Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Alphabets’ Naughty Agenda

Len is a pretty cool, laid-back dude who likes his playtime with various pleasure mates. He has a yummy girlfriend who is bisexual and he likes that a lot. He especially adores her since she is additionally very open in sexual ways. Now, you may be thinking that such can`t be true, but some guys just got it when it comes to getting girls and some women simply like that they do. These ladies tend to not only like it, but they tend to enjoy the ride that comes with being connected to these adventurous talented men. These are men who do have animal magnetism, and know how to raise the fires of desire in women. Our sexy blond British boy, Len has this and he knows how to keep his Australian girlfriend happy while dabbling I an open sexual lifestyle. Yes, he does. So it is easy to understand that with his natural talent that he has women wanting him and he in knowing this he does find ways to handle several other beautiful ladies that come to him in need to feel a little extra passionate pleasure in their lives. It is said that Len is the man, and rumor has that local ladies know it.

This morning he is adjusting is reddish paisley tie before tossing his suit jacket in the back seat of his 2013 black convertible Shelby GT 500 Mustang. Then as his lovely girlfriend walks into the garage she kisses his roughly shaven cheek commanding him to “Enjoy your date with Tanya today. Give her the temptation to want more. We need her desiring more.“

“That is the strategy, Pammie.”With winsome grin as he looks her up and down before continuing on to say. “You look hot today in that short skirt. Make the boys beg for it when they come to ask for some today. Make the dirty bastards realize it takes a lot to get in between those thighs. ” Arrives as response as he finally settles into the driver`s seat after holding her door and assisting her into seating in the passenger`s seat

She giggles as she leans over once more to kiss his cheek “Do remember to ask Tanya about coming on our weekend of a threesome. I want to taste her and taste you after you nail her with her second orgasm and just before my first.“

Len looks her in eyes, holds that stare of confident alpha male and softly reassures “She will succumb to us babe. She likes the meat and she will like you too.”

The car finds travelling to its two destinations with Len arriving at work a few minutes early to prep for the day. So with being early he discovers his way into the staff`s lounge to get a morning coffee. As he enters in there is the Tanya. Luscious lovely blond who is known for giving the best oral pleasure of any of the ladies in his inner circle of playmates. Watching her move wearing that empire style dress molds to her every curve making it a beautiful sensual thing to watch. Len needed watches and licks his lips thinking ‘Damn that is mine. Maybe it times for a little treat before the lunch date.’

So he strolls up behind her wrapping his muscular arms around that delicate athletic waist kissing. “Mm, you delicious this morning.” He hums as he plays a succulent kiss to the skin of the curve of her neck that is causing her lean back into him. “Right on cue my stud. I have been waiting for you.” She purrs out with a desire to have him do more than kissing.

“Good morning, Len.” As Tanya turns around to be swiftly pressing herself into him to then slide her arms over his strong shoulders as she impatiently plants a deep hungry kissing to his lips that eventually has them both a bit breathless.

Upon breaking the kiss she giggles then sternly stares in his eyes stating “ Hope you're ready to fuck me again. I really enjoyed last night at the service station after work.” She then purrs of the memory of the wild waves of orgasm that takes places in the female’s washroom of their local convenient store service station.

“Mm, Tanya, I've had your wet horny pussy on my mind all morning. What ya say, you sit here on the counter and let me finger fuck you before we begin our workday.” Arrives in smooth coolness as direct request with an agenda in his thoughts. “It will be something to think about while we wait for our lunch date.”

Staring him in eyes with that twinkle of getting an early gift she seductively whispers. “Only if, I let to taste me too.” He wickedly grins conveying in teasing, “Only if, you give me your usual amount of cream. I do have needs and I dislike sharing your cream but be a good girl and spread those thighs for your stud.”

“Stud, yes my ‘fuck stud’.” She then nudge him backward “Watch me tiger” She teases her fingers on both hands along the bottom rim of the short cut dress as a sassy wink shots at him ‘Watch me my stud, you will like what you find. This is an accompanying a sinful smile as the dress slowly comes to raise upward as her finger shimmy the skirting up, up and mid thighs while she purrs. “You will eat it too if you need all my cream. “

She continues to play these long lovely fingers in teasingly pulling the dress up until its rimming her hips and she then slippery slides back unto the countertop supplying seductive come hither look while those thighs slowly part to give a true naughty sweet vision for Len to enjoy.

“Very good, Kitten. Wet, commando, well shaven and…“ He leans downward over her open thighs to breathe in the awaiting scent. “Ah yes, the scent of lilies mixing with horny kitten.” He breathes it deeply and looks up into her eyes of blue to display a grin about what is going to be truly a pleasure. He likes it, he is gonna be suave and sensual with her to make her want more and to need to be the weekend third for the threesome.

She looks with a deadly serious stare down at him before tossing those golden tresses over shoulders as she proclaims, “I am horny. Fuck me. I want you and need orgasm. Len, you promised that you would please me here at the office when I need. Please, just fuck me. Later on, we will do lunch and anything else you want today.”

He gives a whimsical laugh as he replies “Horny naughty kittens get it when Tiger wants to give it, sit there and spread those thighs and let me do what we both love.”

Then Len trails the fingers tips with the nails placing skin side, he trails theses ever so slowly up ward starting at the calf of left leg. ”Horny, horny and horny kitten needs to show Tiger that she really want to be pleased.”

She glares at him wanting to bitch slap him for she is past the brink of holding back her obvious needs and she has been all morning existing as this while waiting for him to get into the office. Yet, he continues to tease her as those nails glide inside her thigh, up, up to then linger in taunting touch at the curve of her leg and body as she breathes hard of wanting so much more. ”Purr for Tiger. Tiger needs a kitty to enjoy it.”

She is enjoying as he body quakes with desire and the memory of the way his hardness come to her during last night. She vividly remembers it and simply wants to take the edge of the needing of more until she may have his treat within her again. He is taking it, or is going to. He is by taking it to a lower level with him giving her anything; it is anything as long as he brings an orgasm with a promise of later. So she seductively meows and then drifts it into soft sensual purring that she repeats so that he flashes that charming smile. He kissable grin that grows brighter with each purring pleasure that she sharing while his fingers tenderly glide upward to find touchdown.

She sits there panting into almost dizzy breathlessness as her thighs remind wide with his fingers now grazing her lower lips in taunting torture. He chuckles of how she plays to him and how she likes being a submissive even though she claims Dominant. He likes her submitting for he is then her sugar daddy of cum.She becomes one of his chosen ladies and they both know it. So he figures their usual game is good as he takes a slow hand that is filled with a naughty promise within the touching. “Alphabet, Kitty. Say them for me.“

“A, anal.” She states knowing her roll as he slips his finger straight up the center of her womanly lips to art them enough to glide in the stroking slide.

“B, blow…ah..oh...job!” as his finger instantly thrust fully deep within her to rock her senses with an unexpected full penetration of one thick long finger. Buried he is to his knuckle and he leans into to tenderly brush a kiss to her trembling lips. She stares into his eyes with own filling with even more desire to have him teach her pussy how to be tame. He winks into her eyes as he says ‘”Kitty is liking it, she may get to lick Tiger`s fingers.”

“C, clit.” She breathes within barely being able to as he then kisses her again to the next twist his finger within her as he slowly pulls it out. Pulling out while playing a licking whip by his velvet tongue`s tip to her upper lips. And she is wild with wanting that too an as her body is on fire with remembering how much he pleased her when cleaning up cum on her thighs last evening. During then he creates orgasm number three and the final one of the night for her. It all has her entire body vibrating with desire for more of this thrusting to get an eventual orgasm. This in her mind must exist or she is gonna go mad. So she purrs, and whimpers, “D, dildo.”

With that, he has one finger become two. Two long thick fingers come to almost fill that taut canal that is blazing with needing to build the tight into a vice and the wet in a creamy shower. Thus, he places both within her quickly while looking in her eyes within waiting for her. “E, erection.”

“Yes, tiger has one, my Kitten. You will suckle at lunch.” He reassures knowing that is hardness is about to burst through his zipper without much it needs to release and be given lips service. With that running his mind and now uncontrolled he begins to thrust his two finger within her in a higher pace. The rhythm comes instantly strong rocking her body, just ricking her as she cries out “Fuck!”

“You! Yes, Tiger is doing that.” as he begins thrusting in relentless pounding to bring her an orgasm. He must give into her desire for he needs her to be the third for his girl on the weekend. That is a plan, it is gonna exist and he is waiting for his release later. It is a hard thing to do but Len is not going to have Tanya please him this morning and is anticipating oral for the lunch date.

Tanya`s hands grip his shoulder as the build up grow intense. Her body is ablaze with lust and the tight within is extreme. Every muscle is pulsating, gripping in latching to Len`s driving fingers and she trembles of just wanting a few more penetrations. Deep full, pounding penetrations of two fingers as Len’s thumb tickles her clit. That is it as and she explodes after the longer naughty play of their bodies pressed within finger pleasure playing.

As the orgasm swarms her senses to rock into blissful energy she leans on him as he pest her hair while whispering in her ear. “At our lunch date, I have a question that you must answer yes to and enjoy it.”

She leans upon him as he stands in front of her so tall and strong. She supports against him while weakly whispering, “Anything that you want Lennie. I will let you fuck anywhere, anytime and any position.”

With that he brings his hands upward. This is covering in sweet honey cum. he holds it before lips to have her suckle her cream, “Eat it for, Tiger. Tiger needs you taste it and make him wait for lunch.”

Tanya raises her head and pushes off him to then stand up in front of him to seductively suckle the treat from his fingers. upon cleaning them through with lips, tongue and deep sensual suckles she smiles at him to them walk out of the lounge as though nothing has happened. Len turns watch her strut her stuff before he then makes a much needed visit to the men`s room. As he does his thoughts ‘Threesome is my weekend. Hell yes!’

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