Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wild Whips and Pony Bliss

Dressed for success within the world of raw dirty kinky things she stands there with a pistol in one hand and the long whip coiling within her other. She is a dominant cowgirl who enjoys her ‘Pony Boys’ and kinky creamy pleasures within the wilds sexual deviation. She is educated intellectual, sexual deviant, and is stunningly beautiful to her every curve. Not only is she a wild sensual beauty but also every curve knows its power and how they are to be used to get what she wants within life. Dominant, self-confident, self-aware and kinky within her sexual needs.

She begins pressing the trigger of her pistol to give it that Lil tension under touch as she feels the wet dripping glisten within velvet caress on her lower lips. The thought of taming all three of her new Pony Boy studs makes her hornier than a succubus in need of a sex fix.

Her cute Pony Boys are to be tamed on this night. They each are to be dressing in cowboy boots, no Stetson, leather thong undies and have those bridal/reins draping around their strong neck. She will have all three Pony boys understanding that she is going to riding it rough into the pleasure storm. They are going to be the wild steeds that are to be ridden through the orgasmic wonder once she has her way with placing a few last marks. Only a few lashes of her whip, a little prancing around on their knees as they proudly carry her around the stable paddock. Then when she has had her fun there is the stable barn`s loft of hay and blankets. Once there it is where three studs are pleasing a wild cowgirl who intends to be covering everyone in creamy treats by morning.

Yet, for now, duty calls her to get busy with whipping open the barn door to find her Pony Boys within that play begins.

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