Monday, August 26, 2013

Longing Soul

To entwine within thy sweet caress, to play my soul over yours, so as to entice you to bring you to me. This is the way of my longing soul. It reaches to hold you so as to be wrapping you within the passion that is within me. I long to have you understand how much your very breath tickles my sense and as it has me desire to be with only you. This sensation does grow in steps of leaping bounds. I wish to entwine to help you smile and feel the passion that our souls may enjoy.

Then you touch. It is a quaking that slowly rumbles over my flesh as your touch smoothes upon it. The ways my skin comes suddenly and intensely alive with heat driving my mind into the need to bring some control over me. It is a must to control this, for in moments the blazing need to find erotic bliss in your arms will consume me. Then nothing will stop me from reaching forth to grip your waist to pull you into me.

Oh yes, I want that body of lovely female curves covering mine. It is a wish that these curves of yours are against mine in hard playful, loving lusty caress. I want to please you as only I may. This need of mine is so easy shown for my entire body is glowing with the desire to be with you. My eyes do a dance in the desire to show you this need that I have. My mind drowns in erotic sexual thoughts of pleasing you. My heart races in thundering pulse to share a love with you. My body screams, it glows of lust and everything is so alive with you so near. My soul whispers in chanting of you, it calls your name and my soul demands to entwine with you.

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