Monday, September 30, 2013

Pretty Kisses

“So are you gonna kiss me?” She whispers in wishful breaths of needing much more than kisses as she leans in against his heaving chest. This does have his lungs expand and fall even harder in gasping for air. He sits here spellbound bound by a woman who simply shows up at his apartment looking ready for their planned for a dinner date. Yet, within mere minutes, she is asking him for a drink of vodka since they have an hour to wait until they must depart. He achieves the cold drink and directs them to relax in his living room upon his sofa. However, as he sits down he looks up to find her standing before him with releasing the fastenings of her summer skirt. Then soon after the pearl buttons on the floral blouse are discharging along with the blouse from her exquisite womanly curves. It too is flowing to the floor where the skirt lay. In the end, it`s only pink with black lace, a naughty woman, and a sinfully kissable smile. All of which is belonging to a woman who is a pure sexual beauty. A sexual woman that most definitely knows how to play out her trump card in order to make her opening statement of what is occur on this night of first dinner date.

The air in the room is suddenly playful with gazes, and it is passionately hot in sexiness as she looks into his eyes to purr out. “I know you want to. Let`s taste before dinner. Maybe you can even let me taste you later too?”

Then she makes herself comfy next to him to play her fingers upon his shirt in creating a blazing heat within them both while his male hardness in his pants nearly rips the fly open to get free. Yet, he is lost with what to do whilst he is merely gasping within swallowing wet lumps of air to gain composure. So from that, she figures it`s time to speed things up since they have a dinner to get to and he isn't moving in her direction. Thus, she brushes an almost kiss to his lips making him nearly pass out from disbelief. “Pretty please.” She begs of him as she fully kisses him while taking to pressing against him until he cannot deny her desires.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Boredom`s Heat - Dessert First

Boredom`s Heat

Boredom overtook her senses as her thoughts swirl of all that she need. Needs wants and desires to fill. Yet, all her lovers busy within whatever takes them from her. Thus, she is left with entertaining herself in the beginnings of high sexual arousal. “Goddamn, it`s hot tonight!” she exclaims into the empty room.

Then button-by-button the white dress shirt is removing to then be tossing off to the nether corners of the spacious Sitting Room. Then standing off to the side of the fireplace she slips gingerly out of that pencil skirt to have her fine curves displaying in the heat of the night. Beautiful exist and hot with the desire for getting a sexy naughty all night romp into lust. Then as she climbs upon the beautiful chair.In doing so she simply can’t handle it anymore and screams out, “I want someone to fuck me. Is that too much to ask of this bloody world?”

Dessert First

It has gone on for days, with every evening the same damn loneliness as the night sweep into comfort her. Yet, is it solace when the even the cooling of autumn`s air doesn’t remove the inner heat that continues to build within her. She is alone in this big old house waiting for one of them to return to her. Just one is her need because seriously this need is no longer relenting to anything. It doesn’t even find true release within her using her own touch. It simply rages wild in its flames of lust. Thus, she knows that she now needs the touch of another, another human to please her so that she then may give back what she gets.

But tonight it`s another evening here in this room staring at the moon, the fireplace and having dinner alone. She devours minor morsel before than relenting into the understanding that the heat between her thighs is too rages wild and must be given attention before another drop of food is feasted upon. Thus, she stands to twirl the chair around to face the window as she then sighs before succumbing to kneeling on the chair to begin the ritual of touch tease and creating dessert before the main course. “Yes, yes, yes come to me baby, bring me..bring me..oh fuck!” as she is then pleasing herself into orgasmic bliss.

Claiming His Desire

He has a need to show the world what he owns. He has a need to declare that she dances with only him and that all that she is his. Many have been trying to come take her and she is not so sure that he is capable of holding her. Holding her dance, holding her life and proving that he can do it all. Yet, he knows that he can. For her beauty, her abilities and all that she does belong to him.It si for this reason that he is going to command of her on this night. Thus, barely clothed in sheer blazing red she exists dance floor center in his arms as dinner guests of his choice circle them here in this public dining hall. Then he pulls her in hard against him to whisper, “Mine!”

She smiles about it as the men who want her see how much she belongs to this man of dance that also command dark pleasures. It has her breathing hard, breathing heated breaths as she willing proclaims “Yours, my Lord.”

Tango My Darling

The note was carefully written within precise notation of process. It was delicately worded in ‘9PM, dinner and be dressed for dancing.’ Then a whimsical heart shape appears stating below it ‘Dancehall two of Palace Dance Studio.’ Such a mystery and truly not something she usually gives attention to but tonight she felt dangerously wild and wanted to seek out who could be so pointed with her. She is a woman of class, a lady of dance and a woman who has no needs to follow mystery into danger. Plus, she said that she would meet Antonio for drinks at his place. Yet, the there was the note, and the danger and the need to simply step outside the ways of her daily life. But she isn`t that type to just do that Or was she such a lady?

Yes, and she felt like enjoying danger and not a boring man who is a good dance partner. So she wore her best evening gown with that skirting that simply stated over the top elegance that makes her ready to be the goddess on the dance floor. She so enjoys dancing and anyone who knew her at all understand this of her. Thus, as she stands there mid center of the nearly empty room that held only bistro tables and the only sign of life being a champagne bottle on ice with accompanying flutes. She looked at it too then suddenly felt hands grasp her waist to spin her around into strong arms. She looked up into dark haunting eyes that blaze of lust and romantic love to instantly have her gasp “Antonio!”

"Yes, my darling, I did say my place for drinks. I own the studio and am the one who demanded you the studio. I want you as mine; have since you dance in my studio years ago. ‘Then with a possessive pressing of her to his body, he continues with ”Maybe then you can forget the boring man who you played with this month. Now we will be one and you will see what passion I have. Come my darling dance, dance and then make love with me as my only.”

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kiss This!

“You really are a bitch, ya know.” It comes spoken in that sharp tone of intentional harm that can only be garnered from truly creating Hell on Earth for someone. The blond stands there in a defiant pose over being told that things are changing between them. A story of how the love affair ends because of the cold heart that exists within the cute Lil sweet petite blond that seriously thinks that the love they shared is the ways of life and living. Yet, the brunette does expect much more than cold charms and occasional tryst to hold her. Thus, it is ending with no tear, no fears and definitely not much if any affection. In fact, it ends with only these words of who is the bitch while the brunette blows a kiss toward the cutie. Then turning swiftly upon her stiletto covered heels she is swinging those seductress hips in a naughty flirty display as she then reaches back around to tenderly tug upward on the skirting of her dress. Oh hell yes, it's a sweet Lil notice of, ‘Kiss my ass, honey! It`s over lover and you will miss this!’

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Orgasmic Dreams

Watching the two of them in their private moment that he makes so very public within my home does unsettle my nerves. This moment is most certainly leading to sexual pleasure to some degree, but that is depending upon many factors within coming moments. This I do know from prior knowledge of the topics that he and I do discuss on this evening. He is going to make a point of something that is a discussion between he and I. During our chat he makes a claim that the other woman in the room shall always do his bidding and this exists within a ‘no limits’ understanding between them. After giving me time to ponder his claims he then firmly in absoluteness does confidently declares, ”My pet will do anything, she will do it anywhere, at any time, for any reason and anyway that I choose. I own her!”

He then passes me a glass of wine to look me in the eye so that he does mark within me the depths of his self-confidence. Then before kissing my cheek he chuckles to next continue onward. “My pet does willingly permits me anything because she needs me to be her balance. You will see how much you too can enjoy it. That is if you shall willing allow a man be all that you need.”
I snicker of that idea and swish the red elixir within the crystalline chalice. This comes as I watch him taking to sitting in the leather chair. In taking to enjoying his leisure he say no further words but shoots an intense gaze toward the other woman as he taps the left arm of the chair and then with his right hand a finger gestures of ‘come hither’. We all know that there have been no words given to her but he most certainly gets a response from her. This begins with her softly lowering her blue eyes to walk directly across the room to stand in front of him. With her body stern at the attention she then releases her long summer skirt that swiftly falls from her well-curved strong feminine hips. This leaves her partially nude but still she is ever too clothed. In all honesty, she is a woman who is always too clothed because her beauty is so very striking. She is so lovely that she does make most onlookers wishing to see more, much more of her.

That has me swallow hard for I am known to be not interested in men but women, oh beautiful women do interest me greatly. So in my mind, I do dream of seeing more as I add in the wish to watch her have an orgasm. I wish it for her beauty is enticing and the scent of lust is simply strong within the air. He has a way of providing lust and passion within strictness of civility. He is a man of control, a male of true dominance in life, and he is an extremely intelligent human of high standards but he has a secret. His secret is that he wants to make every woman have orgasms. His wish is to give sexual pleasure so intense that women do give him their very soul. It is obvious that the other woman in the room has given up her everything because she trembles from his first touch to her. It is a barely feathery first touch to her ass and she begins to breath deeper as her entire body suddenly comes in being blazingly alive as her eyes flash of the powerful excitement. This has him softly say in loving tones “Soon, my pet. Patience and Master will help you with giving Delaina her dream of watching you orgasm.”

My eyes go wide in surprise for nothing is being sharing of that wish, yet he knows of it. Thus, I sputter out with. ”One day you will not be right. One day you…”

“One day you will orgasm for me just like she does.” He says while looking me directly in the eyes and grinning of his dreams for me.

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Doc`s Desire - ( Part #1 )

The corporation deals with medical research but Bethany Roi doesn’t need to involve in any of it for it isn’t why she is here. Her only need is to secure the premises that she is hired to do. Months ago she comes here to this medical facility to expertly install and deal various aspects of the new hi-tech systems that the private care corporation requires due to the medical research that it is undertaking. The research garners many profession medical minds and doctors from all over the world. It is from this aspect of the things that Bethany is getting to know the hotshot brilliant mind of Dr. Ljupka Dimitrovska. They each have a work that crosses each other’s path with them both having offices on the same floor of the building. This allows them to casually bump into each other in various places and due to their work connection of installing cam systems in Dr. Ljupka`s laboratory rooms they send daily emails.

It only takes one email between them for Bethany to know that there is sexual electricity between the two of them. Thus, she makes every effort to connect often and to definitely bring along that renowned intense charm and sexual energy that simply radiated from the five foot eleven blond. Bethany is a woman of great prowess in relationship matters and is a woman of hypnotic blue eyes with being a mortal goddess of Canadian origins. So with the understanding that opportunity knocks, there is often a bumping into each other while entering or exiting rooms. Or in some cases, there is the catching of each other staring at a silk stocking covered legs, smiles or eyes while at staff meetings. Then adding to it there is the discreet innuendo in passing each other as the seduction grows thick between them. They know it by the way they breathe when the other is near and they each see it in how those eyes betray the growing feeling within. Ljupka does keep it very professional, though. She has a concentrated reputation of professionalism and social friendliness. She is a woman of mid-years, with being thirty-something much like Bethany. However, Ljupka is of proud Macedonian heritage while possessing dark mysterious eyes of dancing seduction with a smile that softly sinful. Her height is nowhere near Bethany`s, but it`s a cool five foot eight with her brunette tresses linger along her shoulder to make her a beauty of dark desire. This intoxicates Bethany for she likes shorter women, smart women, and women who know how to play the game of seduction. It all makes Bethany drool in want of this woman who is dominant and sexual in her own quiet sweet ways. In Bethany`s words “Yummy, she is so sexy sweet.” That is what is whispering as Ljupka enters the bathroom ahead of her. Bethany momentarily is being given interruption from following in, but she soon heads off to the ladies room. When she enters she immediately sees Ljupka hastily dabbing a paper towel against her white silk blouse in order to dry up the water stains that have splashed on it from the washing hands. Bethany`s instant thoughts are of. ‘You look yummy but you are upset. Such a sweet sexy thing needing cuddles and those are nice nipples. I could taste them for hours.’ Yet, as Bethany approaches the sink counter area she can see that Ljupka is worrying about leaving the ladies room considering that her blouse easily betrays her breasts underneath. It totally gives away how the water is tickling those perky nipples into being harder. "Can I help with that? Do you have a replacement blouse that I can get for you?" But in her thoughts is, ‘Take it off and let me show you what lust and love can be.’

Ljupka frowns at her but then sweetly smiles for she easily gets lost in those eyes of blue. “No, I don't have one today but this thin material can dry rapidly."

Staring, watching in those eyes she sees a future and happiness and wants to touch. Yet, she doesn’t but chooses to smile brilliantly of the hopes that she hides. It is a ‘not yet’ in concern to touching for she needs to sort out what Ms. Roi does want in life. After all, Ljupka isn’t much for the ideas of an office tryst. Bethany smiles back while walking into a bathroom stall to close the door behind her as Ljupka says a thank you for the concern to next move onward to chat of the office things. Then as Bethany begins to finish the business that she come into the bathroom to do she hears, “I want to get to you. I want you..I..I think you should meet me here after work.” Then she sees Bethany coming out of the stall and continues with, “We have much in common and maybe we can be…”

“We can be friends and you can teach me how to make your lab coat fall from your shoulders while you kiss me into bliss and then I can show you how much we really do have in common.” Yes, Bethany interjects with this highly confident direct approach. She does this when she wants a girl, or at times of her desiring a new sexual lover. Then again, this is to be much more than those for this is what she does when a relationship can lead to getting her, her life partner. So she gazes into those mysterious eyes to be sending out her thoughts of what is going to exist soon between them but she also easily notices that the blouse is nearly dry. Thus, she knows things are not getting too far at the moment.

Ljupka on the other can barely breathe but she does and she even covers it up and manages to remain calm within the storm of intense sexual energy thrusting at her. She knows that if she stays here in the ladies room that things can progress too fast for them. So she excuses herself and leaves the ladies room. Yet, Bethany purposely walks close behind her to rub her breasts across that strong back as she passes to walk by as they both pass through the threshold of the bathroom`s door back, "Oh, excuse me, but please do think of giving me that lab coat.”

Ljupka`s face is red and hot while she feels a rush of tingly sexual energy surge through her body. She naughtily smiles that sweet playful grin while thinking. ‘You have no idea what is coming at you. But you will like melting into my love and will enjoy my lovemaking.’ Yet all she merely looks up into those eyes with just as much confidence as Bethany can declare and she then states, "No problem. Be ready for an email. Do answer it and then be back in this bathroom at five this evening.”

That gives notice of incoming notes and Bethany can barely wait to read it but she is getting interruptions for at least two hours. When she gets into her office to sit at her computer she reads the email.

‘Bethany, I intend the following. Meet me at five if you want it too. But if you don’t then this email hasn’t happened. First, I want to more than have sex with you but I want that too. Secondly, I have never wanted anyone more than I want you and I can even make you love me. But in fact, there is no need to for I already know that you now do. Your eyes say it every time you look at me. So this is what we can do. It is you in my lab at five fifteen. You will be given your first orgasm with me. It is one of many during the rest of our lives. But we both need to please each other and do it immediately for we both want it more than we ever have wanted. Then we will go to dinner to afterwards enjoy dancing. After that, it to my apartment, my bed and you never leaving me. I want you to be the only mine. It is to be forever only you and you only mine, with you wearing my ring within a year. It is what I do believe that we can have between us. Please, reply with being outside the ladies room at five o`clock. If you aren’t there then we will be work friends. Kisses, and yes you do want them as much as you want my lab coat.‘


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Bigger O

She owns me, owns me with loving me.
Loving me beyond all that are dreams.
Dreams with love being unconditionally.
No boundaries for her and me it does seem.
Our love is more than mortals that breathe.
It is forever, it is binding and without seams.

She owns me, owns my mind you see.
She enjoys all of the brilliance and daydreams.
She enjoys my mind within a union that is meant to be.
Meant and built in logical love that is more than dreams.
She owns this mind for it is the need of she.
She shows that loves me within all that life does deem.

She owns me, owns this heart that beats within me.
Owns this heart and it is my most profound need.
She owns it for she the beating melody of it, you do see.
My heart is the melody that sings in musical streams.
It sounds of love and life that is between her and me.
I gave it to her when the universe was new in its deeds.

She owns my soul, owns it and I am happy.
Owns it because it’s all that I need.
She is my ‘other’ in all that meant to be.
We share life, love and balance is our creed.
We are souls in union and lovers for eternity.
She is my soul`s only love seed.

She owns this mortal shell that you see.
It is hers to command within all deeds.
She owns every fiber and cell of me.
She owns it all including the blood that bleeds.
It is her pleasure and her treasure in a union of we.
Bodies and we entwine for all time are our true need.

She owns me.
Owns the mind of me.
She owns the heart of me.
Owns the soul of me.
Owns this mortal body that is me.
She owns me because I give her me.

Hiding Temptation

She stands there within the shadows waiting and peering at me through lowered eyes. She watches me until she sees me look up at her. Then within a mere breathing, she steals back her gaze trying to force me to understand that she has no wanting of my touch. She teases with those eyes and her breathing drive me crazy with needing to please her. Yet, she speaks not and does not move toward me. She only hides within the darkness of my office corner. Hides for the room is darkened with the exception of an outdoor light gleaming through the bay window. She watches and wants and forces me to dream of her, the dream of pleasing, but I cannot touch without permission for she is not mine.

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Dominant`s Love

Every touch with her fingernails is smoothly gliding in fiery tease on my skin creating lustful wishes within. Every gaze from her eyes tells me that she now owns me and she has dreams needing filling. Every breath of her is calm colliding with a deep peaceful understanding that a union between her and me is making. Making her and me being a now thing and it is to be forever within all that is eternal and mortal treasures. Then she finishes the collaring of me with last ever ‘submissive`s‘ collar. I am hers, I am owned, loved and kneeling to please her in that is my soul, my heart, my mind and my body. Then within my submission she says to me, “Kneel, my pet. You will feel my love for you, so kneel unto our needs.” Then I did.

It is kneeling before her, humbled in ways that allow no other to enjoy my submitting and it is only every unto her. She gazes down upon this woman scrutinizing this fleshly form; noting the willingness to serve and this need to not have any of me left but to only have everything reflect her and us within my life. It is submission to her wishes, her ways and her love of knowing what is best for us. Owned, and my owner loving all portions and pleasures of me as she stands over me with her feet coming to rest on my lips “Pledge unto me, my pet. Speak only truths, trust me and be tempted to release all life unto me. “

“With every ounce of my soul, the vastness of my intellect, the emotion of my heart and the power of my body I give all of these and that is created me unto you, my Dominea, I vow to be only ever thine and to serve the only thee with trust, truth, and obedience, while loving only you. “Next comes my kiss to each leather boot and from that there is a snap of the leather riding crop to my ass as she retorts “I love you, my pet.”

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