Thursday, April 11, 2013

Whiplash Ass

The power of her passions only is outweighed by the need of her to rise the kinky level to heights of the heavens and then cool you off with her wishes. “ Kneel she demands, kneel to the need. Beg for it; whisper my name in slow begging desire. Make me want to touch and find the pleasures to share with you.” Then as she snaps the leather whip, of six feet to caress the nude ass that awaits her touch, she is standing to look the part of the woman that can be pure dominance in lustful pleasures.

"Your ass, your ass and your ass. Hmm. What should I do with your ass?" She states as she stares at the nudity.

There comes no response. There only remains silence for if a word is spoken without permissions then that whip is to be more than a pleasures toy. Much more than a pleasure tool just as he is much more than pleasure, yet he is to learn when he may speak when he is to beg for pleasures and when he may shoot his jizz within her pussy. Yes, he did the unspeakable. Yes, he forgot of when he may shoot his load of cream within her hungry wet pussy. Did he ever when many long moments ago she exists there riding his cock cowgirl style, and he did not have the strength or stamina to withhold his release until she enjoys orgasm number four. He is very naughty of him indeed. Thus, there is the introduction of the whip and his ass will be tainted with it`s leather for four strikes of the long biting lash. Then she will pour lemon juice into his rising lash marks as she tells him how much she loves him. Oh yes, she loves him. But he must learn his duties to her before he enjoys the pleasures of being hers.

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