Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Cleansing

Jess`s nude curves are beautiful to gaze upon having Sara taking a deeper breath. It is watching pants be releasing to then be swiftly falling to Jess`s ankles. Then the blouse is slowly unbuttoning within tease. Jess lets it plunge slowly from the shoulders to reveal those beautiful round mounds of breast within the red lacey bra. Naughty orbs that already have peaked nipples and have the mind swim in the thoughts of sucking them into being even harder. Then as if that isn’t enough Jess is a lady who enjoys the ways of going commando of no panties. Thus, treats are so very easy to see. See, smell and want to enjoy for these are glistening with moisture in anticipation of the sharing that is soon to exist.

This is Jess`s first none heterosexual lovemaking. Jess is a virgin to the pleasures of enjoying sexual pleasure with a woman and this is scary for her but she is falling in love with Sara. Over the past year of their increasingly more interesting friendship, they both learn that each is all they want in a life partner. It is Jess`s decision to enjoy more with Sara. a This brings her to be standing at the edge of the bed`s foot and watching downward at a sitting Sara.

Sara is watching Jess disrobe by slowly removing each piece of clothing to those drops to the bedroom floor. The two beauties of thirty-something are beginning to enjoy an evening of lust. Or is it love, Jess thinks that she knows it is love and Sara is hoping that this is what makes it love without any doubt within either of their minds. No doubting of things for quite often girls enjoys playing a lesbian and hurt those who truly are lesbian. This does happen to Sara often for she has a way with the ladies no matter what their sexual orientation is.

So tonight Sara is choosing soft loving sexual pleasure for them. A lust filled love within the sensual arts of pleasure so that Jess sees that passion is more beautiful than all she can ever dream it to be. Tender lovemaking so that they become acquainted with enjoying the lust that they each have for each other. This brings about the need of a small table positioning to the bed`s right side and it possesses a white floral porcelain vanity basin of warm water that holds Jasmine Vanilla Oils. It is placing thereby Sara several moments ago. It is waiting there to be using the art of sensual cleansing prior to sexual sharing. Just as there is a hairbrush, a cloth of Egyptian cotton, Jasmine lotion and the loveliness of several silken ribbons of a long size.

Watching each other, just gazing at each other breathing deeply and wanting more brings Jess to say in nervousness “I hope I that I please you.”

“You have always pleased me, my love. Stand there; only stand there so that I may enjoy every pretty portion of you. Just let me enjoy the beauty before we….we….we….please relax and let me show you how much that I love you.” Then Sara comes to be kneeling before Jess. Looking up at Jess does have Sara then worshipfully kissing the very center of Jess`s tummy button, “Mmm, I love this woman.”

Jess stares down at Sara taking in the sounds, sight, and love that is exchanging between them. It automatically brings smiles and a hard swallowing of the lump in her throat. Jess notices the continuance of the nervousness coming from her lover. She understands that this is natural for the moment and it is to be soothing out slowly for its love between them. Jess soon is to see that Sara loves unlike most for her touch is always sexy sensual and the ways of love itself. Sara thusly smiles in mischievousness as she whispers ”I do bite but that comes later when we want to be kinky, my beloved.”

This brings an immediate giggling from Jess to have some of that nervousness wane. Jess even blushes for she knows that Sara finds sexual biting and nibbling to be the most arousing of naughty pleasures. It additionally another kiss to her tummy is tickling her creating giggles to be coming as those kisses find placing upon her soft skin due to Sara enjoying the tasting of the tummy.

Reaching for the warm cotton cloth that rests basin side Sara dips the cloth within to moisten it and wring out excess waters. Instantly the cloth is covering in the lovely Jasmine –Vanilla scented waters as Sara is bringing the cloth to caress the skin upon Jess`s hands and wrists. Sara is going to do a meticulously cleaning of each portion of Jess`s body. First, it’s the left hand then the right. Sara tenderly touches each hand within a gentle washing before each is set free and then the upper body is finding the continuous caress of the cloth to sooth out muscles and to bring washing to glisten on the skin. Soon each portion of Jess`s body is soothingly being loved within a cleansing by the cotton cloth. With that complete Sara begins the lustful treat of playing the washcloth over Jess`s torso and then onward to enjoying the touching and cleansing of the lower portion of the body. Sara does so until every cell is properly clean. Then the finely scented waters of Jasmine–Vanilla bring a beautiful aroma within the room. It is a lovely art this art form of teasing each portion of skin within cleansing rituals but with bathing complete Sara is now sitting on the bed along with Jess beside her.

Resting there staring at each other, looking deeply into the windows to the soul each woman smiles of the ways they so easily connect and of the soft passion displaying between them. Their energy is amazing and the ways Sara loves is intoxication for Jess. Jess isn’t surprised that this woman loves with more than only lust. She knows Sara; she loves her more because of this sensual heart that lay within her. Jess knows that the ways that Sara is within life and loving. Yes, she does and it is why she gives her heart, soul, mind and body to Sara.

Sara does hope that this ritual of sensual loving is chasing away all the bad tension and replaces it with that sexy naughty energy of lusty love. These two know how much they desire the other, but Sara is smart enough to know that first times are special, and tenderness must exist between them. There has been too much hurt, too much chaos and pain for each of them to simply just fuck each other for their first sexual encounter. So it is love, it is a soft lust and soon loads of cum and cries of passionate bliss.

Next, there is a raising of each hand of Jess`s up to Sara`s lips to kiss each palm with a loving passionate lust filled kiss and Sara giggles of it as she conveys, “See, now you are even tastier and if it is okay I wanna taste even more. I want to taste both sets of lips. Please?”

“Yes, please. What….and....and...” is sharing in the slight nervous voice of not know what she should do, for she is being treated very sweetly and is very much a giver and not a taker.

“Shh lay here and let me kiss you. Let me play lotion on your skin and permit me to show you how much I love every cell of you.” Sara then places Jess to be lying upon the bed as she takes to reaching for the lotion container that has the jasmine within it. Once she opens the bottle Sara begins to leisurely be massaging the lovely lotion into the soft supple skin of her lover. When the lotion is thoroughly covering Jess`s skin a passionate love filled kiss comes. She did say it is kissing and so Sara leans into share the beginning of more kisses as breaths entwine and nude bodies tease within lusty touching.

This sharing of bathing, lotion and kisses are making both women extremely wet within their individual womanly pleasure lips. It is seen within their eyes as they watch each other ever so closely while feeling those breaths becoming more rapid and their hearts finding high pacing in racing of the need of more than teasing. Yet, it is this patience and loving until the fiery lust takes over to consume them in a raw need to just fuck each other. It is to be the building of the tension and lust. Then the natural is going to occur and is to bring hours of pleasure.

Each kiss is diligent as Jess is giggling of the tickling of breath on her nose to have her states “You are so yummy in every way. I like being your virgin. You are just a whole other world of lust and love. Now kiss me more, I want to feel you down there….move down , my love. Tickle me there, drink my cum and have me one with you in every way”

“I am gonna fuck you one day and you will enjoy it. But today I will do this leisurely, so be patient and let me kiss these..” She then plays a soft kiss to those upper lips before saying, ‘ .. and then maybe you will get kisses upon your pretty pussy. ” Sara taunts of no more kissing as she giggles knowing that this woman is the most edible treat but Sara choose to continue this plan of hers. She has these kisses that she has in mind and these are of every kind and every type of tease within all the love that she knows of. Thus, ‘her’ Jess is to know love, feel loving lust and is to understand that two women can be love and more. Sara needs Jess to see the love and that there is to be only their love and Jess can feel again after all the abuse by others. So it is more kisses, more love and Jess falling into love and Sara falling into making it a forever.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Lucy`s Lawless

He drives his cycle all night to then drive the greater portion of another day just so that he can watch her from a distance. It is a significant distance of sitting on a bench at a park while she is gardener that attends the caretaking of the very same park. Yet after a short time of watching her Ian simply finds it all too much if he can`t touch Lucy after all that journey. If he has not the courage to enjoy what he wants with her then he simply needs not bother with her any longer. Thus, Ian, a man of mid-years and deep blue eyes with brown threads of silken hair, comes up behind Lucy to loop his left arm round her waist. Then as he says “Ian and I said that I would come.”

Then immediately his other hand comes to play within her fiery red tresses that smell like fresh daisies and summer jasmine. She feels him strong behind her and he almost possess her fully but holds a distance as she says ‘Kiss me, kiss me and I knew that you would.” Instantly Lucy feels a breath of hot air on the curve of her long fine neck as his mouth comes to kiss along the sweetness until he then demands to capture her lips as he turns her face to look at him. “I come to make you mine. No more online. I want all of you.”

She, in turn, looks into his eyes while saying. ‘Then be busy fucking me. I want you and it will be right here amongst these oak trees. I said that I am yours. Take me.”

Ian then nudges her backward until her backside meets the nearest oak tree. Instantly his lips arrive upon the soft skin of her neck making Lucy`s legs feeling weak from him being so close. Ian so near to her after falling in love with him and he having fallen for her. Tumbling deeply and of her knowing that he will love her into erotic ecstasy to afterward hold her within the love that she has grown to know that lay within his heart.

With each new kiss laying sweetly to seduce her into the heated high that eh desires to push her into she slowly has her breath taken by his growing passion for pleasing her through placing his love within each kiss. She watches him over her shoulder as he has turned to once more hold her from behind. Lucy like the ay he commands her and plays on her skin and it is causing her heart to be racing within these moments that are their destiny.

Then quicker than lightening Ian`s strong manly hands move up to in case her delicate shoulders where he begins to pin her between himself and against the tree. Immediately with this done and accompanying an intense gaze into Lucy’s eyes of green Ian`s powerful arms slip around Lucy to be pulling her hard into him as he presses to her. She can`t escape, she forced to be his and she so wants to be only his as she looks back at him with true pure lust. He wants her part of him, need she desperately wants the same and he wants to be within her now. He must mark her with his cum, kisses and all that he is. It doesn't matter if it`s public viewing for it is now and it is time for them to be in a sexual union.

In a mere breath, Ian is gradually unbuttoning the denim short jeans that Lucy is wearing. These he is slowly unzipping to be causing a gasping sound of anticipation with heated breathes to echo forth from Lucy. She next feels his strong hands on her breasts as he molds them in his palms while whispering, “I won`t fuck you today, I love you and yes, my cock wants your pussy. NOW!”

Lucy’s eyes dance of the way he tells her that it`s love between them and not just the lust that she know that he has of her. With that she purrs, “Mmm, then love me. And fuck me tomorrow.”

Swiftly Ian’s lips once more enjoy the pleasures of tasting the skin of Lucy`s neck as those strong hands of his slide leisurely down over her curves to her petite waist before he is nudging those unfastened shorts to the ground. Then he is turning Lucy around to be lifting her arms up into the air as he is kneeling in front of her. Kneeling her looking up into those eyes that have lust filled love within them as he leans in to press his moist lips to that little niche just before the beginning of the pussy mound. This is the sweet crisp line of a pelvis that is firm and leading to treating that is currently scented with arousal. Thus, he knows those lower lips are wet, hot and Lucy is definitely enjoying being horny. She is horny for him. Therefore, that brings a devilish smile know that his cock is going to be very happy thundering within that heated wet hole that eh intends to please for a few hours before they are forced to stop due to darkness and criminal elements in the park.

With this thought, Ian`s hands reach between Lucy`s long slender thighs to remove the flimsy piece of fabric that she wears to hide her moist womanhood. There is no need of panties today. Hell no! Which he whispers in he rear as she feels his fingers gently graze her sensitive lower lips as he pulls the panties down from the bottom by the crotch. “Nasty things when my girl is horny.” He proclaims as his lips take to kissing hers before she can respond.

With her wet pussy fully exposed to him Ian`s hands and body adjust them to be bending and being making ready for his cock find her wet lower lips a she hips graze her firm naughty ass. Lucy immediately feels the knob of his erection readying to meet her wet pussy as her thighs spread wider. She gets a thrill from feeling the air on her wanton womanhood for it`s cooling her as the heat rise from her need to be fucked by him. Thus, she trembles of the arousal that she is within as his hand is caressing her thighs and widening her legs to accept his gift that desires to pound her into an orgasm. Then again in his mind, he isn`t imagining only one but he needs to start this. Oh, hell yes, but then suddenly they both hear, “Violating the public works dress code and discretion practice of our city is punishable by you losing your job, Ms. Gates.”

Honey Dew and #2

Each drop of Honey`s dew flows from within to bring the creamy treat out for the tasting. Each sweet drop is a temptation that comes begging for lips to savor yet her lover lay there watching the sweet Honey`s dew lingering upon the soft silken skin. It is the skin, such beautiful skin that is enjoying the pleasures of a goddess within the divinity of lustful play. Play of sexual loving within the charms and arms of a lover that knows the ways of controlling the world of orgasmic wonder. It is a governing of it what is to build into a bliss of things that are more than a loving kiss with cuddling. It is a control of lust filled playing upon a sensual playground of pleasures that has the body quake within shake as the lovers scream out the high of holding the treats from building it for hours. It is the tease and pleasing to make orgasm upon orgasm as the hours' pass. Thus, this first climax is mere minor league as the need to build another is to exist with no kiss. So it is a lingering of lips that soon devour the sweet dew of this honey as the hands enjoy more teasing of those lower lips to bring the wish of a delicious number two.

Dark Dream

Her tresses of a brilliant shade of sun fire linger upon this pillow to bring this smile that seems endless when she is near. She lay here wrapping tenderly within these scatterings of silken sheets with me. She lay here breathing sweetly within slumber`s peaceful wake after hours of wild intense pleasure sharing. She did give her all to me. This fiery vixen of wild dark passions that lay here next to me did willingly give to me all that she can within the lustful play that can exist upon the playground of dark pleasures. She gives to me for hours within this day. Yet she will soon need more even though she now lingers within resting. She will soon awaken and once more she will be taken to a new high of bliss that is the most passionate of our mutual wishes. Our wishes, our kisses, our need and the ways we feed this need of pleasure with all its kinky ways. Oh yes, dream sweet raw kinky temptations that are filling with all the adventures that may ever be dark fantasy. Yet, she now sleeps, sleeps and dreams of me within all that will soon be.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Whiplash Ass

The power of her passions only is outweighed by the need of her to rise the kinky level to heights of the heavens and then cool you off with her wishes. “ Kneel she demands, kneel to the need. Beg for it; whisper my name in slow begging desire. Make me want to touch and find the pleasures to share with you.” Then as she snaps the leather whip, of six feet to caress the nude ass that awaits her touch, she is standing to look the part of the woman that can be pure dominance in lustful pleasures.

"Your ass, your ass and your ass. Hmm. What should I do with your ass?" She states as she stares at the nudity.

There comes no response. There only remains silence for if a word is spoken without permissions then that whip is to be more than a pleasures toy. Much more than a pleasure tool just as he is much more than pleasure, yet he is to learn when he may speak when he is to beg for pleasures and when he may shoot his jizz within her pussy. Yes, he did the unspeakable. Yes, he forgot of when he may shoot his load of cream within her hungry wet pussy. Did he ever when many long moments ago she exists there riding his cock cowgirl style, and he did not have the strength or stamina to withhold his release until she enjoys orgasm number four. He is very naughty of him indeed. Thus, there is the introduction of the whip and his ass will be tainted with it`s leather for four strikes of the long biting lash. Then she will pour lemon juice into his rising lash marks as she tells him how much she loves him. Oh yes, she loves him. But he must learn his duties to her before he enjoys the pleasures of being hers.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Awakening To No Love

"Yes, those wondrous sexy sensual four releases were wickedly delicious last night before sleeping, then it was scrumptious upon waking with two and it now is simply an orgasmic morning. Oh beautiful, oh yes.YUM!" She sassy states in semi-seductive tones as she is tossing her hair over her shoulder after her first night with her new lover. She stands there eying him as though he is so much less for her , for he is the former lover and no longer holds her, but he knows what it is like to hold her.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Love`s Wish

She sits daydreaming as the night begins to come to a close. It has been a busy day within her own world, yet it is not her world that she dreams of. It is their world that she dreams of as the night sky shines out of glistening stars. Yes, their world of two, of two beautiful women that are soul mates sharing true eternal love but they must exist in ways that are nights alone with days spending so very far apart. Apart from each other these two always are but together in their hearts they always are. So it`s dreaming, daydreaming, wishing and needing. Thus, it is upon paper of white one does write of dreams, daydreams, of wishes and a life that is of many whispers of ‘I wish.’

Tonight there is an, ‘I wish’. It is a wish of this:

“I wish you were coming home to be within my arms. In these arms that will hold you within all that love, that can ever exist. Come home to me where a sweet hot bubble bath of the purest spring scents and the loveliest caresses await. You are resting there lingering in bubbles so soft, as I play the terrycloth over your lovely curves while telling you of the dreams of my heart. You and I as the night come to a brilliant hue of midnight. Then it is I toweling you off as we then relax upon our large beautiful bed of silken sheets. Us sitting there smiling and kissing as you dry and we settle in. You leaning against my breasts as we relax back upon the headboard where the many pillows are bliss. Us, it is us in love as I brush your shimmering platinum tresses and you tell me your daydreams. Us, and then it is I reading erotica to you as you hold my hand to tickle it in tender touching with your fingertips. It is we liking our cuddling while we are enjoying the slow drifting into dreams. You and I, as the blanket come to cover. You and I, as night kisses are employed. You and I, as our hearts beat of endless joy. Us, as our eyes close, my arms hold you and our night dreams come within a loving sigh. Yes, you are coming home to me. Yes, it is a wish.

Do you know that my heart beats so very loud when I think of you? Breathing is almost impossible at times. Impossible. And when I think of my need of you is a maddening mix of needing and excited euphoria. I need you. Need to feel you in these arms. So, ‘you coming home’ to these arms. Hell yes, you should be coming home to these arms."

In her thinking, she does ponder. She stands there thinking of life and love. She does this as she watches the fully dark night sky knowing that her lover is now lingering within deep dreams and peaceful sleep. Yes, her lover does. Yet her lover exists thousands of miles far away. And in her thoughts, the dreams wind out and rewind so to bring a semi-smile. Only a semi-smile for it`s hard to be apart when it is these two hearts. Maybe one day it will change for them and it can be rearranged. Yet for now, it is this way for a time and a little while. It is this but still she whispers into the night “I wish you were coming home to be within my arms.”

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