Monday, September 2, 2013

A Dominant`s Love

Every touch with her fingernails is smoothly gliding in fiery tease on my skin creating lustful wishes within. Every gaze from her eyes tells me that she now owns me and she has dreams needing filling. Every breath of her is calm colliding with a deep peaceful understanding that a union between her and me is making. Making her and me being a now thing and it is to be forever within all that is eternal and mortal treasures. Then she finishes the collaring of me with last ever ‘submissive`s‘ collar. I am hers, I am owned, loved and kneeling to please her in that is my soul, my heart, my mind and my body. Then within my submission she says to me, “Kneel, my pet. You will feel my love for you, so kneel unto our needs.” Then I did.

It is kneeling before her, humbled in ways that allow no other to enjoy my submitting and it is only every unto her. She gazes down upon this woman scrutinizing this fleshly form; noting the willingness to serve and this need to not have any of me left but to only have everything reflect her and us within my life. It is submission to her wishes, her ways and her love of knowing what is best for us. Owned, and my owner loving all portions and pleasures of me as she stands over me with her feet coming to rest on my lips “Pledge unto me, my pet. Speak only truths, trust me and be tempted to release all life unto me. “

“With every ounce of my soul, the vastness of my intellect, the emotion of my heart and the power of my body I give all of these and that is created me unto you, my Dominea, I vow to be only ever thine and to serve the only thee with trust, truth, and obedience, while loving only you. “Next comes my kiss to each leather boot and from that there is a snap of the leather riding crop to my ass as she retorts “I love you, my pet.”

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