Saturday, July 13, 2013

Naughty Goddess

Arms wrapping those strong well-built shoulders as she holds firmly to her beloved while feeling her back flat to the wall and his hands holding so very well. She misses this; the raw passion and the ways he knows that he may have her in any position or venue of his choosing. This is evident in how those legs of hers pull her into his torso making her breathe with him. It is his breaths, his kisses and her womanly treasure meeting his treat and that creates her deeper breaths. Deeper breaths as her legs wrap and she squeezes herself into him to then have her kisses coming dangerously primal upon his lips. She wants, and every touch that he plays upon her soft silken skin is an energy that only tightens all body muscles making the inner heat more powerful sensations. Ones that she wants to build upon for missing him is more than words of affection or glances of desire. It is the ways soul lovers make lust filled love when meeting after being denied their most primal pleasure.

He plays his fingertips in slow meandering tease over the softness of her ass as his body pins her to that wall of their wind temple home on Titania Prime. She may be wearing those ceremonial robes for her duties in Titania government but today she is not the Wind Goddess. Today at high noon she is his betrothed. His female that he long ago won and today he claims her once more after being distant for two years.

He is the immortal warlord of a not Neo-Immortal bloodline but she chooses him for he is all that she desires. Therefore, it is a homecoming, it is no sexual pleasure for two years and the passion is fiery from her. Yet he will play upon her skin in softness until she simply demands him to fuck her there. Teasing her is his specialty and she knows it. She does understand it is his way as every cell within screams of the blazing sexual need of him to be within her womanly sanctuary with his male hardness. However today she stops those hungry kisses to command, “Give it to me!”

He eyes her studiously seeing that she is hornier than he has ever known her to be. He then kisses her lips softly whispering, “No!”

In return comes the shocked reply of, “Huh?”

She is the dream lover. Her curves are magical within striking goddess form. Every pleasure that is the perfection of the humanoid female is this goddess of ebony tresses, eyes of angelic blue and a height of six foot one. Without a doubt, Augusta Cian is that which many lovers do seek. They come and she knows the power of her curves. So why in the name of all that is Titanian does this male deny her what is her sexual need. Why especially considering that he is her fiancĂ©. So she pushes him away to have her falling from wrapping him as she then moves from being between the wall and his body. He, in turn, watches her, as she is bewildered of the action that he is taking. He watches her move and it makes his cock even harder for her but he cannot enjoy her. Not just yet. “My love, please,” he states in a voice of wanting to ask her about the rumors.

She comes to fully glare at him in puzzling of what is while she straightens her Grecian robes of white. “Please?” She begins with trying to figure out what is going on. For seriously no one denies her the needs of the body when she wants them. “Santos, forgive me but” The she stops her ensuing question for she really hasn’t one but it`s that feeling of being pushed away. So she holds it but she wants to scream ‘what the Hell is it that you think that you are doing.’ However, it is nothing for he stares at her too and it's not a look she is enjoying but she knows to remain silent when he denies her something. He always has a reason, epic reasons for his actions in dealing with her. Yes, this is the first time she is denying her their togetherness so she returns that stare while waiting on him.

The silence in the hallway of the third floor within the grand Grecian-style temple is booming. It is booming and she dislikes it to the point of it forces out “Spill it, tell me! I am horny and you are home. Spill it or I am going to masturbate right here and force you to watch by imprisoning you in a wind prison.

Santos looks at her with a tint of the doubt but then he realizes that she has done just that prior today. She enjoys doing that to him when she demands his attentions and he is busy with duties. He knows she is a woman who no denies anything to and when they do she tends to render things as she wishes them to be. “Sweetheart, please…”
“Yes, it is please, please me and do it now! I missed you and who the hell said you can start my engine and turn it off?” comes sternly within a growing fire in tints of anger.

“Augusta please…”He begins again and this time, he is ready to plow through to ask her about the rumors of infidelity.
Yet he is instantly confronting dominance of female power that is embracing strong sexual need. “Santos, you will drop the pants. Drop them and give me what is mine. I can make it happen myself if you continue to remain there and not giving what is rightfully mine.”

He is now the one feeling shock .it easily displays on him, “You wouldn’t…” He challenges her while questioning her of the validity of the threat.

“Santos, I intend to fuck you. If you have a problem with it then close your eyes and pretend it is not happening. I want my male. You will please me. You will do this. Or I have ways of enjoying you that only please me. Wanna try me denying me again? ”

He doesn’t believe her. No, he doesn’t for she can't have such capabilities. Plus she hasn’t the heart to do that to anyone. Augusta is goodie under all that power and he knows it. He knows his lady inside and out. Thus, no she won't forcefully takes sexual pleasure from anyone. So he laughs about it and walks over to her to peer into those sparkling eyes that dance of fiery temperament. “Six foot two, platinum blond, blue eyes and demonic immortal. Do you know anyone like that? “ He states in demanding information of what he needs from her before he ever pleases she again.

She listens, looks at him in wondering what the statistics are for and then she retorts, “I know many who are like that. Why?”

“Apparently, you are marked by the Vampire Empress as her pleasure. Am wondering of she is sharing you? Turning you? Or you simply need to fuck pretty females while I am away?” Comes is firm stern querying of her recent sexual playmate.

“Jealous are we, Lord Santos.” Is shooting back for she figures that it is news about her plays of lust with her long-term lover. ”If you can`t keep it hard and hungry for me no matter who I bed then we apparently didn’t have the understanding that I thought that we make.”

He stares at her knowing that has an allowance of such for her when he is gone for more than a year. “You mated with her. You are in love with this damn Scorpio. It is all over the cosmos and talked of many realms. It is said you no longer even wish a male lover. Is that true’

She simply listens, doesn’t move and then remains silent as she sits in a nearby chair. She relaxes there, spreads her legs wide, and raises the robes to display her pantiless ass and firm muscular thighs. Then withdrawing away the last of the white silk robes from her torso there displays that bare pretty pussy. As she does so she gazes at him daring him to enjoy the view. ”As I said, I need and if you don’t please me then I will please me.”

He smirks of her “No, you can`t have the pleasure of me watching you cream the chair.” With that, he turns away to then proceed down the stairs.

Augusta on the other places her finger just right there on the tender nub of her lovely lower lips. Her long strong index finger is beginning a soft smooth circular motion. ”It will be delicious and Scorpio will be here for dinner. Too bad you won`t be watching her make love to me.”

Say It

Every lick of his beast comes as pleasure with her luscious hungry lips encircling as the deep sweetness of it plunge within. It is the treat to meet the need for she thirst for his taste. His salty sweetness that comes in long gooey strands of perfection. These so delicious that she renders her goddess self to kneel before this mortal man to beg of him to render unto her that which she is obsessed with. Her obsession want is him, his scent, his taste and the way she gives to her after she devours the creamy strands. Oh yes and then he simply says, “Say, say it and tell me.” And within the suckling, within the needy thrust of him driving with her lips as the pulsation grows she whisper “John, John, oh..” Then once more she devours him within her wet warm mouth in hope of getting her after supper drink.

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