Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Victorian Queen

Then the door opens behind him. There is someone stepping forward to stand perfectly hidden behind him so that he knows that someone is standing there towering over him but he isn’t knowing of what the person is prepping to do. Not until he dares to look up to get view. When he does it`s her, the leader draping a velvet black sack of medium size over his head. After which there are more footsteps but these lead away from him over to the far left side of the room.

This side of the large darkly wooden panels room has a enormous drapery of decorated heavy tapestry covering its full width. Yet, all he envisions is his captor`s curves within their muscular athletic woman design. She is strong female body but delicate within their great seduction. She is a vision of modern Athenian beauty with eyes of sapphire blue that accompany tresses of mahogany color threads that plunge to her waistline. These are currently bound for easy of movement and for that collected clean appearance that she is maintaining. That changes once he hears the drapery being drawn open. It changes cause a deeply mature female voice states, “It is time that you allow me to see the events’. I get bored waiting for the newbies to be trained.”

“Yes, my Queen, it will soon begin.” Is spoken in great humility.

“Do you think he has the good stamina? Will he handle more than the first ritual?” Inquires the older female voice in seeking knowledge of what seems to be agenda for things to come.

“Not sure, he is simply a wander into the gardens. He may only be a fun play toy that we must sell to foreign markets.” This is the cool the response of Maximus’s lead captor.

With such spoken it has Maximus mumble, “Stamina. Hell yes.” Then in his mind, he ponders fucking all seven women to then be having more of him left over for this bitch that is new to his understanding of life here at the Victorian house.

“Shame, he is pretty and gets so hard when looking at you. ”Is smoothly stating, as there seems to be a chair pushing aside and then two sets of footsteps leading back to stand to the left of poor Maximus who is still ever helpless.

“Yes, he does, my Queen. But he is worthless for me. Cock does nothing for me anymore.”

“I would still like to watch you tease him. Thus, make it so, and possibly do please me by fucking him for display.” Is sounding in tones of command that are not to be questioned.

With that, Maximus can feel his cock growing harder and beginning to throb in anticipation of getting to fuck a woman who he literally would cut off his thumbs to have sex with. To top it off he is feeling challenged to show her that she will enjoy his cock and that it will be made an unforgettable event.

“Yes, my Queen. It will be as it is to please thee.” With this, there is hearing of footfalls departing but then again there is still movement around Maximus for the air is moving to create a breeze.

"We dream the same dream.” Maximus dares at least to speak.

That brings a sudden boot to his head that sends his body reeling backward to only be yanked into place by chains. These are the chains that still bound him to the floor within submission to anything that is to be done. With that once more the leader of the group stands behind Maximus. As she places collar upon him that seems to Max to be made of similar link chain as his restraints are. It is pulling tight as his damsel creating his distress sternly states "You will be fuck when and by who that I choose, earthly scum.”

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