Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Raw Wild Things

Raw wild things are within this passion.
Sweet sensual love is given without ration.

Wild lovely caress is as soft as a hungry kiss.
Happiness is here and will be missed.

Take this hands that is now shared.
It comes with a soul that can’t be compared.

Allow this heart to give its eternal love.
Wrap in its truth that comes from above.

Come revel within corridors of this mind.
Follow each path so you may entwine.

Follow to this soul that is yours now and the past.
Come enjoy a love that will last.

Raw wild things are waiting for you.
A love that is exciting and forever new.

Bring thy gaze to only look this way.
Come do render all of you on this day.

Do give the pleasure of all of you.
So that love will be eternally true.
True love, you will find.
If only you chose to be mine.

This woman is all that you need.
Look towards this way and you will see.

We are wild raw things in all of Time.
Our love is a special is what you will find.

It is special in every way of existing.
We special and are raw wild things.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Longing Soul

To entwine within thy sweet caress, to play my soul over yours, so as to entice you to bring you to me. This is the way of my longing soul. It reaches to hold you so as to be wrapping you within the passion that is within me. I long to have you understand how much your very breath tickles my sense and as it has me desire to be with only you. This sensation does grow in steps of leaping bounds. I wish to entwine to help you smile and feel the passion that our souls may enjoy.

Then you touch. It is a quaking that slowly rumbles over my flesh as your touch smoothes upon it. The ways my skin comes suddenly and intensely alive with heat driving my mind into the need to bring some control over me. It is a must to control this, for in moments the blazing need to find erotic bliss in your arms will consume me. Then nothing will stop me from reaching forth to grip your waist to pull you into me.

Oh yes, I want that body of lovely female curves covering mine. It is a wish that these curves of yours are against mine in hard playful, loving lusty caress. I want to please you as only I may. This need of mine is so easy shown for my entire body is glowing with the desire to be with you. My eyes do a dance in the desire to show you this need that I have. My mind drowns in erotic sexual thoughts of pleasing you. My heart races in thundering pulse to share a love with you. My body screams, it glows of lust and everything is so alive with you so near. My soul whispers in chanting of you, it calls your name and my soul demands to entwine with you.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Lord And His Lady

My Lord`s rough fingers tease me so sweetly. He the Lord of the manor torments me into wishing to be within the charms of his strong willing arms. He beckons me to feel the pulsations of his solid body against mine, as we then are to dance into the bliss of pleasure. This is the sweet beautiful of motions within of all that he may ever wish of me with the rapture of the night and his bed. He has come to take, to steal this woman into the ways of being in the house of his keeping. He folds his arms around my body in a possession while whispering in my ear. “Lady, lady of my desire come, come unto me and let`s enjoy all that is passion`s fire.”

Then he pulls away from me. He looks at me in that way of silently saying that I am his treasure. His pleasure to be sweetened with his lust and feasted upon until my breath is taken. So it is without a hesitation and with great suddenness, he yanks me into him to be against is a strong chest that has his heart beating a rhythm that is only for me. With a gasp that is wrapping in the knowing of what is coming, I look up into his eyes that shine of the power of his passion. He wants, it’s to be as he wishes and no one will stop it. None is to come between his need for me, as he whispers nothings within his breaths of breathing in my ear. Nothing but it is something, it’s a billion things and it`s not more than all the dreams of me.

Then I feel him, feeling his need press against my thighs. It is his need and my want of being the woman that he pours that craving into and fills with the bliss of his seed. Him and he says, “Here, now, here and let them watch you enjoy what is forever only yours.”

My eyes dazzle within a dance of being his public muse, yet it is he who is to be my public play toy. He does permit me the play of my passionate lust to come between us. He wishes me to take him here. To enjoy his fleshly beast and his kisses, his hands and to rise into the woman that is his powerful temptress and lady of his manor. Yet looking up into his eyes my smiles softens as he then nudge me by spanking my ass with is firm open palm. It snaps out into the room of fellow Lords as he raise an eyebrow that is intention of ‘do as I bid, my love.’

I then lean up to kiss his lips, a proud kiss, a deep kiss, and one that is possession`s truths. With eyes lowering my heart does tinker within the tossing of taking him in such ways of dominance and yet the thrill is there to grip me into. I am the submissive possession of him and still am the lady of his life. Yet on this evening, I am to be the power, the player of lust’s needs and the woman who truly owns this man of power.

Thus, in not a whispering but within proud boastfulness there comes, “My Lord wishes to entertain his fellows. Come gentlemen of the industrial world to watch him be mine. Come titans of power to watch a lady weave her spell upon her Lord until he begs her to release her cream.”

Then slipping my delicate fingers around his silken tie I grip it snuggly to then yank him to me, to next have me pulling him along as I stroll to the massive ornate stone table that lay in the center of the room. It is the table of tasks that are of power plays and it is the daily keeper of the documents that are empires of the world. Yet, on this eve, it is a bed of lust, a pallet of passion`s need for my Lord is to lie upon it. He is to lie here for me. He is to be my toy and pleasure treasure. I have missed him, and he has been away much too long from his homeland and his woman. The rumours of his not being mine must cease and the power that I have to wield in his absence must now be making as legitimate truths. Thus, he stands by his woman and all that she has done in his name. He positions with her on all things and on this night everyone is to see that she is master as much as he is hers. Yes, hers and his empire are to be strengthened once more and my reputation must come as an additional salvation.

With him willing within following every step we come to the table. He stands there looking down at me with love and lust as he sees within my eyes the need for him to heed. A smile sweeps his lips as he solidly proclaims, “My wife, my life, and my law.”

He then slowly kneels before me looking all the while into my eyes of green that possess an only love of him. Leaning downward as my long wavy brunette tresses feather out to frame my face as I come forth to be within a breath from kissing his lips. This has my hair tickling his face, it encompasses him while I state “We are one. The empire is ours.”

With a heaving tugging of my grip upon his tie, the commanding of his needs wanes not. He rises up, ascends up to keep stare into my eyes as I back him against the table with my forward strutting. His ass firmly presses the stone table`s edge as I nudge him backward “Up, my Lord.” Comes the stern command.

He leans forward to kiss my lips to then lift his strong male body up to stand upon the stone table. Watching him brings my hands to softly caress from his mid calves upward to his inner thighs while I declare, “Mine, wholly mine and please ladies watch for tonight you see that I bed with no other man.”

Then reaching for the zipper of his pants I finger it making a visual declaration of my intentions. My Lord stretches forth with one hand to allow me to grip it. In one swift tugging up I come to stand upon the table too. Standing in front of him as he kicks the parchments and etc. to the sides. Then kissing me he then watches me slowly kneel yet I continue the loving playful stare into his eyes. He smiles of what is coming and his hands next release his leather belt to then snap it from his waist. He afterwards wraps it around his own neck creating submissive`s collar. He grins of it as I giggle to thereafter pull that zipper down and release fastenings of the black dress pants to his ankles for those easily fall.

It is freedom to view the nudity that lay beneath. It is an ass so firm that it`s rock hard. It is his thighs powerfully strong with a muscular build and that beast that is mine. Owned, he is hard, a full girth of massive pulsation within a good eight inches to command as mine. It throbs; it is in need to fill and spill within that tightens of a woman who knows the ways pleasure.

With one hand my Lord pushes me to twirl around. My black evening dress does feather out in an array of a dancer spinning into the passion of her dance. It additionally displays the great lack of panties that lay underneath. It shows the well shaven womanly treasure that is soon to be taking what is rightfully hers to possess. Then with a mere pull of the one tie on the dress`s backside, it makes the sleeveless elegant evening dress fall to the table`s top revealing the partial nudity of the woman that is his. With this, I purr as the cooler air meets my skin and the display of my breasts that are wrapping in a black lace bra comes to have a view of nipples rock hard. We both know that it is a turn on for both of us to be watched by anyone. Especially, if it is viewing by this conservative crowd who is trying to take what my Lord has lawfully earned as his empire with the title of prince of his peers.

Once more my Lord finds and possesses one of my hands to pull his woman hard against him. Then it is a swift possessive kissing, a passionately blazing lusty kissing that sears of fire and the need to be one within all that we are. In doing so he wraps both of his large open palms of both around my nude ass. He grips it, squeezes it, feels it and presses my slender frame into him to have me melting against him. We are one, we are beautiful lovers upon the stone table of world power. Then with a nudge of his knee he parts my thighs to have my legs separate enough to be ready for him to lift me up. Next with an ease of effort he is raising my body upward by looping his arms under each thigh to have me cradled there. It is up, and my legs are wrapping his thick torso while my arms embrace his strong shoulders. It is holding close with him carrying his woman there, as he states, “Watch, if you wish but by morning you each will wish that you were me.“

As he holds me solid he is giving view to our oneness as he kisses me passionately but it is much more than unity. It is my Lord showing why he owns this woman, why he pleases her and why he allows her the power of his kingdom. It is also naughty for it is easy to see his thick cock tower in hardness. It a beautiful eight inches of full girth and it throbs in need of pleasing. It pokes and bounces on my ass cheeks to encourage me into an even higher arousing. Everything within me wants this fleshly beast of pleasure within me. My vaginal canal aches to feel, it wants to suckle it, to pull it deep within and to then ride out the storm of our mutual lust. Riding it, owning him and him filling me with his priceless seed. Next with our kissing waning into nibbles my Lord moves his arms upward, as I hold to embracing and then as he does I can feel his cock`s peak coming to caress through the valley of my ass. It is arriving to rest upon my moist lower lips. It gives to sweetly tickle them as those drip of honey causing my breath to deepen in the preparation for the taking of him. He looks into my eyes knowing that all my muscles have tightened in need of having him within me. He blows me a kiss and winks as he then suddenly is sliding his girth within my tight willing pussy. It`s wildly wet, it`s hotter than Hell`s heat with already to orgasm but I hold for he needs too.

“Tristan! Put down her! Immediately!” comes the thunderous shout from the woman who controls all.

Every muscle within my Lord instantly shudders into nervous tension as I come stone still while whispering. “Your mother, oh my god.”

Needless to say, the party comes to an abrupt end, and the queen saunters over to inspect things closer while she is giving us a good look over to what is happening. Then she has that glare of ‘how dare we’ while stating, “This is not what I intend by giving me a grandchild to present as an heir to show the public our next generation. “

The entire room is stalk still and my Lord is slowly lowering me to the table having me terrified of what is next. This gives the queen room to command “Next time we have a royal orgy we do invite the queen but for this eve you will take my daughter in law to a bedroom. Do it immediately at that!”

Then my Lord bows within his stature to respect his mother and the evening commences in a much more subdued atmosphere of no orgy and a dream of the bedroom that is to be coming.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


With a sigh, Victoria adjusted her two-inch high stilettos upon her feet for these were once more not fitting well even though her Houseboy was desperately attempting to make them feel more comfortable. Yet tonight nothing suits her fancy and he knew it. He knelt there in front of her upon his scarred knees looking sadly at the rug beneath him whilst not saying anything to his Mistress. He couldn’t but Victoria didn’t need him too either, after all, her sincerely wished to currently dress within looking stylish enough to be able to present herself neatly before her comrades at the club. She found this a great need on this eve due to the guest that she has demanded to join in on the tri monthly ritual conduct training. “By the Goddess, if these shoes were half of what they were before you repaired them then my feet could dance within for a decade. Yet boy, you seem to muck all the good out of tasks this week. One day, I will figure that your worth is not even the food scraps that you are deemed as honest rewards for care taking duties. Now get busy. Fix the straps one last time and expect to be cropped upon my return home this evening.” She looks at him through eyes of darkness that were within frustrated assurances that she was carried too far into irritation to deal with him having not provided her with the services of quality that she needed for her personal dressing. ”You will have the riding crop at the door. You will kneel within bare maleness before me and expect discipline once you provide proper homecoming.” With not even having had looked down at him when he adjusted the strappings she walked away upon having felt his fingers depart the fastening. “You have your tasks, boy. Do not disappoint when I return. I will be bringing back your brother in submission. You will find him in need of training but he will one day be sharing your scraps.”

Another sigh as her silver grey paisley dress vest had felt like it had joined in on things to make her evening uncomfortable. She wanted to dress casual but tonight was an elegant evening of drinks, a training display and the initial show of new slaves for purchase later in the month. These existed as unique slaves, not the sort that was simplistic houseboy-common slave but servants for a higher design, ones that were bred for sexual agendas. They were the sorted lot that was trained in ways of pleasuring women, these males had decent enough genetics and tend to come from upper middle class families but still have been bred to understand the domestic talent of sexual-personal servitude. This tended to have involvement of the understanding that it was a buyer beware policy for usually upper class educated women like Victoria enjoyed the comforted relations of arranged male companionship through an exchange of males. These were males that were belonging to and bred in the more elite families. Or it could be said that the usual route was a male that come from well-bred stock and not random genetics of the middle classes. Thus, it was understandable that quite often these males of this sort that were on purchase display were genetically disallowed to reproduce. Consequently, their only purpose was to give sexual pleasure and if it was pleasing then they could be kept as pleasure mates and not bonding mates. Yet if they don’t serve these were to easily be sacrificed at any point. Therefore without doubt these were limited in price and almost worthless but these studs of pleasure merely were entertainment for women who tend to get bored with whatever male that does whatnot of sexual pleasure required for the dominant female that owned them. It came as purely ownership and this secret society of PEER tended to serve that function along with it provided an outlet for sexual deviance too.

Yes, deviant in nature. Divergent against government laws in concern to proper relations and deviant over what society felt as normal sexual conducts between female persons and maleness. Thus, it was easy to comprehend that such wasn’t a public event nor was the society anything less than clandestine in all their dealings. But instead this event of this night was one that needed invitation, and gifted to women of a certain class standing. Tonight there was to be four males that were to be viewed and arrangements were set to inspect them. If a Trader/Buyer wanted fresh stock then it was to be claimed as club knowledge that processes begun on this night.

Victoria had not wanted any fresh studs or fresh anything from recent acquisitioned males but still a need for her to be at this event existed suddenly. Especially after coming to meet him. It had instantly swarmed her thoughts for she promptly had a desire to be pleased by a need to acquire a particular understanding between her and this foreign male. This understanding arrived when she saw that he felt that he was equal to females, equal to the intellect that was her very own and equal to social privilege in her nation. She knew different of course and that attracted her even more to the ideas in her high seed concept creation of her future. In fact, Victoria for the first time in her young life of forty years old saw the possibilities of new pleasures, the probabilities of higher social status and the potentials of interesting achievements that had no rival in her nation. No indeed there were not any thing or anyone who caught her attentions quite like ‘sci-fi boy’. She liked what he represented in her nation, and she enjoyed that he behaved as he did. It had dangerous parts to it but she thrilled in seeing how he thought, how he acted and how her peers treated him. Victoria knew that her world of career oriented dominant woman, in a female dominant society, could exist with a bit of new genetics if she chose such.

Therefore Victoria made plans and attempted to understand this new boy, this ‘sci-fi boy’ who worked with her on this high profile project within her university department. So why take him to outings? Simplistic answers existed as the answer. After all each boy in the nation needed to be trained in some form or another. Even more so she saw this as public relations too. For being seen with him and having opportunities to show that he abided by her wishes made her more publicly visible and more overtly respected as powerful popular female. It additionally gave moments that displayed him under her protection and that hopefully made him trust her. She wanted that for he is also seen as an investment in bloodlines and career. Therefore, it led to being understood as the chance to train a ‘not so’ willing maleness for interesting ideas.

Part of that training was for him to be seeing boys trained. It was to be him with a realized understanding that males were more than what he saw everyday within her nation and most assuredly he was to comprehend that males are more than the nonsense that he had been raised with. So Victoria stood there outside the door of the government acquisitioned quarters of him. She abided there dressed in her conquistador’s black silken blouse, silver paisley vest, black pencil skirt, midnight stockings and perfectly adjusted stilettos. She held no tie around her neck but wore a silver locket closely chained around the button up shirt collar and she had her hair loose in an array of blond beauty so to be casual within this event and dare she have had whispered ‘training session’ in her head. No matter what she wanted him to relax and be natural self, so that it did give them those sensations of enjoyed closer bonding. It is for this reason she needed to dress casual but the event called for dressing up.

Yet, now that had no time any longer for thought due to the knock was delivered. She figured knocking on a male`s door is misplaced for she had full rights to enter a males rooms since they literally had limited rights. Plus, she had legal right to this male considering that he was under her protection since she had made arrangements that she was his protector in her nation. That was a good feeling for her, and something that held a load of importance in various ways but she was keeping such to herself. Or at least kept it to herself in most ways but she distinguished that he knew of the concepts of his limited human rights without her and limited human abilities with her. True, he had more laws helping him if he was with her, than without her, but still she hoped that he recognized it all. If he had not then she could eventually enlightened him, when and if she needed to.

The door swung open and it caused light to flood the darkness. She had chosen to not enter the living quarters. This was due to that she wanted him seeing how she controlled his movements and how he came to her, as she wanted him to. True, this needed started this in minor ways. She had been doing it for several days now and tonight maybe it was the lesson to teach in a more the more extreme. It could had merit to have him within the knowledge that he must follow command or the price is high, him and the lesson of doing what she had chosen as path and activity.

‘Yes, yes.’ Sounded in her thoughts as she looked at him and stated, ”We are late. It is into the car and once there you need to set in the passenger’s seat in the front. I have a driver tonight. You need to be watchful. And so do I. I will guide you through the night but remain close within the preset limits of normalcy. Otherwise, I will direct you. So front seat, no talking unless asked to.”

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Small Talk At The Pub

He simply gives that grin of ignoring her. He knows her type. She is all sex and hot to be in his pants. He has what it takes to please her, but he refuses to be the 'fuck stud' any longer for these women who use him and last a few weeks. He wants more than her pussy to have his possession. He is after her heart, but she is refusing to give it to anyone. So with not even a further glance in her direction, he coldly states, “I hear that you enjoy masturbation just as much as you like sucking cock. So enjoy that. I have this beer to babysit.”

Naughty Thought

Sexy, do bring it and see how much you will still beg for more of me.Come now.We can soon be sharing oceans of creamy cum. Come sit on my knee and kiss me. Kiss me like you need to own me. You want it, you need it and come to a place that tongue right here. Right here to lick my lips. Tease them and let my purr of how much I enjoy your thigh wrapping my hips as much I need your ankles locking around me. Lust locked lust`s need and then let us work on bringing the treats of you to me.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Big Bad Llew

Llew has her standing before him. He likes when they do this, he greatly enjoys how she is his and does what they both enjoy without them inclining to be too much. Tonight's Saturday night and it’s usually a sports night with TV but tonight it is different. It is Saturday and they are in the bedroom with him sitting looking at her and remembering the week that they share. He smiles and thinks of how she has seen nothing yet.

Sandra looks at him and smiles for she knows he loves her in his mind and can see they are going to enjoy playtime. He is dressed in his favorite button-down white dress shirt; his finest black dress pants and is wearing his best naughty smile. His smile tells her that he is up to something but in all honestly the dress up is not usual for they are casual in their home. Sandra likes when they play when they thrill in a bits sexual roleplaying in their bedroom. She longs for the sensual adventure of how he sets up evenings and romance that brings them to understand that passion is extremely strong in their relationship. She likes how he takes the time to set up date nights, theme evening and silly events to just surprise or not surprise.

Sample is Monday and Thursday. Monday, it comes to be a lunch picnic at her office desk. It exists as a surprise of sandwiches, a sinful dessert, and her favorite iced tea drink. It could be seen as ordinary but Llew arrives with a checkered large square scarf. He moves things around a bit, then spreads the scarf on her desk before he is pulling out the fold up stool that he brings and in seconds, he is sitting out the minor picnic lunch. The world stops for them when he does this. He does it periodically when Mondays are just hard. He likes romancing her and having her know how much he adores her and needs her happy. It flows over into Thursday when he picks her up from work early to walk her along the busy midtown street but upon leaving her office building he blindfolds her with a new red silk scarf telling her it's a gift but there is more. They walk and she trusts him and in less than twenty minutes he is having her standing inside his favorite pub. He sits her on the seat in the corner as brushes her facial cheek softly with a red rose before then handing it to her while removing the blindfold. Then he orders drinks, just a nice drink or two before they wonder home from the long day. It is just a break and a little extra romance that he needs as part of his life and it brings her the feeling of him loving her and wanting her in his life.

On this Saturday night, Llew is having Sandra wearing a black blindfold, and black lacy ribbon tying in a bow around her beautiful full round breasts while she is wearing matching lacy girlie panties. He stands upward to next be having Sandra clasping arms behind her strong back. He does this to then be whispering in her ear, “Mine! Mine, my darling, and I want you to enjoy every treat tonight.”

Then he walks to stand in front of her to allow her time to smile and think as she replies, “Can barely wait for you to unwrap me to do everything that that makes us smile.”

That has Llew cracking the biggest sinful grin. It is delicious and Llew most definitely has a smile that women fall easily into. With that he walks over to the nearby dresser to then be reaching into the top drawer. This one is the toy drawer and he takes no time in grabbing a length of black lace ribbon. Then he is placing Sandra’s hands on either of her elbows to next be wrapping the lace around her forearms until her arms are secure. After this Llew softly kiss each wrist and to say “Bad girls need special treats. You didn’t eat your veggies at dinner.” He chuckles of it while knowing that she did, but an excuse comes as a must for the play and so he makes one.

In a moment, Llew is nudging and positioning Sandra back against the bedroom the wall. With a kiss to her lips, she remains quiet knowing that he is in the process of doing, something that they both do enjoy. Slowly he teasingly tugs the bow around her breasts until its untying. He breaths deeper with watching them be fully revealing with those aroused nipples that stand at full attention. She likes the sensations that flow through her as the lace unveils them. Such is sensual sensations that make her a Lil bit wet within her womanly lips. He likes teasing her until she is too wet and needs him within her. Thus, he easily comes to breath cooling breaths upon her erect nipples to have them pop a little more into firmness. Then in quickness, he lightly nips the right nipple to then blow a hot breath on it. Sandra moans of the feelings and squirms as his hand comes to press to her tummy forcing her to remain against the wall. As she settles into calming the sudden need to have him do more of the beautiful tasting Llew leans in to flick a licking to the left nipple as he kneels in front of her. Then without a hesitation, her plants his lips fully upon that erect diamond shaped sweetness and suckles it hard into his mouth. He captures it, owns it and tugs it until it slips from his lips.”Mmm, oh Sandi, you are to be fucked tonight?”

Madness sweeps her, she likes that growling sensual deepness voice tone that he says when he is going to be naughty in playfulness and make her his toy. This has her squirming within need to have him taste more of her breasts, to touch her, to own her and the impatience is strong but Llew sends her firmly back against the wall saying, ”Behave or I will eat the chocolate all by myself.”

Within chuckling of how unrealistic that is, Llew stretches his arm out to have his hand remove an ice cube out of the glass of water on the nearby night table. Then he suckles the drippings of the cold water off it but he also wants his saliva on it. Holding within his fingers Llew brings the ice to play barely in sweeping tease over Sandra`s right nipple. The nipple rises harder in it’s peeking until the little bud is solidly hard. Sandra cries out of the sensations of tingling cold and of the warmth is returning as she comes into higher arousal but Llew continues teasing the nipple until it`s fully firm and Sandra`s moans are steadily giving him a thrill. Such easily has his cock rock hard and twitching in his dress pants. Yet, he isn`t done, he is far from done even though he is making sure that the tiny peak of flesh is hard and chilling in a frigid tension. He wants her sensing the coldness and feeling the ways of heat coming and going upon her. It’s a minor pleasure but it’s sweet when he earns her enjoying it in such sensual songs of then begging him, “More, more. Don’t stop. Please, the left one too.”

No man needs more encouragement than his woman pleading for more to inspire him into giving more. Especially when it’s going to please them both. Hence, Llew turns to placing the ice cube to touch the left nipple. He sits it there on the peak of it making the wet drip due to the heat rising from the fleshy mound. He allows this to slowly almost freeze the skin and have the nipple harder than it is prior. He also wants that heart racing in pacing so that Sandra cannot resist enjoying, even more, sensations. She purring, whines and moans of the pleasure of the arousal that comes for her nipples are extremely sensitive and these do so easily give into creating higher arousal that glistens in wetness upon lower lips.

With Sandra’s deeply appreciating his teasing of icy treats Llew breathe bursts of breath against her breasts as he suckles to then nibble those harden mounds of tiny pleasure centers. He next slides the ice cube along the leg of her panties until it is at her crotch. He rolls the cube along and then slips it under those panties to slowly tease it to caress Sandra`s moist pussy lips. Thus brings a gasping cry of pleasure to ascend from within Sandra. Llew chuckles of it and rises to kiss her lips and as he does the phone rings and he curses of it for he knows it`s her work calling and she must answer it. She must and usually on Saturday nights she must go into work to deal with issues that truly could wait, but she goes. Thus, he walks over to the phone to bring it to her ear. In a matter of moments, it is the truth and he kisses her allowing her freedom and she sternly states “Be ready for me when I come home. You will finish this! Understood, my big bad Llew?”

Llew is sad, he really wants to please her and honestly, it is hellishly difficult to stop but he does. He does and he will be her big bad Llew when she returns home to him but for now, he helps her dress and figures it is a bit of TV for amusement while she is at work.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Scotsman`s Promise

His journey to her come wrought with dangerous ways for he escapes the tyranny of the eastern hordes. He is a man of wealth and education that is forced to kneel to the chaos of wars against his people, yet he saves his queen. He sends her into the deep heart of his former kingdom so that once she may live and bring his family the heights of glory once more. That day long ago he makes a promise that he shall find freedom from enslavement so that he to then shall enjoy the seclusion of peasant ways. A peasant living in the ancient meager tribes of his strong ancestry and she is to be his night. His queen and kingdom begin to rise from near death tonight to be the glory of his life and so she is to feel the hardness that lay under his proud Celtic tartan.

She waits for him within the chambers of the meager life of a humble earthen dwelling and a bed of sheepskins that are scenting of her wild Scottish ways. She is a woman of middle years. A woman of blazing red tresses that come in a sea of waves to tickle his skin and her eyes of deep ocean blue melt his sternness when she gazes upon him. She is strong warrior female who is to birth their son that is to bring his hereditary the power of being once more strong upon this Isle of ancient ways. He smiles of how her beauty is that which outweighs others. She is the most exquisite prize for his heart and bed. She is worthy to be kingly treasure for she is beauty within and without. He smiles about it for through her he is going build his kingdom strong once more. She is his rock, the kingdom`s cradle and she are the melting of his cold soul.

Tonight he is going to melt her into his strong arms and into the creamy dreams that she is longing to make real once more. He is to love her within his endless lust. Loving her within passionate desire until she screams of the pleasure of his manly treasure bring the cream that is to bring them in a union once more. And with that his quilt is feeling tighter and his mind is dizzy with needing her touch as lips need to bless her with his kisses. Love her; just as he long ago did when he made his solemn promise of return.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Possession`s Touch.

The touch...
It is the pleasure of touch.
It is my need of the plays of his lust.

His touch.
His fingers that linger mean so much.
He is seeking, him stirring me with touch.

Touch that I need so very much.
His touch is the possession of my lust.
Him, in possession of me, is what is a must.

Master's touch.
Touch me, touch me is my plea within all trust.
Touch me and own me within your touch.
It is touch me there, touch me, just touch.
I need to be yours ever so much.
That is it continue to touch me, just touch.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cuffs & Giggles

Swift as the wild winds he captures her in his arms.
Over his shoulder as he whispers of how is will charm.
Taken to be given more love than ever known.
He will mark her, play lust on her skin and make her is own.

She giggles of his need knowing that he is greedy tonight.
He wants and she doesn’t mind being his delight.
He holds her firm as she wiggles, but he holds ever so right.
Then he tosses her to that bed knowing it’s a Lil kink for the night.

Then she reaches up to the nightstand to bring the cuffs.
With a sly smile, she teases, “Can we play rough?”
He chuckles of her desire to says, “You are not that tough".
Then she collects the metal bracelets to say. “Oh, I will be enough.”

He stands there thinking this could be fun.
He grins a lot more to see if she is sure.
Then she says, “The cuffs are for you, you are the one.”
He is shocked and yet is willing to explore.

She giggles and wiggles upon the bed.
He watches her still wondering is she truly will.
Then crawling to him she rattles the cuffs “On the bed, Fred.”
He comes to do as she has told to bring her thrill.

Erotica Shorts August 7 - Version 2

His Energy

She can feel his energy consume hers and she likes how it comes within the ways of his finger barely touching her skin. It sends electric shivers through her until her panties are soaking with the wetness that he so easily brings. It has her longingly gaze into his eyes in begging wish for more and for him to explore her until she breathless from him filling her. Filling needs, her mind, soul and owning that heart as her body lays there in need of more. The thought of it is almost having her reach that twilight high of climaxed euphoria. Thus, as he lovingly smiles at her she quakes as she purrs, “Please, please may we again?”

All I Wanna Do

All I wanna do is kiss you and feel you on my skin.
You with me and us enjoying all that may ever be.
It is you with me to be finding pleasure in kinky sins.
You with me - all that I wanna do is have you exist within me.
It is you playing kisses upon my skin making my heart spin.
It is you bringing me higher, and more on fire as you please me.
Yes, you with me, you within me and you with that devilish grin.
Yes, all I wanna do is have you with me and making it a “we’.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Erotica Shorts - August 7


He whispers he allows the teasing of his breaths upon my soft silken skin until my body runs in shivers of the ways that lust does quiver within my every cell. His breath teasing in heat as fingers linger to pleasure my skin as he brings his lips to meet, to meet my skin in a precious tenderness of a kiss. Love`s kiss within a wish to tease me into begging to be more with him. It is more while we explore all the lust that is a must between us. Him, his whispers, his fingers and my need to be with him as the soft moans flow to share all that we may ever dare.

Loving You

I love you; it is with my every kiss to give us bliss. I love you; it is in my voice when it whispers to you. I love you; it is my touch saying that you are every wish. I love you; it is in my eyes that smile when I think of you. I love you in ways that are beyond all that is life and this. I love you in ways that are forever and eternally true. I feel you, and I love you. I love you and always will too.


“Awake unto me, my queen, awake and be mine.” He whispers in that sexy sensual baritone voice. He looks at me as I wonder of hours and the time. He waits not for the reply and gives me no choice. He kisses me; he takes me to him saying ”Mine.”

Window View

He likes it here in front of the window. He likes to play out our dirty fantasies for the world to see. He likes to show the world how much he pleases me. It is beautiful when he teases me there in full view to be giving a view of how my body trembles of his touch and of how much I need him. He likes everyone seeing how much he pleases me. He likes them knowing how he so easily owns me as the pleasures of his fingers; hands, lips and eventually so much more do explore me. He is one who enjoys being watched, he thrills in the way people look at me being given the desires of my womanly needs. He is my ‘dirty sexy’ lunch date that places the cream in coffee and the screaming moans in my lustful song and while the world watches.

Erotica Shorts - August 6

Enjoying You

Every touch within its tease is the pleasing that my skin desires as we slowly build the inner fires to have us pleased. Hotter heat within wonders lust until the sweet wet flows to have you know how much I truly need to enjoy you so, enjoy and feel our lust continue to grow. Every touch, every breath is wild sensations arriving within thrilling me into filling me and to lust spilling from within me. So hold me to have us covered in cream, covered in streams of sweat within out dreams of sharing lust while the passionate screams arrive between us between us.

Bubbles Caress

Every bubble is your touch upon my silken skin as the waters swim to embrace me, as you would hold me to then scold me for being a naughty dirty girl for teasing you while I had sat across from you pleasing me. It was I teasing you as you watch the cream stream while you do not touch but wanting it ever so much. So now I am teased with bubbles teasing me but still teasing you as the bubbles flow and meet my treat of womanly needs. You watching and liking it as every portion and pleasure do desire to have you more than teases. Yet clean it must be for you will be enjoying every pleasure that is me.

She Is My Symphony

Her body is the finest instrument of musical pleasures.
Her music is the most beautiful of all symphonies to ears.
Playing to her need is a must until it`s bliss in all measures.
It is bliss to be as she sings her love song for me to hear.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Showered In Passion

It`s typical Friday morning on the coast of the great land of Prince Edward Island as Llew wakes to gaze into that beautiful face of the woman whom he is falling in love with. Kissing her lightly there comes a warm smile with the hope that she remains within dreams as he then does his best to leave the bed of love and head downstairs to make coffee. However, upon his crossing, the bedroom door`s threshold Sandra stirs from sleep to immediately pull herself out of bed and head onward to into the shower. She doesn’t stop him and knows that he is to soon return to her for more morning kisses.

It takes little to no time for Llew to enter back into the bedroom. He is diligent with tasks, but it is especially true when he is entertaining a lady and even more so when he loves that lady. For Llew is a man of deeply passionate ways, kinky plays and he has a gorgeous eye that dance of playfulness. He has longed to have this and to be this with a special someone. Yes, he has and he holds this woman within the most treasured of ways. In fact, no woman could be loved more than Sandra is. So he places the tray with two coffee mugs and morning muffins upon the nightstand beside their bed. After which he peeks into the bathroom to see his lovely queen standing nude within the confines of the rapidly showering waters as the steam fills the room. The vision of her so beautifully wet makes his heart race and his cock suddenly is rock hard.

Getting into the shower he settles in to be directly behind her as he reaches for the bottle of shampoo. In seconds, he is massaging the cream liquid into her long blond hair. He adores washing her and seeing the suds caress her fine delicate skin. His attention to it is excellent with Sandra purring of the as he caresses her scalp and soothes a massage into her shoulders before turning her around to be under the sprays for the rinsing out. He then places a deep kiss to her lips as they close their eyes allowing the soap to cleanse out and their love to come so easily to them.

Llew has dreamed of a woman like this being his. Sandra is petite within muscular curves, is strong intellectual, and has perky breasts, long wavy golden blond hair and eyes so deeply blue with almost being oceans leading into her naughty soul. She is beautiful to be holding while being slightly dominate but powerful loving. She even adores cats and that is just a bonus. He couldn’t be happier as he whispers in her ear “You are so sexy and so hot. Oh, I want you….”

She interrupts with “Take, it is yours.” It comes in that lustful deep dirty stare of ‘you best be busy fucking me this second. Or there is a price.’

He takes such demand extremely serious and so he leans into play soft kisses to her long lovely neck. Then while departing his lips from her soft skin he gazes into those eyes of blue while he leans against the shower wall grabbing Sandra around the waist. His grin is sinfully sexy as he says, “Love you and get your sexy self here”, as he wraps her left leg around his torso to have her foot on the tub`s edge.

She looks into his eyes that somehow smile more brilliant at her as they come in ever so close while the shower continues onward. Then she commandingly wraps her right hand around his cock to place it teasingly in sweeping motions over her lower lips. Sin doing so she gasps of it and he swallows hard as his breath is taken. He loves her hand on his member. He likes how she teases herself with it and how she teases the life out him when her fingers pressure the flesh. Llew adores and lusts for how her hand slowly massages its length while she teases herself with the tip. “My god!” He moans out as she continues to do so having him going crazy with needing to be within her.

Then without any more taunting him Sandra is pushing his thick beast her now dripping wet pussy for she can no longer take the tease either. As it comes in within sliding through the slick moisture she passionately moans of the ways her vaginal muscles devour his beast and how his cock pulses wild as it finds its comfort with the tight confines.

The look in her eyes is a glow of ‘damn, I love that feeling!’ Llew grins as he allows his cock to settle within finding the hotspots, which are a million all at once and he is finding it too comfy. He is going mad with sensations as her pussy seizes his meat and works it with a thunderous devouring. He must give her more. He must fill her with his seed and she will give to him her creamy treat. So slowly she pulls back, then pushing her hips have her puss lips off of his hardness until only his cock`s tip is barely within her fold. Then he slams it to be back within her tight pussy. He afterward retracts again and she slams him back within herself giving him a daring stare of that he best get busy building more. She needs more. But he grins and taps her naughty ass. ”Patience, baby.”

He knows she has wanted in the morning and he is glad to fill it no matter how long it takes, but they were going to savour. They both giggle of the ass tapping as the waters spray on them and once more he is within her and retracting to only slam back within her and a she gives a full open palm spanking to her ass. She purrs of it, she moans in the deep sensual lust of how it feels with him in her. Their need builds high as they repeat this, building it into faster paces and she fondling her breast showing him how hard he makes her nipples as he fucks her. Once more he retracts to then again arrive hard in slamming them both together as he pussy muscles flex and contract causing the heat to run high. The heat the wet and the thundering sounds of slapping bodies come to be constant as he stands to pin her against the shower stall wall. He wraps her legs around his torso to take to seriously pounding within her until she can`t hold the powerful sensations .She cries out in moaning wild passion as she holds tight to his shoulders. “Fuck me, fuck me, Llew!”She screams as he continues his conquest of her pussy with marking it with his cock.

Llew is a good boy. He manages to do his best to please women and they smile at him for doing so. His current lover is no exception to this. So Sandra smiles at him, she kisses him constantly, and she plays with her nipples to then press them hard to his chest. She clings to him as the high of orgasm comes in waves of bliss having her body tremble during his cock thunders within her pussy. It`s wild in sensations and lusty love as the shower`s water begins to go cold but the heat is high as she squirts cream and he releases his love seed within her.

Llew continues to grin as they pleasure each other in soft touching whilst the dizziness wanes into them kissing. But the freezing waters spraying quickly encourage them to step out of the shower. Sandra then turns to Llew to look upon her obsession as he tenderly wraps her in a large terry towel. “Llew, I love you and I know that we have a dinner date tonight but can we just stay home to have more?” Llew`s grin to turn to be even more sinful as he leans into kissing her saying “Anything you want, baby. Now we best get to work. We are running late.”

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