Friday, October 25, 2013

Sexual Sway

Every sway of her hips is hypnotic. The blond beauty of twenty-something is seduction within its very essence and that is a pleasure that is to be treasured. She is one of those women who simply have rhythm, a woman who has the beat of music soaks in her skin with all that can be a sin. She then mixes it into seducing the onlooker as she sways that echoing melody from within her the moment she hears it. That sound resonates in slow sweet swinging as that scrumptious body of delectable womanly curves sends out its need to be touched. Touching her, teasing her as she teases into the temptations of giving her the high erotic bliss. Oh yes she is an orgasm on heels, she is sex in swinging motions and she wants it but you will pay for it with your very soul. Oh yes, she wants more than a nasty naughty night but tonight that will do, but will it be you?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Come Taste - Come

Come Taste
Come taste me, a sip of me and drink all that you desire.
Devour the liquids that are my lust arising from your touch.
Please, I beg of thee to taste me and feel my womanly fire.
Come to play your tongue on my skin for I need you so much.
Please, touch me on my skin to build my lusty liquids fire.
Come to drink, come to create cum that comes with your touch.
So taste me, lick each drop and fill our naughty desires.
It is the desire that is growing wilder with every play of your touch.

You haunt me, you taunt me with your flaming desire to kiss me and make bliss with me. You are the fire in my lusty soul, you are all that I truly do know and I demand to kneel and feel you. To feel you with me and to taste all that we create as we mate and play within our love that has a combining with passionate wild lust. You with me, you belong with me and I need you to fill me. I need to by with thee for I am to be only thine. Come take that which is only yours. Come explore and create with me all that we both may ever dream. Come unto me for you haunt me with all that you may ever be.

Naughty Time - Night Daydreams - Stripping Me

Naughty Time

It is time for you to count each orgasm.
It is time to be timing each one until it releases.
It is time to tease me into holding each orgasm.
Holding it to be making time stand still for it pleases.
Pleasing you, the pleasures of me and do it with creating spasms.
Flexing of lustful need and time of thrilling releases.
Time, timing it and time to enjoy many orgasms.

Night Daydreams

It is a night of wishing to be in your arms.
A lingering in daydreams that is so sweet .
Sweetly toying with all that is my charm.
Playing within thoughts that bring the sexual heat.
Lying here waiting for you with needing your arms.
Needing you, teasing my mind as you find your way to me.

Stripping Me

Strip me, tease me and let me deeply be pleased.
Tie me to your needs and spank me when I tease.
Strip me, rip this from me and we will be pleased.
We will be pleased as we both succumb to our needs.
Take these clothes from me, and push me to my knees.
Drive into getting what I need and may we both be pleased.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cum, Give It To Me

It takes no time for Tara to understand that with Tina lying nude on the bed that opportunity is at hand. They have plans of love making later, but a nude girlfriend is always a good thing. Then again Tina is deeply horny this week so she figures that a nice afternoon of sex is better than a boring afternoon in study hall.

Therefore with a lusty scanning of Tara's lips are licking with a whipping of her tongue as she then settles between those thighs of Tara. She spreads the legs wide enough to lay down comfortably to then shoot a look of sinful lust up at Tara who eagerly allows her pelvis to rise to meet Tina`s hungry lips. The suckling comes hard, it`s an engulfing of pussy lips with a hungry need causing the sounds to erupt as a tune that can be heard down the hallway of the dormitory.

The relationship is six months into being sexual and the two young adult females cannot get enough of each other. Thus, they have honed their sexual pleasure sharing skills into a perfection to please each other. Tina knows Tara`s anatomy and preferences within pleasure play and this afternoon she is working every tease, every sensation, and all wetness into a heat that is volcanic.

The effort isn't a waste sending Tara panting into almost breathlessness before she next reaches to grasp her left breast bringing the nipples to her lips to begin an onslaught of sucking it until it`s harder and blazing in redness. She releases it to giggle as she then breathes deeply before once more lowering her head of blond tresses to suckle her protruding flesh She teases it, taunts it with her tongue and then she gives way into suddenly bite it. This is causing her to moan into groaning pleasures that have the heat within her pussy building higher. It is now too high for Tara having her needing release into an orgasm. Yet, Tina is not done with sucking those pussy lips and knows what is going on, so she warns her with guttural growling.

Instantly, Tara is rotating and rubbing her pussy lips on Tina's face making Tina drive that tongue deep within those folds to taste the sweetness of the wet that is dripping so freely. Her oversized clit clasps and bumps on Tina's nose. Then it`s onward to Tina’s chin before then forcing her body to buck wildly against the ensuing sensations that seriously were not waiting to for a command to release. It's coming and Tara is going to like it. Thus, through bated breaths she pumps her hips faster and faster making Tina`s only option be holding still while extending her tongue to help with the orgasm that is soon coming in squirting honey showers. It his almost erupting as Tara is clenching teeth to next be reaching to grab Tina`s hair in fisting it before roughly pressing her face deeper into the pleasure of tasting pussy. Tasting, and pleasing labia by dragging it across a firm tongue climax is achieving. This forces Tara`s athletic body to stiffen against the power of the orgasm to then slowly relax into moaning on the twin sized bed.

Giving a smirk Tina separates Tara`s lower lips again to be exposing her clitoris that stands swollen and erect. Next her finger probes around the base of wet moistness while marveling at the way it feels after the hard climax. After this as she tilts her head one way, and then the other to suddenly lick the folds in a teasing causing Tara to loudly moan of the pleasure of more as Tina purrs, “I love your clit. It's like a world of play all on its own.”

Tina soon slaps Tara`s clit with tongue-lashings several times creating Tara to wither in the erotic bliss of more pleasure coming to please her. Then amid Tara reeling in the continuous teasing Tina slides the tip o her index finger up and down through those glistening juices that are coating swollen pussy folds. She angles her long finger inward but upward to next press slowly, while watching those beautiful pulsating lower lips part with excepting the penetration of what is soon to be two fingers. This makes Tara grin with sin as she presses her face into a nearby her pillow to breathe, “Fuck me hard, please!”

“You are so beautiful. You take it all so deep and good. Does it feel good, my love?” Asks Tina in tones of being in awe of her woman wanting so much before classes.

“Oh hell, yes!” emits through muffling from the pillow.

Tina rapidly begins to thrust hard, deep and harder inside the ever tight and pulsating tunnel of lust that is Tara`s pussy. The response to it a long symphonic string of moans and sexy sounds that have Tina thrilling in the pumping of that hungry pussy. “Come on, give it to me. Give me what I want. I love fucking you, I love loving you. Squirt for me, baby. Show me that you love me.”

Such is the best inspiration for continuing the exchange of deep body rocking thrusts for moans until soon Tina is once more sucking those teasing those folds with her upper lips. She does this to drive the lust and heat higher until Tara once more is showering them both in an orgasm. As it washes over Tara, Tina holds her lover pressing to bed while whispering, “I love you, love you and you are beautiful.”

Friday, October 18, 2013

Submit! - Keeper Of Pleasure - Prayers Of Spankings


‘Is it truly a need for this to be?’ is what she thinks as she looks up into those eyes the peer down upon her in ways that are stern. For the life of her doesn`t understand why a dominant alpha female like herself is kneeling to anyone. She owns whatever she wishes to, she could conquer what she wants and her personal power is off the scale. Her intellect, sexuality, and soul proclaim that she dominates in life. Thus, it is mind-boggling why she is kneeling before she stands to face this other person in a sexual union. Yet, she submits in humble ways and waits as her lover comes to her within requesting, “You must submit everything of you willingly to me to be with me. If you do not do this then must leave."

Keeper Of Pleasure

'Pull me in', is what her body begs for but kneeling is what must come first. Surrendering to her ways of lust and power before you may have whatever that it is that is your truest wish of her. She is the keeper of pleasure`s wishes and she is the woman who likes to control the balance of power.

Prayers Of Spankings

She actually stand there and ask me if I want spankings even though my as is wiling and ready. She asks me that when I am like this. How can she not know that I want spanking? My god, yes I want and need spankings. Yet, she stands there still not realizing it. That has me suddenly not only remain kneeling but instantly humble myself in the prayer of, "My God, please do not do this evil to me. Oh my, God, I need spankings. Here, I humbly beg you to help me get this blessed gift."

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Come Hither

'Come breathe with me, come share your heartbeats and press your lips to mine. Tease me with your breaths until our kisses are wild in passion`s pleasures. Let our hearts mold, melt to make a powerful pleasing lust that simply quakes the fabric of our souls. Come kiss me, tease you into me and take my very breath from me while I relent my everything unto you.'

This is what her eyes say to me as she gazes into my eyes beckoning me toward her. Then as my very breathing deepens into a rhythm that is simply sinfully gasping in wishes of kisses she gives that playful kinky wink while she sends out that come hither wave. Coming, yes coming, going and cumming. “Oh yes.” Arrives as my blissful lusty sigh.

Indeed, it is to be my pleasure to be with and to enjoy her kisses amid the wishes that she does desire. Then it is ‘’Oh my, is that my heart racing?” Enters in whispers to myself.

‘Oh, my! is that wetness of honey within my lower lips? Am I swimming in lust as she sends me more of that stare that is devouring every pleasure of me?’ is my query in my mind as I continue watching and walking toward her. Then, I murmur. “Hell yes!” With me knowing that it is indeed all this, as she now owns me before she even touches me.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Binding Kisses

It is a sensual romantic evening within the realm of kinky naughty bliss. One where the massive ornate four posters gothic bed of wood is seeing a beautiful blond binding a petite brunette to the two posts at the bed`s foot. She binds wrists with red silken scarves that dangle while ankles are holding within metal link chain cuffs. It is spread eagle, its nudity and it's about to get deeply passionate hot for them.

Yet, first, there is a porcelain basin of scent warm waters, waters of fragment soothing oils to wash the skin of this blindfolded brunette who squirms and purrs of the pleasure of the current sensations. Its is beautiful feelings of trusting her lover to bring darkness before touch so that she may find even deeper faith in their union. Lovely emotions of no escape, of belonging, being owned and of enjoying being the focus of lusty love that is limitless. This is boundless love that can cause many erotic feelings to be building into blissful orgasms, but only if she is a good girl for her blond blue-eyes lover. Her lover who now diligently caress the brunette`s silken skin with a moist terrycloth to sooth tired muscles into relaxation while cleansing all that is eventually to be kissed in lovely ways, true love.

Kisses delivering within every teasing pleasure that can be kissing, the kinds that make the skin scream of being loved and lusted after. The type of lips pressings that simply create steam to then plant in passion until the body quakes of needing so much more. Passionate kisses of heated wild emotions under control that run deep from within a soul until it caresses a lover`s skin to be making that skin beg for more. More kisses, more lust, and farther passionate love until that other soul carries that into it being wetness between thighs. Moisture of womanly cream that is a delivery from kisses that can only be a possession through love.

It is the sweet cream that lingers on lower lips to then be meeting with the teasing of tender caress. A touch of two fingers that are leisurely playing onto the lips. Fingers long and firm that do part those moist lower lips making the heart race. That is sweetly creating gasping to be slipping from upper lips. Indeed, it is lips, two sets of lips that are moist within breathing, but the lower ones are ready for more. More, and more and then suddenly two fingers sink deep within in plunging pumping desire to please. Deep, into the depths of tight contracting muscles that devour the flesh of hard fingers. This is teasing them until the cream comes more heated in its treats to then swiftly give an explosion of orgasmic release.

Oh yes, it is binding, then some teasing, onward to cleansing, definitely doing pleasing and yes, both are loved within ways that are being bound to a lover.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sexy 'Shhhhing’

She tries to hush me, she tries to make me silent within nothing but our breathing and she does as she does that naughty seductive hush. You know, it is the one where her eyes of green go all dewy soft within lowering a bit; easy low and lusty in sexual predatory want. But you know she is looking at you in such a way that it steals your every soul. Then in a blinking her pointer finger on her left-hand crispy plants on her soft luscious upper lips that are glistening of hot pink. It sits there in solid waiting to then leisurely brush downward over her moist lips to part them in pulling the lower lips before holding the lower one open just enough so that you can see her tongue`s tips. In doing so you hear that last ‘shhhing’ sound that sends erotic shivers down your spine. Instantly every ounce of you knows that she is about to be more naughty than a succubus taking your soul. Yet, she has done just that, stolen you so that soon you kneel before her wanting to please her in any way that she so chooses.

Tummy Kisses

Kneeling in front of her to reverently lick from her tummy button upward until there come kisses upon the valley of her full firm breasts. It is a sensually deep kissing after the delicious trailing tease before leaning in to kiss her upper lips. Once there arrives full pressing, as there is a slipping of a tongue between those sumptuous upper lips. That encourages a hand to seek and slide within her sexy silk panties. Then with no encouragement, there is playing within feeling around, and soon turning it into teasing with touching, before reaching around grasping ass cheeks, then instantly pushing her back to the wall there is a slipping of two fingers within her wetness causing an intensely passionate moan to erupt from her need to be pleased.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


She is the one who is my keeper.
She reaches in to hold my mind in all lifetimes.
She studies me to be my mind`s keeper.
She is the one who is forever for me.

She is the one who is my keeper.
She comes to hold my heart for eternity.
She is forever my heart`s only keeper.
She is the one who is the forever love for me.

She is the one who is my keeper.
She reaches in to hold the very soul of me.
She reaches in to become my soul`s keeper.
She is the one who is that forever soulmate for me.

She is the one who is my keeper.
She holds the very mortal that is me.

She reaches in to become my keeper.
She is the one who is a forever love for me.

She is the one who is my keeper.
She is the one who is that forever for me.

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Degree In Rebellion

Studying law is easy for Lara. It is kind of in her blood for its family legacy, but tonight she isn't really learning anything in the study hall of the university. Not unless you consider her taking to studying of how to strip to impress her new girlfriend that is standing there watching Lara while in a disbelief that she is dating a rebel wrapping in angels clothing. However, that is all soon swiftly finding by a professor having both women then apologizing and him blushing into needing to turn his back. All in all, Lara is becoming very well educated at a law school. It is simply a degree in how to break laws and how to become a rebel.

Red`s Kisses - The Goodnight Kiss of Arabella And Emily

Red`s Kisses

I desire her kisses for I know that those will set my heart on fire. She sets me ablaze in beautiful emotions from those luscious lips pressing mine. Oh yes, she does and here she comes crawling to me while wanting to feed her lust to me. Beautiful ‘Red’ wants to give to me her kisses, lovely passionate kisses that I must have for those are sweet wild pressing that is a feast of emotions that lay only within her lips. Thus, I am breathless, needing and so extremely hungry to feast and then feel all that we share within our lovemaking.

The Goodnight Kiss of Arabella And Emily

The passion they dare to share comes softly as Arabella presses Emily to the bed demanding submission to their love after the long discussion of distasteful things. It has been a long evening of tears and finally Emily needing sleep and Arabella following her until both lay in bed to simply look at each other as Arabella states “A kiss good night is happening. You will kiss me and we will agree to disagree.”

Then within slow sweet motions of tenderness, there are the sharing of soft touches and relenting glances that turn soft as Emily whispers, “Yes, and I love you.”

Then Arabella easily comes to hover over her soul mate to be gazing down into those eyes of emerald green, “I love you too.” Arrives as lips lock and the night of passion is waiting to e become their pleasure.

Wanting Him - Wanting Kisses

Wanting Him

She wants him; she needs to feel his tongue run the surface of her silken skin. She desires him in every lustful way that in possible and it is the daydream that constantly consumes her. It does and she cannot get enough of it. She does not think beyond the needing of him to be touching her. It`s getting wild within her and he strolls into the room causing her every sense to be out of control it those are totally focused on him.

Wanting Kisses

You want it, you need it so much that you can almost taste the sweetness of it, so come here and taste me. Tease your tongue along these lips. Kneel there before me; look up at me in begging plea to then breathe on the pulsating heat, while then making me quake in lust of you. Come on taste me, as the dripping wet glistens in readiness to be tasted by you.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fucking Hugh

His gaze is peering at her through the haze.
He seems to have a question or two brewing in a stew.
His lips are whispering of ways he wants these many days.
He wants her in ways of lust that are true, but it is so not new.
He stands there with the power at his command for seductive plays.
Yet, he stands there with his heart in stir with not knowing what to do.
He wants her; it is lust, yet it must be love, there is no other way.

No other way to have his need to fill her with seed during nights and days.
Nights and days, with minutes and sins while his heart is not wanting too.
His body desires with deep passionate fires, but he brings no seducing plays.
He simply stares, stares and watches her there, as the sky turns dark in hue.

Watching and waiting within his debating of needing her for an hour or two.
It is only a few hours of pleasure to treasure within the night of daze and haze.
So he gazes at her, she looks at him to then give a kiss to his best friend Hugh.
That is the way it is these many days with Hugh getting girls most days.
That is the way it is, she is Hugh`s and this is not new for any of the crew.
Yet they all want, and it does haunt a guy needs a girl for sexual plays.

It is sexual dreams while tasting womanly cream without delays.
Oh yes, he wishes and wants as this one does taunt him with eyes of blue.
This sexy dame knows the game and she is making her own naughty plays.
Yet, the rule is that you may fuck the girl but sometimes she says fuck you.

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