Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Raw Wild Things

Raw wild things are within this passion.
Sweet sensual love is given without ration.

Wild lovely caress is as soft as a hungry kiss.
Happiness is here and will be missed.

Take this hands that is now shared.
It comes with a soul that can’t be compared.

Allow this heart to give its eternal love.
Wrap in its truth that comes from above.

Come revel within corridors of this mind.
Follow each path so you may entwine.

Follow to this soul that is yours now and the past.
Come enjoy a love that will last.

Raw wild things are waiting for you.
A love that is exciting and forever new.

Bring thy gaze to only look this way.
Come do render all of you on this day.

Do give the pleasure of all of you.
So that love will be eternally true.
True love, you will find.
If only you chose to be mine.

This woman is all that you need.
Look towards this way and you will see.

We are wild raw things in all of Time.
Our love is a special is what you will find.

It is special in every way of existing.
We special and are raw wild things.

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