Friday, August 2, 2013

Showered In Passion

It`s typical Friday morning on the coast of the great land of Prince Edward Island as Llew wakes to gaze into that beautiful face of the woman whom he is falling in love with. Kissing her lightly there comes a warm smile with the hope that she remains within dreams as he then does his best to leave the bed of love and head downstairs to make coffee. However, upon his crossing, the bedroom door`s threshold Sandra stirs from sleep to immediately pull herself out of bed and head onward to into the shower. She doesn’t stop him and knows that he is to soon return to her for more morning kisses.

It takes little to no time for Llew to enter back into the bedroom. He is diligent with tasks, but it is especially true when he is entertaining a lady and even more so when he loves that lady. For Llew is a man of deeply passionate ways, kinky plays and he has a gorgeous eye that dance of playfulness. He has longed to have this and to be this with a special someone. Yes, he has and he holds this woman within the most treasured of ways. In fact, no woman could be loved more than Sandra is. So he places the tray with two coffee mugs and morning muffins upon the nightstand beside their bed. After which he peeks into the bathroom to see his lovely queen standing nude within the confines of the rapidly showering waters as the steam fills the room. The vision of her so beautifully wet makes his heart race and his cock suddenly is rock hard.

Getting into the shower he settles in to be directly behind her as he reaches for the bottle of shampoo. In seconds, he is massaging the cream liquid into her long blond hair. He adores washing her and seeing the suds caress her fine delicate skin. His attention to it is excellent with Sandra purring of the as he caresses her scalp and soothes a massage into her shoulders before turning her around to be under the sprays for the rinsing out. He then places a deep kiss to her lips as they close their eyes allowing the soap to cleanse out and their love to come so easily to them.

Llew has dreamed of a woman like this being his. Sandra is petite within muscular curves, is strong intellectual, and has perky breasts, long wavy golden blond hair and eyes so deeply blue with almost being oceans leading into her naughty soul. She is beautiful to be holding while being slightly dominate but powerful loving. She even adores cats and that is just a bonus. He couldn’t be happier as he whispers in her ear “You are so sexy and so hot. Oh, I want you….”

She interrupts with “Take, it is yours.” It comes in that lustful deep dirty stare of ‘you best be busy fucking me this second. Or there is a price.’

He takes such demand extremely serious and so he leans into play soft kisses to her long lovely neck. Then while departing his lips from her soft skin he gazes into those eyes of blue while he leans against the shower wall grabbing Sandra around the waist. His grin is sinfully sexy as he says, “Love you and get your sexy self here”, as he wraps her left leg around his torso to have her foot on the tub`s edge.

She looks into his eyes that somehow smile more brilliant at her as they come in ever so close while the shower continues onward. Then she commandingly wraps her right hand around his cock to place it teasingly in sweeping motions over her lower lips. Sin doing so she gasps of it and he swallows hard as his breath is taken. He loves her hand on his member. He likes how she teases herself with it and how she teases the life out him when her fingers pressure the flesh. Llew adores and lusts for how her hand slowly massages its length while she teases herself with the tip. “My god!” He moans out as she continues to do so having him going crazy with needing to be within her.

Then without any more taunting him Sandra is pushing his thick beast her now dripping wet pussy for she can no longer take the tease either. As it comes in within sliding through the slick moisture she passionately moans of the ways her vaginal muscles devour his beast and how his cock pulses wild as it finds its comfort with the tight confines.

The look in her eyes is a glow of ‘damn, I love that feeling!’ Llew grins as he allows his cock to settle within finding the hotspots, which are a million all at once and he is finding it too comfy. He is going mad with sensations as her pussy seizes his meat and works it with a thunderous devouring. He must give her more. He must fill her with his seed and she will give to him her creamy treat. So slowly she pulls back, then pushing her hips have her puss lips off of his hardness until only his cock`s tip is barely within her fold. Then he slams it to be back within her tight pussy. He afterward retracts again and she slams him back within herself giving him a daring stare of that he best get busy building more. She needs more. But he grins and taps her naughty ass. ”Patience, baby.”

He knows she has wanted in the morning and he is glad to fill it no matter how long it takes, but they were going to savour. They both giggle of the ass tapping as the waters spray on them and once more he is within her and retracting to only slam back within her and a she gives a full open palm spanking to her ass. She purrs of it, she moans in the deep sensual lust of how it feels with him in her. Their need builds high as they repeat this, building it into faster paces and she fondling her breast showing him how hard he makes her nipples as he fucks her. Once more he retracts to then again arrive hard in slamming them both together as he pussy muscles flex and contract causing the heat to run high. The heat the wet and the thundering sounds of slapping bodies come to be constant as he stands to pin her against the shower stall wall. He wraps her legs around his torso to take to seriously pounding within her until she can`t hold the powerful sensations .She cries out in moaning wild passion as she holds tight to his shoulders. “Fuck me, fuck me, Llew!”She screams as he continues his conquest of her pussy with marking it with his cock.

Llew is a good boy. He manages to do his best to please women and they smile at him for doing so. His current lover is no exception to this. So Sandra smiles at him, she kisses him constantly, and she plays with her nipples to then press them hard to his chest. She clings to him as the high of orgasm comes in waves of bliss having her body tremble during his cock thunders within her pussy. It`s wild in sensations and lusty love as the shower`s water begins to go cold but the heat is high as she squirts cream and he releases his love seed within her.

Llew continues to grin as they pleasure each other in soft touching whilst the dizziness wanes into them kissing. But the freezing waters spraying quickly encourage them to step out of the shower. Sandra then turns to Llew to look upon her obsession as he tenderly wraps her in a large terry towel. “Llew, I love you and I know that we have a dinner date tonight but can we just stay home to have more?” Llew`s grin to turn to be even more sinful as he leans into kissing her saying “Anything you want, baby. Now we best get to work. We are running late.”

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