Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Lord And His Lady

My Lord`s rough fingers tease me so sweetly. He the Lord of the manor torments me into wishing to be within the charms of his strong willing arms. He beckons me to feel the pulsations of his solid body against mine, as we then are to dance into the bliss of pleasure. This is the sweet beautiful of motions within of all that he may ever wish of me with the rapture of the night and his bed. He has come to take, to steal this woman into the ways of being in the house of his keeping. He folds his arms around my body in a possession while whispering in my ear. “Lady, lady of my desire come, come unto me and let`s enjoy all that is passion`s fire.”

Then he pulls away from me. He looks at me in that way of silently saying that I am his treasure. His pleasure to be sweetened with his lust and feasted upon until my breath is taken. So it is without a hesitation and with great suddenness, he yanks me into him to be against is a strong chest that has his heart beating a rhythm that is only for me. With a gasp that is wrapping in the knowing of what is coming, I look up into his eyes that shine of the power of his passion. He wants, it’s to be as he wishes and no one will stop it. None is to come between his need for me, as he whispers nothings within his breaths of breathing in my ear. Nothing but it is something, it’s a billion things and it`s not more than all the dreams of me.

Then I feel him, feeling his need press against my thighs. It is his need and my want of being the woman that he pours that craving into and fills with the bliss of his seed. Him and he says, “Here, now, here and let them watch you enjoy what is forever only yours.”

My eyes dazzle within a dance of being his public muse, yet it is he who is to be my public play toy. He does permit me the play of my passionate lust to come between us. He wishes me to take him here. To enjoy his fleshly beast and his kisses, his hands and to rise into the woman that is his powerful temptress and lady of his manor. Yet looking up into his eyes my smiles softens as he then nudge me by spanking my ass with is firm open palm. It snaps out into the room of fellow Lords as he raise an eyebrow that is intention of ‘do as I bid, my love.’

I then lean up to kiss his lips, a proud kiss, a deep kiss, and one that is possession`s truths. With eyes lowering my heart does tinker within the tossing of taking him in such ways of dominance and yet the thrill is there to grip me into. I am the submissive possession of him and still am the lady of his life. Yet on this evening, I am to be the power, the player of lust’s needs and the woman who truly owns this man of power.

Thus, in not a whispering but within proud boastfulness there comes, “My Lord wishes to entertain his fellows. Come gentlemen of the industrial world to watch him be mine. Come titans of power to watch a lady weave her spell upon her Lord until he begs her to release her cream.”

Then slipping my delicate fingers around his silken tie I grip it snuggly to then yank him to me, to next have me pulling him along as I stroll to the massive ornate stone table that lay in the center of the room. It is the table of tasks that are of power plays and it is the daily keeper of the documents that are empires of the world. Yet, on this eve, it is a bed of lust, a pallet of passion`s need for my Lord is to lie upon it. He is to lie here for me. He is to be my toy and pleasure treasure. I have missed him, and he has been away much too long from his homeland and his woman. The rumours of his not being mine must cease and the power that I have to wield in his absence must now be making as legitimate truths. Thus, he stands by his woman and all that she has done in his name. He positions with her on all things and on this night everyone is to see that she is master as much as he is hers. Yes, hers and his empire are to be strengthened once more and my reputation must come as an additional salvation.

With him willing within following every step we come to the table. He stands there looking down at me with love and lust as he sees within my eyes the need for him to heed. A smile sweeps his lips as he solidly proclaims, “My wife, my life, and my law.”

He then slowly kneels before me looking all the while into my eyes of green that possess an only love of him. Leaning downward as my long wavy brunette tresses feather out to frame my face as I come forth to be within a breath from kissing his lips. This has my hair tickling his face, it encompasses him while I state “We are one. The empire is ours.”

With a heaving tugging of my grip upon his tie, the commanding of his needs wanes not. He rises up, ascends up to keep stare into my eyes as I back him against the table with my forward strutting. His ass firmly presses the stone table`s edge as I nudge him backward “Up, my Lord.” Comes the stern command.

He leans forward to kiss my lips to then lift his strong male body up to stand upon the stone table. Watching him brings my hands to softly caress from his mid calves upward to his inner thighs while I declare, “Mine, wholly mine and please ladies watch for tonight you see that I bed with no other man.”

Then reaching for the zipper of his pants I finger it making a visual declaration of my intentions. My Lord stretches forth with one hand to allow me to grip it. In one swift tugging up I come to stand upon the table too. Standing in front of him as he kicks the parchments and etc. to the sides. Then kissing me he then watches me slowly kneel yet I continue the loving playful stare into his eyes. He smiles of what is coming and his hands next release his leather belt to then snap it from his waist. He afterwards wraps it around his own neck creating submissive`s collar. He grins of it as I giggle to thereafter pull that zipper down and release fastenings of the black dress pants to his ankles for those easily fall.

It is freedom to view the nudity that lay beneath. It is an ass so firm that it`s rock hard. It is his thighs powerfully strong with a muscular build and that beast that is mine. Owned, he is hard, a full girth of massive pulsation within a good eight inches to command as mine. It throbs; it is in need to fill and spill within that tightens of a woman who knows the ways pleasure.

With one hand my Lord pushes me to twirl around. My black evening dress does feather out in an array of a dancer spinning into the passion of her dance. It additionally displays the great lack of panties that lay underneath. It shows the well shaven womanly treasure that is soon to be taking what is rightfully hers to possess. Then with a mere pull of the one tie on the dress`s backside, it makes the sleeveless elegant evening dress fall to the table`s top revealing the partial nudity of the woman that is his. With this, I purr as the cooler air meets my skin and the display of my breasts that are wrapping in a black lace bra comes to have a view of nipples rock hard. We both know that it is a turn on for both of us to be watched by anyone. Especially, if it is viewing by this conservative crowd who is trying to take what my Lord has lawfully earned as his empire with the title of prince of his peers.

Once more my Lord finds and possesses one of my hands to pull his woman hard against him. Then it is a swift possessive kissing, a passionately blazing lusty kissing that sears of fire and the need to be one within all that we are. In doing so he wraps both of his large open palms of both around my nude ass. He grips it, squeezes it, feels it and presses my slender frame into him to have me melting against him. We are one, we are beautiful lovers upon the stone table of world power. Then with a nudge of his knee he parts my thighs to have my legs separate enough to be ready for him to lift me up. Next with an ease of effort he is raising my body upward by looping his arms under each thigh to have me cradled there. It is up, and my legs are wrapping his thick torso while my arms embrace his strong shoulders. It is holding close with him carrying his woman there, as he states, “Watch, if you wish but by morning you each will wish that you were me.“

As he holds me solid he is giving view to our oneness as he kisses me passionately but it is much more than unity. It is my Lord showing why he owns this woman, why he pleases her and why he allows her the power of his kingdom. It is also naughty for it is easy to see his thick cock tower in hardness. It a beautiful eight inches of full girth and it throbs in need of pleasing. It pokes and bounces on my ass cheeks to encourage me into an even higher arousing. Everything within me wants this fleshly beast of pleasure within me. My vaginal canal aches to feel, it wants to suckle it, to pull it deep within and to then ride out the storm of our mutual lust. Riding it, owning him and him filling me with his priceless seed. Next with our kissing waning into nibbles my Lord moves his arms upward, as I hold to embracing and then as he does I can feel his cock`s peak coming to caress through the valley of my ass. It is arriving to rest upon my moist lower lips. It gives to sweetly tickle them as those drip of honey causing my breath to deepen in the preparation for the taking of him. He looks into my eyes knowing that all my muscles have tightened in need of having him within me. He blows me a kiss and winks as he then suddenly is sliding his girth within my tight willing pussy. It`s wildly wet, it`s hotter than Hell`s heat with already to orgasm but I hold for he needs too.

“Tristan! Put down her! Immediately!” comes the thunderous shout from the woman who controls all.

Every muscle within my Lord instantly shudders into nervous tension as I come stone still while whispering. “Your mother, oh my god.”

Needless to say, the party comes to an abrupt end, and the queen saunters over to inspect things closer while she is giving us a good look over to what is happening. Then she has that glare of ‘how dare we’ while stating, “This is not what I intend by giving me a grandchild to present as an heir to show the public our next generation. “

The entire room is stalk still and my Lord is slowly lowering me to the table having me terrified of what is next. This gives the queen room to command “Next time we have a royal orgy we do invite the queen but for this eve you will take my daughter in law to a bedroom. Do it immediately at that!”

Then my Lord bows within his stature to respect his mother and the evening commences in a much more subdued atmosphere of no orgy and a dream of the bedroom that is to be coming.

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