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Boredom`s Heat - Dessert First

Boredom`s Heat

Boredom overtook her senses as her thoughts swirl of all that she need. Needs wants and desires to fill. Yet, all her lovers busy within whatever takes them from her. Thus, she is left with entertaining herself in the beginnings of high sexual arousal. “Goddamn, it`s hot tonight!” she exclaims into the empty room.

Then button-by-button the white dress shirt is removing to then be tossing off to the nether corners of the spacious Sitting Room. Then standing off to the side of the fireplace she slips gingerly out of that pencil skirt to have her fine curves displaying in the heat of the night. Beautiful exist and hot with the desire for getting a sexy naughty all night romp into lust. Then as she climbs upon the beautiful chair.In doing so she simply can’t handle it anymore and screams out, “I want someone to fuck me. Is that too much to ask of this bloody world?”

Dessert First

It has gone on for days, with every evening the same damn loneliness as the night sweep into comfort her. Yet, is it solace when the even the cooling of autumn`s air doesn’t remove the inner heat that continues to build within her. She is alone in this big old house waiting for one of them to return to her. Just one is her need because seriously this need is no longer relenting to anything. It doesn’t even find true release within her using her own touch. It simply rages wild in its flames of lust. Thus, she knows that she now needs the touch of another, another human to please her so that she then may give back what she gets.

But tonight it`s another evening here in this room staring at the moon, the fireplace and having dinner alone. She devours minor morsel before than relenting into the understanding that the heat between her thighs is too rages wild and must be given attention before another drop of food is feasted upon. Thus, she stands to twirl the chair around to face the window as she then sighs before succumbing to kneeling on the chair to begin the ritual of touch tease and creating dessert before the main course. “Yes, yes, yes come to me baby, bring me..bring me..oh fuck!” as she is then pleasing herself into orgasmic bliss.

Claiming His Desire

He has a need to show the world what he owns. He has a need to declare that she dances with only him and that all that she is his. Many have been trying to come take her and she is not so sure that he is capable of holding her. Holding her dance, holding her life and proving that he can do it all. Yet, he knows that he can. For her beauty, her abilities and all that she does belong to him.It si for this reason that he is going to command of her on this night. Thus, barely clothed in sheer blazing red she exists dance floor center in his arms as dinner guests of his choice circle them here in this public dining hall. Then he pulls her in hard against him to whisper, “Mine!”

She smiles about it as the men who want her see how much she belongs to this man of dance that also command dark pleasures. It has her breathing hard, breathing heated breaths as she willing proclaims “Yours, my Lord.”

Tango My Darling

The note was carefully written within precise notation of process. It was delicately worded in ‘9PM, dinner and be dressed for dancing.’ Then a whimsical heart shape appears stating below it ‘Dancehall two of Palace Dance Studio.’ Such a mystery and truly not something she usually gives attention to but tonight she felt dangerously wild and wanted to seek out who could be so pointed with her. She is a woman of class, a lady of dance and a woman who has no needs to follow mystery into danger. Plus, she said that she would meet Antonio for drinks at his place. Yet, the there was the note, and the danger and the need to simply step outside the ways of her daily life. But she isn`t that type to just do that Or was she such a lady?

Yes, and she felt like enjoying danger and not a boring man who is a good dance partner. So she wore her best evening gown with that skirting that simply stated over the top elegance that makes her ready to be the goddess on the dance floor. She so enjoys dancing and anyone who knew her at all understand this of her. Thus, as she stands there mid center of the nearly empty room that held only bistro tables and the only sign of life being a champagne bottle on ice with accompanying flutes. She looked at it too then suddenly felt hands grasp her waist to spin her around into strong arms. She looked up into dark haunting eyes that blaze of lust and romantic love to instantly have her gasp “Antonio!”

"Yes, my darling, I did say my place for drinks. I own the studio and am the one who demanded you the studio. I want you as mine; have since you dance in my studio years ago. ‘Then with a possessive pressing of her to his body, he continues with ”Maybe then you can forget the boring man who you played with this month. Now we will be one and you will see what passion I have. Come my darling dance, dance and then make love with me as my only.”

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