways he wants these many days.
He wants her in ways of lust that are true, but it is so not new.
He stands there with the power at his command for seductive plays.
Yet, he stands there with his heart in stir with not knowing what to do.
He wants her; it is lust, yet it must be love, there is no other way.

No other way to have his need to fill her with seed during nights and days.
Nights and days, with minutes and sins while his heart is not wanting too.
His body desires with deep passionate fires, but he brings no seducing plays.
He simply stares, stares and watches her there, as the sky turns dark in hue.

Watching and waiting within his debating of needing her for an hour or two.
It is only a few hours of pleasure to treasure within the night of daze and haze.
So he gazes at her, she looks at him to then give a kiss to his best friend Hugh.
That is the way it is these many days with Hugh getting girls most days.
That is the way it is, she is Hugh`s and this is not new for any of the crew.
Yet they all want, and it does haunt a guy needs a girl for sexual plays.

It is sexual dreams while tasting womanly cream without delays.
Oh yes, he wishes and wants as this one does taunt him with eyes of blue.
This sexy dame knows the game and she is making her own naughty plays.
Yet, the rule is that you may fuck the girl but sometimes she says fuck you.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Pretty Kisses

“So are you gonna kiss me?” She whispers in wishful breaths of needing much more than kisses as she leans in against his heaving chest. This does have his lungs expand and fall even harder in gasping for air. He sits here spellbound bound by a woman who simply shows up at his apartment looking ready for their planned for a dinner date. Yet, within mere minutes, she is asking him for a drink of vodka since they have an hour to wait until they must depart. He achieves the cold drink and directs them to relax in his living room upon his sofa. However, as he sits down he looks up to find her standing before him with releasing the fastenings of her summer skirt. Then soon after the pearl buttons on the floral blouse are discharging along with the blouse from her exquisite womanly curves. It too is flowing to the floor where the skirt lay. In the end, it`s only pink with black lace, a naughty woman, and a sinfully kissable smile. All of which is belonging to a woman who is a pure sexual beauty. A sexual woman that most definitely knows how to play out her trump card in order to make her opening statement of what is occur on this night of first dinner date.

The air in the room is suddenly playful with gazes, and it is passionately hot in sexiness as she looks into his eyes to purr out. “I know you want to. Let`s taste before dinner. Maybe you can even let me taste you later too?”

Then she makes herself comfy next to him to play her fingers upon his shirt in creating a blazing heat within them both while his male hardness in his pants nearly rips the fly open to get free. Yet, he is lost with what to do whilst he is merely gasping within swallowing wet lumps of air to gain composure. So from that, she figures it`s time to speed things up since they have a dinner to get to and he isn't moving in her direction. Thus, she brushes an almost kiss to his lips making him nearly pass out from disbelief. “Pretty please.” She begs of him as she fully kisses him while taking to pressing against him until he cannot deny her desires.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Boredom`s Heat - Dessert First

Boredom`s Heat

Boredom overtook her senses as her thoughts swirl of all that she need. Needs wants and desires to fill. Yet, all her lovers busy within whatever takes them from her. Thus, she is left with entertaining herself in the beginnings of high sexual arousal. “Goddamn, it`s hot tonight!” she exclaims into the empty room.

Then button-by-button the white dress shirt is removing to then be tossing off to the nether corners of the spacious Sitting Room. Then standing off to the side of the fireplace she slips gingerly out of that pencil skirt to have her fine curves displaying in the heat of the night. Beautiful exist and hot with the desire for getting a sexy naughty all night romp into lust. Then as she climbs upon the beautiful chair.In doing so she simply can’t handle it anymore and screams out, “I want someone to fuck me. Is that too much to ask of this bloody world?”

Dessert First

It has gone on for days, with every evening the same damn loneliness as the night sweep into comfort her. Yet, is it solace when the even the cooling of autumn`s air doesn’t remove the inner heat that continues to build within her. She is alone in this big old house waiting for one of them to return to her. Just one is her need because seriously this need is no longer relenting to anything. It doesn’t even find true release within her using her own touch. It simply rages wild in its flames of lust. Thus, she knows that she now needs the touch of another, another human to please her so that she then may give back what she gets.

But tonight it`s another evening here in this room staring at the moon, the fireplace and having dinner alone. She devours minor morsel before than relenting into the understanding that the heat between her thighs is too rages wild and must be given attention before another drop of food is feasted upon. Thus, she stands to twirl the chair around to face the window as she then sighs before succumbing to kneeling on the chair to begin the ritual of touch tease and creating dessert before the main course. “Yes, yes, yes come to me baby, bring me..bring me..oh fuck!” as she is then pleasing herself into orgasmic bliss.

Claiming His Desire

He has a need to show the world what he owns. He has a need to declare that she dances with only him and that all that she is his. Many have been trying to come take her and she is not so sure that he is capable of holding her. Holding her dance, holding her life and proving that he can do it all. Yet, he knows that he can. For her beauty, her abilities and all that she does belong to him.It si for this reason that he is going to command of her on this night. Thus, barely clothed in sheer blazing red she exists dance floor center in his arms as dinner guests of his choice circle them here in this public dining hall. Then he pulls her in hard against him to whisper, “Mine!”

She smiles about it as the men who want her see how much she belongs to this man of dance that also command dark pleasures. It has her breathing hard, breathing heated breaths as she willing proclaims “Yours, my Lord.”

Tango My Darling

The note was carefully written within precise notation of process. It was delicately worded in ‘9PM, dinner and be dressed for dancing.’ Then a whimsical heart shape appears stating below it ‘Dancehall two of Palace Dance Studio.’ Such a mystery and truly not something she usually gives attention to but tonight she felt dangerously wild and wanted to seek out who could be so pointed with her. She is a woman of class, a lady of dance and a woman who has no needs to follow mystery into danger. Plus, she said that she would meet Antonio for drinks at his place. Yet, the there was the note, and the danger and the need to simply step outside the ways of her daily life. But she isn`t that type to just do that Or was she such a lady?

Yes, and she felt like enjoying danger and not a boring man who is a good dance partner. So she wore her best evening gown with that skirting that simply stated over the top elegance that makes her ready to be the goddess on the dance floor. She so enjoys dancing and anyone who knew her at all understand this of her. Thus, as she stands there mid center of the nearly empty room that held only bistro tables and the only sign of life being a champagne bottle on ice with accompanying flutes. She looked at it too then suddenly felt hands grasp her waist to spin her around into strong arms. She looked up into dark haunting eyes that blaze of lust and romantic love to instantly have her gasp “Antonio!”

"Yes, my darling, I did say my place for drinks. I own the studio and am the one who demanded you the studio. I want you as mine; have since you dance in my studio years ago. ‘Then with a possessive pressing of her to his body, he continues with ”Maybe then you can forget the boring man who you played with this month. Now we will be one and you will see what passion I have. Come my darling dance, dance and then make love with me as my only.”

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kiss This!

“You really are a bitch, ya know.” It comes spoken in that sharp tone of intentional harm that can only be garnered from truly creating Hell on Earth for someone. The blond stands there in a defiant pose over being told that things are changing between them. A story of how the love affair ends because of the cold heart that exists within the cute Lil sweet petite blond that seriously thinks that the love they shared is the ways of life and living. Yet, the brunette does expect much more than cold charms and occasional tryst to hold her. Thus, it is ending with no tear, no fears and definitely not much if any affection. In fact, it ends with only these words of who is the bitch while the brunette blows a kiss toward the cutie. Then turning swiftly upon her stiletto covered heels she is swinging those seductress hips in a naughty flirty display as she then reaches back around to tenderly tug upward on the skirting of her dress. Oh hell yes, it's a sweet Lil notice of, ‘Kiss my ass, honey! It`s over lover and you will miss this!’

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Orgasmic Dreams

Watching the two of them in their private moment that he makes so very public within my home does unsettle my nerves. This moment is most certainly leading to sexual pleasure to some degree, but that is depending upon many factors within coming moments. This I do know from prior knowledge of the topics that he and I do discuss on this evening. He is going to make a point of something that is a discussion between he and I. During our chat he makes a claim that the other woman in the room shall always do his bidding and this exists within a ‘no limits’ understanding between them. After giving me time to ponder his claims he then firmly in absoluteness does confidently declares, ”My pet will do anything, she will do it anywhere, at any time, for any reason and anyway that I choose. I own her!”

He then passes me a glass of wine to look me in the eye so that he does mark within me the depths of his self-confidence. Then before kissing my cheek he chuckles to next continue onward. “My pet does willingly permits me anything because she needs me to be her balance. You will see how much you too can enjoy it. That is if you shall willing allow a man be all that you need.”
I snicker of that idea and swish the red elixir within the crystalline chalice. This comes as I watch him taking to sitting in the leather chair. In taking to enjoying his leisure he say no further words but shoots an intense gaze toward the other woman as he taps the left arm of the chair and then with his right hand a finger gestures of ‘come hither’. We all know that there have been no words given to her but he most certainly gets a response from her. This begins with her softly lowering her blue eyes to walk directly across the room to stand in front of him. With her body stern at the attention she then releases her long summer skirt that swiftly falls from her well-curved strong feminine hips. This leaves her partially nude but still she is ever too clothed. In all honesty, she is a woman who is always too clothed because her beauty is so very striking. She is so lovely that she does make most onlookers wishing to see more, much more of her.

That has me swallow hard for I am known to be not interested in men but women, oh beautiful women do interest me greatly. So in my mind, I do dream of seeing more as I add in the wish to watch her have an orgasm. I wish it for her beauty is enticing and the scent of lust is simply strong within the air. He has a way of providing lust and passion within strictness of civility. He is a man of control, a male of true dominance in life, and he is an extremely intelligent human of high standards but he has a secret. His secret is that he wants to make every woman have orgasms. His wish is to give sexual pleasure so intense that women do give him their very soul. It is obvious that the other woman in the room has given up her everything because she trembles from his first touch to her. It is a barely feathery first touch to her ass and she begins to breath deeper as her entire body suddenly comes in being blazingly alive as her eyes flash of the powerful excitement. This has him softly say in loving tones “Soon, my pet. Patience and Master will help you with giving Delaina her dream of watching you orgasm.”

My eyes go wide in surprise for nothing is being sharing of that wish, yet he knows of it. Thus, I sputter out with. ”One day you will not be right. One day you…”

“One day you will orgasm for me just like she does.” He says while looking me directly in the eyes and grinning of his dreams for me.

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Doc`s Desire - ( Part #1 )

The corporation deals with medical research but Bethany Roi doesn’t need to involve in any of it for it isn’t why she is here. Her only need is to secure the premises that she is hired to do. Months ago she comes here to this medical facility to expertly install and deal various aspects of the new hi-tech systems that the private care corporation requires due to the medical research that it is undertaking. The research garners many profession medical minds and doctors from all over the world. It is from this aspect of the things that Bethany is getting to know the hotshot brilliant mind of Dr. Ljupka Dimitrovska. They each have a work that crosses each other’s path with them both having offices on the same floor of the building. This allows them to casually bump into each other in various places and due to their work connection of installing cam systems in Dr. Ljupka`s laboratory rooms they send daily emails.

It only takes one email between them for Bethany to know that there is sexual electricity between the two of them. Thus, she makes every effort to connect often and to definitely bring along that renowned intense charm and sexual energy that simply radiated from the five foot eleven blond. Bethany is a woman of great prowess in relationship matters and is a woman of hypnotic blue eyes with being a mortal goddess of Canadian origins. So with the understanding that opportunity knocks, there is often a bumping into each other while entering or exiting rooms. Or in some cases, there is the catching of each other staring at a silk stocking covered legs, smiles or eyes while at staff meetings. Then adding to it there is the discreet innuendo in passing each other as the seduction grows thick between them. They know it by the way they breathe when the other is near and they each see it in how those eyes betray the growing feeling within. Ljupka does keep it very professional, though. She has a concentrated reputation of professionalism and social friendliness. She is a woman of mid-years, with being thirty-something much like Bethany. However, Ljupka is of proud Macedonian heritage while possessing dark mysterious eyes of dancing seduction with a smile that softly sinful. Her height is nowhere near Bethany`s, but it`s a cool five foot eight with her brunette tresses linger along her shoulder to make her a beauty of dark desire. This intoxicates Bethany for she likes shorter women, smart women, and women who know how to play the game of seduction. It all makes Bethany drool in want of this woman who is dominant and sexual in her own quiet sweet ways. In Bethany`s words “Yummy, she is so sexy sweet.” That is what is whispering as Ljupka enters the bathroom ahead of her. Bethany momentarily is being given interruption from following in, but she soon heads off to the ladies room. When she enters she immediately sees Ljupka hastily dabbing a paper towel against her white silk blouse in order to dry up the water stains that have splashed on it from the washing hands. Bethany`s instant thoughts are of. ‘You look yummy but you are upset. Such a sweet sexy thing needing cuddles and those are nice nipples. I could taste them for hours.’ Yet, as Bethany approaches the sink counter area she can see that Ljupka is worrying about leaving the ladies room considering that her blouse easily betrays her breasts underneath. It totally gives away how the water is tickling those perky nipples into being harder. "Can I help with that? Do you have a replacement blouse that I can get for you?" But in her thoughts is, ‘Take it off and let me show you what lust and love can be.’

Ljupka frowns at her but then sweetly smiles for she easily gets lost in those eyes of blue. “No, I don't have one today but this thin material can dry rapidly."

Staring, watching in those eyes she sees a future and happiness and wants to touch. Yet, she doesn’t but chooses to smile brilliantly of the hopes that she hides. It is a ‘not yet’ in concern to touching for she needs to sort out what Ms. Roi does want in life. After all, Ljupka isn’t much for the ideas of an office tryst. Bethany smiles back while walking into a bathroom stall to close the door behind her as Ljupka says a thank you for the concern to next move onward to chat of the office things. Then as Bethany begins to finish the business that she come into the bathroom to do she hears, “I want to get to you. I want you..I..I think you should meet me here after work.” Then she sees Bethany coming out of the stall and continues with, “We have much in common and maybe we can be…”

“We can be friends and you can teach me how to make your lab coat fall from your shoulders while you kiss me into bliss and then I can show you how much we really do have in common.” Yes, Bethany interjects with this highly confident direct approach. She does this when she wants a girl, or at times of her desiring a new sexual lover. Then again, this is to be much more than those for this is what she does when a relationship can lead to getting her, her life partner. So she gazes into those mysterious eyes to be sending out her thoughts of what is going to exist soon between them but she also easily notices that the blouse is nearly dry. Thus, she knows things are not getting too far at the moment.

Ljupka on the other can barely breathe but she does and she even covers it up and manages to remain calm within the storm of intense sexual energy thrusting at her. She knows that if she stays here in the ladies room that things can progress too fast for them. So she excuses herself and leaves the ladies room. Yet, Bethany purposely walks close behind her to rub her breasts across that strong back as she passes to walk by as they both pass through the threshold of the bathroom`s door back, "Oh, excuse me, but please do think of giving me that lab coat.”

Ljupka`s face is red and hot while she feels a rush of tingly sexual energy surge through her body. She naughtily smiles that sweet playful grin while thinking. ‘You have no idea what is coming at you. But you will like melting into my love and will enjoy my lovemaking.’ Yet all she merely looks up into those eyes with just as much confidence as Bethany can declare and she then states, "No problem. Be ready for an email. Do answer it and then be back in this bathroom at five this evening.”

That gives notice of incoming notes and Bethany can barely wait to read it but she is getting interruptions for at least two hours. When she gets into her office to sit at her computer she reads the email.

‘Bethany, I intend the following. Meet me at five if you want it too. But if you don’t then this email hasn’t happened. First, I want to more than have sex with you but I want that too. Secondly, I have never wanted anyone more than I want you and I can even make you love me. But in fact, there is no need to for I already know that you now do. Your eyes say it every time you look at me. So this is what we can do. It is you in my lab at five fifteen. You will be given your first orgasm with me. It is one of many during the rest of our lives. But we both need to please each other and do it immediately for we both want it more than we ever have wanted. Then we will go to dinner to afterwards enjoy dancing. After that, it to my apartment, my bed and you never leaving me. I want you to be the only mine. It is to be forever only you and you only mine, with you wearing my ring within a year. It is what I do believe that we can have between us. Please, reply with being outside the ladies room at five o`clock. If you aren’t there then we will be work friends. Kisses, and yes you do want them as much as you want my lab coat.‘


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Bigger O

She owns me, owns me with loving me.
Loving me beyond all that are dreams.
Dreams with love being unconditionally.
No boundaries for her and me it does seem.
Our love is more than mortals that breathe.
It is forever, it is binding and without seams.

She owns me, owns my mind you see.
She enjoys all of the brilliance and daydreams.
She enjoys my mind within a union that is meant to be.
Meant and built in logical love that is more than dreams.
She owns this mind for it is the need of she.
She shows that loves me within all that life does deem.

She owns me, owns this heart that beats within me.
Owns this heart and it is my most profound need.
She owns it for she the beating melody of it, you do see.
My heart is the melody that sings in musical streams.
It sounds of love and life that is between her and me.
I gave it to her when the universe was new in its deeds.

She owns my soul, owns it and I am happy.
Owns it because it’s all that I need.
She is my ‘other’ in all that meant to be.
We share life, love and balance is our creed.
We are souls in union and lovers for eternity.
She is my soul`s only love seed.

She owns this mortal shell that you see.
It is hers to command within all deeds.
She owns every fiber and cell of me.
She owns it all including the blood that bleeds.
It is her pleasure and her treasure in a union of we.
Bodies and we entwine for all time are our true need.

She owns me.
Owns the mind of me.
She owns the heart of me.
Owns the soul of me.
Owns this mortal body that is me.
She owns me because I give her me.

Hiding Temptation

She stands there within the shadows waiting and peering at me through lowered eyes. She watches me until she sees me look up at her. Then within a mere breathing, she steals back her gaze trying to force me to understand that she has no wanting of my touch. She teases with those eyes and her breathing drive me crazy with needing to please her. Yet, she speaks not and does not move toward me. She only hides within the darkness of my office corner. Hides for the room is darkened with the exception of an outdoor light gleaming through the bay window. She watches and wants and forces me to dream of her, the dream of pleasing, but I cannot touch without permission for she is not mine.

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Dominant`s Love

Every touch with her fingernails is smoothly gliding in fiery tease on my skin creating lustful wishes within. Every gaze from her eyes tells me that she now owns me and she has dreams needing filling. Every breath of her is calm colliding with a deep peaceful understanding that a union between her and me is making. Making her and me being a now thing and it is to be forever within all that is eternal and mortal treasures. Then she finishes the collaring of me with last ever ‘submissive`s‘ collar. I am hers, I am owned, loved and kneeling to please her in that is my soul, my heart, my mind and my body. Then within my submission she says to me, “Kneel, my pet. You will feel my love for you, so kneel unto our needs.” Then I did.

It is kneeling before her, humbled in ways that allow no other to enjoy my submitting and it is only every unto her. She gazes down upon this woman scrutinizing this fleshly form; noting the willingness to serve and this need to not have any of me left but to only have everything reflect her and us within my life. It is submission to her wishes, her ways and her love of knowing what is best for us. Owned, and my owner loving all portions and pleasures of me as she stands over me with her feet coming to rest on my lips “Pledge unto me, my pet. Speak only truths, trust me and be tempted to release all life unto me. “

“With every ounce of my soul, the vastness of my intellect, the emotion of my heart and the power of my body I give all of these and that is created me unto you, my Dominea, I vow to be only ever thine and to serve the only thee with trust, truth, and obedience, while loving only you. “Next comes my kiss to each leather boot and from that there is a snap of the leather riding crop to my ass as she retorts “I love you, my pet.”

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Raw Wild Things

Raw wild things are within this passion.
Sweet sensual love is given without ration.

Wild lovely caress is as soft as a hungry kiss.
Happiness is here and will be missed.

Take this hands that is now shared.
It comes with a soul that can’t be compared.

Allow this heart to give its eternal love.
Wrap in its truth that comes from above.

Come revel within corridors of this mind.
Follow each path so you may entwine.

Follow to this soul that is yours now and the past.
Come enjoy a love that will last.

Raw wild things are waiting for you.
A love that is exciting and forever new.

Bring thy gaze to only look this way.
Come do render all of you on this day.

Do give the pleasure of all of you.
So that love will be eternally true.
True love, you will find.
If only you chose to be mine.

This woman is all that you need.
Look towards this way and you will see.

We are wild raw things in all of Time.
Our love is a special is what you will find.

It is special in every way of existing.
We special and are raw wild things.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Longing Soul

To entwine within thy sweet caress, to play my soul over yours, so as to entice you to bring you to me. This is the way of my longing soul. It reaches to hold you so as to be wrapping you within the passion that is within me. I long to have you understand how much your very breath tickles my sense and as it has me desire to be with only you. This sensation does grow in steps of leaping bounds. I wish to entwine to help you smile and feel the passion that our souls may enjoy.

Then you touch. It is a quaking that slowly rumbles over my flesh as your touch smoothes upon it. The ways my skin comes suddenly and intensely alive with heat driving my mind into the need to bring some control over me. It is a must to control this, for in moments the blazing need to find erotic bliss in your arms will consume me. Then nothing will stop me from reaching forth to grip your waist to pull you into me.

Oh yes, I want that body of lovely female curves covering mine. It is a wish that these curves of yours are against mine in hard playful, loving lusty caress. I want to please you as only I may. This need of mine is so easy shown for my entire body is glowing with the desire to be with you. My eyes do a dance in the desire to show you this need that I have. My mind drowns in erotic sexual thoughts of pleasing you. My heart races in thundering pulse to share a love with you. My body screams, it glows of lust and everything is so alive with you so near. My soul whispers in chanting of you, it calls your name and my soul demands to entwine with you.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Lord And His Lady

My Lord`s rough fingers tease me so sweetly. He the Lord of the manor torments me into wishing to be within the charms of his strong willing arms. He beckons me to feel the pulsations of his solid body against mine, as we then are to dance into the bliss of pleasure. This is the sweet beautiful of motions within of all that he may ever wish of me with the rapture of the night and his bed. He has come to take, to steal this woman into the ways of being in the house of his keeping. He folds his arms around my body in a possession while whispering in my ear. “Lady, lady of my desire come, come unto me and let`s enjoy all that is passion`s fire.”

Then he pulls away from me. He looks at me in that way of silently saying that I am his treasure. His pleasure to be sweetened with his lust and feasted upon until my breath is taken. So it is without a hesitation and with great suddenness, he yanks me into him to be against is a strong chest that has his heart beating a rhythm that is only for me. With a gasp that is wrapping in the knowing of what is coming, I look up into his eyes that shine of the power of his passion. He wants, it’s to be as he wishes and no one will stop it. None is to come between his need for me, as he whispers nothings within his breaths of breathing in my ear. Nothing but it is something, it’s a billion things and it`s not more than all the dreams of me.

Then I feel him, feeling his need press against my thighs. It is his need and my want of being the woman that he pours that craving into and fills with the bliss of his seed. Him and he says, “Here, now, here and let them watch you enjoy what is forever only yours.”

My eyes dazzle within a dance of being his public muse, yet it is he who is to be my public play toy. He does permit me the play of my passionate lust to come between us. He wishes me to take him here. To enjoy his fleshly beast and his kisses, his hands and to rise into the woman that is his powerful temptress and lady of his manor. Yet looking up into his eyes my smiles softens as he then nudge me by spanking my ass with is firm open palm. It snaps out into the room of fellow Lords as he raise an eyebrow that is intention of ‘do as I bid, my love.’

I then lean up to kiss his lips, a proud kiss, a deep kiss, and one that is possession`s truths. With eyes lowering my heart does tinker within the tossing of taking him in such ways of dominance and yet the thrill is there to grip me into. I am the submissive possession of him and still am the lady of his life. Yet on this evening, I am to be the power, the player of lust’s needs and the woman who truly owns this man of power.

Thus, in not a whispering but within proud boastfulness there comes, “My Lord wishes to entertain his fellows. Come gentlemen of the industrial world to watch him be mine. Come titans of power to watch a lady weave her spell upon her Lord until he begs her to release her cream.”

Then slipping my delicate fingers around his silken tie I grip it snuggly to then yank him to me, to next have me pulling him along as I stroll to the massive ornate stone table that lay in the center of the room. It is the table of tasks that are of power plays and it is the daily keeper of the documents that are empires of the world. Yet, on this eve, it is a bed of lust, a pallet of passion`s need for my Lord is to lie upon it. He is to lie here for me. He is to be my toy and pleasure treasure. I have missed him, and he has been away much too long from his homeland and his woman. The rumours of his not being mine must cease and the power that I have to wield in his absence must now be making as legitimate truths. Thus, he stands by his woman and all that she has done in his name. He positions with her on all things and on this night everyone is to see that she is master as much as he is hers. Yes, hers and his empire are to be strengthened once more and my reputation must come as an additional salvation.

With him willing within following every step we come to the table. He stands there looking down at me with love and lust as he sees within my eyes the need for him to heed. A smile sweeps his lips as he solidly proclaims, “My wife, my life, and my law.”

He then slowly kneels before me looking all the while into my eyes of green that possess an only love of him. Leaning downward as my long wavy brunette tresses feather out to frame my face as I come forth to be within a breath from kissing his lips. This has my hair tickling his face, it encompasses him while I state “We are one. The empire is ours.”

With a heaving tugging of my grip upon his tie, the commanding of his needs wanes not. He rises up, ascends up to keep stare into my eyes as I back him against the table with my forward strutting. His ass firmly presses the stone table`s edge as I nudge him backward “Up, my Lord.” Comes the stern command.

He leans forward to kiss my lips to then lift his strong male body up to stand upon the stone table. Watching him brings my hands to softly caress from his mid calves upward to his inner thighs while I declare, “Mine, wholly mine and please ladies watch for tonight you see that I bed with no other man.”

Then reaching for the zipper of his pants I finger it making a visual declaration of my intentions. My Lord stretches forth with one hand to allow me to grip it. In one swift tugging up I come to stand upon the table too. Standing in front of him as he kicks the parchments and etc. to the sides. Then kissing me he then watches me slowly kneel yet I continue the loving playful stare into his eyes. He smiles of what is coming and his hands next release his leather belt to then snap it from his waist. He afterwards wraps it around his own neck creating submissive`s collar. He grins of it as I giggle to thereafter pull that zipper down and release fastenings of the black dress pants to his ankles for those easily fall.

It is freedom to view the nudity that lay beneath. It is an ass so firm that it`s rock hard. It is his thighs powerfully strong with a muscular build and that beast that is mine. Owned, he is hard, a full girth of massive pulsation within a good eight inches to command as mine. It throbs; it is in need to fill and spill within that tightens of a woman who knows the ways pleasure.

With one hand my Lord pushes me to twirl around. My black evening dress does feather out in an array of a dancer spinning into the passion of her dance. It additionally displays the great lack of panties that lay underneath. It shows the well shaven womanly treasure that is soon to be taking what is rightfully hers to possess. Then with a mere pull of the one tie on the dress`s backside, it makes the sleeveless elegant evening dress fall to the table`s top revealing the partial nudity of the woman that is his. With this, I purr as the cooler air meets my skin and the display of my breasts that are wrapping in a black lace bra comes to have a view of nipples rock hard. We both know that it is a turn on for both of us to be watched by anyone. Especially, if it is viewing by this conservative crowd who is trying to take what my Lord has lawfully earned as his empire with the title of prince of his peers.

Once more my Lord finds and possesses one of my hands to pull his woman hard against him. Then it is a swift possessive kissing, a passionately blazing lusty kissing that sears of fire and the need to be one within all that we are. In doing so he wraps both of his large open palms of both around my nude ass. He grips it, squeezes it, feels it and presses my slender frame into him to have me melting against him. We are one, we are beautiful lovers upon the stone table of world power. Then with a nudge of his knee he parts my thighs to have my legs separate enough to be ready for him to lift me up. Next with an ease of effort he is raising my body upward by looping his arms under each thigh to have me cradled there. It is up, and my legs are wrapping his thick torso while my arms embrace his strong shoulders. It is holding close with him carrying his woman there, as he states, “Watch, if you wish but by morning you each will wish that you were me.“

As he holds me solid he is giving view to our oneness as he kisses me passionately but it is much more than unity. It is my Lord showing why he owns this woman, why he pleases her and why he allows her the power of his kingdom. It is also naughty for it is easy to see his thick cock tower in hardness. It a beautiful eight inches of full girth and it throbs in need of pleasing. It pokes and bounces on my ass cheeks to encourage me into an even higher arousing. Everything within me wants this fleshly beast of pleasure within me. My vaginal canal aches to feel, it wants to suckle it, to pull it deep within and to then ride out the storm of our mutual lust. Riding it, owning him and him filling me with his priceless seed. Next with our kissing waning into nibbles my Lord moves his arms upward, as I hold to embracing and then as he does I can feel his cock`s peak coming to caress through the valley of my ass. It is arriving to rest upon my moist lower lips. It gives to sweetly tickle them as those drip of honey causing my breath to deepen in the preparation for the taking of him. He looks into my eyes knowing that all my muscles have tightened in need of having him within me. He blows me a kiss and winks as he then suddenly is sliding his girth within my tight willing pussy. It`s wildly wet, it`s hotter than Hell`s heat with already to orgasm but I hold for he needs too.

“Tristan! Put down her! Immediately!” comes the thunderous shout from the woman who controls all.

Every muscle within my Lord instantly shudders into nervous tension as I come stone still while whispering. “Your mother, oh my god.”

Needless to say, the party comes to an abrupt end, and the queen saunters over to inspect things closer while she is giving us a good look over to what is happening. Then she has that glare of ‘how dare we’ while stating, “This is not what I intend by giving me a grandchild to present as an heir to show the public our next generation. “

The entire room is stalk still and my Lord is slowly lowering me to the table having me terrified of what is next. This gives the queen room to command “Next time we have a royal orgy we do invite the queen but for this eve you will take my daughter in law to a bedroom. Do it immediately at that!”

Then my Lord bows within his stature to respect his mother and the evening commences in a much more subdued atmosphere of no orgy and a dream of the bedroom that is to be coming.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


With a sigh, Victoria adjusted her two-inch high stilettos upon her feet for these were once more not fitting well even though her Houseboy was desperately attempting to make them feel more comfortable. Yet tonight nothing suits her fancy and he knew it. He knelt there in front of her upon his scarred knees looking sadly at the rug beneath him whilst not saying anything to his Mistress. He couldn’t but Victoria didn’t need him too either, after all, her sincerely wished to currently dress within looking stylish enough to be able to present herself neatly before her comrades at the club. She found this a great need on this eve due to the guest that she has demanded to join in on the tri monthly ritual conduct training. “By the Goddess, if these shoes were half of what they were before you repaired them then my feet could dance within for a decade. Yet boy, you seem to muck all the good out of tasks this week. One day, I will figure that your worth is not even the food scraps that you are deemed as honest rewards for care taking duties. Now get busy. Fix the straps one last time and expect to be cropped upon my return home this evening.” She looks at him through eyes of darkness that were within frustrated assurances that she was carried too far into irritation to deal with him having not provided her with the services of quality that she needed for her personal dressing. ”You will have the riding crop at the door. You will kneel within bare maleness before me and expect discipline once you provide proper homecoming.” With not even having had looked down at him when he adjusted the strappings she walked away upon having felt his fingers depart the fastening. “You have your tasks, boy. Do not disappoint when I return. I will be bringing back your brother in submission. You will find him in need of training but he will one day be sharing your scraps.”

Another sigh as her silver grey paisley dress vest had felt like it had joined in on things to make her evening uncomfortable. She wanted to dress casual but tonight was an elegant evening of drinks, a training display and the initial show of new slaves for purchase later in the month. These existed as unique slaves, not the sort that was simplistic houseboy-common slave but servants for a higher design, ones that were bred for sexual agendas. They were the sorted lot that was trained in ways of pleasuring women, these males had decent enough genetics and tend to come from upper middle class families but still have been bred to understand the domestic talent of sexual-personal servitude. This tended to have involvement of the understanding that it was a buyer beware policy for usually upper class educated women like Victoria enjoyed the comforted relations of arranged male companionship through an exchange of males. These were males that were belonging to and bred in the more elite families. Or it could be said that the usual route was a male that come from well-bred stock and not random genetics of the middle classes. Thus, it was understandable that quite often these males of this sort that were on purchase display were genetically disallowed to reproduce. Consequently, their only purpose was to give sexual pleasure and if it was pleasing then they could be kept as pleasure mates and not bonding mates. Yet if they don’t serve these were to easily be sacrificed at any point. Therefore without doubt these were limited in price and almost worthless but these studs of pleasure merely were entertainment for women who tend to get bored with whatever male that does whatnot of sexual pleasure required for the dominant female that owned them. It came as purely ownership and this secret society of PEER tended to serve that function along with it provided an outlet for sexual deviance too.

Yes, deviant in nature. Divergent against government laws in concern to proper relations and deviant over what society felt as normal sexual conducts between female persons and maleness. Thus, it was easy to comprehend that such wasn’t a public event nor was the society anything less than clandestine in all their dealings. But instead this event of this night was one that needed invitation, and gifted to women of a certain class standing. Tonight there was to be four males that were to be viewed and arrangements were set to inspect them. If a Trader/Buyer wanted fresh stock then it was to be claimed as club knowledge that processes begun on this night.

Victoria had not wanted any fresh studs or fresh anything from recent acquisitioned males but still a need for her to be at this event existed suddenly. Especially after coming to meet him. It had instantly swarmed her thoughts for she promptly had a desire to be pleased by a need to acquire a particular understanding between her and this foreign male. This understanding arrived when she saw that he felt that he was equal to females, equal to the intellect that was her very own and equal to social privilege in her nation. She knew different of course and that attracted her even more to the ideas in her high seed concept creation of her future. In fact, Victoria for the first time in her young life of forty years old saw the possibilities of new pleasures, the probabilities of higher social status and the potentials of interesting achievements that had no rival in her nation. No indeed there were not any thing or anyone who caught her attentions quite like ‘sci-fi boy’. She liked what he represented in her nation, and she enjoyed that he behaved as he did. It had dangerous parts to it but she thrilled in seeing how he thought, how he acted and how her peers treated him. Victoria knew that her world of career oriented dominant woman, in a female dominant society, could exist with a bit of new genetics if she chose such.

Therefore Victoria made plans and attempted to understand this new boy, this ‘sci-fi boy’ who worked with her on this high profile project within her university department. So why take him to outings? Simplistic answers existed as the answer. After all each boy in the nation needed to be trained in some form or another. Even more so she saw this as public relations too. For being seen with him and having opportunities to show that he abided by her wishes made her more publicly visible and more overtly respected as powerful popular female. It additionally gave moments that displayed him under her protection and that hopefully made him trust her. She wanted that for he is also seen as an investment in bloodlines and career. Therefore, it led to being understood as the chance to train a ‘not so’ willing maleness for interesting ideas.

Part of that training was for him to be seeing boys trained. It was to be him with a realized understanding that males were more than what he saw everyday within her nation and most assuredly he was to comprehend that males are more than the nonsense that he had been raised with. So Victoria stood there outside the door of the government acquisitioned quarters of him. She abided there dressed in her conquistador’s black silken blouse, silver paisley vest, black pencil skirt, midnight stockings and perfectly adjusted stilettos. She held no tie around her neck but wore a silver locket closely chained around the button up shirt collar and she had her hair loose in an array of blond beauty so to be casual within this event and dare she have had whispered ‘training session’ in her head. No matter what she wanted him to relax and be natural self, so that it did give them those sensations of enjoyed closer bonding. It is for this reason she needed to dress casual but the event called for dressing up.

Yet, now that had no time any longer for thought due to the knock was delivered. She figured knocking on a male`s door is misplaced for she had full rights to enter a males rooms since they literally had limited rights. Plus, she had legal right to this male considering that he was under her protection since she had made arrangements that she was his protector in her nation. That was a good feeling for her, and something that held a load of importance in various ways but she was keeping such to herself. Or at least kept it to herself in most ways but she distinguished that he knew of the concepts of his limited human rights without her and limited human abilities with her. True, he had more laws helping him if he was with her, than without her, but still she hoped that he recognized it all. If he had not then she could eventually enlightened him, when and if she needed to.

The door swung open and it caused light to flood the darkness. She had chosen to not enter the living quarters. This was due to that she wanted him seeing how she controlled his movements and how he came to her, as she wanted him to. True, this needed started this in minor ways. She had been doing it for several days now and tonight maybe it was the lesson to teach in a more the more extreme. It could had merit to have him within the knowledge that he must follow command or the price is high, him and the lesson of doing what she had chosen as path and activity.

‘Yes, yes.’ Sounded in her thoughts as she looked at him and stated, ”We are late. It is into the car and once there you need to set in the passenger’s seat in the front. I have a driver tonight. You need to be watchful. And so do I. I will guide you through the night but remain close within the preset limits of normalcy. Otherwise, I will direct you. So front seat, no talking unless asked to.”

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