Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Bigger O

She owns me, owns me with loving me.
Loving me beyond all that are dreams.
Dreams with love being unconditionally.
No boundaries for her and me it does seem.
Our love is more than mortals that breathe.
It is forever, it is binding and without seams.

She owns me, owns my mind you see.
She enjoys all of the brilliance and daydreams.
She enjoys my mind within a union that is meant to be.
Meant and built in logical love that is more than dreams.
She owns this mind for it is the need of she.
She shows that loves me within all that life does deem.

She owns me, owns this heart that beats within me.
Owns this heart and it is my most profound need.
She owns it for she the beating melody of it, you do see.
My heart is the melody that sings in musical streams.
It sounds of love and life that is between her and me.
I gave it to her when the universe was new in its deeds.

She owns my soul, owns it and I am happy.
Owns it because it’s all that I need.
She is my ‘other’ in all that meant to be.
We share life, love and balance is our creed.
We are souls in union and lovers for eternity.
She is my soul`s only love seed.

She owns this mortal shell that you see.
It is hers to command within all deeds.
She owns every fiber and cell of me.
She owns it all including the blood that bleeds.
It is her pleasure and her treasure in a union of we.
Bodies and we entwine for all time are our true need.

She owns me.
Owns the mind of me.
She owns the heart of me.
Owns the soul of me.
Owns this mortal body that is me.
She owns me because I give her me.

Hiding Temptation

She stands there within the shadows waiting and peering at me through lowered eyes. She watches me until she sees me look up at her. Then within a mere breathing, she steals back her gaze trying to force me to understand that she has no wanting of my touch. She teases with those eyes and her breathing drive me crazy with needing to please her. Yet, she speaks not and does not move toward me. She only hides within the darkness of my office corner. Hides for the room is darkened with the exception of an outdoor light gleaming through the bay window. She watches and wants and forces me to dream of her, the dream of pleasing, but I cannot touch without permission for she is not mine.

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