Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Erotica Shorts - August 7


He whispers he allows the teasing of his breaths upon my soft silken skin until my body runs in shivers of the ways that lust does quiver within my every cell. His breath teasing in heat as fingers linger to pleasure my skin as he brings his lips to meet, to meet my skin in a precious tenderness of a kiss. Love`s kiss within a wish to tease me into begging to be more with him. It is more while we explore all the lust that is a must between us. Him, his whispers, his fingers and my need to be with him as the soft moans flow to share all that we may ever dare.

Loving You

I love you; it is with my every kiss to give us bliss. I love you; it is in my voice when it whispers to you. I love you; it is my touch saying that you are every wish. I love you; it is in my eyes that smile when I think of you. I love you in ways that are beyond all that is life and this. I love you in ways that are forever and eternally true. I feel you, and I love you. I love you and always will too.


“Awake unto me, my queen, awake and be mine.” He whispers in that sexy sensual baritone voice. He looks at me as I wonder of hours and the time. He waits not for the reply and gives me no choice. He kisses me; he takes me to him saying ”Mine.”

Window View

He likes it here in front of the window. He likes to play out our dirty fantasies for the world to see. He likes to show the world how much he pleases me. It is beautiful when he teases me there in full view to be giving a view of how my body trembles of his touch and of how much I need him. He likes everyone seeing how much he pleases me. He likes them knowing how he so easily owns me as the pleasures of his fingers; hands, lips and eventually so much more do explore me. He is one who enjoys being watched, he thrills in the way people look at me being given the desires of my womanly needs. He is my ‘dirty sexy’ lunch date that places the cream in coffee and the screaming moans in my lustful song and while the world watches.

Erotica Shorts - August 6

Enjoying You

Every touch within its tease is the pleasing that my skin desires as we slowly build the inner fires to have us pleased. Hotter heat within wonders lust until the sweet wet flows to have you know how much I truly need to enjoy you so, enjoy and feel our lust continue to grow. Every touch, every breath is wild sensations arriving within thrilling me into filling me and to lust spilling from within me. So hold me to have us covered in cream, covered in streams of sweat within out dreams of sharing lust while the passionate screams arrive between us between us.

Bubbles Caress

Every bubble is your touch upon my silken skin as the waters swim to embrace me, as you would hold me to then scold me for being a naughty dirty girl for teasing you while I had sat across from you pleasing me. It was I teasing you as you watch the cream stream while you do not touch but wanting it ever so much. So now I am teased with bubbles teasing me but still teasing you as the bubbles flow and meet my treat of womanly needs. You watching and liking it as every portion and pleasure do desire to have you more than teases. Yet clean it must be for you will be enjoying every pleasure that is me.

She Is My Symphony

Her body is the finest instrument of musical pleasures.
Her music is the most beautiful of all symphonies to ears.
Playing to her need is a must until it`s bliss in all measures.
It is bliss to be as she sings her love song for me to hear.

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