Friday, September 6, 2013

The Doc`s Desire - ( Part #1 )

The corporation deals with medical research but Bethany Roi doesn’t need to involve in any of it for it isn’t why she is here. Her only need is to secure the premises that she is hired to do. Months ago she comes here to this medical facility to expertly install and deal various aspects of the new hi-tech systems that the private care corporation requires due to the medical research that it is undertaking. The research garners many profession medical minds and doctors from all over the world. It is from this aspect of the things that Bethany is getting to know the hotshot brilliant mind of Dr. Ljupka Dimitrovska. They each have a work that crosses each other’s path with them both having offices on the same floor of the building. This allows them to casually bump into each other in various places and due to their work connection of installing cam systems in Dr. Ljupka`s laboratory rooms they send daily emails.

It only takes one email between them for Bethany to know that there is sexual electricity between the two of them. Thus, she makes every effort to connect often and to definitely bring along that renowned intense charm and sexual energy that simply radiated from the five foot eleven blond. Bethany is a woman of great prowess in relationship matters and is a woman of hypnotic blue eyes with being a mortal goddess of Canadian origins. So with the understanding that opportunity knocks, there is often a bumping into each other while entering or exiting rooms. Or in some cases, there is the catching of each other staring at a silk stocking covered legs, smiles or eyes while at staff meetings. Then adding to it there is the discreet innuendo in passing each other as the seduction grows thick between them. They know it by the way they breathe when the other is near and they each see it in how those eyes betray the growing feeling within. Ljupka does keep it very professional, though. She has a concentrated reputation of professionalism and social friendliness. She is a woman of mid-years, with being thirty-something much like Bethany. However, Ljupka is of proud Macedonian heritage while possessing dark mysterious eyes of dancing seduction with a smile that softly sinful. Her height is nowhere near Bethany`s, but it`s a cool five foot eight with her brunette tresses linger along her shoulder to make her a beauty of dark desire. This intoxicates Bethany for she likes shorter women, smart women, and women who know how to play the game of seduction. It all makes Bethany drool in want of this woman who is dominant and sexual in her own quiet sweet ways. In Bethany`s words “Yummy, she is so sexy sweet.” That is what is whispering as Ljupka enters the bathroom ahead of her. Bethany momentarily is being given interruption from following in, but she soon heads off to the ladies room. When she enters she immediately sees Ljupka hastily dabbing a paper towel against her white silk blouse in order to dry up the water stains that have splashed on it from the washing hands. Bethany`s instant thoughts are of. ‘You look yummy but you are upset. Such a sweet sexy thing needing cuddles and those are nice nipples. I could taste them for hours.’ Yet, as Bethany approaches the sink counter area she can see that Ljupka is worrying about leaving the ladies room considering that her blouse easily betrays her breasts underneath. It totally gives away how the water is tickling those perky nipples into being harder. "Can I help with that? Do you have a replacement blouse that I can get for you?" But in her thoughts is, ‘Take it off and let me show you what lust and love can be.’

Ljupka frowns at her but then sweetly smiles for she easily gets lost in those eyes of blue. “No, I don't have one today but this thin material can dry rapidly."

Staring, watching in those eyes she sees a future and happiness and wants to touch. Yet, she doesn’t but chooses to smile brilliantly of the hopes that she hides. It is a ‘not yet’ in concern to touching for she needs to sort out what Ms. Roi does want in life. After all, Ljupka isn’t much for the ideas of an office tryst. Bethany smiles back while walking into a bathroom stall to close the door behind her as Ljupka says a thank you for the concern to next move onward to chat of the office things. Then as Bethany begins to finish the business that she come into the bathroom to do she hears, “I want to get to you. I want you..I..I think you should meet me here after work.” Then she sees Bethany coming out of the stall and continues with, “We have much in common and maybe we can be…”

“We can be friends and you can teach me how to make your lab coat fall from your shoulders while you kiss me into bliss and then I can show you how much we really do have in common.” Yes, Bethany interjects with this highly confident direct approach. She does this when she wants a girl, or at times of her desiring a new sexual lover. Then again, this is to be much more than those for this is what she does when a relationship can lead to getting her, her life partner. So she gazes into those mysterious eyes to be sending out her thoughts of what is going to exist soon between them but she also easily notices that the blouse is nearly dry. Thus, she knows things are not getting too far at the moment.

Ljupka on the other can barely breathe but she does and she even covers it up and manages to remain calm within the storm of intense sexual energy thrusting at her. She knows that if she stays here in the ladies room that things can progress too fast for them. So she excuses herself and leaves the ladies room. Yet, Bethany purposely walks close behind her to rub her breasts across that strong back as she passes to walk by as they both pass through the threshold of the bathroom`s door back, "Oh, excuse me, but please do think of giving me that lab coat.”

Ljupka`s face is red and hot while she feels a rush of tingly sexual energy surge through her body. She naughtily smiles that sweet playful grin while thinking. ‘You have no idea what is coming at you. But you will like melting into my love and will enjoy my lovemaking.’ Yet all she merely looks up into those eyes with just as much confidence as Bethany can declare and she then states, "No problem. Be ready for an email. Do answer it and then be back in this bathroom at five this evening.”

That gives notice of incoming notes and Bethany can barely wait to read it but she is getting interruptions for at least two hours. When she gets into her office to sit at her computer she reads the email.

‘Bethany, I intend the following. Meet me at five if you want it too. But if you don’t then this email hasn’t happened. First, I want to more than have sex with you but I want that too. Secondly, I have never wanted anyone more than I want you and I can even make you love me. But in fact, there is no need to for I already know that you now do. Your eyes say it every time you look at me. So this is what we can do. It is you in my lab at five fifteen. You will be given your first orgasm with me. It is one of many during the rest of our lives. But we both need to please each other and do it immediately for we both want it more than we ever have wanted. Then we will go to dinner to afterwards enjoy dancing. After that, it to my apartment, my bed and you never leaving me. I want you to be the only mine. It is to be forever only you and you only mine, with you wearing my ring within a year. It is what I do believe that we can have between us. Please, reply with being outside the ladies room at five o`clock. If you aren’t there then we will be work friends. Kisses, and yes you do want them as much as you want my lab coat.‘


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