Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Orgasmic Dreams

Watching the two of them in their private moment that he makes so very public within my home does unsettle my nerves. This moment is most certainly leading to sexual pleasure to some degree, but that is depending upon many factors within coming moments. This I do know from prior knowledge of the topics that he and I do discuss on this evening. He is going to make a point of something that is a discussion between he and I. During our chat he makes a claim that the other woman in the room shall always do his bidding and this exists within a ‘no limits’ understanding between them. After giving me time to ponder his claims he then firmly in absoluteness does confidently declares, ”My pet will do anything, she will do it anywhere, at any time, for any reason and anyway that I choose. I own her!”

He then passes me a glass of wine to look me in the eye so that he does mark within me the depths of his self-confidence. Then before kissing my cheek he chuckles to next continue onward. “My pet does willingly permits me anything because she needs me to be her balance. You will see how much you too can enjoy it. That is if you shall willing allow a man be all that you need.”
I snicker of that idea and swish the red elixir within the crystalline chalice. This comes as I watch him taking to sitting in the leather chair. In taking to enjoying his leisure he say no further words but shoots an intense gaze toward the other woman as he taps the left arm of the chair and then with his right hand a finger gestures of ‘come hither’. We all know that there have been no words given to her but he most certainly gets a response from her. This begins with her softly lowering her blue eyes to walk directly across the room to stand in front of him. With her body stern at the attention she then releases her long summer skirt that swiftly falls from her well-curved strong feminine hips. This leaves her partially nude but still she is ever too clothed. In all honesty, she is a woman who is always too clothed because her beauty is so very striking. She is so lovely that she does make most onlookers wishing to see more, much more of her.

That has me swallow hard for I am known to be not interested in men but women, oh beautiful women do interest me greatly. So in my mind, I do dream of seeing more as I add in the wish to watch her have an orgasm. I wish it for her beauty is enticing and the scent of lust is simply strong within the air. He has a way of providing lust and passion within strictness of civility. He is a man of control, a male of true dominance in life, and he is an extremely intelligent human of high standards but he has a secret. His secret is that he wants to make every woman have orgasms. His wish is to give sexual pleasure so intense that women do give him their very soul. It is obvious that the other woman in the room has given up her everything because she trembles from his first touch to her. It is a barely feathery first touch to her ass and she begins to breath deeper as her entire body suddenly comes in being blazingly alive as her eyes flash of the powerful excitement. This has him softly say in loving tones “Soon, my pet. Patience and Master will help you with giving Delaina her dream of watching you orgasm.”

My eyes go wide in surprise for nothing is being sharing of that wish, yet he knows of it. Thus, I sputter out with. ”One day you will not be right. One day you…”

“One day you will orgasm for me just like she does.” He says while looking me directly in the eyes and grinning of his dreams for me.

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