Friday, August 16, 2013

Big Bad Llew

Llew has her standing before him. He likes when they do this, he greatly enjoys how she is his and does what they both enjoy without them inclining to be too much. Tonight's Saturday night and it’s usually a sports night with TV but tonight it is different. It is Saturday and they are in the bedroom with him sitting looking at her and remembering the week that they share. He smiles and thinks of how she has seen nothing yet.

Sandra looks at him and smiles for she knows he loves her in his mind and can see they are going to enjoy playtime. He is dressed in his favorite button-down white dress shirt; his finest black dress pants and is wearing his best naughty smile. His smile tells her that he is up to something but in all honestly the dress up is not usual for they are casual in their home. Sandra likes when they play when they thrill in a bits sexual roleplaying in their bedroom. She longs for the sensual adventure of how he sets up evenings and romance that brings them to understand that passion is extremely strong in their relationship. She likes how he takes the time to set up date nights, theme evening and silly events to just surprise or not surprise.

Sample is Monday and Thursday. Monday, it comes to be a lunch picnic at her office desk. It exists as a surprise of sandwiches, a sinful dessert, and her favorite iced tea drink. It could be seen as ordinary but Llew arrives with a checkered large square scarf. He moves things around a bit, then spreads the scarf on her desk before he is pulling out the fold up stool that he brings and in seconds, he is sitting out the minor picnic lunch. The world stops for them when he does this. He does it periodically when Mondays are just hard. He likes romancing her and having her know how much he adores her and needs her happy. It flows over into Thursday when he picks her up from work early to walk her along the busy midtown street but upon leaving her office building he blindfolds her with a new red silk scarf telling her it's a gift but there is more. They walk and she trusts him and in less than twenty minutes he is having her standing inside his favorite pub. He sits her on the seat in the corner as brushes her facial cheek softly with a red rose before then handing it to her while removing the blindfold. Then he orders drinks, just a nice drink or two before they wonder home from the long day. It is just a break and a little extra romance that he needs as part of his life and it brings her the feeling of him loving her and wanting her in his life.

On this Saturday night, Llew is having Sandra wearing a black blindfold, and black lacy ribbon tying in a bow around her beautiful full round breasts while she is wearing matching lacy girlie panties. He stands upward to next be having Sandra clasping arms behind her strong back. He does this to then be whispering in her ear, “Mine! Mine, my darling, and I want you to enjoy every treat tonight.”

Then he walks to stand in front of her to allow her time to smile and think as she replies, “Can barely wait for you to unwrap me to do everything that that makes us smile.”

That has Llew cracking the biggest sinful grin. It is delicious and Llew most definitely has a smile that women fall easily into. With that he walks over to the nearby dresser to then be reaching into the top drawer. This one is the toy drawer and he takes no time in grabbing a length of black lace ribbon. Then he is placing Sandra’s hands on either of her elbows to next be wrapping the lace around her forearms until her arms are secure. After this Llew softly kiss each wrist and to say “Bad girls need special treats. You didn’t eat your veggies at dinner.” He chuckles of it while knowing that she did, but an excuse comes as a must for the play and so he makes one.

In a moment, Llew is nudging and positioning Sandra back against the bedroom the wall. With a kiss to her lips, she remains quiet knowing that he is in the process of doing, something that they both do enjoy. Slowly he teasingly tugs the bow around her breasts until its untying. He breaths deeper with watching them be fully revealing with those aroused nipples that stand at full attention. She likes the sensations that flow through her as the lace unveils them. Such is sensual sensations that make her a Lil bit wet within her womanly lips. He likes teasing her until she is too wet and needs him within her. Thus, he easily comes to breath cooling breaths upon her erect nipples to have them pop a little more into firmness. Then in quickness, he lightly nips the right nipple to then blow a hot breath on it. Sandra moans of the feelings and squirms as his hand comes to press to her tummy forcing her to remain against the wall. As she settles into calming the sudden need to have him do more of the beautiful tasting Llew leans in to flick a licking to the left nipple as he kneels in front of her. Then without a hesitation, her plants his lips fully upon that erect diamond shaped sweetness and suckles it hard into his mouth. He captures it, owns it and tugs it until it slips from his lips.”Mmm, oh Sandi, you are to be fucked tonight?”

Madness sweeps her, she likes that growling sensual deepness voice tone that he says when he is going to be naughty in playfulness and make her his toy. This has her squirming within need to have him taste more of her breasts, to touch her, to own her and the impatience is strong but Llew sends her firmly back against the wall saying, ”Behave or I will eat the chocolate all by myself.”

Within chuckling of how unrealistic that is, Llew stretches his arm out to have his hand remove an ice cube out of the glass of water on the nearby night table. Then he suckles the drippings of the cold water off it but he also wants his saliva on it. Holding within his fingers Llew brings the ice to play barely in sweeping tease over Sandra`s right nipple. The nipple rises harder in it’s peeking until the little bud is solidly hard. Sandra cries out of the sensations of tingling cold and of the warmth is returning as she comes into higher arousal but Llew continues teasing the nipple until it`s fully firm and Sandra`s moans are steadily giving him a thrill. Such easily has his cock rock hard and twitching in his dress pants. Yet, he isn`t done, he is far from done even though he is making sure that the tiny peak of flesh is hard and chilling in a frigid tension. He wants her sensing the coldness and feeling the ways of heat coming and going upon her. It’s a minor pleasure but it’s sweet when he earns her enjoying it in such sensual songs of then begging him, “More, more. Don’t stop. Please, the left one too.”

No man needs more encouragement than his woman pleading for more to inspire him into giving more. Especially when it’s going to please them both. Hence, Llew turns to placing the ice cube to touch the left nipple. He sits it there on the peak of it making the wet drip due to the heat rising from the fleshy mound. He allows this to slowly almost freeze the skin and have the nipple harder than it is prior. He also wants that heart racing in pacing so that Sandra cannot resist enjoying, even more, sensations. She purring, whines and moans of the pleasure of the arousal that comes for her nipples are extremely sensitive and these do so easily give into creating higher arousal that glistens in wetness upon lower lips.

With Sandra’s deeply appreciating his teasing of icy treats Llew breathe bursts of breath against her breasts as he suckles to then nibble those harden mounds of tiny pleasure centers. He next slides the ice cube along the leg of her panties until it is at her crotch. He rolls the cube along and then slips it under those panties to slowly tease it to caress Sandra`s moist pussy lips. Thus brings a gasping cry of pleasure to ascend from within Sandra. Llew chuckles of it and rises to kiss her lips and as he does the phone rings and he curses of it for he knows it`s her work calling and she must answer it. She must and usually on Saturday nights she must go into work to deal with issues that truly could wait, but she goes. Thus, he walks over to the phone to bring it to her ear. In a matter of moments, it is the truth and he kisses her allowing her freedom and she sternly states “Be ready for me when I come home. You will finish this! Understood, my big bad Llew?”

Llew is sad, he really wants to please her and honestly, it is hellishly difficult to stop but he does. He does and he will be her big bad Llew when she returns home to him but for now, he helps her dress and figures it is a bit of TV for amusement while she is at work.

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