Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cuffs & Giggles

Swift as the wild winds he captures her in his arms.
Over his shoulder as he whispers of how is will charm.
Taken to be given more love than ever known.
He will mark her, play lust on her skin and make her is own.

She giggles of his need knowing that he is greedy tonight.
He wants and she doesn’t mind being his delight.
He holds her firm as she wiggles, but he holds ever so right.
Then he tosses her to that bed knowing it’s a Lil kink for the night.

Then she reaches up to the nightstand to bring the cuffs.
With a sly smile, she teases, “Can we play rough?”
He chuckles of her desire to says, “You are not that tough".
Then she collects the metal bracelets to say. “Oh, I will be enough.”

He stands there thinking this could be fun.
He grins a lot more to see if she is sure.
Then she says, “The cuffs are for you, you are the one.”
He is shocked and yet is willing to explore.

She giggles and wiggles upon the bed.
He watches her still wondering is she truly will.
Then crawling to him she rattles the cuffs “On the bed, Fred.”
He comes to do as she has told to bring her thrill.

Erotica Shorts August 7 - Version 2

His Energy

She can feel his energy consume hers and she likes how it comes within the ways of his finger barely touching her skin. It sends electric shivers through her until her panties are soaking with the wetness that he so easily brings. It has her longingly gaze into his eyes in begging wish for more and for him to explore her until she breathless from him filling her. Filling needs, her mind, soul and owning that heart as her body lays there in need of more. The thought of it is almost having her reach that twilight high of climaxed euphoria. Thus, as he lovingly smiles at her she quakes as she purrs, “Please, please may we again?”

All I Wanna Do

All I wanna do is kiss you and feel you on my skin.
You with me and us enjoying all that may ever be.
It is you with me to be finding pleasure in kinky sins.
You with me - all that I wanna do is have you exist within me.
It is you playing kisses upon my skin making my heart spin.
It is you bringing me higher, and more on fire as you please me.
Yes, you with me, you within me and you with that devilish grin.
Yes, all I wanna do is have you with me and making it a “we’.

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