Monday, October 7, 2013

A Degree In Rebellion

Studying law is easy for Lara. It is kind of in her blood for its family legacy, but tonight she isn't really learning anything in the study hall of the university. Not unless you consider her taking to studying of how to strip to impress her new girlfriend that is standing there watching Lara while in a disbelief that she is dating a rebel wrapping in angels clothing. However, that is all soon swiftly finding by a professor having both women then apologizing and him blushing into needing to turn his back. All in all, Lara is becoming very well educated at a law school. It is simply a degree in how to break laws and how to become a rebel.

Red`s Kisses - The Goodnight Kiss of Arabella And Emily

Red`s Kisses

I desire her kisses for I know that those will set my heart on fire. She sets me ablaze in beautiful emotions from those luscious lips pressing mine. Oh yes, she does and here she comes crawling to me while wanting to feed her lust to me. Beautiful ‘Red’ wants to give to me her kisses, lovely passionate kisses that I must have for those are sweet wild pressing that is a feast of emotions that lay only within her lips. Thus, I am breathless, needing and so extremely hungry to feast and then feel all that we share within our lovemaking.

The Goodnight Kiss of Arabella And Emily

The passion they dare to share comes softly as Arabella presses Emily to the bed demanding submission to their love after the long discussion of distasteful things. It has been a long evening of tears and finally Emily needing sleep and Arabella following her until both lay in bed to simply look at each other as Arabella states “A kiss good night is happening. You will kiss me and we will agree to disagree.”

Then within slow sweet motions of tenderness, there are the sharing of soft touches and relenting glances that turn soft as Emily whispers, “Yes, and I love you.”

Then Arabella easily comes to hover over her soul mate to be gazing down into those eyes of emerald green, “I love you too.” Arrives as lips lock and the night of passion is waiting to e become their pleasure.

Wanting Him - Wanting Kisses

Wanting Him

She wants him; she needs to feel his tongue run the surface of her silken skin. She desires him in every lustful way that in possible and it is the daydream that constantly consumes her. It does and she cannot get enough of it. She does not think beyond the needing of him to be touching her. It`s getting wild within her and he strolls into the room causing her every sense to be out of control it those are totally focused on him.

Wanting Kisses

You want it, you need it so much that you can almost taste the sweetness of it, so come here and taste me. Tease your tongue along these lips. Kneel there before me; look up at me in begging plea to then breathe on the pulsating heat, while then making me quake in lust of you. Come on taste me, as the dripping wet glistens in readiness to be tasted by you.

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