Monday, September 30, 2013

Pretty Kisses

“So are you gonna kiss me?” She whispers in wishful breaths of needing much more than kisses as she leans in against his heaving chest. This does have his lungs expand and fall even harder in gasping for air. He sits here spellbound bound by a woman who simply shows up at his apartment looking ready for their planned for a dinner date. Yet, within mere minutes, she is asking him for a drink of vodka since they have an hour to wait until they must depart. He achieves the cold drink and directs them to relax in his living room upon his sofa. However, as he sits down he looks up to find her standing before him with releasing the fastenings of her summer skirt. Then soon after the pearl buttons on the floral blouse are discharging along with the blouse from her exquisite womanly curves. It too is flowing to the floor where the skirt lay. In the end, it`s only pink with black lace, a naughty woman, and a sinfully kissable smile. All of which is belonging to a woman who is a pure sexual beauty. A sexual woman that most definitely knows how to play out her trump card in order to make her opening statement of what is occur on this night of first dinner date.

The air in the room is suddenly playful with gazes, and it is passionately hot in sexiness as she looks into his eyes to purr out. “I know you want to. Let`s taste before dinner. Maybe you can even let me taste you later too?”

Then she makes herself comfy next to him to play her fingers upon his shirt in creating a blazing heat within them both while his male hardness in his pants nearly rips the fly open to get free. Yet, he is lost with what to do whilst he is merely gasping within swallowing wet lumps of air to gain composure. So from that, she figures it`s time to speed things up since they have a dinner to get to and he isn't moving in her direction. Thus, she brushes an almost kiss to his lips making him nearly pass out from disbelief. “Pretty please.” She begs of him as she fully kisses him while taking to pressing against him until he cannot deny her desires.

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