Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yum, Cum.

It bobs there dripping in yummy treats to lick and trick into being swallowed. To be swallowing with allowing it to slowly river in its sweetness that it so to fill my tummy. To be filling, spilling and dripping as my lips are coming to be sipping. These are the thoughts as I watch him hold me and be boldly beautiful in his whisperings and kisses to attempt to entice me into being only his.

Woman of Dreams

The woman of dreams is the most beautiful blond and the lacy panties do easily make the desire to be higher and higher. Yes, to have her in these arms is the need. Watching her, feeling her and has my soul and lust does bleed. Longing to touch, needing to be teasing skin that is smooth and the make her fires wild within, is the need and I do bleed in this need. She the one, she the must come and she is oh, oh..mmmm. I do purr as the lust does stir. I feel her, she roams within and out she comes and comes and cum.

Wild Energy

Come now you can feel it, it`s high wild energy that is not possible to tame and you don’t wanna tame it. You want to lick it, lick me and slowly teach me how your tongue toys with pleasing me. Toys and enjoys until the wildfires are higher and the need is deep within its lust. Come now kneel, kiss my tummy and then breathe on my, oh my. Yes, breathe on it, breathe cool breaths then hot and make me want even more.

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