Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Edward Needs To Be A Good Boytoy

"Fucking you will be the easy thing, sexy. The stuff that is the difficult thing is you are not falling in love with me by the fourth orgasm." She states with a flirty wink and a deadly seriously stare from those emerald colored eyes that always have a dance of lust within them. He chooses to not believe her but he isn`t the even the tenth young stud to not understand who she is and what she brings to the table of casual weekly trysts. So the newbie seems willing to discover what a sex goddess brings. She brings not only endless hours of ceaseless sex but it comes with no limits in adventures and all the switching of dominance and submission that his lustful heart may ever desire. That is adding to the sweetest honey cum on earth and the most sensual of symphonic climax cries. Hell yes, she is tasty, naughty and dirty sexy treats, along with being a mature woman. Yet, Mr. Twenty-Something is ignoring the warning signs so she thusly maybe picking up shattered heart after their sixth encounter.

She walks over to cup his doubting face within her two hands as he then has a chance to bring his two palms to side up her hips. He additionally is watching into her eyes for he wants to see how will love whom as he is having his fingers dance in anxious anticipation on the rim waistband of her skirt. He is only thinking of how to remove it and when to remove it. He needs it gone so that her long femininely muscular legs are wrapping his torso as that he then may work on releasing his beast into her wet womanly treasure. He doesn’t care about love; all he wants is his cum within her as hers coats his rod. Yes and that shines in his eyes, yes lust indeed is there but she knows it and has seen it often in these young horny boys who think they can handle women.

So she commanding whispers upon his lips “Release me! Now strip for me to show me how much you want it and you are to make it sexy. Make me want, or you will end up regretting even dreaming of me.” She stands there tall within her womanly presence to then continue on in a similar vein of commands. “Come now, be a good boy toy or things can be not so interesting.” She states gripping his face harshly and pushing him away. As she does he looks at her like she is trouble and being a bitch for the sake of being one. She watches him gauging his movements to see what is next to be done. “Come now, show me how hard it is, do it slow, I like the tease and you will like how I will please.”

He stares her down, glares at her with curiosity swimming his mind for he has always been the sort of thinking men are only men if they are in control but today he sees otherwise. He sees it and his cock suddenly is rocketing into being even harder. To his surprise, he is more turned on when she is forceful and demanding. Thus, in his thoughts there arrive judgments of that she is even more than what he has been watching this week of working with her. So with a snicker, his fingers take too leisurely flicking those buttons on his white dress shirt. Each one is unfastened as he comes in to look deep into her eyes and breathe on her lips stating “Please...pretty please…please kiss it. It is so growing harder for you.” He whispers in sexy lyrical boyish baritone.

Her eyes of green simply stare back displaying the waiting for the rest. He grins but she doesn’t as she pulls away to be then glaring at him within impatience brewing strong. Displeasure for she has been in this place before and it`s time just do it and he best does it her way. Thus, her body language shows that she will not be here in this room of his bedroom much longer if he hesitates. He sees that she is not willing to allow him to control anything more than his clothing removal hence his hands find his belt to loosen it and whip it from his body to then have him toss it to her conveying. “You may wanna whip me with it when I am not naughty enough, my Mistress.”

He next chuckles of the thought of her being the dominance in things, yet in her thinking, she knows damn well that she will be and it will be her amusement, not his. It has her gaze at him wondering if he has any idea how much he doesn’t know of sexual pleasure If he can ever understand what it takes to be truly pleasing a woman like her and if he knows how easy it is to be overpowered by the emotions that are heading his way. Within this, he watches her back, surveys and releases his pants that crispy fall to his ankles in displaying that ass of his resting in nudity. Even more so, it allows the exhibition of a good eight inches of the rod that is thickly blessed in girth. This dropping down of his drawers also brings that flashing grin making statement that he feels that he is man enough to take her on. Give her the proper shaft and man to pleasure her pussy with as that beast bobs within standing at attention. Yes indeed, he thinks that he may demand of her now that she sees what is coming her way and so he states, ‘Time to kneel and taste.”

She shakes her head of things, yet within it, she figures she may deal with the shit storm of his emotions later on when the love bug disease overwhelms him. It tends to come when she takes on another lover with the newer young stud being overtly sexual. It tends to make ‘newbie one’ jealous of ‘newbie two’ and then the first newbie begins thinking that he should be getting the attention ‘newbie two’ is getting. Yes, she gets easily bored of these guys but she figures why not even if she finds new newbies every other month, yet it begins again.

Yes, it does as she slowly kneels in front of him after kissing his cheek as she is looking up to the state. “It isn’t size but what ya do with it, boy toy. First, let`s moisten it to see if you are capable of …”

Then with a swift whipping lick of the peak of his beastly rod, she instantly engulfs it within her upper lips. She suckles down on it to be coating with the saliva that is within her hot tight throat. His eyes roll back in his head as she sucks him as deep as anyone possibly can. She would grin if her mouth weren’t full of him. She knows he would be overcome with sensation and she is right about the rest too. Yes, she is and she knows it because the one he replaces receive such a month ago and this morning he said his piece before she left the office to meet for this sex encounter. Thus, once more it all comes to be as it is eventually to be in about a month`s time. A nice rewind of things and only the faces change. She lives with it. They are being forced to live it with and she truly doesn’t give a damn. After all, men have been doing it for centuries, and it`s time females had sexual freedom too.

She slowly retracts the deep thrust of his cock within her moist mouth as she then once more devours him fully. She does this many times over with occasionally stopping to lick the shaft with her firm tongue or to kiss the peak of it. She does it to add a bit of variety to the playfulness that she enjoys when giving oral pleasure. She also demands that he remain hard with no release. She builds his need high and then prevents the allowing him to shoot his load of cream into her mouth. She does it many times over until his sweat is vividly evident on his brow, then with a spank to his naughty young ass, she engulfs his rod fully to next drive her lips hungrily over the shaft until he can`t withhold his cream and it bullets down her throat in a river of creamy strands. She drinks every drop before rising to her feet to say. “Edward needs to be a good boy and give what he receives.”

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