Saturday, December 28, 2013

More, Please, Please More.

Jordan turns the shower off before wrapping an extra large terry cloth towel and all before he grabs another one to start in on drying his short thick black hair that has a slight wavy within its lengths. He walks out into the large open spaced bedroom where his girlfriend is sitting on the bed. She is a beauty of brunette tresses that has emerald green eyes that dance of happiness and curves that simply entice within everyday ways. "So we have the house to ourselves for the whole weekend. No roommates and no one visiting me." He leans over the bed to whisper in Rayne`s ear. "I don't think we've been alone for such a big amount of time in a long time."

He next walks around to the front of the bed to sit down. As he sits down there he adjusts his towel as he pulls Rayne`s feet into his lap in order to begin massaging his tired feet from her long workday. "So what on the agenda for Friday night, beautiful? Order in and watch a movie? Go out to someplace fancy? Chill in the hot tub?" He smiles this as he thinks of getting to spend any amount of alone time with a girlfriend of four months.

Rayne likes that after such a long week that the boyfriend is ready for the weekend and is resting beside her in only a towel to tease her into wanting to be within his arms. She likes how he glances over at her to share that naughty glint in his dark eyes as he settles more into sitting next her. It drives her wild with needing to touch, yet only her feet do. Looking at him she gives a primal growl while looking into those eyes. “No out, it`s home and I want my treat. May have my treat before dinner?” She states purring in that sexy naughty tone of wanting to devour him and lick off the sauce from his cock after sucking him into release.

He grabs her ankles to pull her closer so that her firm ass touches the side of his leg and that sends electric thrills through her body making nipples harder and her lower lips swimming in wetness. "I don't know, sweetie." Arrives a tease within a grin that sexy sin. After which he begins moving his hands up to caress her soft form thighs to then continue onward to rub that long lithe sexy body that is heating up rather fast.

"I can make us some delicious dinner. Maybe we could have some pasta. I've always wanted to eat noodles off a nude body." He winks as he once more moves his open palm in teasing touch up over her thighs to then reach around grabbing her tight ass. "I'll let you have your treat, but you're a little "overdressed" for it and you will need to purr real nice to get dinner." After which he moves the towel aside to reveal his nude lower body with that towering hardened cock as he sits there alongside her while staring down as he is almost mentally begging her to get undressed and to ride his length.

Rayne grins into giggling before swinging my long shapely legs off the top of him and onto the floor before then standing her full height in front of him. Gazing down from her five foot seven being she tosses a sassy glance his way to next wink within blowing toward him a playful kiss. ”Well, maybe you will like these for dinner.” She state to then slowly release each button of her silk dress blouse to have it fall open for his viewing pleasure while she then is taking the time to caress those full firm D sized breasts that lay within the lacy red bra.

Jordan licks his lips in anticipation of getting a taste and it is the last thing that Rayne sees as she is turning around before bending over and swatting her own ass that is clad in a short skirt and panties. The snap is a sexy beautiful sound that excited them both with Jordan giving a whoop as Rayne purrs, “It is waiting for you with my pussy hot with needing his manly treat to fill it.“

Jordan comes to his knees on the floor behind her to worshipfully kiss both ass cheeks to then whip a finger straight up the valley of Rayne’s ass. He then leaned into tunnel his form tongue between those firm mounds of cheeks as his right-hand swings back to prepare. It is prep as he next sits straighter to instantly swing his open palm fully flat in snapping on Rayne`s nude right ass cheek. “Naughty pet, beg daddy for it. Come on beg for it, my Lil slut. You best show me how much you want it.”

Rayne laughs of it as she coolly states, “Daddy dearest, you seem to be the one begging for more.”

Jordan looks over at her before grabbing her by the hips pulling her along with him as he sits his ass back on the edge of the bed where he then lays Rayne over his knee. She gasps of the change of pace to state in protest, “Please, please may I have my treat?”

He on the other hand suddenly swings his open palm in cracking swatting on both of Rayne`s nude ass cheeks creating a yelping scream coming from Rayne. It all joins in with Jordan chuckling of, “Yes, and I know you wanted that treat the most.” Rayne gasps of it trying to calm the stinging heat into a pleasure of sweet tingles as she reaches back to touch her own ass. “More, please, please more.”

Sunday, December 15, 2013

1st Orgasm

It would give the woman of brunette tresses unlimited pleasure to have the woman of golden mane come to sit on her lap on the bed that is of four large ornate wooden pillars To sit there nude within her curves of great feminine beauty, to simply sit there within all their nudity. To have the blonde beauty place her backside against the brunette`s front, a strong beautiful chest holding large round orbs of womanly breasts and to have the pleasure create an arousal into a heated need for touching so much more.

The blonde gorgeous muscular backside playing in a tender caress to heighten the need to touch and yet only a simplistic kiss comes to tenderly upon lips of the blond woman as she turns to gaze into Irish green eyes. A kiss to play upon lips until they are both breathless and still devouring each other`s breaths within wishing for more.

Then as the heat comes more between them it has hands entwining to hold each other. Then the brunette begins to give a long slow whipping lick of her lover`s spine as the blond leans forward to allow the teasing that is truly her most intense pleasure. With a soft purring moan, she then returns to sit straight permitting slow sensual kissing to the nape of her neck by the brunette.In doing so there is a feeling of the blonde`s breasts within cupping them in a firm grip with both hands until it is a temptation to have fingers enjoying hardened nipples. It is feeling, caressing, tugging and building into towers of peeked pleasure mounds to create a moaning sensual symphony as the blond leans hard against the brunette in enjoying the erotic bliss of the sensations that swarm them both.

As ecstasy in feelings comes sweeping in to have them both tremble of the ways their energy is in union there arrives a whispering of “I love you.” That brings a left hand smoothing down over the blonde`s tummy as they push into pressing more together to have them lean backwards in relaxing against the bed`s headboard. The blonde’s thighs naturally open for the incoming treat of receiving more touch. It is then long lovely legs straddling another set of legs to open up as knees become seeming like towering mountains to provide a chamber of divine sexual pleasure sharing. It is firm beautiful thighs wide and a left hand going down, down, down over soft smooth skin of a tummy until finger tips come to tenderly tickle lower lips.

A gasp comes from both women when the brunette is finding those moist hot lower lips. Finding them to be giving a playful soothing touching to create an intensity of breathing, and breathing as one. Union as their bodies squirms, move in sensual ways while they build the need to rush into a deep sweet stroking of two fingers gliding through wet pussy lips. Building, heating it, making them tighter as the fingers thrust through and feels the sloppy wet so inviting. Deeply inviting until it is making into a relaxing with kiss to that doesn’t truly calm anything but the breathing is now one within raw primal kisses exchanging between them as the first orgasm of the afternoon is set free.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Christmas Pet

The note comes to the table wrapping in a red silk lace strand that radiates a richness of male cologne that simply is spicy brilliance in every degree. It is classy lace ribbon that is embracing the white elegant handcrafted envelope that is crisply clean in an ever measure. It is obvious that there is time taken to create it, it easily shows and the wafting aroma simply talks about the sweet mystery that belongs to a man who intends to enchant. It indeed does and he now begins to weave is a spell of seduction until his goals are meeting her smiles.

‘Uhm” she ponders of this as the waiter departs the table. She begins to quarry of who sends it but she hesitates for the waiter is swiftly busy with other tasks. This allows her the choice of either waiting or opening it. Or she could slip the note into her purse. However, she is here tonight alone to as pre-Christmas treat to allow the stress to leave her life. It is the truth that she enjoys spending this day of December twenty-third alone like this. She does it every year with a fine dinner and then a long ride to her country house but tonight the usual routine is feeling lonely for the first time in years.

With that thought, she gazes out the snow covered window that is next to her dining table in this upscale restaurant. In peering out through the darkened glass and first her still-girlish looking eyes of emerald green peer back her with no smile upon her lips as her wavy brunette tresses perfectly frame her youthful looking features in a display of what most consider a true natural artwork. Aurora is beauty indeed at forty-four, a treasure of a woman and yet alone during this holiday season as she awaits dessert of Christmas pudding and her final glass of white wine.

“Oh, my, Aurora! You are looking your age,” she whispers to herself. She criticizes of herself so she chooses to reach for the almost empty glass of wine that rests in front of her. In doing so she hears memories floating in the mind of her father saying ’Marry young; don’t wait till you're forty. Old and worn is not what a man wants.’ This brings her to spritely whisper into the glass that she holds “Daddy, I am more sexy and capable than most women half my age and if you were…oh!” then she stops within a gasping for she does truly miss him, especially this time of year. Before his death, he exists as the type of man who gives his only daughter a dozen red and white roses for a gift on this day. Yet, the past four years there is none and only his absence within her life prevails. Her thoughts quake of that ‘men’ and then thoughts of his need to spoil her. Looking down at the note she continues with ‘Yes men.’

Then turning thought into whispers she states, “There have been many but these past few years I have want of none.”

So she figures the note is simply another invite to something that some man wants to her. She has been receiving Lil treasure notes for a month. She is getting one every evening before she leaves work with each one similar to this one, each one with a piece of poetry upon it. Hand wrote unique poetics that are neither romantic nor usual, yet they tend to leave her wondering why such is coming to her. It has surprised her to not to get this note at the office earlier in the. It does and she simply figures that whoever it is lost interest due to no replies in return. She gives none for any address or clues come from whom it is. So with all that in mind, she now wonders ‘how on Earth does anyone know I am here tonight? No one could unless that person quizzes my personal secretary’. Which she can`t easily see happening. But Aurora figures the notes existing at all are odd and so this one showing up here is not usual. Or is it?

The dessert comes .it slowly eaten. She thoroughly enjoys the treat and last glass of wine knowing that she will head home and sleep before morning departure to the country house. Upon completion of dinner, the waiter drops by to state that the dinner is in the house and that she is to wished holidays blessings. It is all a very nice evening as she stands to place her purse in her hand to prepare to head out of the restaurant and home. Then within that softness of what feels like a quaint beginning to Christmas holy days there comes from behind her the sounding of a deeply baritone voice of a very familiar man. “I knew that you would be here. I sort of planned it but the only part that is planned is this, it is of you, you kissing me.”

Then there is a sudden clicking ratcheting of a metal cuffs binding her wrist she looks at him in shock. Then he states, “Come, you are sharing Christmas with me, with these cuffs and a bed bigger than any of your sexual dreams. You are mine, I am tired of waiting for the woman that I love.”

She looks up in shock while she begins to speak, but his firm massive hand instantly covers her mouth to muffle all sounds. She is breathless, but he is not as his strong male arms pull her body hard against his firm well-built male body. “Mine, You gave me dates, you gave me heartbreak and said one day maybe we could be more. That day is today.”

As he said that his hand slips from her lips allowing her to speak “Shane! Why and how?”

“You left me twenty-five years because your father called me scoundrel who wants money and power. I do want it but I want you too, yet I don’t need anything but you. Not anymore I don’t. I have all the power with being CEO of Keeling Industries. Yes, the very company that your corporation is doing business with this month. I do come to you to woo you. I have your corporation wooing my company into doing business. Then in doing so I fully intend to seduce you into marrying me and getting those kisses that I the note says that I am getting tonight.”

Will if that isn't enough to be a wild night before Christmas holidays then the fact that in a breath he plants a kiss on her lips. Lips that are about to speak but it is to be endless kisses too. Oh yes, lovely kisses of many pleasures and measures with more sets of cuffs, a bit of bondage on a hotel bed and Aurora wearing a submissive collar. Oh yes, she eventually wears a nice little black leather piece of the collar with a smile as the two make way into hours of sexual deviant pleasures. Then in the morning, it is off to enjoy a week of holiday at her country house. However even as they both make steps to depart the restaurant they both know that they both will need a week to simply get reacquainted but Aurora thinks that she may need a month to enjoy him in the ways that she has dreams of him. Years of dreams and no he comes, he comes and it is her Christmas treat. He is the man that all others are gauged against and he is the now hers again. He is Shane the man of kinky love and cuff. And as she stands there with him ‘She says ‘Yes you will marry me on Christmas day, next year. That is right after we work on a year of creating several smiles for my lower lips and a collar to match all that ownership between us.”

With that, she looks into his eyes saying, ”Sir, may I please kiss you?”

With his smile gleaming of love and joy he leans down to almost be kissing her. “Yes, my pet.”

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