Saturday, May 11, 2013

Capturing A Captain

The dawn rose sweet within all that is with Theresa finding herself walking toward her hotel room after the flight from Bangkok to this part of the Asiatic coast. Here are business things waiting for her and with that thought, she sighs of it while remembering how the captain on the aircraft look at her when she departs the plane only thirty minutes prior to this one. He stares at her in ways that she only knows from her life back home. A secret life on weekends and evening where great pleasures come in dark shades of lust and sinful sensual plays of getting all that is sexual served in ways that are simply dreams. Oh yes, he looks at her in the ways of possession and owned. Not him owning but his eyes begging her to own his ass and to take him as a ‘pleasure pet’ so that he will give all of his soul to simply supply her every fantasy.

He is a tall, dark beautiful specimen of sexy man with a smile of sheer sexiness that simply lets a woman know that if she is in his arms and laying within his charms then she is the goddess that is worshipped. He stands there on the tarmac proudly tall within his dress whites and it only made him appear to be even hotter while he tips his aviator hat to state, “Thank you, for riding with me Ms.”

In return, Theresa sweetly replies “It is always a pleasure, Captain Cosden. Thank you, for no air turbulence.”

With that, the beautiful golden blond sweeps back her tresses with a swish of her head to then be supplying that erotic little stroll strut that brings the eyes in needing to watch the delicate delight of a woman knowing how to strut her sexual self. She owns it, she is pretty precious confidence and intellect of the divine sensual woman. Each move is poetry and those legs so are sweetly curved within the finery of feminine elegance while the every other curve is divinely sculpted in ways of the perfection of woman. She is definitely a woman of elegance in her persona and feminine prowess in life and that tends to turn heads and make men stand at attention to be able to glance at her in the lust of wanting her. Thus, as she walks up to the hotel clerk`s desk she requests keys for the honeymoon suite, please. I do believe it is waiting for me. It is listed under Theresa of Royale Industries.’

“Yes, for Ms. Royale. As always your suite is ready and the bell captain will service all your needs so do allow us to be of service to you twenty-four hours of the day.’” Comes the reply as keys and mailings are delivering across the counter. ‘These are incomings for you and the luggage is already within your room with dinner delivered in thirty minutes.”

“Thank you, Antoine. You are so efficient my dear.” She conveys congenially. “Yes, he is, Ms. Royal!” Comes with a deeply masculine voice from behind her. Then in that second a firm solid muscular male body is leaning against her backside as lips come to whisper in her ear “I need to be yours. No more waiting. Every flight you look at me like that and every flight we stay here within separate rooms. But tonight I will beg to be your boy toy.” He states while then standing back from her.

She smiles and gasps of it before swallowing hard. She is right in concern to him wanting her and corrects of his craving to be a possession for pleasure`s purpose. Hell yes, she is! She can barely breathe for he is dreamy and she didn’t expect to have anyone for sexual pleasure during this weeklong business trip to the Euro continent but damn he is sexy hot sin and so passionately willing. The only question that she can’t answer is how much should she have him beg. With that in her mind, she brings no smiling as she immediately turns on her heels to look him directly in the eyes with coldness as her voice is solidly serene, “Cuffs, champagne and seven orgasms before dawn.”

He grins like he has won the lottery for life. Then he fingers his tie before then extending it`s loose end forward in her direction. Without an ounce of hesitation, Theresa reaches to grip it within a fisting possessiveness as the Captain Cosden becomes the treasure treat of the powerful woman known as Theresa Royale. He, in turn, has all he has been dreaming and it has him purr “At your service, my goddess. It is seven, dawn, and more if you wish.”

She simply struts her sexy self along to elevator with only responding with. “Be a good pet for me and we will see about next weekend too.”

Within minutes elevator is being the achieving, then the top floor and the opening of the suite`s door to allow entrance. Once inside she looks at him to state “Please me.” and with that it is he who is sweeping her into his arms and they are off to the nearby bedroom. Once there it begins with a hungry kissing upon those luscious lips with that only starting the lusty fires to be raging higher. In the time, it`s more kissing but down over every curve as nudity is quickly revealing with all clothing tossing about in a madness to have them close with lust surrounding every measure of them both as he succumbs to pleasing this goddess of a woman.

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