Wednesday, August 21, 2013


With a sigh, Victoria adjusted her two-inch high stilettos upon her feet for these were once more not fitting well even though her Houseboy was desperately attempting to make them feel more comfortable. Yet tonight nothing suits her fancy and he knew it. He knelt there in front of her upon his scarred knees looking sadly at the rug beneath him whilst not saying anything to his Mistress. He couldn’t but Victoria didn’t need him too either, after all, her sincerely wished to currently dress within looking stylish enough to be able to present herself neatly before her comrades at the club. She found this a great need on this eve due to the guest that she has demanded to join in on the tri monthly ritual conduct training. “By the Goddess, if these shoes were half of what they were before you repaired them then my feet could dance within for a decade. Yet boy, you seem to muck all the good out of tasks this week. One day, I will figure that your worth is not even the food scraps that you are deemed as honest rewards for care taking duties. Now get busy. Fix the straps one last time and expect to be cropped upon my return home this evening.” She looks at him through eyes of darkness that were within frustrated assurances that she was carried too far into irritation to deal with him having not provided her with the services of quality that she needed for her personal dressing. ”You will have the riding crop at the door. You will kneel within bare maleness before me and expect discipline once you provide proper homecoming.” With not even having had looked down at him when he adjusted the strappings she walked away upon having felt his fingers depart the fastening. “You have your tasks, boy. Do not disappoint when I return. I will be bringing back your brother in submission. You will find him in need of training but he will one day be sharing your scraps.”

Another sigh as her silver grey paisley dress vest had felt like it had joined in on things to make her evening uncomfortable. She wanted to dress casual but tonight was an elegant evening of drinks, a training display and the initial show of new slaves for purchase later in the month. These existed as unique slaves, not the sort that was simplistic houseboy-common slave but servants for a higher design, ones that were bred for sexual agendas. They were the sorted lot that was trained in ways of pleasuring women, these males had decent enough genetics and tend to come from upper middle class families but still have been bred to understand the domestic talent of sexual-personal servitude. This tended to have involvement of the understanding that it was a buyer beware policy for usually upper class educated women like Victoria enjoyed the comforted relations of arranged male companionship through an exchange of males. These were males that were belonging to and bred in the more elite families. Or it could be said that the usual route was a male that come from well-bred stock and not random genetics of the middle classes. Thus, it was understandable that quite often these males of this sort that were on purchase display were genetically disallowed to reproduce. Consequently, their only purpose was to give sexual pleasure and if it was pleasing then they could be kept as pleasure mates and not bonding mates. Yet if they don’t serve these were to easily be sacrificed at any point. Therefore without doubt these were limited in price and almost worthless but these studs of pleasure merely were entertainment for women who tend to get bored with whatever male that does whatnot of sexual pleasure required for the dominant female that owned them. It came as purely ownership and this secret society of PEER tended to serve that function along with it provided an outlet for sexual deviance too.

Yes, deviant in nature. Divergent against government laws in concern to proper relations and deviant over what society felt as normal sexual conducts between female persons and maleness. Thus, it was easy to comprehend that such wasn’t a public event nor was the society anything less than clandestine in all their dealings. But instead this event of this night was one that needed invitation, and gifted to women of a certain class standing. Tonight there was to be four males that were to be viewed and arrangements were set to inspect them. If a Trader/Buyer wanted fresh stock then it was to be claimed as club knowledge that processes begun on this night.

Victoria had not wanted any fresh studs or fresh anything from recent acquisitioned males but still a need for her to be at this event existed suddenly. Especially after coming to meet him. It had instantly swarmed her thoughts for she promptly had a desire to be pleased by a need to acquire a particular understanding between her and this foreign male. This understanding arrived when she saw that he felt that he was equal to females, equal to the intellect that was her very own and equal to social privilege in her nation. She knew different of course and that attracted her even more to the ideas in her high seed concept creation of her future. In fact, Victoria for the first time in her young life of forty years old saw the possibilities of new pleasures, the probabilities of higher social status and the potentials of interesting achievements that had no rival in her nation. No indeed there were not any thing or anyone who caught her attentions quite like ‘sci-fi boy’. She liked what he represented in her nation, and she enjoyed that he behaved as he did. It had dangerous parts to it but she thrilled in seeing how he thought, how he acted and how her peers treated him. Victoria knew that her world of career oriented dominant woman, in a female dominant society, could exist with a bit of new genetics if she chose such.

Therefore Victoria made plans and attempted to understand this new boy, this ‘sci-fi boy’ who worked with her on this high profile project within her university department. So why take him to outings? Simplistic answers existed as the answer. After all each boy in the nation needed to be trained in some form or another. Even more so she saw this as public relations too. For being seen with him and having opportunities to show that he abided by her wishes made her more publicly visible and more overtly respected as powerful popular female. It additionally gave moments that displayed him under her protection and that hopefully made him trust her. She wanted that for he is also seen as an investment in bloodlines and career. Therefore, it led to being understood as the chance to train a ‘not so’ willing maleness for interesting ideas.

Part of that training was for him to be seeing boys trained. It was to be him with a realized understanding that males were more than what he saw everyday within her nation and most assuredly he was to comprehend that males are more than the nonsense that he had been raised with. So Victoria stood there outside the door of the government acquisitioned quarters of him. She abided there dressed in her conquistador’s black silken blouse, silver paisley vest, black pencil skirt, midnight stockings and perfectly adjusted stilettos. She held no tie around her neck but wore a silver locket closely chained around the button up shirt collar and she had her hair loose in an array of blond beauty so to be casual within this event and dare she have had whispered ‘training session’ in her head. No matter what she wanted him to relax and be natural self, so that it did give them those sensations of enjoyed closer bonding. It is for this reason she needed to dress casual but the event called for dressing up.

Yet, now that had no time any longer for thought due to the knock was delivered. She figured knocking on a male`s door is misplaced for she had full rights to enter a males rooms since they literally had limited rights. Plus, she had legal right to this male considering that he was under her protection since she had made arrangements that she was his protector in her nation. That was a good feeling for her, and something that held a load of importance in various ways but she was keeping such to herself. Or at least kept it to herself in most ways but she distinguished that he knew of the concepts of his limited human rights without her and limited human abilities with her. True, he had more laws helping him if he was with her, than without her, but still she hoped that he recognized it all. If he had not then she could eventually enlightened him, when and if she needed to.

The door swung open and it caused light to flood the darkness. She had chosen to not enter the living quarters. This was due to that she wanted him seeing how she controlled his movements and how he came to her, as she wanted him to. True, this needed started this in minor ways. She had been doing it for several days now and tonight maybe it was the lesson to teach in a more the more extreme. It could had merit to have him within the knowledge that he must follow command or the price is high, him and the lesson of doing what she had chosen as path and activity.

‘Yes, yes.’ Sounded in her thoughts as she looked at him and stated, ”We are late. It is into the car and once there you need to set in the passenger’s seat in the front. I have a driver tonight. You need to be watchful. And so do I. I will guide you through the night but remain close within the preset limits of normalcy. Otherwise, I will direct you. So front seat, no talking unless asked to.”

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