Sunday, August 11, 2013

Scotsman`s Promise

His journey to her come wrought with dangerous ways for he escapes the tyranny of the eastern hordes. He is a man of wealth and education that is forced to kneel to the chaos of wars against his people, yet he saves his queen. He sends her into the deep heart of his former kingdom so that once she may live and bring his family the heights of glory once more. That day long ago he makes a promise that he shall find freedom from enslavement so that he to then shall enjoy the seclusion of peasant ways. A peasant living in the ancient meager tribes of his strong ancestry and she is to be his night. His queen and kingdom begin to rise from near death tonight to be the glory of his life and so she is to feel the hardness that lay under his proud Celtic tartan.

She waits for him within the chambers of the meager life of a humble earthen dwelling and a bed of sheepskins that are scenting of her wild Scottish ways. She is a woman of middle years. A woman of blazing red tresses that come in a sea of waves to tickle his skin and her eyes of deep ocean blue melt his sternness when she gazes upon him. She is strong warrior female who is to birth their son that is to bring his hereditary the power of being once more strong upon this Isle of ancient ways. He smiles of how her beauty is that which outweighs others. She is the most exquisite prize for his heart and bed. She is worthy to be kingly treasure for she is beauty within and without. He smiles about it for through her he is going build his kingdom strong once more. She is his rock, the kingdom`s cradle and she are the melting of his cold soul.

Tonight he is going to melt her into his strong arms and into the creamy dreams that she is longing to make real once more. He is to love her within his endless lust. Loving her within passionate desire until she screams of the pleasure of his manly treasure bring the cream that is to bring them in a union once more. And with that his quilt is feeling tighter and his mind is dizzy with needing her touch as lips need to bless her with his kisses. Love her; just as he long ago did when he made his solemn promise of return.

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