Friday, June 7, 2013

Dirty Dancer

Perfection in athletic feminine curves comes to enjoy the limelight. These are in powerful hypnotic sway as she arrives to dance within the playful seduction of the naughty stripper’s pole. An erotic metal shaft that rests center stage in the private club of the gentlemen’s only room. Her left-hand grips the pole to then be wrapping each finger leisurely around the shaft of the glistening metallic pole as the hot Latin rhythm once again hits the air to seduce the audience that is awaiting the sight that is whispered of as being ‘an orgasm for the eyes’.

Hell yes, she knows how to work it and to make the viewer lust to touch her body. She also understands how any viewer to then desire much more than a pole being worked into a sweaty mess. Every movement is the poetry of motion within erotic sensual plays of seducing anyone willing to watch the lovely seductress do what she does best. That, of course, is the knowing of the beauty of her lovely sexy curves and how to use them. Her specialty is erotic dance and her favorite is removing her clothes within sensual dancing.

So it is up, more up, then down, then onward within various flexing of her body, and then she smoothly is moving those split wide thighs in close to the performing tool as she then brings her womanly wetness to press within glide the long shaft. All this while spinning and grinning her best sexy smile and playing it like she is making love to the hard shaft. She is most definitely seducing it and more, as she once more splits her legs to wrap them around the pole having her pussy paint it with lips. She comes gliding downward to the floor to then supply a naughty kinky wink. This turns into a seduction of sensual plays of her fingers and hands upon of her almost nude skin.

She understands what to touch to tease the daydreams into the mind and she slowly plays her body in motions to bring arousal. She knows by this point there is no doubt that her audience is finding pleasure in the dream of each of them giving her sexual pleasure. It is easy to see that each is now spellbound by her dance. So it's back up to work the stripper`s pole even more. This time, it's deeply teasing, its speedy twirling and then slow manipulation of her curves to enjoy the pleasure of the music and the natural high of the energy that comes from this type of dancing. It is feminine sexual powerful energy that is passionate and intensely dirty sexy naughty to an extreme. Yes, an orgasm indeed.

As she finishes the sensual sexual seduction within sliding slowly down the metal shaft she plays it tin the ways a woman loves a great lover. Meeting the solid of the raised wooden platform she tosses her long tresses over her strong feminine shoulders to then give a wink before standing up. Next, she takes a mere moment to blow a teasing sassy kiss to her audience as she sways those curves in walking off the stage.

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