Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fucking Hugh

His gaze is peering at her through the haze.
He seems to have a question or two brewing in a stew.
His lips are whispering of ways he wants these many days.
He wants her in ways of lust that are true, but it is so not new.
He stands there with the power at his command for seductive plays.
Yet, he stands there with his heart in stir with not knowing what to do.
He wants her; it is lust, yet it must be love, there is no other way.

No other way to have his need to fill her with seed during nights and days.
Nights and days, with minutes and sins while his heart is not wanting too.
His body desires with deep passionate fires, but he brings no seducing plays.
He simply stares, stares and watches her there, as the sky turns dark in hue.

Watching and waiting within his debating of needing her for an hour or two.
It is only a few hours of pleasure to treasure within the night of daze and haze.
So he gazes at her, she looks at him to then give a kiss to his best friend Hugh.
That is the way it is these many days with Hugh getting girls most days.
That is the way it is, she is Hugh`s and this is not new for any of the crew.
Yet they all want, and it does haunt a guy needs a girl for sexual plays.

It is sexual dreams while tasting womanly cream without delays.
Oh yes, he wishes and wants as this one does taunt him with eyes of blue.
This sexy dame knows the game and she is making her own naughty plays.
Yet, the rule is that you may fuck the girl but sometimes she says fuck you.

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