Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dominance`s Desire

"Come!" she said within tinges of collected seductive sensual. "Come be my boy toy for the weekend. Let me show you the pleasures that I may bring. Kneel before me, and I will make you more of a man.” She then whips her tongue to play moisture across her lips so that those glisten and she then softly state "I wanna lick it. I want to devour it. I want you to scream for me as I tie you prostrate to Andie`s Cross and then ride you hard for hours into all that I need."

Then she leans forward to stare at him, devour him with her smile and she simply sit there with riding crop in hand. Crop in hand dressed within the playful elegant leisure and the presence of the beautiful dominant lady that can only a woman of great sexual prowess. “Come, be my treat.”


‘Cold thick molasses is within dark sugary liquid sweet dripping in a slow caress off perky peaks that are hard within the chill of the night. These hard round mounds of tiny size. Delicious size made perfect for mouthing with lips and whipping by a tongue within teasing flicking. Teasing, taunting and licking the dark liquid as to create the skin to tug and play into feeling the deep sensations of being tasted. Tasted but loved, licked and desired to be feeling all that can be feeling. ‘ Is all he could think a she photographed her wanting her to be his.

Weekly Ritual

My list is short. Yes, it is I think to myself as I settle into the place hovering over him. A list, yes this is a perfect list of needing him to behave. Thus, the list includes the need of one fine silken blindfold scarf, two sets of metal industrial grade cuffs, a length of braided rope, one beeswax candle and his nude ass laying prostrate upon the hard wood floor. The hardwood floor is within this very old abandoned gothic church. It is a quaint little place for rituals.

Oh yes, there is a need of a church for I am going to carry out the most sacred of rituals. Divine ritual set forth to be the must exquisite human reward. That, of course, is breaking in of a very sexy stud with the pleasure of keeping him my treat hard until I have not one orgasm but four. Four or more is the goal. He must be a good boy or the wax will mark his cute hide in ways that he will not smile over. So we now settle into the pleasure of tease a” Be good for me and you can have all the cream you desire. Be a bad boy and you will be sent home to mommy with interesting tattoos.” I state in deeply seductive tones to keep it sweet and then it changes into commandments “Got it! Hard! Hellish hard! Saddling up cowboy!”

Then it begins, and the smiles are delicious. It is smiles and hardness within pleasures in every measure. Thus, there comes a really good ride into a weekly ritual.

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