Saturday, August 17, 2013

Small Talk At The Pub

He simply gives that grin of ignoring her. He knows her type. She is all sex and hot to be in his pants. He has what it takes to please her, but he refuses to be the 'fuck stud' any longer for these women who use him and last a few weeks. He wants more than her pussy to have his possession. He is after her heart, but she is refusing to give it to anyone. So with not even a further glance in her direction, he coldly states, “I hear that you enjoy masturbation just as much as you like sucking cock. So enjoy that. I have this beer to babysit.”

Naughty Thought

Sexy, do bring it and see how much you will still beg for more of me.Come now.We can soon be sharing oceans of creamy cum. Come sit on my knee and kiss me. Kiss me like you need to own me. You want it, you need it and come to a place that tongue right here. Right here to lick my lips. Tease them and let my purr of how much I enjoy your thigh wrapping my hips as much I need your ankles locking around me. Lust locked lust`s need and then let us work on bringing the treats of you to me.

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