Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kiss This!

“You really are a bitch, ya know.” It comes spoken in that sharp tone of intentional harm that can only be garnered from truly creating Hell on Earth for someone. The blond stands there in a defiant pose over being told that things are changing between them. A story of how the love affair ends because of the cold heart that exists within the cute Lil sweet petite blond that seriously thinks that the love they shared is the ways of life and living. Yet, the brunette does expect much more than cold charms and occasional tryst to hold her. Thus, it is ending with no tear, no fears and definitely not much if any affection. In fact, it ends with only these words of who is the bitch while the brunette blows a kiss toward the cutie. Then turning swiftly upon her stiletto covered heels she is swinging those seductress hips in a naughty flirty display as she then reaches back around to tenderly tug upward on the skirting of her dress. Oh hell yes, it's a sweet Lil notice of, ‘Kiss my ass, honey! It`s over lover and you will miss this!’

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