Monday, April 1, 2013

Love`s Wish

She sits daydreaming as the night begins to come to a close. It has been a busy day within her own world, yet it is not her world that she dreams of. It is their world that she dreams of as the night sky shines out of glistening stars. Yes, their world of two, of two beautiful women that are soul mates sharing true eternal love but they must exist in ways that are nights alone with days spending so very far apart. Apart from each other these two always are but together in their hearts they always are. So it`s dreaming, daydreaming, wishing and needing. Thus, it is upon paper of white one does write of dreams, daydreams, of wishes and a life that is of many whispers of ‘I wish.’

Tonight there is an, ‘I wish’. It is a wish of this:

“I wish you were coming home to be within my arms. In these arms that will hold you within all that love, that can ever exist. Come home to me where a sweet hot bubble bath of the purest spring scents and the loveliest caresses await. You are resting there lingering in bubbles so soft, as I play the terrycloth over your lovely curves while telling you of the dreams of my heart. You and I as the night come to a brilliant hue of midnight. Then it is I toweling you off as we then relax upon our large beautiful bed of silken sheets. Us sitting there smiling and kissing as you dry and we settle in. You leaning against my breasts as we relax back upon the headboard where the many pillows are bliss. Us, it is us in love as I brush your shimmering platinum tresses and you tell me your daydreams. Us, and then it is I reading erotica to you as you hold my hand to tickle it in tender touching with your fingertips. It is we liking our cuddling while we are enjoying the slow drifting into dreams. You and I, as the blanket come to cover. You and I, as night kisses are employed. You and I, as our hearts beat of endless joy. Us, as our eyes close, my arms hold you and our night dreams come within a loving sigh. Yes, you are coming home to me. Yes, it is a wish.

Do you know that my heart beats so very loud when I think of you? Breathing is almost impossible at times. Impossible. And when I think of my need of you is a maddening mix of needing and excited euphoria. I need you. Need to feel you in these arms. So, ‘you coming home’ to these arms. Hell yes, you should be coming home to these arms."

In her thinking, she does ponder. She stands there thinking of life and love. She does this as she watches the fully dark night sky knowing that her lover is now lingering within deep dreams and peaceful sleep. Yes, her lover does. Yet her lover exists thousands of miles far away. And in her thoughts, the dreams wind out and rewind so to bring a semi-smile. Only a semi-smile for it`s hard to be apart when it is these two hearts. Maybe one day it will change for them and it can be rearranged. Yet for now, it is this way for a time and a little while. It is this but still she whispers into the night “I wish you were coming home to be within my arms.”

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