Monday, April 22, 2013

Lucy`s Lawless

He drives his cycle all night to then drive the greater portion of another day just so that he can watch her from a distance. It is a significant distance of sitting on a bench at a park while she is gardener that attends the caretaking of the very same park. Yet after a short time of watching her Ian simply finds it all too much if he can`t touch Lucy after all that journey. If he has not the courage to enjoy what he wants with her then he simply needs not bother with her any longer. Thus, Ian, a man of mid-years and deep blue eyes with brown threads of silken hair, comes up behind Lucy to loop his left arm round her waist. Then as he says “Ian and I said that I would come.”

Then immediately his other hand comes to play within her fiery red tresses that smell like fresh daisies and summer jasmine. She feels him strong behind her and he almost possess her fully but holds a distance as she says ‘Kiss me, kiss me and I knew that you would.” Instantly Lucy feels a breath of hot air on the curve of her long fine neck as his mouth comes to kiss along the sweetness until he then demands to capture her lips as he turns her face to look at him. “I come to make you mine. No more online. I want all of you.”

She, in turn, looks into his eyes while saying. ‘Then be busy fucking me. I want you and it will be right here amongst these oak trees. I said that I am yours. Take me.”

Ian then nudges her backward until her backside meets the nearest oak tree. Instantly his lips arrive upon the soft skin of her neck making Lucy`s legs feeling weak from him being so close. Ian so near to her after falling in love with him and he having fallen for her. Tumbling deeply and of her knowing that he will love her into erotic ecstasy to afterward hold her within the love that she has grown to know that lay within his heart.

With each new kiss laying sweetly to seduce her into the heated high that eh desires to push her into she slowly has her breath taken by his growing passion for pleasing her through placing his love within each kiss. She watches him over her shoulder as he has turned to once more hold her from behind. Lucy like the ay he commands her and plays on her skin and it is causing her heart to be racing within these moments that are their destiny.

Then quicker than lightening Ian`s strong manly hands move up to in case her delicate shoulders where he begins to pin her between himself and against the tree. Immediately with this done and accompanying an intense gaze into Lucy’s eyes of green Ian`s powerful arms slip around Lucy to be pulling her hard into him as he presses to her. She can`t escape, she forced to be his and she so wants to be only his as she looks back at him with true pure lust. He wants her part of him, need she desperately wants the same and he wants to be within her now. He must mark her with his cum, kisses and all that he is. It doesn't matter if it`s public viewing for it is now and it is time for them to be in a sexual union.

In a mere breath, Ian is gradually unbuttoning the denim short jeans that Lucy is wearing. These he is slowly unzipping to be causing a gasping sound of anticipation with heated breathes to echo forth from Lucy. She next feels his strong hands on her breasts as he molds them in his palms while whispering, “I won`t fuck you today, I love you and yes, my cock wants your pussy. NOW!”

Lucy’s eyes dance of the way he tells her that it`s love between them and not just the lust that she know that he has of her. With that she purrs, “Mmm, then love me. And fuck me tomorrow.”

Swiftly Ian’s lips once more enjoy the pleasures of tasting the skin of Lucy`s neck as those strong hands of his slide leisurely down over her curves to her petite waist before he is nudging those unfastened shorts to the ground. Then he is turning Lucy around to be lifting her arms up into the air as he is kneeling in front of her. Kneeling her looking up into those eyes that have lust filled love within them as he leans in to press his moist lips to that little niche just before the beginning of the pussy mound. This is the sweet crisp line of a pelvis that is firm and leading to treating that is currently scented with arousal. Thus, he knows those lower lips are wet, hot and Lucy is definitely enjoying being horny. She is horny for him. Therefore, that brings a devilish smile know that his cock is going to be very happy thundering within that heated wet hole that eh intends to please for a few hours before they are forced to stop due to darkness and criminal elements in the park.

With this thought, Ian`s hands reach between Lucy`s long slender thighs to remove the flimsy piece of fabric that she wears to hide her moist womanhood. There is no need of panties today. Hell no! Which he whispers in he rear as she feels his fingers gently graze her sensitive lower lips as he pulls the panties down from the bottom by the crotch. “Nasty things when my girl is horny.” He proclaims as his lips take to kissing hers before she can respond.

With her wet pussy fully exposed to him Ian`s hands and body adjust them to be bending and being making ready for his cock find her wet lower lips a she hips graze her firm naughty ass. Lucy immediately feels the knob of his erection readying to meet her wet pussy as her thighs spread wider. She gets a thrill from feeling the air on her wanton womanhood for it`s cooling her as the heat rise from her need to be fucked by him. Thus, she trembles of the arousal that she is within as his hand is caressing her thighs and widening her legs to accept his gift that desires to pound her into an orgasm. Then again in his mind, he isn`t imagining only one but he needs to start this. Oh, hell yes, but then suddenly they both hear, “Violating the public works dress code and discretion practice of our city is punishable by you losing your job, Ms. Gates.”

Honey Dew and #2

Each drop of Honey`s dew flows from within to bring the creamy treat out for the tasting. Each sweet drop is a temptation that comes begging for lips to savor yet her lover lay there watching the sweet Honey`s dew lingering upon the soft silken skin. It is the skin, such beautiful skin that is enjoying the pleasures of a goddess within the divinity of lustful play. Play of sexual loving within the charms and arms of a lover that knows the ways of controlling the world of orgasmic wonder. It is a governing of it what is to build into a bliss of things that are more than a loving kiss with cuddling. It is a control of lust filled playing upon a sensual playground of pleasures that has the body quake within shake as the lovers scream out the high of holding the treats from building it for hours. It is the tease and pleasing to make orgasm upon orgasm as the hours' pass. Thus, this first climax is mere minor league as the need to build another is to exist with no kiss. So it is a lingering of lips that soon devour the sweet dew of this honey as the hands enjoy more teasing of those lower lips to bring the wish of a delicious number two.

Dark Dream

Her tresses of a brilliant shade of sun fire linger upon this pillow to bring this smile that seems endless when she is near. She lay here wrapping tenderly within these scatterings of silken sheets with me. She lay here breathing sweetly within slumber`s peaceful wake after hours of wild intense pleasure sharing. She did give her all to me. This fiery vixen of wild dark passions that lay here next to me did willingly give to me all that she can within the lustful play that can exist upon the playground of dark pleasures. She gives to me for hours within this day. Yet she will soon need more even though she now lingers within resting. She will soon awaken and once more she will be taken to a new high of bliss that is the most passionate of our mutual wishes. Our wishes, our kisses, our need and the ways we feed this need of pleasure with all its kinky ways. Oh yes, dream sweet raw kinky temptations that are filling with all the adventures that may ever be dark fantasy. Yet, she now sleeps, sleeps and dreams of me within all that will soon be.

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